WATCH: Highlights from the debut from Wilkow!

A week of big announcements and big premieres kicked off on Monday night with the debut of the latest addition to TheBlaze TV line-up: Wilkow!. Check out some of the highlight’s to Andrew Wilkow’s new show below.

Wilkow tackles Obama and wealth redistribution in his opening monologue:

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Rand Paul discusses GM

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Wilkow talks to former Obama supporter Artur Davis:

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  • Bonnie Somer

    wealth redistribution is also prt of obamas education prog. he tk $4.35 B from the stimulus to start his prog. bill ayers friend is helping to promote it and it is unagenda 21 he is gvg 2 give city schools money that the suburban schools would have to get people to move to the city while he moved the city people to the suburbs just not everyone to promote fairness while51% of americans pay zero taxes wh ich is not fair obama is a global govt nut and he wants to save the planet even if it means hearding us like sheep into the cities and taking our lives guns individualism homes land and all we are as Americans this is his war

    • Anonymous

      They never tell you what is a fair share,and fair to whom

      • Anonymous

        Why doesn’t anyone call him out on that? Aren’t the pundits and the regular citizens curious as to what he means? To me “fair share” means a flat tax. After all, a “share” is a portion. Therefore, everyone should pay an equal (fair) portion of their income as tax. (If income should be taxed at all.)

        If a tithe (10%) from everyone, regardless of income level, is what God requires, one must question the wisdom of a progressive tax.

  • MB

    Please play over and over Obama’s answer to Charlie Gibson question from the 2008 debate. Charlie Gibson prefaces his question with the information that Clinton cut capital gains taxes and reveunes went up and Bush cut capital gains taxes more and revenues went up so why do you (Obama) want to raise the capital gains taxes? Obama responded, Because it is fair. So Obama doesn’t care about revenues, he just wants to implement Communist ideology because in his mind that is the only way life is fair. To me that answer was a huge insight into the mind of Obama and how he is totally unwilling to change his stance even when the facts are staring him in the face. He is an anti colonialist who wants to punish America (especially the rich) for what he believes are our past sins.

  • jessix

    “If you’ve got a business—you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen,”
    This is the answer to Barack Obama. Don’t be too hard on the guy – this is his truth, as an AFFIRMATIVE ACTION RECIPIENT!
    That’s right. Affirmative Action is the reason Barack Obama believes if you have a business, someone else made it happen for you. This is what happened to him and to all his affirmative action buddies.
    Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro is a simple person, He’s no latent or subtle Communist or Socialist, trying to be sneaky and turn the USA into a Communist country – he’s not trying to “distribute the wealth”.
    He’s not trying to give to those who don’t have at the expense of those who have. He’s not trying to so anything any more than he ever tried to do anything, His speeches are the same, his words are the same, his actions are the same everything is the same because here is the only place he is consistent. Somebody else once wrote his words for him, his speeches. They are nothing special – they are generic speeches – generic words that say and mean nothing. Why should they be different when they all say the same nothing?
    Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro was an afifrmative action student. He started as a foreign exchange student, getting to this country on the foreign exchange program. He paid for nothing
    Once in an American college he was targeted by the affirmative action program. The earliest programs had difficulty finding young black men to send to professional colleges Barry Soetoro must have been a prize for Harvard. 10% of professional school seats must be set aside for the AA programs. Unfilled seats remain unfilled and unpaid for 3-4 years.
    Harvard has been an affirmative action ;leader since the Bakke case was decided by the Supreme Court in 1978. Harvard eliminated grading so its students could not be ranked thereby shielding affirmative action students from disclosure. Barry Soetoro was given the prize of Harvard – President of the Harvard Law Review, for 100 years a position reserved for the brightest Harvard student – except for the year Barack Obama recieved this affirmative action gift! Richard Nixon is an example of a previous winner. Barack Obama = Richard Nixon? Not close to imaginable.
    “PROFESSOR” of Constitutional Law sure sounds impressive – except this particular “professor” wouldn’t know constitutional law if it bit him in the backside.
    Barry Soetoro wrote no extra papers. He did no thesis. He spent no extra years in college and hardly spent the minimum class time required of students to get credit for a class. Barry Soetoro = Barack Obama = “Professor” = PET NAME GIVEN HIM by his colleagues where he taught the class he was gifted by the affirmatve action program.
    In reading the history of the Harvard :Law Review I was struck that only one person appeared a bit peeved that Barack Obama received the title of “Editor of the Harvard :Law Review”. There was always a smattering of neutral comments but only this one seemed put off or angry because Barry Soetoro was the only Editor of the Harvard Law Review in over 100 years who never submitted an original brief.
    I didn’t even know what a brief was but this apparently is a big deal to Law students, especially the ones who are supposed to be the brightest students in Harvard. Years later or two years ago someone for the Obama campaign’s damage control, went back into Harvard history and tried to claim an unsigned brief as one written by Soetoro.
    No matter what Obama’s Damage Control Team manages to fix, they cannot insert brains where there is a vacuum, They cannot give a college education to a person who never attended college classes, they cannot teach “Problem Solving Ability” to a “C-” student with barely a 90 IQ!
    What makes sense about Obama is his participation in his “CHOOM GANG” activities – when he went to college to get stoned everyday and hang out with his friends. His vocabulary is consistent with that of his CHOOM GANG days. He surely doesn’t speak like a lawyer let alone a Harvard Graduate.
    Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama is entirely consistent with the “CHOOM GANG” , mentality in his lack of core values and failure to believe passionately in anything more serious than the source of his next joint or snort.
    This is the person who really can say
    “If you’ve got a business—you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen,”
    This is the story of his life – not ours.

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