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“I am a huge, huge fan of Nicki Minaj,” Glenn joked on the radio show this morning.

What had Glenn saying he might just be a fan of Ms. Minaj? TheBlaze explains that she recently mentioned Mitt Romney in a song, proclaiming: “I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney/ You lazy bi*ches are f**king up the economy”.

“May I just say,” Glenn joked. “Wal Whitman.”

The guys mocked her “lyrical skills”, including the inventive and completely (un)original rhyming of “Romney” with “economy”.

“Now, it also sounds almost like you don’t use any God‑given intelligence at all,” Glenn said. “ou’re just making things up that rhyme and when you can’t ‑ you’re like, where did I leave my, even my thesaurus, or, I’m too lazy to even think of a thesaurus; I’m just going to make a word that I want to say kind of sound like it rhymes.  Like Romney, economy.”

Stu decided to do some digging and found out some interesting information about Mr. Minaj.

“Well, I have done some investigative work in investigating the character work of Nicki Minaj.  She’s got more than four.  She started off with “Cookie”.  That was the first character,” Stu explained.

“Then she went to “The Harajuku Barbie.  That’s number two.  Then she went to “Nicki Minaj”.  So the third.  Apparently not even her real name,” he revealed.

There is also Roman Zolanski, Minaj’s most famous alter ego and the one who made the Romney lyric.

“Roman Zolanski is a character inside of Nicki Minaj which is also a character name.  Minaj claims that is her twin brother that was born inside of her out of her rage and she becomes him when she is angry.  She has also said he is a demon inside of her.  He is the boy that lives inside of me.  He’s a lunatic and he’s gay and he’ll be on there a lot on one of his records.”

“So this means that Romney does at least have one gay voter,” Stu joked.

“If you could just get all the voices in Nicki Minaj’s head, you could pull off a swing state, I think,” he added.

TheBlaze has more on the story:

The Internet was set ablaze last week when rapper Nicki Minaj mentioned GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney on a Lil Wayne mixtape, leading many to believe that she was, in fact, endorsing Romney.

“I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney/ You lazy bi*ches are f**king up the economy,” she rapped.

Some of Romney’s supporters boasted that such a famous celebrity was on the Romney/Ryan bandwagon, while others expressed their desire for her to take it back because they didn’t enjoy her music. Well, Minaj herself has clarified and put the issue to bed for good: She is not voting for Romney, she supports President Barack Obama.