Before going forward, Glenn looks back at the beginning of his multimedia career

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To begin the first episode of TheBlaze TV to be broadcast nationwide on traditional television outlets, Glenn took a few minutes to look back at his career on radio and television. Watch him look back in the clip above, and watch the video below for the best moments of the past year on TheBlaze TV.

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  • Anonymous

    Love you Glenn but not sure how I felt about the first show. It seemed a little odd that you had to recap all of the last year. Those of us loyal to you have been here all along through all the changes and wonderful events. I will continue to subscribe and actually pay for two subscriptions but I wonder how many others will when they can get the content free through their satellite provider. Maybe having some extra content for subscribers would help. Stay with us man!

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see glenn beck take an HONEST look back at his media career.
    glenn beck started his career as a DJ.
    glenn beck joked about and ridiculed Texans in his show (gosh I hope this doesn’t anger those who live around him now!)
    glenn beck spent the most most part of his career abandoning his wife and kids in order to attack drugs and alcohol with a passion.
    glenn beck worked on Headline News where he once did a segment on how horrible private health care was, only to hypocritically praise it years later when Fox News told him to demonize President Obama’s wonderful plan.
    glenn beck turned his extremely popular Fox News gig into such an extremely embarrassing side show that they were forced to fire one of their most popular hosts.
    Now, glenn beck spends his time lying about AA attacks, lies about mean NYC park attacks and never ending Obama lies.

    I guess that pretty much sums up glenn beck’s wonderful life.

    • SoThere

      Glenn Beck is here to stay strtlk. All of your libelous nonsense and leftist garbage has failed to remove him from his place in the public eye.

      He’s starting his own information network complete with reporters of the truth, not the propaganda of the left. This is why you have an unhealthy fixation of the man, you can’t shut him up and make him go away.

      Glenn Becks “wonderful life” is a result of his past. and his ability to overcome his problems and become a voice in the days political arena.

      Folks, strtlk is the face of the Liberal Progressives who’s been exposed by GB and has been sent here to insult Glenn Beck and spread his lies.

      There are people like strtlk who are in our government.

      Save America from people like strtlk, vote Conservative. It’s OK to vote Obama out of office, really, it is.

    • Rahm Kota

      I love that you claim to be Christian and wish people to burn in hell.

    • Denise Williams

      Well….maybe there are some mirrors in your house. Most of what you post is a lie….not truth and perhaps you ought to get off the main-steam media roller coaster and get your news from another source.

      • Fuzzy Bunny

        One too many periods in your ellipses . I think you mean “mainstream.”

    • Fuzzy Bunny

      “Glenn Beck” is a proper noun and should be capitalized. Remember to end your sentences with periods or other punctuation: you would want a period other other ending mark after the parentheses on your third sentence.

      • Anonymous

        glenn beck is a vile and evil fat boy.
        he does not deserve capitalization, which is why I purposefully keep them out.
        Thanks for the other suggestion though.

        • SoThere

          Strtlk is the bigot here. He’s a hatemonger and the face of the Liberal Progressives in this country. There are 20 Embassies burning and people like strtlk are partly responsible.

          Save America, vote Conservative. There’s still time.

  • Rahm Kota

    Was Yoda drunk?

  • Anonymous


    they can’t keep a good man down… no matter what the trolls say about you, you made your past life an open book and have shown a man can change for the better…… like you say the TRUTH LIVES HERE! looking forward to November and a new administration one that will put America back on the right track, We have been derailed for almost 4 years now it is time to put the engine back on the tracks.

  • Brent A Saulic

    Your a hard working man. I give you credit. Its just too bad your only means to success was to stir up hate and fear. Your not a reporter, your an entertainer who feeds on peoples fears and insecurities to line your pockets. Your an unaccountable load-mouth. I wish you could have found a less vocal loudspeaker.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck is and will always have integrity and honor. He loves his Country as I do. I am proud to say I am a listener and fan…..He is an entertainer, but this is much much more than a show about Glenn Beck..its bigger than that and he knows and admits it. He works tirelessly 24/7……….sure he has made quite a bit of money…some of it mine..I have bought almost everybook he has written….and I have yet to find him tell a lie…………we need more like him. I wish I lived in Texas because I would love to work for him. So many trolls on these sites are so jealous its embarrassing for them. Why bother…are not there some liberal sites you need to be posting on?

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