Get Glenn Live! On TheBlaze TV

On TheBlaze TV Wednesday night, Glenn unveiled a new project that he has been quietly developing over the past year – The American Dream Labs. The project is inspired by Walt Disney’s “science factual” programs, such as Disney’s “Man in Space” episode of Disneyland that discussed the history of rockets and what the eventual space flight would be like. Glenn said he wanted to team some of the best storytellers and creators in the country with some of the wildest thinkers to drive and tell the story of American innovation and inspiration.

Some of the topics Glenn said The American Dream Labs plan to explore include education, energy, finance, and entertainment.

“It is our highest goal to use all of our resources and our talents to tell the story. To lift, expose, to inspire, and to give courage based on American ideals and principles. Give courage to the entire world,” he said.

“We can change education. We can advance science. We can inspire the world with art. We can give courage through history,” Glenn said.

Glenn said that the first major project would take place next summer – an”experience” – in the mountain west. The event, currently planned to be three days, will have a wide range of events but conclude with an ” epic tale of America” with pyrotechnics and other stunning storytelling techniques that have never been seen before. The working title is “Man in the Moon.”

WATCH the introduction to The American Dream Labs below: