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On TheBlaze TV Wednesday night, Glenn unveiled a new project that he has been quietly developing over the past year – The American Dream Labs. The project is inspired by Walt Disney’s “science factual” programs, such as Disney’s “Man in Space” episode of Disneyland that discussed the history of rockets and what the eventual space flight would be like. Glenn said he wanted to team some of the best storytellers and creators in the country with some of the wildest thinkers to drive and tell the story of American innovation and inspiration.

Some of the topics Glenn said The American Dream Labs plan to explore include education, energy, finance, and entertainment.

“It is our highest goal to use all of our resources and our talents to tell the story. To lift, expose, to inspire, and to give courage based on American ideals and principles. Give courage to the entire world,” he said.

“We can change education. We can advance science. We can inspire the world with art. We can give courage through history,” Glenn said.

Glenn said that the first major project would take place next summer – an”experience” – in the mountain west. The event, currently planned to be three days, will have a wide range of events but conclude with an ” epic tale of America” with pyrotechnics and other stunning storytelling techniques that have never been seen before. The working title is “Man in the Moon.”

WATCH the introduction to The American Dream Labs below:

  • Debbie Allison Schreiber

    oh Glenn .. Walt would be so proud, that someone understands the vision of exploration .. I will be in that Mountain West town to celebrate!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, for all you brain dead types who need to follow alcoholic, DJ’s who wear magic underwear… Do we have a party for you! We’re trying to break the world record for the gathering of the lowest IQ per capita in a square mile and we mean square. So come and join the Alchy in 2013 with the rest of your brain dead friends. Hate and lunacy will fill the air in the name of the Man in the Sky!

    • Anonymous

      No. That event took place a week ago in Charlotte, NC.

    • laura

      “Man in space” “the history of rockets and what the eventual space flight would be like”
      and you come up with low IQ and hate?….. Nihilism

    • Anonymous

      Conservatives have low IQ’s?? This is, of course, in comparison to Barney Frank who was lauded as a genius by Chris Dodd??

      Wasn’t it both of these dim-bulbs, also known as Democratic leaders, who helped crash our economy?

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry for you. Please leave us in peace and go your way.

    • Anonymous

      DEBUNK, I got your IP address, I called the DEPT FBI (For Blithering Idiots),
      please go away, we can smell your progressive STINK all the way from here.
      OBSers on this site make us worried your SPEW will contaminate the fun on this site.
      Go bug Mom for some more milk and cookies and for the love of Pete, put on some pants.

    • Mark Clasen

      I’ve been waiting for a arrogant sack, such as yourself. So you believe all that left wing garbage…. too bad for you, if such things take place such as the left wants … wouldn’t even be able to post your little left wing rants….you’d definitely be poor, because the left panders to the poor, by convincing them that they are somehow victims of society.
      So just keep up your childish rants, and we’ll where we find you next year, when the government is curtailing your free speech, telling what you can and can’t eat, where you can live, who you can associate with…
      one last thing ONCE A COMMIE ALWAYS A COMMIE>>>>> GO quickly to which dictator you support and get the hell out my country

  • Elizabeth Bauer

    Hey Debunking…now why are you here? If you don’t want to go, don’t worry, don’t go, the place will be packed without you.

  • Anonymous

    Very cool. I’ll be there.

  • Rahm Kota

    It is time to create. Time to show the world how it’s done.

  • Anonymous

    This is a good first step forward Glenn, but if America wants innovators in the future American parents need to be more involved with their children and get the children off of Ritalin you will see creativity on the rise……. stop the schools from controlling and warehousing the next generation with drugs and see what happens The scores in the 1990’s went down as the rise of the use of drugs on America’s children went up….. there is a correlation…….

    • Margie B. Pierce

      “Man in space” “the history of rockets and what the eventual space flight would be like”

    • Anonymous

       I worked in the elementary school environment and let me tell you this educational system is trying to turn “boys” into girls and “girls” into stronger women.  The school system is punishing the natural instinct built into every person to defend yourself and punish you for defending yourself from a bully and both bully and victim are punished equally…which just emboldens the bully…and cowers the victim….this admin knows exactly what they are doing…they are teaching our school children never to defend yourself, never to take responsibility in your life and that will lead to never defend your country……and these academia are the root cause of bullying rising within the education system…you can get blow jobs out on the fields at lunch recess in middle schools and you tell me the kids know about this but the teachers don’t?  Boys will learn not to respect girls and girls will learn to hate boys.  The progressives are equipping the unions to be able to create this atmosphere and we are about five years away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America from a super power to a 3rd world country (if we have five years).  And we DESERVE IT because we let it happen and didn’t try to stop it!

  • MediaBlackoutExposedClickHere

    If only Glenn wasn’t being censored from reporting on the media cover up

    • Anonymous

      you must be being censored too, since you dont post any info on this “coverup” only plead with us to “clickhere”

  • windtalker700

    Today is Eastern standard day light time is 09:45 PM. The date
    is 09/14/2012 in the foot hills of North
    Carolina. It’s Friday and I’m trying to access G/B on
    my ROKU. Every time I try it keeps redirecting me to WILCOW. I really like
    WILCOW but he’s not G/B! G/B to follow your own words “ question with boldness”
    I’m trying to watch G/B’s show at 5:00 PM on E. S. day light time ? What’s the
    deal pall? Fix it ! I’m posting this on
    every most poplar site with the Glenn beck .com Net work. Thanks.

    P.S. G/B G-d bless I love yugh ! Just trying too keep it
    honest brother ! Thanks.

  • bucketnutz

    If a conservative like Glenn could start an enetertainment studio where conservative theme movies would offer some competition to Hollywood for the morality and values of the next generation.

  • Kristin Elizabeth Barr

    i would LOVE to work with you! i’m a musician and chaplain and a dreamer.

  • reed weir

    Let’s pray collectively for the success of this endeavour, and for YHWH’s blessing Glen’s vision and eloquence, stirring the participants faith and wisdom’ This may very well become the foundation for the only best chance we will get this side of Rapture

  • William Aguilar


  • William Scott Loy

    Where can I send my Resume? I was the Sr. Photographer for WED Ent., a.k.a. Imagineering, from the late 70’s through most of the 80’s. I would move in a moment to Texas to join you on this project. My email: loyprd@sbcglobal:disqus .net. Phone: 805 674 9627. Thanks and God bless. Scott Loy

  • biltmore12

    I am frustrated with the concept of no child gets left behind as currently implemented. 
    I see this as no child gets ahead.   There is no place today for the gifted child as a result. 
    Special children need special consideration regardless of which end of the spectrum they live.  

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