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With the big news hitting that TheBlaze was now going to be carried on traditional cable and satellite providers, starting with DISH Network, Glenn spent the opening moments of the radio show discussing what this means for the audience and his company.

“Today TheBlaze has announced and the New York Times front page of the business section has announced that TheBlaze TV is now officially a television network as well as an Internet television network. Today we are debuting on our first carrier, DISH. In fact, if you are at home in some parts of the country, it has started already,” Glenn said.

TheBlaze can now be found on Channel 212 for DISH Network subscribers, as well as on

“Why is it conservatives can only have one choice?  You got Fox News and that’s it,” he said. ” If you like Fox News, that’s great.  But that’s your only choice if you’re a conservative.  We think that there should be more, more of a choice.  And I don’t know why that, you know, anybody thinks that they get ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NBC, CNN, and you get Fox.  What do you say WE surround them?”

Ever since Glenn left FOX News and launched TheBlaze TV, fans have wondered why he took the network to the internet rather than create a normal channel.

“We can explain finally today we did not want to go back on television until we could own our own network and not be beholden to anyone,” he said.

“We want to be independent.  I am the, I believe, maybe the only person that doesn’t owe a dime to anybody that has now their own cable channel.”

Stu added, “Most people, most of these networks, they get on TV, they try to get some audience on TV and then they try to get a few extra eyeballs on the Internet and, you know, they ‑‑ it’s a secondary thing.  For us it was the reverse.  We were able to build the entire foundation with the subscribers, well, and it’s you guys.  We were able to build it that way.  So we have that foundation and there’s no need to be beholden to anyone else because the foundation is the viewers.”

Glenn then spent a few minutes diving into the future of the network, as well as the principles that are guiding it.

“We want you to know that TheBlaze and the network itself is entirely different, and we will be in Cincinnati to unveil the next step on this Saturday and that one revolves around an action center,” he revealed. “I told you from the beginning we’re not going to be a place where you watch the news and you get pissed off about it.  You don’t watch the news and we’re going to give you things that you can do about it.  This is not going to be some place to where you just don’t have context and you don’t have perspective and you don’t have anything to do about it.  That’s the difference.”

“What’s changing the world is the Tea Party.  What’s changing the world is the 9/12 project.  What’s changing the world are people online right now that are connecting with each other, Facebook, Twitter.  That’s what’s changing the world.  And we’re not going to be somebody in an ivory tower that is pontificating.  We are going to do our best to link with as many people as we can that think like us, that understand the world is being redesigned.  And we’re going to redesign it with you, not with some giant global corporation that doesn’t give a flying crap about you or the country.  We have certain beliefs and standards, and our standards are, our beliefs are that America is good.  It is a force for good.  Our belief is in truth, not a party.  But a principle.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Oh when the White House read this they must have been down on the floor, turning blue and purple as the choking gasps continued for some time…

    • causa pulchritudinis

      Do you really think the White House cares about Beck? He’ll fail with Dish too just like he failed with CNN, FoxNews and Greedy Based TV (GBTV).
      I think the White House has more important things than whether GBTV isn’t working and Beck is desparate to stay irrelevent in the media.

      • Anonymous

        Obviously a libtard who hates the truth. Maybe you should crawl back into your corner and beg for us to continue working to pay for your ignorance. You don’t like Beck because he is successful in telling the truth, and you don’t like hearing how corrupt your prez and his staff of degenerates are. We tell it like it is, not what you want to hear. No sugar coating here causa whatever that last part is, time to send the liberals packin.

      • Wanda R Wilson-Reynolds

        Keep drinking Obummer’s koolaid Causa and get the heck out of our face!!!

      • Anonymous


      • Miryam Scovil

        He owns the network outright and doesn’t owe a dime.I would call this success,not failure.LOL!!!

      • Anonymous

        Glen will be another great success. I missed him so much. He told us all several yrs go what was going to happen. AND it all is happening. I was so excited to see him on Dish last night. YOU GO BECK

      • Anonymous

        Hate to break it to you, but Beck DOMINATED his time slot on Fox, lol. Even beat the previous show that was on in the same time slot on Fox. Heck, Beck was REGULARLY in the top 5 of ALL cable news shows, including all those on in prime time, and he was NOT even on in prime time. What a failure that was, lol. You liberals and your TOTAL disregard for reality are astounding. Don’t even get me started with the “failure” of GBTV, lol. He made more off of GBTV than he did when he was working for both CNN and Fox News COMBINED, for crying out loud. Yeah, what a “failure” that must have been, lol. You libs just love to ignore reality don’t you?

        • SoThere

          causa is upset that Beck is still a player in this country. He made 40 million dollars last year. He’s now moving onto dish Network with his very own program and the leftist can’t seem to shut him up.

          Don’t forget, George Soros actually threatened him if he didn’t shut up and old Georgy Schwartz is the man behind Obama, pulling the puppets strings.

          • Anonymous

            According to Forbes, Glenn made $80 million last year. But yeah, Beck is coming back to TV. Of course, all the libs will denounce him as a non player, lol.

    • Miryam Scovil

      lol you are right!!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The great moment of crisis sweeps the land, one many of the White House dread to hear is now upon them. Their foe, once laughed upon and assumed to be lost to the pages of history now emerges with power and a message and a mandate too dangerous to ignore.

    His cabinet and the czars, his writers and the MSM leaders converge, discussing every option until Obama lifts his hands and declares its time for the ultimate to be used; the gathered mass shakes in horror, not even daring to contemplate such a move on their own part. They know that with this move, their own fates are sealed, horror filling the very souls that they have so long denied existed.

    He motions for the man with the briefcase called ‘the football’ to come forward and has it opened…never before have the plans within this special case been examined; one document, a short, simple piece of paper is withdrawn and carefully examined. Obama nods and scrawls his signature across the bottom; and the order is rushed out of the room. All those gathered begin to weep and howl and cry, knowing the end is nigh.

    The phone rings, the sound of death keening louder and louder.

    Obama picks it up and listens for a moment to the voice on the other side…

    “Yes Comrade Putin, we are fleeing the US this night and ask for exile in Russia…yes Putin I have heard Glenn Beck is on the air again…thanks comrade we will be there shortly…’

  • Rahm Kota

    Ha ha left what did you say l about The Blaze TV oh that it will never work. HAHAHAHA! FOOLS!

    • causa pulchritudinis

      I’m I hate to break this to you, Blaze TV or Greedy Based TV (GBTV) has failed. Why do you think Beck sold his soul to get with Dish TV to broadcast his crappy program. Beck was expecting his nutty followers to sign up for GBTV but they did. So Dish is throwing Beck a life line to stay on the air.
      Let’s see Beck failed at CNN, FoxNews, GBTV and now he’ll fail with Dish. Hold those Ha Ha’s for another day.

      • Rahm Kota

        Hay dumb ass if it has failed where did he get the money to make the move to satellite TV? Why do left wing nuts like you hate reality?

      • Miryam Scovil

        Glenn was smart enough to go go internet tv and make enough money to start his own cable tv program. Beck was a hit on Fox.He had become too popular and he spoke the truth and Obama was pulling every string he had to get him off Fox.That is success my friend not failure.He’s back and nothing you can do about it!!!! Obama will be the one that will be gone and not just temporarily,but permanent!!! He he he!!!

      • Beryl Bouknight Arbaugh

        Did you not say this same thing in another post? Find your soul mates on another web site because there are more than enough for your kind.

        • Miryam Scovil

          Excuse me I thought this was a website.
          go tout your nastiness somewhere else.Just in case you haven’t noticed the people who are posting here are mainly supporters of Glenn Beck. Why would you come here to talk your hatred and look for soul mates? We love Glenn. Thank you Glenn.You told us that you would be back and you kept your promise.Now we can see you 24/7. You own the network. Good job!!~!

      • Anonymous

        You’re in for a rough ride. Beck will destroy all you marxists

      • Anonymous

        LOL Yes. Bringing in MORE viewers at 5 o’clock than ANY OTHER news show on TV is a major failure, lol. Making more from GBTV than his CNN and Fox News stints COMBINED is a true failure, lol. Look up the definition of the term failure moron.

  • Leah Brooks

    As soon as i read this I went to 212 and am so happy. I have got to call my sons and let them know. Thank you Glenn

    • Pam Best

      I did the same thing. I am thrilled. Thanks Glenn!

    • Jose Cedeno

      Ditto, as soon as I learned about it I got Dish channel 212 and there he was what a relief to hear the truth again, thank you Glenn for coming back I followed you on Utube and Facebook but nothing like live TV.

  • wildbillfish

    Considering I am on DirecTV, this is only halfway good news. Guess it’s a good thing, for now, I bought that Roku gizmo.

    • Karen Bracken

      Switching will be worth it.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t have either. I’m hoping there will be more, and not just the biggies

    • causa pulchritudinis

      You bought a Roku. I guess there is a sucker born every minute. That’s for clearing up about sucker’s I appreciate the info.

      • Joe Tuesday Dienstag

        Read this slowly, and really try hard to comprehend what I am telling you. Do you have nothing better to say? You just jump around with rude, and negative comments on the posts of others? I hope they at least pay you well for your time, because I would hate to believe that anyone could be so ignorant, and hateful by nature. I mean, do they have classes in stupidity, or did you take acting lessons to be so convincingly ignorant? I really think you should use any talents you have doing something more constructive because dumb, and rude will not get you anywhere fast! Trust me, and take the advice.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, I get it. You are one of those rock slugs who lives in his mommy’s basement in his underpants and is a real tuffy when you are on the internet. That’s okay. This country has acceptance for low-life idiotic slug losers like you. Get a life. Better yet, if you hate America so much, get a life on another continent. Ya BIG DOPE

      • gatordad

        Roku Rocks…If he comes to ATT U-verse I’ll watch both.

  • Anonymous

    Jeepers! Dish and not DirecTV??? Glenn, I miss you, but I have Directv…not Dish. :(

    • causa pulchritudinis

      Judy Beck doesn’t care what you have for a connect to his crappy show. Just pay the money for Dish so Beck doesn’t go completely off the air. Greedy Based TV was a failure and I’m sure Dish will be a failure for the rodeo clown.

      • Sandra Davidson

        If you don’t like Beck, why are you on here invading our space?? Your right–yep it is and it’s our right to cuss and discuss with like minded folks and shun you. So consider this a shun!

      • Miryam Scovil

        Maybe Glenn made enough money off internet tv to come to cable tv.good strategy Glenn!!!

      • Anonymous

        BUZZ OFF TROLL! We aren’t going to sit back and let you have the ONLY say any longer! So GET LOST!

        • Jason Michael

          Sparkly witch!!!! Get him!!

      • Anonymous

        I’m not paying extra for Beck, it’s included in most progrmming except basic

      • Anonymous

        GBTV made Beck more money than his stints on CNN and Fox News COMBINED, lol. You, ignoramus, need to look up what failure means.

    • Wanda R Wilson-Reynolds

      I have DirectV too….but I’m switching immediately!!!

      • Steve Bopp

        Switch to dish from DirecTV?… too big of a downgrade, like selling your Lexus and buying a chevy volt. Wait, he’ll be on DTV soon.

        • Anonymous

          Well, Dish is cheaper, generally speaking. You should save money in the long run. The chevy volt is lost money, lol.

    • Anonymous

      Agree with JudyG46…I hope Glenn does get on DirecTV.

    • Anonymous

      Dish is better than direct tv

    • Frank Dilliard

      Time to send a note to DirecTV I suppose. Hopefully Glenn is working on a deal with them as well. If they here from their customers, perhaps it will show that they have a potential to retain customers if they do the right thing.

  • Leah

    I’m on Direct TV, not Dish :- And even if I had Dish, I couldn’t afford $5 extra on my bill every month. *sigh*

    • Katherine O’Boyle

      It’s not extra.

      • Leah

        I’d have to change satellite companies in order to view it.  That’s too much of a change for me at this time.  Guess I’ll just have to skip it…

  • Karen Bracken

    For all of us that wished we had a TV station or a newspaper in which to deliver the truth leave it to Glenn Beck to deliver. God Bless and I hope “they” never get to him.

  • Anne Caluwaert

    Glenn, I was absolutely thrilled to page down on dish at 5PM today, and there you were . I love watching you on TV again and I will make sure it is all over Facebook as much as I can. Good luck and Blessings for you.

  • Pat Calhoun

    Puleeeeeze get to Directv ASAP! We love The Five but we MISS YOU!

  • Debbie Kalina

    Please tell me Comast has at least been to discuss the possibility of teaming up with The Blaze!

  • Joy Rogers LaPlante

    I just got home and read about your new Dish TV and ran to my TV and turned on 212 and there it is. Thank you so much !!!!! YEAH!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      ME TOO

  • CBouma

    I sure hope The Blaze will be on AT&T U-Verse!

  • copper60

    Thank you Glenn. I have missed you. Thanks so much for channel 212 on Dish!!!

  • Tom

    I see Glenn more as a fellow Libertarian, rather than polarized as Democrat vs. Republican. Libertarians are those who respect their fellow citizens, respect the law, and love the US Constitution.

    Hey Glenn – Cool move! I love it. It’s easy to remember the channel number. Same as the boiling point of water: 212. Glenn’s covering the Boiling Point! Awesome…

    • Anonymous

      WOW you just gave Beck a motto

  • Renee Johnson

    just plain cable :(


    Please, please get a Comcast channel. I miss you.

  • Mickael Ventura

    Glenn please get on direct TV please call them get on Direct for the rest of us conservatives.



  • Rachel ONeil

    No dish here, just Time Warner. : (
    PLEASE!!!!!! Come to Cable !! Miss watching you Glenn.

  • laura

    Thank you for The Blaze channel on dish. We were unable to see “REAL” news due to bandwidth restrictions and poor signal quality.

  • Judy

    Please, please, please, you have got to get on Direct TV. I have missed you!!!!!

    • Miryam Scovil

      Judy he plans to spread out. I’ve had Dish for years and love it. So I am fortunate to be able to watch Glenn’s program.I hope you will get to see Glenn soon.The show tonight was great. He has had this planned for a long time. When his contract with Fox was up he had already decided not to renew.He had been telling us for a long time that he had some amazing plans coming up. It is so good to have him back.

  • Judy Pugh

    We ditto Pat Calhoun, puleeeeze

  • Harry

    Great… I just signed a two year contract with Directv and I use an Android phone.

    • Katherine O’Boyle

      I just signed a contract with Directv too…installing tomorrow. But I have Roku with a subscription to GB & I’m sure he’ll be on Directv soon!

      • Hj Graves

        I’m a GBTV, now the Blaze, subscriber also and have been following Glenn for many years. I can still wish there was an Android app and shown via Directv. I’m about as patient as Glenn I guess.

  • Anonymous

    I’m hoping Glenn will be on Suddenlink Cable!

  • Anonymous

    Please get on DirecTV I miss you!!!!

  • Anonymous

    YES!!!! I just had to cancel my internet subscription because good ole Verizon dont have unlimited internet and it was costing to much data per monthy to afford GBTV. So I was VERY excited to see that your coming back to TV on Dish which I already have. My prayers were

  • raebay

    Glenn, I have DirecTV, not dish, I miss you too.

    • Poison_ Monkey

      Yea! Direct TV is tough to give up. We want Direct TV.

  • Sama

    Please get on Direct TV soon!

  • Anonymous

    Oops, I tweeted he would be on Direct TV I got so excited, but I do not have Dish. I, too hope he gets on Direct, even though I get GBTV on Roku, it would be more convenient id he was on cable. GoGlenn!

  • Carmen Edler

    Did the telephone from the White House ever ran to present information or evidence contrary to what you were saying about some of their top members?

  • Anonymous

    Congrats Glenn and everyone at The Blaze. Your plans sound amazing, I can’t wait to see, an participate in what you are doing:changing the world! But seriously, can you come to Wow?

  • Harold Eaton

    I was so glad to hear the Blaze is on Dish Network…I started watching i as soon as I found out…BUT my enthusiam was short lived…Dish is only going to continue it on their higher priced packages…I am on a fixed income and can only afford the lest expensive package they offer…Please ask them to carry the Blaze on all packages as it is very important to see the truth presented at all cost no matter who it may offend…PLEASE ask Dish to offer it to all customers….Harold Eaton

  • Harold Eaton

    I was so glad to hear the Blaze is on Dish Network…I started watching i as soon as I found out…BUT my enthusiam was short lived…Dish is only going to continue it on their higher priced packages…I am on a fixed income and can only afford the lest expensive package they offer…Please ask them to carry the Blaze on all packages as it is very important to see the truth presented at all cost no matter who it may offend…PLEASE ask Dish to offer it to all customers

  • Anonymous

    I am so excited. I have not been able to listen to Glenn since he left FOX. Thank you, thank you Glenn for the new TV channel 212. We will be watching and recording your shows. We love you!! Leonard and Sandra Handzlik

  • Anonymous

    What about your fans in Canada? I have Shaw Direct….

  • Janet Bernasconi

    I’m doing the happy dance Glenn! Congratulations! Soooo happy you will be back on tv again. Oh how I wish I had Direct tv. I have cable. :( I

  • Anonymous


    Gotta have DIRECTV. Roku sucks,
    keeps stopping and loading till I finally give up. As it is now, I might as
    well cancel my subscription

    • Katherine O’Boyle

      It’s your slow internet. Mine works fine.

  • Jalina Susan Stutte

    Im calling time warner and demand that Blaze TV be offered to me otherwise its DISH

  • Jalina Susan Stutte

    Im so glad many of my customers don’t have computers and I have to keep them up on everything on Blaze, now they can do it themselves.

  • sweetgirlsara44

    So very happy you’re back!! Have been missing you for a long time even though I get your internet program – The truth will always find a way. God bless you and the work you do. We will be watching everyday – and spreading the word!!

  • Luci D’Mari

    I hope your next stop will be DirecTV. That’s what I have. In the meantime, I will watch and learn on my computer. Good Luck, Glenn. God bless you and all your people.

  • Jason Young

    Not encouaging. DirecTV is far and above the larger of the two big sattelite services, so why did Glenn choose DISH? Is he really that cheap? DirecTV will put up Glenn for nearly nothing if it’s customers ask for it, and even faster if they complain and threaten to switch. DirecTV has more programming, they always have. Come on, Glenn, time to cowboy up! I miss my GlennTV!

  • Lisa Merritt

    I am so happy to have you on dish. We had a really hard time trying to see you on line.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah! Goodbye FOX!

  • Anonymous

    AWESOME!!!!!!! I can’t even imagine how great it would be to have a news channel that actually reports the TRUTH, how refreshing! Fox News has become a joke since Glenn left, name me ONE actual conservative on Fox. Huckabee, I want illegals to have welfare & amnesty, O’Reilly, my ratings mean FAR more to me that the truth & my ego trumps everything, Hannity, party line all the time?

    Any chance the screaming liberal Comcast will ever get Glenn? I am probably out of luck but so glad Beck’s voice WILL be heard before the election.

  • Anonymous

    I am extremely pleased that my $98.00 contribution played however small a part that it did in allowing this expansion to occur but I hardly see how I can renew this subscription in essence to continue to underwrite this thing at that level while others will be seeing much reduced rates for the same access on Sattelite and moreso because I subscribed to continue to watch one of the few individuals who had the gnads to go public and express my thoughts and feelings. Even that has been somewhat disappointing, Glenn started out with a two hour program and that was cool but then it seemed like he all too frequently went on tour or vacation or he was ill . Then the show was cut to an hour and Glenn continued to do his 4 day week and seems like the hour that he is on gives a large portion of his time to his “Underwriters” well in my own small way I and however many more there are like me are underwriters as well. I have been here since day one but I cannot sign on for another year at this level and the access is just too limited at the lower levels to make it worth while. I am a 100% disabled Vietnam Veteran with 6 and 1/2 years in the Marine Corps I’m 80% PTSD and I am blessed wih traumatic arthritis in all my major joints. This has little bearing on the subject at hand other than offer some background into my mindset as well as my financial situation
    So, congratulations and I will pray for your continued success as you have become the voice of a grand movement and it would be a shame if we lost that voice completely. I don’t have the opportunity to listen to the radio program and some of the folks on the Blaze news hour are a bit too cerebral for me, they really do take themselves way too seriously, but then again most TV people do. I have watched The Glenn Beck program since it’s first day on FOX and I have enjoyed every minute of it and hopefully you will eventually get to ATT U-Verse and I can once again become a regular viewer, but until then, good luck, break a leg and all that….I know no one from the program will see this and many of you will probably take this the wrong way but I in no way am trying tio denigrate Glenn Beck, his staff or his program but he is very wrong about one thing, he is deeply in debt to all those who took that leap of faith with him last September…”Nite”

    • Joe Tuesday Dienstag

      Amen Brother! You said everything I wanted to say myself. Your story is a lot like mine, but I was not able to follow him when he went to the internet at all. I to am glad tho that he will be back on TV, and maybe soon to Comcast.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you, I needed to vent a little for all the good it will do and in the end I, like thousands of others like me, will concede and pay for another year. Who knows maybe we will get more Glenn Beck when he has to satisfy a much larger audience once again… hopefully it will be more like it used to be on Fox.

  • alina gomez

    PLEASE I also have Direct TV so I’m hoping you guys are talking to Direct TV so you can be on there too. I enjoy the internet videos and watch Glenn at least 3x a week but it’d be great to have him on Direct TV!

  • causa pulchritudinis

    Beck is lucky Dish came through and threw him a life line just in time. GBTV was a failure because not enough nutty followers signed up for the subscription Beck’s crappy programming.
    I guess all the promises Beck made about how Great Greedy Based TV (GBTV) was going to be didn’t material.
    Like when Beck said GBTV was going to compete with Jon Stewart’s show. LOL.
    Beck knows nothing about comdy.
    So let’s see how long Dish broadcast Beck’s show before they cancel him too!

    • Anonymous

      Go away, you troll. GBTV, now TheBlaze TV, is still available on line. It did not fail! It is still going strong, and debt free. You know nothing of which you speak! TheBlaze TV will be around for a long time! I am sure that Dish is merely the first of many satellite and cable companies that it will be available on.

    • Anonymous

      Yet here you are, it bothers you so much that you feel compelled to respond to this article. I must have missed Glenn stating his aspirations to bury John Stewart, he must have meant when the Dailey Show moved to the 6 PM time slot on Comedy Channel to compete directly and when Stewart decided to start doing grown up TV. Seriously I love John Stewart and find his show absolutely hilarious no matter who he is sticking it to on a particular night, because I am not an intollerant, frightened individual who fears that this President will be defeated (in fact I look forward to it) and I’ll have to make my own house payment and pay for my gas aot of my own pocket because I already do that.. You have a real nice day, I hear Ambien is an excellent sleep aid for those of you having a rough time getting through the night.

  • Poison_ Monkey

    I am the next George Washington but I have no money.

  • jedixkalibur

    Absolutely! Directv …”America’s #1 satellite TV beats cable w/ the most HD channels, the most sports & the best customer satisfaction!” **…please continue to do your best to link with ‘all of us’ that like Glenn Beck and the Principles. I sure hope you connect with Directv for ‘all of us.’ Our Sincere Thank You.

  • Poison_ Monkey


  • Hump

    Verizon Fios!!!!!!!

  • Shelagh Lowe

    I was introduced to Glenn Beck by my dearest friend earlier this year. I am Australian, living in Australia. My friend is in Texas and has listened to Glenn since before 9/11. I have never really discussed or thought about my political views, accepting Australia’s system as it is. Through Glenn and my friend my eyes and mind have been opened. I have learnt that an open mind is a wonderful instrument. I have come to understand so much more about the USA system and view ours differently now. Listening to the radio podcasts and watching through Internet the Blaze TV is now a highlight of my time. Thank you for the Internet option. Thank you for the honesty, for saying it as it is. Thank you for the research. Thank you for making people think.

  • Betty

    Glen, Good luck. God bless you. We need you to tell us the truth. No one else will. People who talk against you, don’t know you. I bet they never watch you. Please stay strong. We all know how hard it is for you and your family. I watch you every day on the Blaze and I will continue to watch you every day.

    • Nancy Wallace

      Everyone call Direct TV

  • Miryam Scovil

    I am thrilled!!!! I love Dish Network. So glad you are back Glenn!!!!

  • ksmom

    Oh, thank you, thank you!! I have missed you, Glenn! So glad I can watch again. This is really awesome news!

  • Leslie Hoops-Wallace

    Why not all cable? Blaze TV for Cox!

    • Anonymous

      Yes please come to Cox Cable!

  • SmileyFace

    As Neal Cavuto on FOX once said about the new FOXBusiness channel: “If you don’t get it….demand it!” Start contacting your cable and Direct TV providers to air the channel.

  • Margaret Fowler


  • Anonymous

    Everyone that wants it on direct tv needs to email direct tv and suggest it I did told them I’m considering coming back to them if they do

  • Verna McW

    So thrilled your back on TV, but PLEASE GET ON DirecTV ASAP. We love you so much and can’t wait until you’re back with us. ( We want to stay with DirecTV.) You are one of the most outstanding patriots and so enjoyed receiving the truth. Thanks for all the research and accuracy. You have an awesome team! You are part of our answers to our prayers. Still praying.for you…..

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, Stu, Pat, Jeffy & the crew: YOU GUYS ARE A CLASS ACT!!! Glenn, those who always call you a nutjob, not so much anymore. In fact, many people who did that are probably now just sitting there, staring at their computers with their mouths hanging open. 4-5 years ago you had it nailed. So I started ringing the alarm to everyone but of course, I got called a rightwinger or rightwing conspiracy theorist. Vindication, however, I do wish you would have been WRONG. Gov. Scott Walker got his vindication a couple weeks ago when one of the Union Thug Ring Leaders got arrested for a prostitution ring. This guy said Walker was a sneak with no morals. Hmmm. More times than not, when these people call us liars, nazis, bigots, racists, Hitler’s mistress or whatever, they are subconsiencely telling US what THEY are. What concerns me is O’Idiot said the other day that we will never be at war with Iran… me that means we will be.

    Anyway, CONGRATS, my friends, for being on DISH. I am grateful! My daughter/husband and my mother just replaced their Direct TV w/DISH because their monthly bills kept creeping higher and higher every month. So, I will be spreading the word!!! GOD BLESS YOU, AMERICA and GOD BLESS US ALL

  • Karen Smith Henson


  • osage1

    When will you be on Comcast?–Can’t wait!

  • Fifila

    Please get Direct TV Glenn for the rest of us who do want to hear the truth!

  • Melody Burns

    fantastic! is on in the capital region of NYS on DISH – finally something worth watching.

  • Anonymous

    Please come to Cox Cable!

  • John

    What Fios Verizon channel??

  • Barbara Beratta

    Thank you Glenn for great the move to dish in the bay area…..we have missed your honest news reporting…….you are giving mr. bill a run for his money……bob b

  • Ooma8

    Sweet…just checked it out and there it was!! Blaze TV…awesomeness!!

  • Sharon Semtner

    I found it, I got it yeah!!!!


    I can’t switch! I have a 2 yr contract with DirecTV…. Glenn… how about launching yourself on that too!

  • david wright

    I’m so happy you will be back on TV Glenn!!!
    I pray you or someone reads this and you let the world know there crucifying Christians in egypt!!

    Video report confirms Egyptian crucifixions you can read of it here-

  • Kyle Reynolds

    Oh glen please come to AT&T universe cable tv….we really really miss you. Please come back to us. We need you now more than ever in upcoming election.!!!!!!

  • Mark Kirkham


  • Anonymous

    Direct TV please!

  • pattycam8

    I switched to direct TV and looked channel by channel. Wow… no Blaze.What a mess now.We switched to save money. We can’t afford to subscribe. Come on Glen, make it happen.  

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