Get Glenn Live! On TheBlaze TV

With the big news hitting that TheBlaze was now going to be carried on traditional cable and satellite providers, starting with DISH Network, Glenn spent the opening moments of the radio show discussing what this means for the audience and his company.

“Today TheBlaze has announced and the New York Times front page of the business section has announced that TheBlaze TV is now officially a television network as well as an Internet television network. Today we are debuting on our first carrier, DISH. In fact, if you are at home in some parts of the country, it has started already,” Glenn said.

TheBlaze can now be found on Channel 212 for DISH Network subscribers, as well as on

“Why is it conservatives can only have one choice?  You got Fox News and that’s it,” he said. ” If you like Fox News, that’s great.  But that’s your only choice if you’re a conservative.  We think that there should be more, more of a choice.  And I don’t know why that, you know, anybody thinks that they get ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NBC, CNN, and you get Fox.  What do you say WE surround them?”

Ever since Glenn left FOX News and launched TheBlaze TV, fans have wondered why he took the network to the internet rather than create a normal channel.

“We can explain finally today we did not want to go back on television until we could own our own network and not be beholden to anyone,” he said.

“We want to be independent.  I am the, I believe, maybe the only person that doesn’t owe a dime to anybody that has now their own cable channel.”

Stu added, “Most people, most of these networks, they get on TV, they try to get some audience on TV and then they try to get a few extra eyeballs on the Internet and, you know, they ‑‑ it’s a secondary thing.  For us it was the reverse.  We were able to build the entire foundation with the subscribers, well, and it’s you guys.  We were able to build it that way.  So we have that foundation and there’s no need to be beholden to anyone else because the foundation is the viewers.”

Glenn then spent a few minutes diving into the future of the network, as well as the principles that are guiding it.

“We want you to know that TheBlaze and the network itself is entirely different, and we will be in Cincinnati to unveil the next step on this Saturday and that one revolves around an action center,” he revealed. “I told you from the beginning we’re not going to be a place where you watch the news and you get pissed off about it.  You don’t watch the news and we’re going to give you things that you can do about it.  This is not going to be some place to where you just don’t have context and you don’t have perspective and you don’t have anything to do about it.  That’s the difference.”

“What’s changing the world is the Tea Party.  What’s changing the world is the 9/12 project.  What’s changing the world are people online right now that are connecting with each other, Facebook, Twitter.  That’s what’s changing the world.  And we’re not going to be somebody in an ivory tower that is pontificating.  We are going to do our best to link with as many people as we can that think like us, that understand the world is being redesigned.  And we’re going to redesign it with you, not with some giant global corporation that doesn’t give a flying crap about you or the country.  We have certain beliefs and standards, and our standards are, our beliefs are that America is good.  It is a force for good.  Our belief is in truth, not a party.  But a principle.”