TheBlaze TV launching on cable and satellite providers nationwide TODAY beginning with DISH Network

Today marks the one-year anniversary of GBTV (now TheBlaze TV). When we launched, our stated goal was to deliver TV over the Internet, not Internet TV. And while streaming video over the Internet was not a revolutionary concept, nobody had ever tried to launch a brand new, online-only, HD-quality TV network before. But that’s Glenn—innovation and risk-taking are part of his DNA. Where others see impossibility, he sees opportunity. (That is one reason why the first-ever show to run on the new network was live from Israel! Glenn never thinks small.)

Twelve months later I am happy to report that we’ve succeeded beyond our wildest expectations. Despite the technical hurdles that are unique to watching our network, over 300,000 people have chosen to subscribe, giving TheBlaze TV a paid audience that’s larger than most free cable channels!

Unsurprisingly, this success has caused some of the major TV distributors to stand up and take notice. In fact, many of the top names in cable and satellite TV have inquired about adding TheBlaze TV to their channel lineups. As a result, we are excited to announce the next chapter in our expansion: TheBlaze TV will be carried on cable and satellite providers nationwide, beginning today with DISH Network. This expansion is in addition to our continued availability as a direct-to-consumer online subscription.

The last year has taught us a lot about running a network and delivering great content to consumers. I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of what we’ve learned and how that has impacted our decision to begin partnering with cable and satellite companies.

Prior to our initial launch I was often asked why we didn’t pursue a traditional cable channel. There were several factors, but the biggest was that we wouldn’t have been able to build the channel we wanted back then without giving up control. To get on the air we would have had to partner with a large media company that could provide us with the staff, infrastructure, and distribution necessary to launch a new network. That was something that we simply were not willing to do. The whole point of starting our own network was to be free from outside influences—giving that independence up right away in exchange for distribution was a non-starter. And so we found another way.

But now, a year later, everything has changed. Our subscribers’ enthusiasm and support has allowed us to make the necessary investments in programming and infrastructure, and we’re now in a position to launch a cable and satellite channel without losing control. We have the best staff, the best talent, world-class facilities and great distribution partners lined up, and we’ve done it all while ensuring that we answer to no one except our own audience.

As we take this next step we are working tirelessly to ensure that we bring all of the advantages we have as a direct-to-consumer streaming network to cable/satellite TV. Here are some thoughts on what we’ve learned, and what we’re going to take with us.

  • Direct Audience Connection. Media fragmentation has been accelerating for as long as “media” has existed, but the pace of new options now entering the marketplace is staggering. A year ago I’d never heard of BuzzFeed, and now I can’t stop hearing about it. It doesn’t  matter if your distribution medium is “narrowcast” or “broadcast,” having a direct connection with your fans is crucial to engagement. For example, even though I pay for HBO GO through Time Warner Cable, the weekly promotional email comes to me directly from HBO. No matter how viewers decide to consume the TheBlaze TV, we will continue to have a direct connection with them.
  • Advertiser Support.  There is over $100 million spent each year on national talk radio programs by advertisers who don’t care about politics on one side or the other, but simply want to reach consumers effectively. Advertising in political content doesn’t make you political, it makes you smart. Our existing clients have achieved great returns on their investments by reaching a large and loyal audience. In fact, we are proud to say that every advertiser that was with us at launch is still with us today. We intend to expand on the early success we’ve had at bringing these talk radio advertisers to TV. (Those same advertisers who spend $100m/year on national talk radio spend, on average, at least 5x more than that on cable TV advertising.)
  • Audience Demand. We expected to be successful, but we never imagined the scale of our success. There are more people paying a dedicated monthly fee to watch our programming online than there are people watching many existing cable channels that they receive for free as part of their cable package. With that being said, no matter how successful we are as a subscription-only service, we can be even more successful if we add cable and satellite distribution to the mix.
  • Viewing Habits. While there is a huge proliferation of “Smart” devices in homes, including Roku, Boxee, AppleTV, game consoles, and Smart TVs themselves, consumers would often rather just “watch TV.” They don’t want to switch inputs or choose from a vast menu of options, they just want to “see what’s on.” To a lot of tech people, that is counterintuitive. Why wouldn’t people want to choose exactly what they want to watch? But those who work in media have known this for a long time. In fact, the reason that the most valuable spot on TV is the spot AFTER American Idol is because people like to “see what’s on.” We’ve witnessed this phenomenon ourselves.  Even though we’ve been offering all of our content both live and on-demand since launch—people can choose to watch any show at any time—over 50 percent of it is still consumed live. In addition, despite our presence on many connected devices, the majority of people watch our network on a PC or Mac, a device that, oftentimes, is not located in an ideal spot in the home. Many people don’t want to watch TV on their computer, they want to watch TV on their TV—and we’d like to make that as simple for them as possible.
  • Transaction Friction. While I believe that we were right about the DELIVERY of content moving to the Internet, I think that PAYMENT for content is going to remain between cable/satellite companies and consumers for the foreseeable future. For all the complaining that consumers do about ever-increasing prices, it’s really an amazing amount of news, information, and entertainment that is delivered for one monthly fee. I don’t think that consumers want to have to subscribe separately to TheBlaze, CNN and HBO from three different places with three different interfaces and get three different monthly charges on their credit card. Cable and satellite companies have created an excellent billing and payment infrastructure with over 100,000,000 customers—it’s smart for us to take advantage of that.
  • Content Delivery over the Internet. No matter how content is currently delivered, that delivery will eventually be over the Internet.
  • Rise of TV Everywhere. When we began planning for TheBlaze TV it seemed that cable and satellite companies were doing more to restrict content than they were doing to make it available across platforms to their customers. The roll-out of TV everywhere has changed the paradigm. Most of the top cable and satellite companies now have robust iPad apps and online viewing experiences, with more coming each day. This trend makes us feel much more comfortable about our long-term ability to provide great content wherever and however our fans want it.

These are just some of the reasons that we’ve decided to begin partnering with cable and satellite companies to bring our content directly to televisions. There will be some exciting changes as a result, but here’s what won’t change:

  • The Best Content. In 1996 Bill Gates wrote a famous article titled “Content is King.” 16 years later it’s obvious that he was right. Cable and satellite providers have come to us because we have great content (currently over 35 hours a week of live, exclusive, original programming) and a large, passionate, engaged audience. These companies are smart enough to know that it’s their job to have the best collection of content so that their customers won’t leave.
  • Commitment to the Internet. Direct subscriptions continue to be a key part of our long-term strategy and we will continue to deliver our content over the Internet. gets over 9 million unique visitors per month, making it one of the most heavily trafficked web sites associated with a TV network in America. We believe that this is a huge complementary asset to our TV programming and we will continue to be digital innovators.
  • Independence. We’re one of a very small number of content providers without corporate ownership. Even though our content may be distributed by the major cable and satellite providers, we remain a fully independent company, not subject to the demands of Wall Street, media conglomerates, or pressure groups. We answer only to those who consume our content.

Thank you for your continued support of Glenn Beck and TheBlaze. It’s been an unbelievably exciting year and we are looking forward to this next chapter. With your continued enthusiasm and support we know it will be another huge success.



Christopher Balfe

CEO, TheBlaze


  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    I imagine the howling at the White House continued on for many an hour upon them hearing Glenn is not only back; but fiercer than ever.

    • Denise Classon

      can you get someone to vet david axlerod so that we all know where and who is he,we tried glenn beck but we do not think we got thru…..

      • Tom and Robin Munsterman

        David Axelrod is written about in the book, The Communist, by Paul Kengor as is Frank Marshall Davis (Communist Party-USA Membership No.: 47544) and Valerie Jarrett.
        David Axelrod was mentored by the Communist, David Canter. David’s father, Harry David Cantor was the secretary of the Boston Communist Party around the 1930’s. Harry, fluent in Russian, was invited to the USSR by Stalin worked for the Bolsheviks translating Lenin’s writings. Son, David, lived there until the age of 14 where he was steeped in Stalin’s collectivism, mass wealth distribution, and five year plans.
        Cantor and Axelrod attended the University of Chicago together.
        David was supoenaed to testify before the Democrat-run House Committee on Un-American Activities where David refused to answer the questions about past or present membership in the Communist Party.

        • MediaBlackoutExposedClickHere

          Want the real story on the Communist Party the media isn’t covering?

          • Anonymous

            yes please.

            I want the story, without the clickhere

    • Anonymous

      Snow i believe i heard the scream down here in florida.

  • Anonymous

    Has Comcast showed interest in picking up The Blaze?

    • Harry Sorantino

      Yes, I’m going to write to Comcast right now in an effort to show interest about Comcast carrying The Blaze. The more of us do so, the sooner it gets picked up.

  • tunja

    @Tucknut. I would wager they might do it as a business decision at some point, but they own NBC and that station is so far to the left it would only be done if the profit would over ride their revulsion of whats right.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. Considering their ratings, I’m really surprised that Comcast has done nothing with MSNBC.

  • Reginald Castillo

    Take that oprah!

  • Ryin Brown

    When Directv gets it, I’ll be there!

    • Lavern F. Garcia

      Yes, I’m going to write to Comcast right now in an effort to show interest about Comcast carrying The Blaze.

      • Anonymous

        Writing to comcast they will ignore it.  check out

    • Lavern F. Garcia

      that station is so far to the left it would only be done if the profit would over ride their revulsion of whats right.

    • Sharon Jeffery

      email them,,call them..that should make them add Glenn faster..if we bug them

    • Michele Al-Fayez

      And it can’t be soon enough! I miss Glenn on TV! I think he reached a wider audience. Welcome back, Beck!

  • Johanne Smulders-macwilliams

    This is great to hear …..your getting bigger while CNN is shrinking, I heard they were laying off ppl….lol awesome glenn we are followers of your common sense thinking and love the fact the your an honest compassionate man, may God continue to greatly bless you

  • Ida Fisher Hentig

    Will The Blaze (Glen Beck Show) still be available on Roku? That’s why I bought it, so hope so.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it will.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome!! Such a blessing!!! Please come to Time Warner Cable!!

  • MaverickHawk

    Get on DirecTV now, please.

    • Sharon Jeffery

      I just sent an email to Directv..guess hundreds will start requesting I hope.

  • Roy

    Just got off the phone with Direct TV Rep. Emailing them as well. Can’t wait. WTG GB

    • Sharon Jeffery

      did they laugh or take you serious??? I just emailed them also..lets bug the hell out of them.

      • Anonymous

        Get em guys and gals.

  • Terri Fossey

    Does anyone know what channel this will be on Dish?

    • Sharon Jeffery


    • Anonymous

      212 is the channel.

  • Angela Burgess Fox

    How about ATT Uverse? I would love to see you on TV again. Great going Glenn!

    • Nancy Ann Nainis

      Yes, I would LOVE to see Glenn on TV again. We need his voice on the air more than ever! I have ATT Uverse.

  • Eddie Sweet

    Still trying to get my Roku working to allow GBTV or The Blaze TV to come through to me.

    • Anonymous

      Have you subscribed to GBTV?

  • Rahm Kota


  • Ryan Schwertfeger

    Will GBTV be on Verizon FiOS any time soon?

    • Anonymous

      I have FIOS and just subscribe to GBTV for $99.00 a year and use Roku…it works pretty well..sometimes it stops and you have push resume other than that it’s great…

  • Laurie Winters

    when I read The blaze TV is going to Dish Network I got immediate goosebumps!! Finally…The truth is now out to ALL Americans!! YES, YES, YES!!! I am proud of you guys!! Here we come!

  • Bruce Hopkins

    I notice that no mention was made if we’ll still have to pay EXTRA to see Glenn on cable. That’s hurting his audience size, if he does it on cable.

    • Cindy Nowicki

      You only have to pay $5 a month extra for Dish, IF you don’t have the 250 channel package.

      Glenn will continue offering his network on The Blaze TV. I watch his programs on my Roku, which I now have purchased for 3 television sets so I can go from room to room without missing a word!

      I love it!!

    • Zane Savin

      I was thinking the same thing. Guess us loyal, PAYING customers are getting the shaft. I have to say, after listening to Glenn talk about all the good he’s doing and wants to do, his business shafts his loyal base like this. After 4 years of being a loyal listener/watcher/concert-goer, I am disillusioned upon reading this today. Fail

  • Rod

    I wonder what Fox will think of this? Afterall they were caving into Pressure from the far Left to get him off TV

    • new2la

      Live and learn I always say!

    • GT90ford .

      Fox wasn’t pressured by the Left, they were pressured by the FCC, who has the power to do just about what ever they want. Beck had already bought a studio in Dallas before his program went live on Dish Network.

  • jason


    • jason

      Sorry for yelling. It’s exciting and frustration all at the same time.

      • Cindy Nowicki

        Beck said that in the near future he will be in talks with other providers. His primary concern is he wants complete control of content, which DISH is allowing him.

  • Anonymous

    Very good news, Thank You so much!

  • Anonymous

    I hope Comcast buys in. I’ve missed you!!!!!!!!!!

  • smokey888x2

    Christopher: Have tried 700 ways to send this …. just another idea for consideration: Have a late night show that interviews small and big business owners. I would love to get some ‘factual’ information / entertainment rather than the constant showcasing of fake hollywood’rs

  • Zane Savin

    So lemme get this straight; we get to PAY $9.95/month for access to TheBlaze TV via the web, but its just included for DISH subscribers? Well don’t I feel special. I’m glad to see my money is going to ~gasp~ subsidize others. Bah

    • Dman0304

      You pay for a TV package with Dish Zane…. Think about this, $9.95/mo or $69.99/mo with a TV package. Do the math and stop crying.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe he’s not the only one that needs a refresher. Unless you run out today and purchase a Dish network subscription you are already paying for that package (assuming you subscribe to Dish). Those of us who do not or would prefer not to use the Dish service will still need to continue our connection through the internet which by the way I already pay 45 dollars a month for to recieve the speed and bandwidth necessary to watch high def streaming programming which I channel through a 37 inch LED TV that I use for a monitor, I also watch Sports events (NHRA, NASCAR, college football and stuff) on ESPN3 when programming conflicts occur on Cable and my DVR recievers are all busy (it happens)…

        • Dman0304

          Not sure what point you are trying to make…. Let me make mine a little clearer…. Zane whined about Glenn being a hypocrite and cried that Glenn didn’t value Zane as a loyal customer because “Dish subscribers get Blaze TV included in their package”. My point is that we all pay for it whether it’s on TV or you pay the yearly Internet subscription… You rambled on about a lot of nonsense buddy

          • Anonymous

            (1) Well alrighty then. Prior to the move if Billy already had Dish he paid $69.95 for his TV package plus $9.95 for Beck streaming over the internet.
            (2) If he already has Dish he would no longer need to pay the extra $9.95 for Beck, just the $69.95 for his Dish.
            (3) Meanwhile if Dick does not have Dish he will still need to pay the extra $9.95 fee to continue to watch Beck over the internet in addition to whatever cable provider he currently has unless he wants to go out and get Dish in which case he would then be paying $69.95 to watch Beck unless he replaced his current cable service with Dish.
            (4) This may seem unfair to Dick who probably sees this as subsidising Billy’s TV viewing of Beck since Billy will no longer be paying $9.95 above the $69.95 fee he was already paying for Dish.
            (5) The point is if you already have Dish there is no $69.95 versus $9.95 and if you do not have Dish you would be “stupid” to run out and get it just to watch Beck for…….$69.95?

  • Anonymous

    I’m hoping more people watch it on satellite or cable so it takes some of the pressure off the internet streaming. As it is, the net is so congested when he’s on live there isn’t a snowball’s chance in a blast furnace that I can watch it then. I have to wait a few hours and catch it in the evening. The internet really doesn’t have the band width necessary to do live TV, nor can it, especially in highly concentrated populations.

  • Samuel Mora

    Watching Blaze Tv on dish network and this is awesome, Wilkow is on as we speak!

    • Anonymous

      I watch daily and DVR his shows. I just wonder why it is not in HD? Is anyone getting it in HD on Dish?

      Thannk you Glenn and Dish.

  • Dave Tyler

    Glenn, GO DIRECT!!! Direct TV’s subscription rate has exploded, while Dish Network has diminished, over the past year.

  • joe if you want to suggest adding to uverse

  • Anonymous

    I am glad that Glenn Beck will be readily available to those who prefer more traditional viewing but I do hope that you never get rid of the subscription service. My work does not allow me to watch at a specific time. I love the on demand viewing on my iPad. I have also enjoyed the connection to the network and feel personally involved. Glad to see you grow but please remember your roots! Love you guys!

  • Huss Family

    Awesome news – we are in the country where only satellite is available and trying to watch your show streaming always kicked me up over the limit of our allowance so I was never able to watch – I’m excited!!

  • Dman0304

    Glenn- Awesome news brother! I’ve missed seeing you on Fox and I listen every chance I can on the radio. I will definitely be recording every minute.

  • Verman

    I want it on Uverse

  • Luci D’Mari

    I’ve been a fan since Glenn was on Fox and have leaned so much. I hope Glenn gets more and more people to watch and learn. God bless all involved.

  • Guido

    Excellent . I missed Beck on Fox – even though at times he gave me a migraine .
    Long time Dish subscriber , what channel # ?

  • alina gomez

    I’m hoping Direct TV will be next on your expansion into TV.

  • Anonymous

    As I’m sure you’ve come to realize , doing what God wants you to do and what’s right is the best way to succeed! Evil seems to have a foothold in this world but in the end, good wins out! Keep up the good work truth has no agenda!

  • Cindy Brooks

    Finally something on our DISH worth watching!

  • Anonymous

    I chatted with a rep. at Time Warner Cable and he says that they are receiving a lot of messages from people wanting The Blaze added to the channel line up. They are sending every one up the line. I guess we will see what happens. Those of you with TWC, keep bothering them about it.

  • new2la

    It is with great pleasure that your audience, me….continue to benefit from and with the content you provide us daily. You have an excellent product I have been privvy to be a part of since inception. I wish you continued success.
    Glenn, you are a gifted individual who holds our truths in the palm of your hand, and those of us that have been with you since Fox, are lucky and thankful for all you do.
    God speed.

  • Anonymous Contact them to get The Blaze TV on AT&T Uverse. DO it!

  • Norma Jean Onyschuk

    I’m so glad you are on Dish. You made me so happy. I’ve struggled to keep up by watching highlights as Hughsnet does not allow streaming a whole show. I know the Left is pulling their hair out now. I’m looking forward to what’s nest.

  • Anonymous

    Great, now this crap wanna be “truth” and “real news” propaganda will be on my television…time to change to cable.

    • Anonymous

      Awe come on Mommy will surely let you hold the remote long enough to change the channel, or had that concept somehow evaded you

      • Anonymous

        Of course I can change the channel, silly, but the fact that Becks electrons are even sharing space with good TV, and that I may happen across his radically fabricated propaganda accidentally will make me want to switch providers PDQ.

    • Dman0304

      You wouldn’t know the difference between right, wrong, truth or lies if it jumped up and slapped you in your mom’s basement.

      • Anonymous

        Hahaha…that was a good one. Please stop my side hurts from laughing at your sophomoric attempt at humor.

  • Patricia Moore

    LOVE THIS!!! This is a perfect example of what our Founding Fathers had in mind when framing our Constitution. Liberty, Freedom, Independence = Prosperity! Way to go Glenn! WAY TO GO!

  • Dawn Brayton

    Getting Blaze TV on regular television not only get loads more people watching but will put you guys in line to sell general interest programming to other stations if you want. I can definitely see Indepence U.S.A as part of the Outdoor Channel lineup someday. Congratulations to everyone involved with this venture and may you have many more years of succes.

  • Debbie Bridges

    Yeah!!!! I guess I don’t need my subscription anymore then? I may keep for a while though so I can still see past shows. Immediately set up DVR to record show daily.

  • Suzy Hannah

    But we have AT&T uverse now. Switched from Dish due to weather here in So. LA

  • Corey Herrington

    Pay to be lied to? Sign me up !

    • Anonymous

      you’re already getting that everytime you pay your taxes (unless you are one of the chosen ones’ sheep, then he takes care of all your needs with my money)

  • Anonymous

    Mediacom is my provider (no choice, provided through my condo association) but I’ll be bugging them to also add Glenn’s programming!!!

    Going “live” on Dish is just in time for the Friday show about Mitt!! Great timing Glenn!!! Can’t wait to watch this show!!! There will be a great deal of “buzz” over it!! I’m so hoping it makes a difference come November!!!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn…is that a Drone I hear overhead?……You ever wonder who exactly determines Who gets put on the kill list?

  • Connie Withem Baten

    You will NEVER know how happy I was to see you were back on “television”. My husband and I have been subscribers to GBTV…but I hate to tell you we never did watch it. I just didn’t know how to access it from my computer.I sure have missed seeing you since you left FOX. I love your show…the content of your show…and more than that…I TRUST you completely. Thank you so much for educating the public to so many things and also for encouraging everyone to research for themselves. I pray for you and your families safety because I am sure you have enemies because of the truth you are revealing. God bless you, Glenn Beck!!!!

  • Anonymous

    fox news is losing its appeal since they have too many left “guests” on the talking points.
    All the left does is swear and yell and overtalk others- who needs that crap.
    I shut off the tube when that began and tired of OReilly pandering to Obama and making excuses for him for over 3 + yrs.
    People want real news and not the same old BS played over an over and over again. Your tellimg me there is not enough news in the world to have new info every hour- come on!.
    Let the people decide what they beleive or not- just give us the gal darn facts!
    I complained to a hotel where we stayed if they dont get Fox back instead of the other drivle i wont come back. Now I will have to tell them to add Beck to the list. We are regulars and they did it.

  • TexRedNk

    Dittos to
    Ryin Brown ! I installed DirecTV on Sept 9, 2001 because FTA local channels sucked ! I have stayed with DirecTV because they carry many religious channels that NONE of the other providers carry. When DTV adds ‘TheBlaze’ I will be standing in line to sign up !! Keep up your great work !! Your the only TRUE voice in the media !!

  • Anonymous

    we are the key ! God bless you as you take another step toward delivering truth to America! thank you so much!

  • Coret OtheCountry

    Its AWESOME! I called my Mom tonight- she has DirectV, and told her that Glenn Beck is back on TV. She of course, couldn’t find it. I emailed my people and posted it on FB. Exciting! Watched it till it was over for the night… till the infomercials. Loved it! Welcome back to my TV, Glenn & Co.!

  • Jennifer

    So glad Glenn’s back on t.v. I have been watching it since I found it yesterday. Hubsand came to watch it too, said “I didnt know he was back on” Yep we have to spred the word.

  • Anonymous

    Is Direct TV on the horizon, Glenn? I hope so!

    Best of luck!

  • Ohio

    thanks glen and dish really enjoying the show

  • Regina Lilley

    We are Chronic Pain Sufferers and we need your help. We are asking Mr. Romney to dissolve the FDA. Margaret Hamburg is a very dangerous person. She removed Darvocet which was the safest, mildest narcotic ever made. Millions of Doctors agree. Hundreds of thousands of MS, Lupus, and Arthritis patients were plunged into unbelievable suffering because she and Kathleen Sebelius and Sidney Wolfe told a panel that Darvocet was a danger, which it was not. They were told that we had other medications we could take which is a lie. The vote was 14 to 12 and it plunged millions of MS, Lupus and Arthritis sufferers (to name a few) into unbelievable pain. Hundreds of thousands of Chronic Pain Sufferers lost their jobs and their independence because Margaret Hamburg decided she wanted this medication gone. She is also responsible for removing Avastin, a Breast Cancer medicine that millions of patients needed. Oncologists begged her not to, and she never even attended those hearings. Margaret Hamburg told the panel voting on Darvocet that we had plenty of other medications to take, which is a lie. All we had was Darvocet. We could function with Darvocet because there were no side effects, just 100% pain relief. Being knocked out is not pain relief, being high is not pain relief. The vote was 14 to 12 to remove Darvocet and I know that would never have been done if we had had a chance to testify and tell the panel what would happen if they removed it. But she is an Obama appointee so she does her deeds in secret and behind closed doors. I would be greatly honored if you would contact me 970-237-1187 or 307-632-2332 or Please contact me we need a hero, we need someone like you to help us. Most people look away when we try to ask for help or they look at their feet because no one wants to help Chronic Pain Sufferers because it always seems like you are advocating Narcotic use. Please be our champion?
    Thank You
    Regina Lilley

  • Lynn Carroll

    Just called Direct TV and they were glad to direct my request for Blaze TV to upper management. Hope that helps. I always enjoyed Glen when he was on FOX. His exposure of the Communists in our government and all the many connections they have throughout our society was frightening stuff. I can see how all of it is playing out in today’s politics. It’s beginning to look as if Romney and the rest of us have our work cut out for him if we plan to overcome all the cheating, lying and stealing of votes come November. The whole system is riddled with the cancer of liberalism, even those who program the voting machines and count the manual votes.

  • Barbara

    Wow! The Blaze Network was launched on my birthday on DISH, it’s the best gift I could ever get from you Glenn. Could not afford to pay the 99.00 a year for GBTV this year, but we do have DISH on our TV. In Hebrew I say to you, Todah rabbah, (Thank you very much). Shalom Barbara

  • Pearl H. Phillips

    hOW DO i UNSUBSCRIBE!   hELP Then why am I getting a $9.95 charge on my Visa monthly if you don’t know me/

  • Superior LLC

     Thank you so much for your graciousness.Most people in the online world would not be so willing to to engage in this conversation. I really appreciate it!

  • Anonymous

    We recently switched to Dish TV- with me kicking & screaming at hubby the whole way…UNTIL I found, could it be? THE BLAZE TV network on ch. 212!
    A longtime fan of Glenn Beck & his endeavors that have made this world a happier place, I couldn’t be more THRILLED to have TheBlaze right there to turn on with my morning coffee & pretty much leave on all day! Every show is so good, I love EVERYONE on TheBlaze and yes, I can say “God bless you all and a joyful Christmas to ALL of you!” Keep “blazing” new trails, your fans will follow & grow!

  • Anonymous  the solution.   Anywhere anytime tech.  one company one network.

  • RonP

    Very impressive what you have done, Glenn

  • Doug Mullings

    I don’t want my cable dollars going to support his conspiracy theory channel!  Idiots.

    • Anonymous

       I guess it would be great if we could all pick the channels we want.  I find many channels offensive but, like taxes, I pay for them.  You sound like a spoiled selfish brat.  I want I don’t won’t.  Self centered much?

  • Anonymous

    AT&T U-Verse needs Glenn Beck and the Blaze TV !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lolzgym

    currently switching from direct tv to dish =)

  • Helen Higginbotham


  • Helen Higginbotham

    212 ON DISH!!!

  • Helen Higginbotham

    212 DISH

  • Dreambox 800 HD

    It’s really good news. I am really glad after seen this awesome news. superb post. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • SmilesUrWay

    when will The Blaze air on VIOS?

  • Mary and Jm

    I hate to loose The Blaze, but with Dish dropping Fox we may have to switch t Directv, Hope you can get on Direc.

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