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One year ago today, Glenn and his company broke away from the mainstream media in order to launch their own network: GBTV (now knows as TheBlaze). In that year, the network has grown from a simulcast of the radio show, the 4th Hour, and a two hour nightly show into a 24/7 news, information and entertainment network with programming ranging from commentary, opinion, news, comedy, reality, and children’s programming. And while it’s been an amazing year for us here at the network – we couldn’t have done it without all of you!

In honor of the one year anniversary, we’ve compiled some of the top moments from TheBlaze TV:

Honorable Mention: Shariah Law & Order (The B.S. Of A.), Adam Carolla interview (Glenn Beck Program), Liberty Treehouse visits the Liberty Bell, Frank makes home-made gun powder using urine on Independence USA, Alex Boye performing on the Christmas Special (Glenn Beck Program), Security Theater (The B.S. of A.), Truth about Muslim Extremism (Glenn Beck Program)

#12 Glenn Beck’s going to Texas (The B.S. of A.)


#11 Glenn Skypes into show after hurting his back

#10 Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam Exposed

#9 Stu explains the Buffet Tax while wearing a dress

#8 S.E. Calls out Olbermann on Real News

#7 Glenn, Pat, and Stu perform surgery on a mannequin during radio

#6 Pat and Glenn make a little girls dream come true at her lemonade stand

#5 Glenn rides a horse into the studio

#4 Glenn calls out Chief Justice Roberts and the Supreme Court after Obamacare decision:

#3 Special: What you can do to prepare? Get the full list HERE

#2 Glenn tells big government “I will not comply”

#1 Witness the Third Great Awakening