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Mayor Bloomberg’s day of glory has arrived: his soda ban has passed by a shocking vote to 9 to 0. Sorry New York City, no more “sugary drinks” for you. Glenn, who is broadcasting from NYC today, doesn’t seem to be regretting his move to Dallas, hundreds of miles away from the dictator that is Mayor Bloomberg.

” Mayor Bloomberg is an evil, maniacal, out‑of‑control mayor,” Glenn said after reading the news.

“He changed the law so he could run again and then he changed it right back so nobody else can do it.  He has changed the streets here in New York.  Did you see he’s added more bike paths and everything else?  He’s trying to turn us into Paris.  And he just thinks it would be better if there are no cars in the streets.  Well, gee, I think it would be great if there were no dictators for mayors.  What do you say?  That’s up to the people to decide,” he added.

Stu pointed out that even in New York City the soda ban was wildly unpopular, but Bloomberg’s Board of Health still voted 8-0 in favor, with one member of the group abstaining.