More-on Trivia returns!

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A classic segment on the Glenn Beck Radio Program that eventually went away because it was too depressing listening to person after person fail to answer the easiest questions. Initially used to predict the outcome of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers games (when Glenn was locally on Tampa) – have the contestants become any smarter? Check out a highlight form the segment in the clip above!

*Please note, the cover image for this story as misspelled “More-on”. The graphics department is being dealt with…

  • Anonymous

    You should be ashamed of yourself Glenn Beck, and your two trained monkeys for making fun of people who lack your omnipotent intellect? Narcissist.

    • greywolfrs

      Really? And you think this is not indicative of the dumbing-down of this country? Of course you don’t, you are one of those people. Omnipotent intellect? Someone needs that kind of intellect to know that the presidential election is this year and that is the most important government job this Nov?
      Go back to PMSNBC, the troll is weak with you.

  • OregonBorn

    I love the radio show but HATE this segment. After talking about the Dish boxing thing and how people don’t want that kind of stuff– come on. We don’t want this crap either.

    • greywolfrs

      Of course you don’t want it, it shows the stupidity of people in this country, like you.

      • OregonBorn

        Yeah, maybe I was a bit harsh. It’s just that after putting up with this kind of idiocy every day (I live in Oregon!) I don’t want to hear more of it on my favorite radio show. I don’t have much free time to get informed and don’t want to waste any more than I have to on the Clueless.

        • greywolfrs

          I can understand that. I live in CA and see it all the time. Maybe try and look at it from this point of view, they are doing this to point out just how dumbed-down this country has become, with a little humor thrown in. I do not think they are trying to waste anyone’s time, simply using some humor to show the state of the country. Maybe they aren’t doing it in a “good” way, but the attempt is there…

  • Anonymous

    They must have been participants of “Moron” Trivia… I love it! Lighten up people.

  • Rahm Kota

    Is there a point to this?

    • greywolfrs

      I believe there is. I think they are trying to show how dumbed-down this country has become, with a little humor in the mix. Maybe they didn’t get that point across very well….

      • Rahm Kota

        Thinks for pointing that out I was listening to that and it was like what are you three doing. It was funny and sad at the same time.

        • greywolfrs

          Sometimes they are not clear on why they do something…

    • John Scurich

      Yes, the point is there are many dumb people in this country – and they vote!!! Typically for Democrats – gee, what a big surprise there!

  • Shari Limbert

    I just want to say I asked my 91/2 year old the questions that were asked today and he got everyone right but 2 (the quintuplet question and “where is Jerusalem located”). He knew who Glenn Beck was –he said he’s someone that talks about patriotism…. I am so proud of my kids!

  • Anonymous

    great stuff. i want to hear all the questions geared in the vein of that question where you ask: what is a zombie? ans.: somebody who thinks that obama is a good choice.

    more of that please.

  • Fletcher

    I love Moron Trivia! One of my favorites from Glenn’s earlier years…I wish I could’ve heard Glenn & Pat when they did morning radio. Keep it up guys!

  • Fergie

    Love Moron Trivia! We have to live with these people every day and deal with their stupidity on a Presidential Administrative Level – including those who think Obama is a great choice for president.

  • Dawn Brayton

    I miss that New York studio

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