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You have to give Ron Paul supporters credit on one front – they never give up! They’ll fight to the bitter end, regardless of whether or not their man is actual still in there fighting. Like the mysterious and brave Black Knight (see clip at the bottom of this post), they will not let seemingly insurmountable obstacles get in the way of their goal.

“Ron Paul people I have had it up to here. Romney called the Fed and begged them not to do this. Romney is not an abolish the Fed guy but at least he’s a ‘Let’s not burn the country down guy’,” Glenn said.

“You guys are so delusional you’re going to lead to the Arab Spring. What is wrong with you people? Ron Paul is not running. He’s not running,” Glenn said.

Pat also begged libertarians not to vote for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian

“Please by all that is holy don’t split that vote,” Pat said.

“If you think he can win God bless you then vote for him. If you’re trying to make some point you’re out of your mind,” Glenn added.

Glenn said that while Romney was not the guy who had the stance he wanted on all the issues, but he is a small government guy who will steer America in the right path and not the direction Obama has been taking the country for four years.

“(Obama’s) going to be worse than he was in the first four years.  What do you think when he says I’m going to get a little more latitude when I’m elected the second time? What do you think he’s going to do?” Glenn asked

The discussion developed from a conversation over the recent poll numbers that show Romney behind Obama. During the show, Stu discussed a story that showed that the polls are tending to skew for Obama:

TheBlaze quoted blogger keithbacker at Battleground Watch:

The real take-away which I have mentioned the times I blog national polls is that many of those national polls are HORRIBLE for Obama, namely the ABC/Washington Post and CBS/New York Times polls where you have large Democrat over-samplings but rather small leads for Obama. This means if Obama doesn’t meet or beat his stellar 2008 turnout advantage he’s in for a drubbing on election day.

These over-samplings serve a few purposes but mainly drive down enthusiasm for Republicans while assisting the Obama campaign with “bandwagon” supporters who simply like being on the winning team (they’re real and they count).

Glenn encouraged listeners not to get discouraged and listen to people who say that Romney can’t win, as the graph shows that statistics and polls can be easily manipulated. Furthermore, he said that listeners can’t listen to those who think we can just let the economy collapse and expect life to go on as normal. And finally he cautioned people against thinking that all politicians are the same, as they aren’t. There are clear differences between Obama and Romney, and America cannot afford four more years under the Obama administration.

For an example of how Ron Paul fans tend to act in the face of increasing certainty that Ron Paul will not be running, we here at direct your attention to this famous scene from Monty Python. The Black Knight represents people supporting Ron Paul in 2012, King Arthur is reality: