National Security Expert Buck Sexton calls in from Occupy Wall Street

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On today’s radio show, TheBlaze’s Buck Sexton called in from the streets of New York with Occupy Wall Street. Is the movement set for a comeback, or is this just a brief resurgence that will quickly fade away? Buck weighed in on that as well as the ongoing chaos in the Middle East. Check out the clip above for more information – and stay tuned to TheBlaze for more on this story.

  • Ron Melone

    Saw a sign that said, “Honk if you have a dream.” They destroy small businesses by smashing their windows! That is destroying someone’s dream. I’m just saying.

    • Jennie D. Patterson

      Calling you a man is like calling Obama a Christian who does late term

  • Rahm Kota

    Of course the Occupy poopers will wave black flags after what happen in the middle east because they hate this country as much as the Muslim extremist. This is why Mitt has to win the moment Obama crashes this country into a wall it will be these occupiers that pick up what is left over. Do we really want that?

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The Occupy movement hopefully is gone for good; yet what anarchist movement will come in their stead with the progressives and Obama about to fall this November, and fall hard?
    Somehow I do not think we have seen the end of all the Occupy band; its morphing into a new incarnation and may arise with shocking intensity.

    • Brent A Saulic

      In a toned down interpretation the Occupy movement is a group of concerned citizens wanting financial regulation and tax reform to curb aristocracy privileged, risk taking, and speculation in the financial markets. I hope it morphs into some practical solution for the greater good of america.

      • Anonymous

        Have you ever been hiking in the Western mountains. I hear they have some really different looking kitties that like to cry out at night. You may want to camp out and observe them but I wouldn’t plan on setting out a dish of Friskies Cat Chow, to tame them.

    • Anonymous

      I think the occupants are just warming the “empty seats” for the really dangerous protesters who will spring up after b o loses big time in November. Don’t forget his cousin oyango, and how his supporters went on raping and murdering sprees after the election he lost until the winner agreed to share power and made him the countries first Premier.(A position which was illegally created to stop the violence.) There were reports at the time that b o was investigated for using his senate office computer to correspond with his cousin on both their campaigns. If they have a harmless infrastructure set up of occupants, nobody will notice when they’re infiltrated by more dangerous types.

  • greywolfrs

    WOW! The left wing useful idiots are at it, again. Now, they use black flags, just like jihadists, imagine that. I wonder if they thought no one would notice. Anyway, these stupid little kids don’t have the first clue what they are protesting. They are just a bunch of stupid kids that need to pull up their pants. These are the same useful morons that decry “corporations,” then talk about Obamao being great for saving GM, a MAJOR CORPORATION. These are the same fools who hate corporations, as they buy products from those very same MAJOR CORPORATIONS. These are the same morons that hate corporations, never realizing that corporations supply jobs, have given people health insurance, retirement packages and pretty good wages. These fools rail against Wall St., the place that allows companies to find investors, so those companies can grow.

    Maybe some of the things Wall St. has done are bad, but let’s examine the ways in which they were able to do those things. They were able to do those things BECAUSE of the government. Those “elected officials” that have sold us out. One never needs to look further than there, PERIOD.

  • Anonymous

    In Portland, Oregon they found Occupiers squatting in foreclosed homes. They protest to keep the people in their homes, and when they are evicted they move in secretly. It is scarey here is Oregon, a man called a popular radio station today and said he called the ballot office and told them he was an illegal alien, could he get a ballot to vote. They didn’t ask or say anything, they just took his address and mailed out a for for him to fill out. I think it would be a big help, if people in other parts of the country if you didn’t vacation in Oregon, to protest their lack of respect for American citizens.

  • Anonymous

    The waller streeters pooped out because there was not any money behind them this time, I believe. They were certainly funded last year but everyone got wise to who was doing all the money giving. If those people put as much effort into finding a job and actually working, they wouldn’t have time to protest. What a world we are living in today. I was certainly raised differently than those people, thank God. I would hate to think that is all my life consisted of, what losers.

  • Anonymous

    The OWS crowd is alive and shouting in the SF (CA) streets as I type this at 10 PM. They are making the demand that the banks ”help out” the folks, ie: let loose with the money. Those $%#@*& evil banks! Same old talk.

    • Anonymous

      I wonder if they’d be happy if b o set up a “National Piggy Bank System” to replace what we have now. They could drop in their milk money and go back and shake it out again at lunch time and those evil bankers would see how unnecessary they are.

  • John Nichols


    I apologize for invading your sphere of influence, but I cannot sit back
    idlely by. I am planning on taking a trip to Israel to study, and
    hopefully God would delay the war until then. I am going to try to go
    there in the winter semester. But, I can’t do it myself and the devil is
    trying to destroy me at every turn. I know you know who I really am,
    and if you need proof, look at the U.S. lately because Hosea 2 has been
    fulfilled before our eyes. But, this was only done to delay Gog and
    Magog and delay judgement on us for a time. Hopefully, God will give me
    provisions to study in Israel. This way I can be prepared to stand with
    Israel when Gog and Magog come down.

  • Anonymous

    Calling Sexton an expert is as ludicrous as calling glenn beck a man!!!

    • Anonymous

      That’s a hoot coming from the poster child for deception and lies. Seriously, can you even tell the difference between reality and your grandiose delusions? LMFAO. What a moron you indeed are. You’re a hilarious dolt.

    • SoThere

      Calling you a man is like calling Obama a Christian who does late term abortions.

      Becks ten times the man you are, he lets you libel him on his website every day. OBTW, thanks for supporting Glenn Beck by increasing his wealth through your participation on his site. It’s making it possible for him to go nation wide with his new program.

      Save america, vote Conservative.

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