The war on the dollar

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Tonight on The Glenn Beck Program, Glenn put two maps side-by-side. He created the first map on his former cable news program about two years ago. The map showed the countries that Glenn predicted would experience unrest and riots that would sweep through the Middle East begin to spread across the globe.

He believed that radicals, Islamists, communists, socialists would:

  • will work together against Israel
  • will work together against capitalism
  • will work together to overturn stability

He was ridiculed by both the left and the right for the map.

The second map was used on the very same cable news network over the weekend.

So, where does the world stand today? Glenn shared some stories you most likely haven’t heard in the news.

  • In South Africa, an all out labor strike has resulted in ‘lethal’ clashes with the police as they fire rubber bullets to disperse crowds.
  • Spain, Greece and Portugal are still broke and more austerity talks have been met by more violent protests.
  • In China, violent protests and calls for “war with Japan” have begun following Japan’s move to take control of islands that have long been claimed for by both countries. In what is sure to be completely unrelated Japan’s ambassador to China died suddenly this week.
  • Iran’s Revolutionary Guard announced that they have troops on the ground now in Syria.
  • U.S. Embassies have been violently attacked in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan, Lebanon, India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia, to name a few.
  • A huge fleet of warships from more than 25 countries, including: the U.S., Britain, France, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, have formed in the Strait of Hormuz to conduct a ‘military exercise’.
  • The United States also has a nuclear powered supercarrier headed to the same region, and should arrive in about 10 days.

But that’s not all. Glenn also shared Netanyahu’s comments from over the weekend on Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

“But tonight I don’t want to talk to you about war,” Glenn told viewers.

“I want to talk to you about the war on the dollar. I want to try and explain what is being done to our economy, and what this means to you.”

Glenn prefaced his statement with this:

“If you think you are prepared, please check that you are prepared again. You need cash on hand, gold and silver. God. You have to have food. The world is going to change dramatically – the world as you know it is not going to remain like this. I want to show you the economy and why you really need to know what is going on.”

Glenn explained that America’s credit rating was downgraded again – something his critics said would never happen.

China keeps building “ghost cities” to keep their people employed and to keep them from rioting, but like Glenn already explained, they’re rioting. Are they really the future of the economy that so many power players on the left claim them to be?

“Two years ago the Fed owned the most American debt,” Glenn said, “and since then it has exploded.”

Under Obama the Fed’s holdings of U.S. debt have quintupled – increasing a whopping 452%.

“On January 28th, 2009, the Fed owned $302 billion in U.S. Treasury Securities,” he explained to viewers. “On April 25th, 2012, the date of the last report, the Fed owned $1.668 trillion.”

Experts say that by the end of 2014 the Fed will own as much as $5 trillion worth of debt. This becomes a big problem for the value of your dollar because the Fed doesn’t have that kind of money.

“They do was many common criminals do when they don’t have money, but still want it – they print it.”

Last week, the Fed announced QE3, this could be the week that put the final nail in the coffin of America’s economy.

Glenn reminded viewers of George Soro’s comments on the declining U.S. dollar, Andy Stern and other union leader’s comments on the “workers of the world uniting” and their goal of globally leveling the playing field.

“Their goal is to level the global playing field. To make things “fair”. They know that printing more money weakens the dollar. They’re not printing to help America – they’re printing it to achieve global equality,” Glenn said.

The “99%ers” of the United States of America, are the 1%ers to the rest of the world.

Glenn explained that the scariest part of QE3 is that there is no set amount – there is no end to the printing. It starts at $40 billion, then it’s unlimited. The Fed has an unchecked green light to print as much money as they want – making it all that much easier to destroy the dollar.

“That’s exactly what happens when there is a rapid increase in the money supply that isn’t supported by growth in the output of goods and services,” Glenn explain, referring to Weimar.

Glenn gave example of example of countries who attempted to print their way out of economic trouble – none of which did so successfully. In fact, they all resulted in one major thing: massive inflation.

“I don’t know what the point of no return is,” Glenn said, “but I do know that we are going the wrong direction.”


  • Anonymous

    I’ve been buying silver for awhile now and will continue to do so…whats interesting is where I buy my silver if you buy more than $1500.00 worth no sales tax…thats an over 8% savings…that more than covers the dealers mark up above the spot price…

    • windtalker700

      Who cares where you bought it. Hide it in a place that it’s
      there when you need it ! When you sell, don’t worry you’ll make a profit. It
      might be in food and something else, but you will make a profit. Hang on to it

    • Edward Ashburn

      how does 1% over dealer cost with free shipping and insurance sound to you? Let me know if you’re interested.

  • windtalker700

    Let me see, what was the five g’s ? Gold, goods, ground,
    guns, and gasoline! Thanks G/B for a good piece of economic advice.


  • landofaahs

    The question I have is this; Once they destroy the dollar, what will the crooked politicians ill-gotten gain be worth? I’d like to know exactly what the pols are invested in. That would be a good law to pass. All pols business should be 100% full disclosure. If you want privacy then stay in the private sector.

    • Don Harris

      Land, and resources. Think about it, when inflation is high, what do prices do? How would a poor economy change the value of a necessary product? They’ll be rich, and they’ll be powerful.

      • landofaahs

        I agree but be ready for the govt to steal your land outright for the good of the poor or just taxing you out of your land like the southern carpetbaggers did after the civil war.

  • Robert Arrigo

    The sad part is that Ron Paul warned you all years ago, both about the Middle East and the FED. Ron Paul supporters told you, months ago, even years ago, that we would only vote for Ron Paul. That Romney and the rest of the GOP Candidates were unacceptable to us. You dismissed Ron Paul and his supporters. Spread lies via the MSM about him and these “Newsletters”. Said his win in Iowa would destroy the state party. Then at the convention, purposely and malicously embarresed Ron Paul and his supporters by removing duely elected delegates from various states including Maine. And changing the nominating rules right before the convention. We told you if you WANTED TO WIN IN NOVEMBER, you needed us. Well, you didnt listen. Now its time to take your medicine.

    • charlene cook

      the only thing is now if you vote for Ron Paul, your vote will go to Obama bottom line

  • Angela Graziano Lower

    Guess I then prepare to die. I haven’t the funds to spare for things like food and gas NOW, much less to stock up. I have about three months worth of food for the four of us in the house. At the end we will be eating beans and rice. No money for gold and guns. My food budget for four people is less than 300- a month. I am looking for ways to rein in the wants and focus on the needs. I know MY money will dry up soon. I am disabled, my kids are still young teens, and my husband died two years ago.

    • Michele

      Angela, do you have neighbors or a church or other community? We need each other! You could buy staple foods in bulk together… Learn how to store for long term. Bartering is a good way (even now) to expand your resources. Do you have a talent like sewing, baking, or _______? Blessings!!!

    • Niki McCarthy

      We are storing AND eating Beans and Rice. We are not vegetarians but we haven’t been able to buy red meat for two years because it’s too expensive. Once every week we mix a CAN of chicken breast – cheaper than fresh chicken to a bean meal that lasts two dinners. We bake bread using stored grains for breakfast. We are also storing sprouting seeds and use them once per week now for our greens and have a garden in our backyard. We buy sprouts cheap at SurvivalHeirlooms dot com. Over the past two years we have managed to save another two years of drygoods for our family. We live on $1069 per month. We don’t buy anything frivilous. We even managed to buy some silver. Two years ago we saved for several months and bought 5 acreas tax lien property for $900. This summer we sold it for $8000 and bought a tax lien house that has a steam flowing through it. Our next step is to save to afford a moving van and then to save to turn our stream into mini hydroelectric power. My neighbors also complain about not being able to make it, but the endless stream of TV and Ipod boxes along the curb tells another story. GET CREATIVE. what part of your budget can you SQUEEZE A FEW DROPS OUT OF? We have done this, you can too!

    • landofaahs

      Go to your church. If they cannot help, go to another. There are many churches out there helping. Make your needs known among your Christian brothers and sisters.

    • Anonymous

      The libs do not believe that people will help people without the gov. God fed many with very little,there are still people out there that will help you, even with the problems this country is facing there is still charity, GOD bless you,help will be there for you.

      • windtalker700

        G/B thanks, I am going to vote for Romney, not because he is a Band-Aid for America but because
        He represents a love for the country! A sincere love that finds its roots in Judean
        Christian values! Wow What will happen next ?

        To JayBowl: Yes it can happen! After twenty Years of law
        enforcement I have never been so afraid for the Constitutional privileges of my
        Countrymen!! Never !

    • charlene cook

      yes this is true and most churches have giving trees at Christmas time my church makes sure the whole family gets stuff for Christmas, schools help out also I know when I needed it they sent me a food basket for thanksgiving there are alot of people out there that will help just let them know you need it

  • TX Mountain

    Ron Paul voters. Don’t vote for Romney and sink with rest of the ship. Brillant reasoning. Ron Paul voters want to talk about how smart they are and then make the dumbest statements. I would rather die than take the medicine.

  • Annie Brolly

    Glenn, if food becomes scarce I don’t want to live cause my formula tube fed 4 year old with a kidney transplant who also needs a liver soon certainly wouldn’t be able to get her anti rejection & immuno suppressant drugs. She will die. I don’t want to live without her.

  • Anonymous

    The world is speeding off a deadly cliff. When things get so bad as what is predicted they will, lets face it, there is no reversing the stupidity of the Fed. So it’s not a matter of “IF” but “When” we face financial disaster.

    Scenario – Look at the growing chaos in the Middle East due primarily, by US withdrawal from the war-torn-region. Our troops might not be out completely yet, but we have openly announced to the world – our soon departure. Mayhem has ensued ever since.

    Scenario – If the world hates America as has been made, more then apparent lately, who besides us will buy our goods, that is, if we decide to become isolationists again and it certainly looks as if that’s where we’re headed.

    If then, that is our only hope, war on our shores is also not a matter of “IF” but “WHEN” – As divided – as we have become as a people – will we lay aside our differences and gel together that together we may ‘ward off the enemy’ – possible – but not probable. It would more than certainly, spell out our defeat. Look at only one example, Hurricane Katrina, remember what ensued shortly after it slammed ashore, the city received as much, or more, damage from looters and gangs then it did from the violent wind and waves that ravaged our coast.

    My point, there is no amount of Gold or Silver – that can save us. After all, what are we to buy, especially if all commerce has been shut down or cut off. – and that’s not to mention the possibility, of, the use of nuclear warfare on our nation, by enemies of United States.

    We are all to gullible and naive in our thinking, that somehow we can save ourselves, either in civil-war or fending off foreign attack.

    If we as a people cannot come together – now – today, in relative peace here at home and agree on, how best to govern ourselves, then our time is through and no amount of Gold or Silver will save us.

    We must take responsibility for our nations future and slam the door of open-ended spending – the latest brain-storm from the Fed – It will mean drastic change, and the result will be a lower standard of living, but if that is what it takes to save our nation from complete collapse, then so be it. I’d rather have a loaf of bread – eaten in peace – then a ton of Gold which cannot buy a thing.

  • koleos

    Ben=Son of_&_Ghazi=Jihadist Warrior from root “To RAID”

  • landofaahs

    Or perhaps they are using a worthless dollar to attack us. I am continuing to increase my position in the metals and gems. Gems are very mobile. If you can afford them, they can be a good protection against powerful idiots. I would stay away from diamonds though. They are more manipulated.

    • Anonymous

      Or lead,,, it’s funny how lead really can get you an exponent on rate of return…

      • Sandie

        Exponent or ex-opponent?

        • Anonymous

          And most people consider Lead as a cheap base metal… :-)

          • Sandie

            Maybe the hollow point would correct that ‘tude ….;-)

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, 250 GR of Lead will out preform 250 GR of Gold… everyday of the year….. lol

          • Sandie

            It would certainly make a huge hole in yer pocket – and anything else for that matter! LMAO!

          • Anonymous

            See the fight with the gnats…. that’s some funny stuff i think… i waiting for somebody to refute a fact… guess if you can’t deflection is the next best thing….

          • Sandie

            … and I am off to bed for a few…. catch ya later.

      • landofaahs

        We need lead to protect gold and silver.

  • Rahm Kota

    Hyperinflation is the enemy of the state. We can’t not stand around when Obama actively destroys this country from the inside out.

  • Audie Claude Gates

    “The Love of money is the ROOT of all evil” You’ll find that the destruction and all other currency’s stem from the Central World Banks and the Federal Reserve.

  • Tariff Thinker

    Glenn LINCOLNOMICS IS THE BIG FIX. Your show and website need to be the home for Lincolnomics. Daniel Webster said the main reason we have our Constitution is to stop free trade! Karl Marx said the fastest way to destroy capitalism is with free trade. You need to understand why both men were right. Lincoln and party were protectionists until the 1960s See to get a handle on it. How can we get through to you? Does anyone read these comments? Forget building a survivalist bunker, slap on sky high tariffs, like true Real Republican’s used to do and in the process built a super power nation. Character is the first step. Constructng a new theory of economics is the second. Even Leviticus has “economic instructions.” China understands the wisdom of our protectionist founding fathers. It’s time we do to.

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