Should you move to Mauritius?

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Yes! Why? They have an even freer economy than the United States. Of course, we’ve also fallen behind Chile, Canada, Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong. What else should you move to Mauritius? The guys explain in the clip above!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Me – NO!
    America is my home and I will fight as long as I can to free her again; I will never bow or yield to any man willingly. I am the watchman on the walls, having cried with others that the enemy is here, and now battle is to be joined.

    For me and my house only two outcomes will happen, as chosen by God:
    Freedom or death.

    I and my house serve the Lord our God first, foremost and always.

    • Mary Q. Nelson

      Living with their parents is gong to be a long term thing, even if and when they get married. How could we have eledted this communist community organizer? $16 trillion and counting...

    • new2la

      I stand with you Snow. They will have to drag me out kicking and screaming!

  • Anonymous

    Yes – but when I get there, if Ben Bernanke has already set up shop – its north to Alaska!

    • storylin

      Kodiak is absolutely gorgeous and the people are amazing!

      • Anonymous

        From 1792 to 1799 the town of Kodiak was the capital of Russian America, another interesting tid-bit, Kodiak island is the home of Alaska’s largest fishing fleet. That “bears” the question – Are any of your neighbors members of the Discovery Channel hit series – “Deadliest Catch”

        If things don’t get better – that is – down here in the lower 48, there may be no place else to go other than, our great and wondrous 49th State. I’m from Michigan so even though it might be a little colder there, than it is here, I’m sure I would adjust. Stay warm…winter is quickly moving in.

  • Rahm Kota

    If Obama wins I moving there.

  • Anonymous

    Why hasn’t someone sent this traitor!!! And his disgusting, lying, phoney wife back to the country and government they love. They are evil to the core and all they want is the death of America.

    • new2la

      I have nothing but distain for this man…..I truly wish we wake up one morning with the news that he has disappeared…..on his own accord!

  • Anonymous

    I already moved to Costa Rica.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone seems to act as though the national debt is not a big problem. If interest rates go up much, there will not be enough federal income from taxes, etc, to pay for much of anything except interest on the national debt. Obama acts like it is not a big problem as do a lot of politicians but if the budget is not addressed quickly, we are in for the ride of our lives. I see where so many young people are going to vote for Obama and yet they are the ones who are going to be hit the hardest. Living with their parents is gong to be a long term thing, even if and when they get married. How could we have eledted this communist community organizer? $16 trillion and counting.

  • Kathleen Turner

    I just read the official website and it sounds as though they are predominantly muslim. Not sure that is what you were looking for.

    • Nadeem Ramsing

      We are predominantly Hindus here (about 55%); then, there is about the equal number of Muslims and Christians, and we all live together in harmony; I’m Muslim myself and I consider my Christians and Hindus friends as my own brothers and sisters (Jews being rare here, as in many parts of the world).

  • new2la

    I hear Costa Rica is nice….too bad it’s in Central America and close to the unrest. Woah, I just scrolled down while writing and noticed someone is already there! Myriammag……how funny is that?

  • Anonymous

    Never thought I’d be killed in a firefight at my age, but what the heck ? Sure beats dying in a nursing home bed.

  • Anonymous

    Please oh Please let glenn beck leave!
    Even though it would open up a vacuum for further racist addicts to start bigoted and false cults, it would be a nice start to ridding America of parasites like glenn beck.

    • SoThere

      You’re the only bigoted racist here strtlk, a member of the Obama cult.

      Glenn beck made 80 million dollars last year strtlk and you helped through your support of this website. How stupid are you Obama Cultists and racist bigots.

      Save America from racist bigots like strtlk, Vote Conservative.

    • laura

      All your babble only exists in your delusional imagination

    • greywolfrs

      The only parasites that we need to be rid of are people like you, sticky chin the coward.

  • Anonymous

    this really isn’t surprising, we’ve been around 6-9 in Forbes’ list of freest countries for a number of years.

  • greywolfrs

    Sorry, I will never leave. I am willing to fight to restore this Republic. These colors don’t run…

  • Nadeem Ramsing

    I’m from Mauritius, and it is heavenly here. ^^,

  • Megan Medeiros

    I actually am moving to mauritius in a bout a year to attened college and would love to talk with somone who actually lives there ahead of time, if anyone is willing it would be of great help to me! email me!

    • Cedric Piangnee

      im from mauritius 😀

  • Anonymous

    Hello from Mauritius :) Wow seriously, you guys spent like 50% of the time figuring out where the place is and how to get there. Nice going idiots.

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