Uh oh: France paper publishes Muhammed cartoon

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France is shutting down 20 embassies around various Muslim nations after a paper published a racy cartoon about the prophet Muhammad. The pictures feature Muhammed naked and other graphic images that were certainly meant to provoke a strong reaction. Glenn reacted on radio this morning.

“By the way, did you see what the French newspaper is doing? They’ve closed ‑‑ the French have closed down now 20 embassies because a French newspaper has decided they’re going to make fun of the Prophet Muhammad. I saw it today. That’s not making fun of the Prophet Muhammad. It is so unbelievably offensive. And I don’t ‑‑ I don’t really care. What do people ‑‑ what do people say about Jesus, what do people say about members of my church? Whatever. Get over it. But this, ” Glenn said.

“Yeah, it’s ugly. It’s really, really bad,” Pat added.

“I mean, it’s so ugly. And now the French are have to close down 20 embassies,” Glenn said.

Glenn warned that this kind of imagery is what will lead the world to outlaw parodies of figure like Muhammad, which is exactly what the Muslim Brotherhood wants.

The Blaze writes:

In the wake of attacks against U.S. and other Western targets in the Middle East over the anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims,” French authorities are voicing criticism at the timing of the publication and have deployed police to protect the magazine’s offices. Security at French diplomatic missions in the Mideast have also been bolstered. The French government said it planned to temporarily close its embassies and French schools in 20 Muslim countries this Friday to avert any injuries in the event of demonstrations after Muslim prayers.

Reuters quotes French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius who told France Info radio: “Is it relevant and intelligent in this environment to add fuel to the fire? The answer is no…I’m very worried… and when I saw this I immediately issued instructions for special security precautions to be taken in all the countries where it could be a problem.”

Below is the cover for the magazine:

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    France has become a perfect example of PC garbage run to the ultimate extreme; now due to one cartoon the entire nation is on edge, ready for full scale uprisings and the elimination of their embassies.

    I know there have been many uprisings in the past, often at bloody expense over such cartoons and matters between the French and Islamists; yet this is the nation of which Obama is so proud to be an ally with.

    I will not fault the people of France; what I will fault is their governmental leadership, which is, like our own (Obama and the Democrats), an band of thugs and cowards to the end.

    • Anonymous

      Well, the French people have spoken in the last election and have chosen the party of preference.

      • http://twitter.com/MaryQNelson Mary Q. Nelson

        I’m not out to offend people on purpose, but I also don’t butt my nose into what other people are publishing halfway across the world... GoldenChance.notlong.com

    • greywolfrs

      How do you think those people became the leaders in France? They were elected, just like Obamao and Democraps. So, the French people must take blame, just like the morons and cowards who elected Obamao and Democraps.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEhRucEVzH8&feature=share&list=PL5FABE780A13D231D Rahm Kota

    Well their goes France.

    • greywolfrs

      The French were gone a long time ago and I say good riddance to those cowards.
      Hey, you know why they built the chunnel?
      So, the next time the Germans invade, the french can retreat faster….

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHETWQlwxfg&feature=share&list=PL5FABE780A13D231D Rahm Kota

        Knowing the French they still don’t know how to fight. .

        • greywolfrs

          You better watch it, they might hit you with their purse.

  • Anonymous

    Have Democracies bred weakness? Does freedom of speech have limits? What France and America have shown the world, is a willingness to talk a big talk, but, neither appear willing to back up their words.

    The fanatical Islamic world, is now flexing its muscle and so far at least, the West has high-tailed it outta there, leaving there embassies in a cloud of dust.

    Its fine though, for Muslims to publicize disturbing propaganda, about the unbeliever who should be beheaded – even go as far as taping videos of these barbaric acts and then, send them out over the world news media.

    • Anonymous

      France and America are not really democracies anymore, Rather they are socialist republics. If the Republicans don’t win in November. America will become completely communist under the Obama dictatorship. What the US and the French should do is to reinforce their Embassy guard forces with heavy weapons and the first person to try getting through the gate should be blown away.

  • Anonymous

    You know what, screw them. Life is hard, if they have time to care about what some french idiot says in a cartoon they need to get over it. I’m not out to offend people on purpose, but I also don’t butt my nose into what other people are publishing halfway across the world.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Glenn-Nelson/100000408324151 Glenn Nelson

    There has to be a stop to showing support for the Radical muslim. Yes, there are numbers of these people showing up for demonstrations, but are we led to believe that these are huge numbes? The answer is NO. This means the demonstrations of a few are causing the world to be in an uproar. The time is now to stand up to these few and say we will NOT support your ideals. You cause problems in other parts of the world and there will be other countries in their face in powerful actions.
    If we contine to bow to them, then we will be sympathizing to them and will encourage more of their radical problems.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, more spineless acts around the world. Seriously, are people no longer in love with the idea of free speech?

  • E. Parker

    This latest event makes me wonder if Islamists are the ones who are behind the movie and the cartoon. The guy who made the movie has a middle eastern sounding name. Dunno, just wondrin.


    Its all Biblical Rev17:17 Obamah the (highest) wins reelection. Then breaking the treaty he confined on time 28 July 2012 with Israel. WHO’S. watching!

  • Anonymous

    How come they can burn our flag, kill our Christians and threaten our nation, but one word against their precious Muhammad, and they are at war with us and everyone else? Imagine where we would be if our country stood up for their Christian beliefs and took no threats from anyone. I think we might be strong again. That would mean getting Obama out of office – so let’s take a stand and vote to get that our of our White House!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dale.baranowski Dale Baranowski

    The only way the Muslims are going to be able to tolerate “offensive” cartoons about Muhammad is for there to be more and more published. They get uptight with each cartoon but as time goes on they will less and less bothered. If the world gives into their violence and cowers every time they get upset then the world will be in worse and worse shape. If those ‘offensive’ cartoons keep coming and their violence is met with our own resistance then they will eventually learn to accept them. Ok, some cartoons are clearly beyond the pale like that one and i don’t approve of any figure getting that kind of treatment. but the less offensive kinds need to be cranked out every other day so that they learn to accept them. If they respond with more fanatic violence then it should be a sign of what their mentality really is and that they can not adjust to western values and norms. Since that’s the case they should be barred from entering the west. If they are really THAT intolerant then they can not possibly live in the west and tolerate all others. Tolerance is a two-way street and if they can’t take it, but only give it, then they won’t be able to adopt western values and norms.

  • greywolfrs

    I even heard that the French parliament as talking about changing it’s freedom of speech so that this would be considered a crime. That seems to be exactly what muslims want, stifle free speech.

  • PatriotInAtlanta

    To live in a free country means that from time-to-time, somebody will say or do something that will offend your sensibilities or religious beliefs. It’s bound to happen. For MusIims to react with vioIence or threats each and every time a portrait of Muhammad appears is just nuts. Not everybody in France is MusIim. Not everybody has to abide by the Koran’s teachings. If it is a MusIim sin to depict the prophet, then a practicing MusIim shouldn’t do it…everybody else is free to do so.

  • Anonymous
  • crazy betty

    who cares, mohammed sucks! he’s a pervert.

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