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President Obama recently conducted some more hard hitting interviews, this time with David Letterman. When the host asked Obama how much the current national debt is, Obama did not know the answer. What he did know, however, was the he had the perfect opportunity to attack President Bush!


“Well, here’s what happened. We had a surplus when Bill Clinton was president,” Obama told Letterman. “It was projected to continue to be a surplus. We decided to launch two wars on a credit card. We cut taxes twice without finding offsetting costs for it or ways to pay for it, a prescription drug plan and then we had a massive recession.”

Yes, the long list of excuses as to why our debt is so high comes from the Bush administration. The fact that it continues to grow under how presidency is just a weird little thing you need to stop paying attention to. It’s not his fault, it’s Bush’s.

But what’s worse is that when asked if he knew what the national debt was when he took office, he responded, “I don’t know what the number was precisely.”

And that’s it. No admission that it’s a problem. No plan on how to turn things around. Nothing.

“This shows that the President of the United States is so cavalier about our debt that he can’t say ‘I don’t know the precise number but it’s about $16 trillion but it’s a real problem’,” Glenn said.

“Remember the uproar when George H. Bush didn’t know the cost of a gallon of milk. You’re the most out of touch human being alive,” Pat added.

“The press should be all over him,” Pat added. “They would if this was somebody else.”