The section of Mitt Romney’s “gaffe” tape you haven’t heard

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The media is still freaking out over the video tape of Mitt Romney talking about the 47% of Americans who aren’t paying taxes. Seriously…they’re still talking about it. But what they aren’t talking about is the rest of the tape – the parts that matter. The media is playing the portion of the video tape that Americans need to hear, instead, as usual, they’re focusing on the sound bites that fit their agenda.

“If you want to reason a vote for Mitt Romney here it is,” Glenn told listeners this morning.

Glenn has expressed his concern about whether or not Mitt Romney really “gets it” when it comes to the Federal Reserve, bailouts, and the serious damage that is being done to the dollar. Thanks to the video the media has labeled a “gaffe” he’s not worried anymore.

“I want you to listen carefully to what Mitt Romney said is the biggest problem in our country.  A response to a question – listen to what he says about the Federal Reserve.

“Yeah, it’s interesting…the former head of Goldman Sachs, John Whitehead, was also the former head of the New York Federal Reserve. And I met with him, and he said as soon as the Fed stops buying all the debt that we’re issuing—which they’ve been doing, the Fed’s buying like three-quarters of the debt that America issues. He said, once that’s over, he said we’re going to have a failed Treasury auction, interest rates are going to have to go up. We’re living in this borrowed fantasy world, where the government keeps on borrowing money. You know, we borrow this extra trillion a year, we wonder who’s loaning us the trillion? The Chinese aren’t loaning us anymore. The Russians aren’t loaning it to us anymore. So who’s giving us the trillion? And the answer is we’re just making it up. The Federal Reserve is just taking it and saying, “Here, we’re giving it.’ It’s just made up money, and this does not augur well for our economic future.

You know, some of these things are complex enough it’s not easy for people to understand, but your point of saying, bankruptcy usually concentrates the mind.”


Listen to Romney’s statement here:

Romney talks about the Fed

“Why are we not talking about that,” Glenn asked. “Do you hear what the presidential candidate just said? Apparently not.  Nobody knows — nobody cares.  Nobody in the media cares.  This is a major revelation.”

The ‘Ron Paul people’ always harp on ‘auditing the Fed’ and claim that no one will go after the Fed but Ron Paul. Mitt Romney will according to his words caught on this tape in a candid moment.

“While everybody is else paying attention to the 47% there is your answer.  Your answer is he knows what’s going on with the Federal Reserve, and he is warning us what’s happening in the Federal Reserve.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Romney’s people need to get this video out there wide and fast as possible; this shows that he does understand and gets it. Each of us needs to send it as well to all of those who will listen to the truth on the matter.

    The MSM will never play this, as to do so will only once again show their treasonous actions with the administration.

    • Matt Driscoll

      Hmmm. This is interesting. Another example of the media taking an audio sample out of context. Where have I seen this before?? Oh yea.

      FYI he was talking about the roads and bridges you walking stumps.

      • greywolfrs

        Hey, it’s the moron. Those roads and bridges were built with tax dollars, you know, those taxes people pay, whether they own a business or not. The government did not just build them. Dunce.

        • J.w. Appling

          Your talking to a liberal they think all wealth comes from the gov sugar daddy.

          • greywolfrs

            Yeah, I know, they think they have a right to what others have earned…

      • Anonymous

        We KNOW what he was talking about. Do you? Apparently it goes over your head that WE PAY for those roads and bridges. That’s the point.

        • Deanna Batzlaff Marchus

          So does the business owner that “didn’t build that”.

      • Todd Clemmer

        You have to understand…….Matt is hurt. The Utopian leftist dream could very well be coming to an end. That’s one movie Matt doesn’t want to see.

      • Anonymous

        Yep and you know who paid millions and millions for those Roads? Mitt Romney. So he should have said Mitt Romney built that for you. But he didn’t he pretended people who don’t pay a penney for roads and bridges built them. Poor people don’t pay income tax or investment tax. So everything he said was a lie.

      • Anonymous

        In the 19th century the Railroads, that really helped to build this country, were funded by BONDS, not TAXES. So in other words, investors built the biggest infrastructure of these United States.

      • Anonymous

        LOL He was talking about the government, dunce. He was talking about how without government NO business is possible. Try again, libtard.

    • Melissa Katsmom Votano

      I share as much stuff as I can with friends who share with all their friends. Not part of “Romney’s Team” but doing the best I can.

    • new2la

      Of course he does. Romney is not only backed by smart rich people, but smart middle and low income people. Just regular people in the know. People who take pride in what they do and pride in their country. Men and wowen who want to continue to enjoy the freedoms our boys are fighting for. Yes, we in the know don’t want enslavement of any kind; We don’t want what Barack Hussein Obama is trying to sell us…..again for another four years. No way, no how!

      • Ryan Gennett

        Yes thank you. My friends and I, are in between middle and low income people/families. We know whats at stake, but you’ll never see polls or statements like that because that doesn’t fit the MSM’s narrative of “only rich evil corporation millionaires support Mitt Romney”.

        • new2la

          Ryan, we all have a part to play in this election. Get involved in getting the word out. We can not afford to keep silent; We can not let others do the heavy lifting….we need to tell the world what we do not want.
          We do not want four more years no matter what station in life you are in. Rich or poor…..we need to out this person that is currently pretending to be a president.

        • Tiffany J. Barns

          His statement was right on. Honesty is something you don’t get out of leftists like Obama these

          • XenaWP80

            SPAM!!! Go away tiffany.

        • Debbie Fields

          I saw a video where MSNBC called obama a god, little “g They are some sick puppies in the news media Thank God forFolks like Glenn Beck! I believe God moved him away from CNN so he could hear him.

      • Debbie Fields

        AMEN! you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people none of the time! Romney /Ryan 2012

    • Anonymous

      Won’t help. He’s toast in NH.

      • Theodore Barkley

        New England is full of Sheeple.

  • landofaahs

    If everyone jumped out of the car and pushed instead of so many just relying on others to push it, we could get enough push to get to the gas station to get the whole bunch humming down the road again. First we must understand that as long as the work is honest, all work is noble, even a Mcjob. I did many low pay jobs working my way through school.

  • Anonymous

    Listening to the entire message does not erase Romney’s idiotic statements.

    • Rahm Kota

      It is only idiotic to idiots like you the black knight attacks again.

    • SoThere

      His statement was right on. Honesty is something you don’t get out of leftists like Obama these days.

      Strtlk is the face of the Liberal Progressives, many of them are in our Government.
      Save America, vote Republican. It’s OK to vote an ineffective dangerous President out of office.

    • Lou

      and you are obviously an anti American Commie pig just like the President.

      • PBrown

        And you are obviously a name-calling jackass

        • greywolfrs

          That all you got, the troll is weak with you. Dunce.

          • PBrown

            Get a life.

          • greywolfrs

            Get a brain…

          • PBrown

            Have one, thanks. Probably one that is used more than your own.

          • greywolfrs

            It just happens to be in your ass, imagine that.

          • PBrown

            Mine has never been there. But if I ever decide to head that way, I’ll get pointers from you as you seem to be an aficionado on the subject.

      • Anonymous

        Wow, that was impressive.
        I guess your next witty comment will involve rubber and glue!!!

        • SoThere

          Nonsense from the left.

          strtlk is the face of the jerks in this country who are out to destroy the Nation. strtlk has already been caught in his lies and ignorance. He’s a MM spammer making his rounds.

          Save America from people like strtlk, Vote conservative.

    • greywolfrs

      Hey, it’s sticky chin the coward. So, Obamao deserves all the “context” in the owrld, but Romney gets none. The only idiotic statements I see are the ones dropping out of your pie hole.

  • Rahm Kota

    They still didn’t show the whole video what is the left hiding?

  • Ed Feraco

    boo hoo

  • Glenda Durrett

    Mitt says a lot of Important things if you all would listen carefully…he just doesn’t shout it or his tone is downplayed….

  • new2la

    Well, The general liberal public either are very dense or they agree with what is being reported and side with the media. Either way, It’s sad commentary; There are more steeple than first thought.

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  • Anonymous

    We are just printing the money. On Letterman, Obama was asked if we should worry about the debt. Obama answered that it is ok for a while because we owe the money to ourselves. We owe the money to ourselves because we are printing the money. Obama is fixing the economy to make it look as if it is rebounding because the market is up. The average person won’t really understand. As long as their 401k is up, that is all they care about. But they don’t understand about the crash waiting to happen. This is why they are talking about silly things like the remarks or the “47%”. It will bring attention to something else rather than seeing the mess Obama has gotten us in. The left doesn’t want anyone to see the evidence that shows how bad things really are. I heard Obama saying over and over that he saved the economy from a crash and that it is rebounding. It is a lie. Inflation will soon come. We cannot keep printing money. He absolutely knows how bad it is but is lying to all of us just to get re-elected.

    All I know is the truth will be the thing that makes and breaks this election. The truth must be put in the spot light. The more this administration allows the truth be in the shadows, the American people will not have all of the information to make the right decision when casting their vote. The truth will set us free.

  • TonyD

    Romney has the attention of the media, if he ACTUALLY came out, and announced this publicly and made it a heavy issue in his campaign, he’d have a lot more credibility with the Ron Paul/Gary Johnson crowd. Not including this in his platform with an answer to try and resolve this, he’s just Obama with bad PR…

    • Anonymous

      I think he will, just not yet. Why give the Obama campaign a month and a half to spin it? It will come out in the debates and the ads that come out after the debates are going to be hard-hitting and impossible for Obama to counter in time.

      • Anonymous

        I hope you are right.

      • LibertyMonger

        But we still won’t fall for it. Sorry RomneyBots he proved what a liar and a corrupt cheater he is and we refuse to vote for evil.

    • LibertyMonger

      NOPE! Mitt is a proven liar and a cheater and we absolutely refuse to fall for it! We will under no circumstances vote for Obomney.

      • XenaWP80

        You are a dipshit.

  • Jason Gambit Foreman

    Mitt Romney is supported by Goldman Sachs. Which has ties to the Federal Reserve. I doubt Romney supports a true audit of the Fed.

    • Anonymous

      Goldman Sachs was Obama’s #1 campaign donor in 2008.

    • Anonymous

      Here is a list of Obama’s top 20 campaign donors from 2008:

    • Stephanie Soucek

      some of you Ron Paul people are hopeless. fine, keep parroting the same old lines and let the communist win. Romney gets the danger of the fed printing money and flooding the market. he gets it, and he will fire Bernanke if elected. what do you expect him to do? end the fed? riiiiight, b/c he wouldn’t get assassinated if he tried to do that?

      • greywolfrs

        We are hopeless? So, we must fall into line and march lock step with whatever the Republican establishment says? I don’t think so. I am no one’s marionette.
        By the way, if listen to the entire audio, Romney isn’t talking about doing anything to the Fed, he is talking about spending less. That is not a bad thing, but it is far from taking on the Federal Reserve.

  • Sebastian Kaine

    They won the election in 2008 because they got mobilized. They got hundreds and thousands of boots on the ground, knocking on doors, signing up voters, (even visiting graveyards to do it!) spreading the word for their guy in every avenue they could. Social media, whatever. They left no stone unturned, and it worked. The great hype fooled people. If we do not treat this election just as seriously, if we do not mobilize and get the word out, we will lose.

    • Anonymous

      Thing is that people have to reach out beyond venues like this one. We can’t all sit around in an echo chamber breathing each others’ exhaust. We need to get the message out and calmly, respectfully, let other people know that we personally think voting for Obama is a very bad idea. Most rank and file Democrats are not fired up partisan “libtards”. Maybe their family have been Democrats for generations. Maybe they feel that they are really “helping” people. We need to get across to them that these programs aren’t helping anyone but are trapping these people in a cycle of dependence that spans generations. In many cases families are on their third going on their fourth generation of never holding a job in their lives. That isn’t “helping” anyone.

      The Democratic Party has changed. When Obama won and fired the staff of the DNC, moved the party HQ to Chicago and staffed it with Obama ’08 campaign staffers, the corrupt Chicago machine basically took over the party. This is not their father’s or mother’s Democratic Party. This is not the party of the working middle class. That party is gone. We need to reach out to “old school” Democrats, the Clinton Democrats, the ones who voted for Reagan. It’s that time again. They need to join with us to help this country. We need to come together and get this man out of the White House before he wrecks out country.

  • Andrew Ware
  • Deborah Ghedini Krulwich

    Exactly Glenn… I feel the same sense of calm. If Romney wins, please G-d he can take the country to better things. If Obama is voted back in office I also agree that that would be G-d’s will… but only His plan for ultimately bigger and better things (even with trouble and strife). You are right, we can only focus on what we have control over (getting truth out there, voting, etc.) but after that G-d’s will be done. He will lead us to ultimate Good. Goodness and G-d WILL triumph in the end. All we can do is all we can do. G-d will judge us on what we do, not what the outcome is.

    • Diane Mitts

      I agree 16,000,000,000,000 percent!!!! I have to admit that I feel sad though, that even with our free speech we are hesitant to spell out Gods’ name in our country because of the backlash we have come to expect. (Go head folks, make my day!)

      • Angie Ream

        Some religions like Orthodox Judaism think it is disrespectful to spell out His name in limited human languages. In Ms. Krulwich’s case, I think it is reverence, not fear of man, that dictates her spelling. (Just informing you of cultural and religious diversity.)

  • Anonymous

    We can’t expect the media to cover this because math is like hard.

    • Anonymous

      You are right they can not get past 47%.

  • Vote Real Vote Paul
  • greywolfrs

    Well, JFK and RFK had intended to audit and abolish the Federal Reserve and look what happened to both of them. Romney may mean well, but taking on the Federal Reserve is not for the faint of heart. Those bankers are not going to go quietly. It would take some serious balls to do that and I simply do not think Romney has them. One can hope that he does and proves me wrong, but I just don’t see it happening. Who knows, if he does, he may end up like the Kennedys.

    • Stephanie Soucek

      I wonder since there has been so much talk about the fed out in the open more than there used to be if that would help? they actually took a vote for auditing the fed in the congress and it passed in the house. so maybe we’re making some progress? but I’ve been trying to make this point to Ron Paul supporters that taking on the fed is easier said than done. there is a lot of power and corruption to deal with–and both Reagan and Bush tried to take on the fed but quickly got “put in their place.” so this is no easy task, and I pray that if Romney takes on the fed strongly that God protects him–seriously.

      • greywolfrs

        Make no mistake, Ron Paul supporters understand the risk of taking on the Federal Reserve. In fact, that is probably why Ron Paul was the best choice. A few things that most people do not understand. Ron Paul is old, which means he has lived most of his life, if they decided to do something to him, what would that really do? Ron Paul has the balls to take them on. Even if they did do something, if he accomplished the goal, I believe he would die a happy man.
        The problem with Romney (and probably many other presidents) is they are not old (except maybe Reagan) and have more of life to live. A single death threat from a credible source and they are done. In he end, I do not see Romney taking on the Fed. In fact, by his own statements, he isn’t talking about taking on the Fed. He is talking about spending less money, not that that is a bad thing, but that is FAR from taking on the Federal Reserve.
        P.S. They would have a difficult time getting to Ron Paul, you know they would have to come over us crazy Ron Paul supporters.

    • new2la

      But grey, Remember he did’t say it to the nation, (although David asspole Corn who supposedly filmed it is, I believe editor of that rag publication, The Nation) Romney said it at a fundraiser; It wasn’t for public consumption. Romney stated that he is aware and concerned about the Fed and the printing of all that money. That speaks volumns about him.

      • greywolfrs

        It really doesn’t matter where he said or to whom. Many presidents have had the good intentions of doing something about the Fed, only to be shown the “error” of their ways. JFK and RFK had those same intentions and look what happened to them. I do not really go for conspiracy theories, but all the ones floating around about those two seem to be wrong. They seem to be a cover-up for what could possibly be the real reason those guys were offed.
        As far as Romney goes, once he takes office, he will find out the “error” of his ways, one way or another. In the end, nothing will be done about the biggest problem this country faces. By the way, an audit means nothing, especially since it would be the very government that can not be trusted to manage a simple retirement account.

        • new2la

          I say, let’s give someone else a chance to be wrong…or not. We already know Obama is All wrong for this country. We don’t know whether Romney will take on the Fed. What we do know is, Obama likes to party hardy whether with Hollywood or the pimp with the limp!

          • greywolfrs

            I am not about “anyone but Obamao.” I prefer to vote FOR something, not against something.

  • Jan Orth

    Who is this person, Federal Reserve, exactly?

  • Debbie Fields

    if the Republican’s get it out there for the rest of the truth CNN,NBC and MSNBC will all drop the subject that will be fun to watch! LOL

  • Debbie Fields

    Thank you Glenn Beck for at least giving us truth…..Americans are really tired of being lied to. America changed the congress and we can and will change the POTUS to Republican. The same lying media are lying about the polls to discourage us but I believe America is determned in this election We’ve seen the lies of Obama and the media and we have had as much as we’s can stand and we’re not standing anymore in the words of Popey!

  • Debbie Fields

    Aout midway this video MSNBC new person call obama a god of sorts! Oh he that have eyes but can not see! Ears but can not hear! MSMBC says Obama a sort of god This man is running our country! LOL

  • Debbie Fields

    The person who posted this says it is from NBC website but they don’t know if the audio is real well here is the video NBC!

    • Debbie Fields

      EAT CROW!!!

  • Anonymous

    Why is glenn beck ignoring the fact that other Republicans are now distancing themselves from these idiotic comments.
    Heck, even Pawlenty quit Romney’s campaign to become a lobbyist.
    Does any of this sound like Romney has support from his own party?

    • SoThere

      Romney has enough support to put Obama out on the streets where he belongs. Our embassies are burning, American citizens are dead, Obama is on Letterman and joining in the debauchery of the left with towers of Champagne and the best BLOW in the country at 40/40.

      Folks, strtlk is the face of the Liberal Progressives in this country, save America, vote Conservative. It’s not too late to save the Nation.

    • SoThere

      (Reuters) – Former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty quit his position in the campaign of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Thursday to become a leading Washington lobbyist for Wall Street banks. He said he continued to support Romney.

      strtlks an idiot. I keep telling him that those blue or white things in the urinal are not mints. It’s not hard to dispute a Liberals ignorance. They have one brain function and that’s stuck on stupid.

  • Rebecca Jean Purcell Ampuero
  • Anonymous

    This is absolutely ridiculous. Though many will vote for Romney in Nov, this is NOT ‘yet another reason to’.

    We now have people claiming that Romney is suddenly an enemy of the Fed??? What is wrong with these 912 dummies?

    Now I know where they got this — from that NUT on the radio!

    Romney did this because about 3 weeks ago he was in NH where Ron Paul got 24% of the vote and he felt he had to pander to those people who he completely ran over and dissed with his illegal behavior in the caucuses.

    He said he would audit the Fed and now he says fire Bernanke? He has no power to fire Bernanke even if he wins.

    In the past, every time we asked him, not 6 months ago, he said the Fed was working just fine and Bernanke was doing a great job.

    This man will stoop at nothing to flip flop, pander and outright LIE. He is a scumbag of the highest order.

    Beck is a damned fool to fall for it. Now I know where other delusional voters are getting this… of course it’s because they have to convince themselves their candidate, which they will be forced to vote for in November, is suddenly the champion of the constitution.

    Romney does not now nor will he ever ‘get it’ because these are the people who FUND HIM and RUN HIM, the bankster gangster elites. They might Obama better because he’s slightly more prone to redistribution of the wealth for them, but they do still like Romney.

    AND SO DO THE CHINESE! THE GOP got tons of email from CHINESE people demanding they vote for Romney in NOV. Scary!


  • Anonymous

    “The ‘Ron Paul people’ always harp on ‘auditing the Fed’ and claim that no one will go after the Fed but Ron Paul. Mitt Romney will according to his words caught on this tape in a candid moment.”

    Romney pandered to NH voters 3 weeks ago on this… his position has ALWAYS been pro-FED and pro-Bernanke (these folks own him after all) and due to his constant lying flip flopping and pandering, HOW CAN WE BELIEVE WHAT HE SAYS NOW? Beck you’re smarter than that!

  • new2la

    I believe this is the smoking gun the Obama administration has feared all along. Let’s all get this out now and don’t stop until the election. And let us all pray.

  • Anonymous

    – I’d love to believe that Romney is a sound-money politician who’s going to take on the banks and the Fed, but talk is cheap. His actual record says otherwise.

  • Anonymous

    This is your chance, Republicans. Not ony is the revelation of the “lost” excerpts a huge story of media corruption reminiscent of Bush’s forged National Guard records, the whole situation is a great narrative. Think about it: a story where secretly recorde tapes brought to the public by Romney’s opponents turn out to be the best thing that happenned to his campaign? Great stuff!!!

    • LibertyMonger

      Nope we are not falling for it. Nice try though. You all halfway get it. Yes taking on the Fed is the most important issue but nowhere in this recording does Obomney claim he will do it.

  • Miss Informed

    I guess I must be part of that 47% that has worked my whole life and have FINALLY reached the point of Social Security. All of you Romneyites are in for a rude awakening if he gets in and I will happy to say…I told you so! no one is perfect but his arrogance speaks for itself…another Bush on the way…wonder how many he will send home on a plane..23, 24? his friends from India and China?

    • Linda Wilcox Roach Dhennin

      Arrogance!!! Romney arrogant! What are you drinking? I’m on social security too and I KNOW that if Obama gets a second term we are screwed. He has every intention of withholding government payments that millions depend on. You and I will be in the “soup line”!! Wake up. Obama has set in place his plans to take this country to its knees. If he gets back in, NOTHING will stop him for turning this into a socialist country with him as dictator. He has already given ‘Executive Order’ power over Congress making Congress nearly useless. Obama will eliminate Congress!
      For God’s sake, for you own sake, research, see 2016 The Movie! If all you do is listen to Obama’s media and his supporters you are not getting the sad truth. We are in BIG trouble. The same thing happened with Hitler and Castro. They were the pied pipers sucking everyone in until it was too late! Look at who supports Obama! Criminals, terrorists, George (I want to rule the world) Soros, known communists and socialists. Is that what you want? Is that how you want to live? No freedoms, hiding, afraid to meet in groups for fear of arrest? If you do, then I suggest you move !
      Think of the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who came here over the decades running away from that kind of government. They came HERE for freedom and safety. Where will we all run if America is destroyed? There is no other place. Wake up. Smell the danger!

    • Anonymous

      Part of the 47% has paid into the system and deserve what they are entitled to. The reality is that it is more like 49%. He is saying the truth that is why they (msm) are maligning him.There are people that are takers and there are plenty of them.I have seen them, and you will see them riot when obama sinks this nation. One question for you, how come no one was prejudice when they voted for him but everybody that does not vote for him this time is?.

  • Anonymous

    Why would the media want to expose the Fed’s funny money?

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    God thinks Mitt Romney is an evil man who worships money

    and God wants him to lose.

    • Anonymous

      God wants you to take a hike…..

  • Anonymous

    The Federal reserve…. now the biggest pyramid scheme ever……. Move over Bernie…… you are small time now…… Romney says the truth and no one is interested but they will take one part about the 47 percent and make it a gaffe while they totally ignored the 57 state comment the Chairman made last time around….. I just wish he WOULD go and campaign in the “SEVEN” states…….

  • Nicole

    Where in the sound bite did he say he was going to take on the Fed? I didn’t hear it. Recognizing a problem is not the same as vowing to do something about it. As far as I can see, this is THEE most important issue out there right now. I will vote for ANY candidate willing to take the Fed on, and put my personal feelings on lesser issues aside. I view Romney as being in their back pocket……

  • Anonymous

    Actually, this is why the Washington elites like Peggy Noonan (NYT) deserted Romney this week. They have a stake in this ponzi scheme and Romney is messing things up. They knew they could control all the insides like Santorum and Gingrich, they knew they didn’t have the back ground to understand what was going on. That is what was behind the Anybody but Romney campaign. They wanted to stop him from interfering with this plan. This is what is behind the unprecidented media bias… is it an accident that Mother Jones excluded this? No. Mitt wouldn’t do the crony club thing. And they did everything to keep him out.
    This is very scary.

  • Vicky Airriess


  • D. Hall

    Glen sounds just like JIM JONES. All of you KOOKS take a drink and call your Dr. in the morning!

    • XenaWP80

      I’m sure you take your drinks at the commies meeting you attend.

  • Mark Wilmoth

    That is really grasping at straws. Just because Romney tells some people the truth what is really going on when he doesn’t think he is being recorded is a long way from Romney actually doing anything about it. Nice try Glenn, but Ron Paul supporters… real Ron Paul supporters will not vote for Romney over that!

    • Deanna Batzlaff Marchus

      I do agree with a lot that Ron Paul has to say. But, the numbers show there is no way that he can take he Presidency. Anyone, including myself, that would love to vote for a Libertarian or Independent, should consider voting for Romney so we don’t get 4 more years of Obama.

  • Mark Wilmoth

    Watch Romney change different colors with his Magic Mormon Underwear! He is seriously any color you want!

  • Jeffrey Stewart

    meanwhile the current admin’s message is unplanned, unprepared attack, then walk back the obviously false official statement to it was a terrorist attack. Now, that is relevant! War on women? Have Rice speak total untruths, hillbilly, gutter and wussyman. They’ve all been used astonishingly.

  • LibertyMonger

    Most Americans would probably be hard pressed to factually state what
    positions the candidates hold concerning fiscal issues, foreign policy,
    civil liberties, and social issues, especially to a depth great enough
    to compare and contrast the candidates or understand the long-term
    ramifications of their policies. Romney and Obama are essentially the same and no where in this recording does Romney state he will go after the Fed. Sorry Glen we know all about Mitt the cheater Romney. He is evil. Anyone who could trample over Ron Paul like he did is pure evil and on the opposite team of the people.

  • Laura Palmer Holbrook

    Obama may not be the Anti Christ, but he is sure paving the way for him. God’s will be done. We can only do our part (vote)and pray for the best and leave it in his hands. We have read that things will get worse, WAY worse before the end of times. As I see it 4 more years of Obama and we have the mark of the beast ( obamacare RFID chips implanted in EVERYONE), on our way to new world order, Electronic fund transfers,global economy since China/Russia will have the leading currency in the next few years, Israel thrown under the bus( they are hanging by a thread already), society is morally bankrupt in the fact that everything considered good and right are now viewed as backwards and wrong. Our liberties are being stripped away as we speak, and violence against the righteous.We are taught that Christians will again see persecution of a magnitude from times of old…I really would love to go on, but my heart hurts now.

  • Laura Palmer Holbrook

    So any last words since the rest of the tape was released? Any last words on his released taxes? OH WAIT now he paid TOO much you say? What is this you say? Gee we didn’t see this one coming did we? Damned if you do, damned if you don’t tsk tsk. 4 million to charity you say? Oh yes he HATES the poor, that stupid millionaire.WAIT? Who is off partying with Jay Z, Beyonce and the Letterman show? Obama you say? NEVER! Romney released HIS “sealed” information for better or worse, time for Obama to unseal ALL of his. Rioting our embassies because of an obscure movie trailer and killing 4 people you say? Wait naw, it really was an act of terrorism, but it really was the video that brought people out with heavy duty artillery and burning of our flag.Trust us we know what we are doing…said no one in the Obama admin

  • Katja Nielsen

    well I can say this much my mother n law is voting this year and she hasn´t voted in 40 years!!! And I bet she is not in the polls! She´s living abroad!

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, many will vote for ANY Democrat because they know they will personally benefit. Or worse, because they are willfully, ideologically blinded to the failure (or success if you are actually trying to cause the demise of the US) of socialist wealth redistributive policies, there are many who will vote for ANY policy authored by Barack Obama. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the genius delegates of the DNC and some of their mindless beliefs and statements that they don’t understand anything about the economy, but, because it is Barack Obama, they will support ANYTHING he wants to do, even if it means ignoring the Constitution!

    Mitt Romney does get it. Unfortunately, self interest, an overweening sense of entitlement and uncaring, uninformed voters DON’T.

  • yingling777

    Romney is going to be just as bad as Obama. The socialist health care is not going away; it is just going to appear to be better. Beck said himself they work ‘top down, bottom up”, and that is just what is going on here. The Democrats take away a ridiculous amount of something, and then the Republicans come in and give you back just a little bit, but there is nobody who can restore it to it’s former self…..EXCEPT a leader, which we do not have yet.

  • Auntie Canuck

    Canadians know about it – see Barbara Amiel’s column in MacLeans – here’s an excerpt:

    “In the past four years, the M2 money supply has increased 28 per
    cent, which is 10 times the averaged growth rate. After 220 years of the
    U.S.A.’s existence, the total public debt added up to more than $10
    trillion. In his four years, Obama added more than $5 trillion to that,
    so it now equals 100 per cent of gross domestic product. Here’s how it’s
    done: when a country runs a deficit it sells government bonds to cover
    its bills. In 2011, for example, only about 39 per cent of issued bonds
    were bought by arms-length buyers (retirement funds and banks.) The
    remaining 61 per cent were sold by the Treasury to the Federal Reserve
    that, as part of the government, pays not with cash but notes. The
    Federal Reserve doesn’t pay income tax; earned interest on the notes
    goes back to the Treasury. In the private sector, this would be fraud—a
    colossal Ponzi scheme.

    “Inflation doesn’t look as bad as it is because of the bombed-out
    housing market, largely the result of Bill Clinton’s 1995 changes to the
    1977 Community Reinvestment Act. Those changes forced banks to give a
    percentage of residential mortgages to people who couldn’t afford them.
    For good measure, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
    (government agencies privatized by President Lyndon Johnson with a
    comfort letter from the government on their debt) were ordered provide
    51 per cent of mortgages on a similar non-commercial basis. When this
    jerry-built scheme to promote home ownership collapsed, the government
    was left holding the bag for Fannie and Freddie. The political class of
    both parties locked arms and blamed the whole fiasco on private-sector
    greed. About the only person talking any sense on this is Paul Ryan who
    actually understands fiscal policy.”

  • Anna Williams

    First I’m not trying to start anything and don’t need a discussion on who to vote for. I am an independent voter. I want to ask a valid question. If we the people are the ones paying for the govt, which pays for roads bridges etc. and it’s horrible that 47% don’t pay taxes, which makes us have to make ‘imaginary’ money, and this is a bad thing right. But then why is Romney running on lowering the taxes which technically is the same thing and going to put us into the same hole if no one is paying taxes? I don’t need anyone saying your dumb etc. etc. But I would like someone to explain to me (civilly) what the difference is there, cause I don’t see it.

  • Christian Woehrle

    understands that he is a rich dude that is trying to placate disenfranchised paul people, demorats etc.. even at the rnc there was clear signs that they were embracing audirt the fed.. still not up for a viote in the senate even noew though.. if we talking about tape.. wich do u believe more.. current ramblings from romneycare or the past mittens ” ben bernake is doing a great job ”

  • Shelly Ruggiero Casaretti

    Funny thing is, I feel the same way Glenn. I too, no longer feel worried. I don’t believe ANY of the polls & I feel Obamao is out!

  • Jesustheonlyway

    I hope Romney isn’t the mealy mouth McCain was and doesn’t bring out these hard facts and Obama’s flaws. If he is – we lose!

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