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Last Friday, Glenn did a special episode on TheBlaze TV showcasing people whose lives had been affected by Mitt Romney. Its no secret that the media has spent the last several months going out of its way to dig up everything and anything it could find on Mitt Romney (remember the days spent analyzing the ethics of putting a dog on the roof of a car). Well, Glenn was fed up with the media’s inability to tell Americans the truth about Romney, so he asked his staff to go out and find the stories about Romney the media isn’t covering. It’s become more and more evident that Romney isn’t the kind of guy who goes around talking about all the good he has done, so on Friday’s program, Glenn chose to invite some of the people whose lives were changed for the better by Romney, many of whom had never even met him, so that Americans could get the real story on the Republican presidential candidate.  You can now watch the full episode for free in the video above!