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We are constantly being told that, right now, America is more divided than it has been in over a hundred years. But is that really accurate? Or are Americans being divided now more than ever from the people controlling the conversation like politicians and the media?

“Don’t most of us believe that we’re divided about 50/50 here in this country? And there’s 50% of us who pretty much have made up our mind?” Pat asked.

“I don’t think we are,” Glenn responded.

It is Glenn’s belief not that the America people are divided 50/50, but that they have been convinced we are divided 50/50.

“I think we are actually 60/40, 70/30, if the truth were told,” he said.

There aren’t any sources answering the questions about all of the news going on around the world that the American people trust.

“If there was a real arbiter of real information that people trusted, I think it would be 70/30,” he added.

To that point, Glenn is accurate. Stu pointed out that polling consistently shows that America is a center right country.

“We’re about 40% conservative, 20% liberal, with the rest in-between,” Stu said, “which indicates that if people had the information that was accurate that’s the prism they would see the issues through.”

Why are Americans voting for politicians like Barack Obama if that is the case? They’re being convinced that it’s people like Obama and the Democrats that are “the mainstream”.

They’re not.

Glenn used the example of the Koch Brothers, who have been painted as evil villains by the media and the Obama Administration. Even most people on the right are under the assumption that they’re all for the GOP.

Not the case.

In August, Politco published an article that gave a little more insight on David Koch and his stance on many social issues.

“They’re libertarians,” Glenn told listeners, “real libertarians. They’re for gay marriage, they’re for abortion, they’re for all of that stuff. How are they being painted as the GOP?”

“They’re liberal on social issues, and conservative on financial ones,” Pat added.

But that’s not how they’re painted in the public eye. Glenn compared their stances on a lot of issues to those of Occupy Wall Street.

“You get a lot of people from Occupy Wall Street going, “You know what, we probably shouldn’t be spending so much money”,” Glenn said.

So how is it that the Koch brothers, who are pro-choice, for gay marriage, and lean left on many social issues, are being labeled as shills for the GOP?

“Because you’re not being told the truth,” Glenn told listeners.

Only 8% of Americans say that they trust the media – the lowest polling number for the media in history.

“I think they have that right,” Glenn added. “8%… you’re out of business. Soon media, you’re out of business – soon.”