The B.S. of A.: The biggest coke bust in NYC history!

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  • Sam Fisher

    Sad thing is that this may be our future.

    • Anonymous

      WHO ARE YOU? (The Smoking Caterpillar)


      • Sam Fisher

        I am just a man who fears for his country.

        • Anonymous

          Dear Lord, so do I “fear for my country”! I actually spoke it for the first time, yesterday–“if Obama is re-elected, I may be in fear for my life and/or freedom.”

          The things I write and post on the internet, while not vulgar, profane or even seditious, would still, certainly place me on Obama’s enemies list? Furthermore, Stalin would lull himself to sleep at night by putting check marks on a list for those who were to be liquidated, or merely sent to the camps…

          I appreciate the fact that I have voiced a personal fear, but be assured of my patriotism and that I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you, if need be?

          “May you live in interesting times” (Chinese proverb)

          Purveyor (stay in touch)

          • Sam Fisher

            Very hard not to.

          • new2la

            Hey purveyor. I would be right behind you. If and until our First Amendment is revoked, I will continue doing the job the media should be doing. I am expecting a visit from the Chicago thugs any day and What they find may surprise them……and make them look foolish.

          • Clara D. Pare

            But the best part of this satire is I am a Pepsi person. Good Bye, Coke!

          • Anonymous

            Have you seen the new show “Revolution”?. The rebels are the ones carrying the american flag (interesting, eh. )

          • Anonymous

            No, but will look into it. Thanks

          • Anonymous


            Loosely reminds me of “The Postman” which was philosophically more prescient than the critics gave it credit for, i.e., “The Postman” was about where and how our heroes and legends are born.

            Also, I read a short sic-fi story some 30 years ago, about how the Planet Earth passed through the tail of a comet thus causing all metal to fuse with adjoining metal, creating a “sticky” problem for a machine driven planet/economy?

            Then there was the book “Cat’s Cradle” by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. “Ice 9″ was a secret substance that would instantly turn all connected water to ICE! Just a fragment on the tongue would freeze solid any water based life form. Moreover, If one tossed a piece into a lake, that lake and all connecting tributaries would freeze. As for the ocean, well, you get the picture? Ouch!

            Anyway, I do recall seeing the trailers for the show you mention and tragically, such strikes a bit too close to reality. The Founding Fathers warned us of “Factions.” IF, there is a melt down of sorts with America, our great nation will factionalize and we will fight each other, while I don’t know who will stop Islam because come hell, or high water, Islam will come to our shores!

            (Note: By “factions” I mean there will pro-choice/pro-life, pro-Big Gulp/anti-Big Gulp, pro-helmet/anti-helmet, pro-gun/anti-gun {they won’t last long} and on, and on…)

            You get the picture, America is comprised of the “several States” and huge variety of special interests, but we have always shared a common philosophy embodied in our Constitution. If Obama and the Socialists go to far with the diminution of our liberty, like the nursery rhyme says: “no one could put Humpty Dumpty back together again.”

            Thank you


  • Anonymous

    Funny, but the mayor of New York has already put the kabash on 16 oz. But the best part of this satire is I am a Pepsi person. Good Bye, Coke!

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