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Glenn gave preview a from the stunning new TheBlaze two-part documentary that premieres tomorrow night at 8pm ET. Just after the 9/11/01 attacks a document was found that sheds light on a host of issues surrounding the Muslim Brotherhood and their real goals. He explained more on this morning on radio.

  • Sam Fisher

    How do we fight evil by standing up to evil? These people are the next Nazi movement but it will not just be the Jews but anyone who does not believe in their faith. We must stand as one before it is too late to fight them.

    • Anonymous

      Start by having people not to listen to obama lying double talk and being dupes or zombies for him. But we all must look at his actions to shows us that will reveal his strong indications what he want to turn the free world and our country into!! Don’t forget what happen in Honduras they had a President who was shredding their constitution,going for illegal third term,illegally grabbing power to turn Honduras into Communists Dictator Police state ,but Honduras government stop in him in his tracks their congress and their supreme court legally remove him from office!!! Then obama show with his actions his true colors and hidden agenda with his pals of Fidel and Chavez trying to pressure Honduras to take back this traitor to their government and return him to President office!!! I don’t understand our good Spanish Citizens they fled Cuba with Fidel Police state and secret police and South American Police death squads ,so why try get your relative to come U.S legally if vote for obama & he just turn our country into another Soviet style police state with Secret Police ,no rights, or freedoms etc????? P.S Honduras did not bow down to these three goons of obama,Fidel,Chavez and what wrong with our congress and supreme court with someone who shredding our constitution like obama ?????????

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Providence works in ways as He wishes it to be done, in a time and manner He knows to be best; and we will, with the help of God, stand against the darkness and restore the land unto what God wants us and wills us to be.

    • Anonymous

      Your statements on this site are a breath of fresh air Snowleopard. The world IS on fire and we are heading for the end times very rapidily now. We have to kep the faith and let HIS will be done.

  • skiermark

    Obama actually condemned ‘mindless violence’ and threatened Iran.

    • Anonymous

      Obama is a part of the Muslim Brotherhood plan. He had the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House in August before the Arab Spring. He also had Eric Schmidt, Google officer, at the White House. The Arab Spring was started by Google, and at least one of Google’s employees went to Egypt to participate in the revolution. Now, to learn Obama released some of the information Homeland Security has been holding, to the Muslim Brotherhood (and will not release it to America’s Congress) doesn’t look good for Obama, and it makes me sick.

    • Anonymous

      He should know then,,,,,,,,,,he IS an expert on “MINDLESS”

  • Anonymous

    i have a macbook and at least twice now my email has been hacked. the comcast/xfinity new/revised home page (approx. 10 days old) has yet to put any negative bho headline BUT everyday we have plenty romney negative bold headers. i have already written to comcast and have received a rather bizarre response citing comments i had not made as well as one sentence that struck me odd: “you have reached the right person; i can assure you that i am more than dedicated to assisting you today.”

  • shellymic is down right now….has been for about 15 minutes…

  • Aaron W. Bateman

    They’re not just trying to destroy western society but replace it with their own version of western society, one based off us so it can gain power like ours to be for the use of dominating the entire world.

  • tho_as
  • Anonymous

    Silencing…kind of like when Muhammad died his son-in-law and supporters went around collecting any copies of the Koran that didn’t agree with what he said. Apparently it didn’t matter that Muhammad didn’t do that. Son-in-law wanted more control.

  • Anonymous

    While our President was telling the world and our citizens that we should have protection of all religions and U.S citizens have the right of freedom of speech,Don’t believe in a person smooth double talk words saying what you want to hear, but look at his actions with the slight of hand !!! He had the Sec. State Hillary on the sneak sign agreement with U.N. no bashing of the Muslims Religion, to over-ride our constitution right of freedom of speech, our sovereignty, in this agreement was there any mention in this agreement of protection of other religions around the world ?? If this agreement is ratified by our congress it will make Muslim religion the prefer religion of our country by our government and all other religions be second class !!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I hope Glenn goes on Bill Orielly show put in plug for his specials and let Bill come on Glenn channel and put in plugs in for his specials so more people be inform with the truths to stop this evil ! Once the movie 2016 play out in the movie theaters ,if before the election,for Glenn to get a lease on movie for early showing on the blaze so more people will be inform,maybe show your specials on global caliphate too!

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