Today on radio, Glenn dedicated some time on his show to another radio legend, the always shocking Howard Stern. While Stern is well known for engaging controversy over his long career, his latest bit may be turning heads for daring to point out the idiocy among some of the Obama faithful. How much do Obama’s supporters know about what is really happening in the country? The answer may not surprise any listeners of Glenn’s show, after all you would have to be pretty clueless about world affairs to still want to vote for Obama after four years of fundamental transformation.

“Can we just go for some stupid people here for a second?” Glenn said. “Howard Stern has done one of the most amazing interviews and, you know, he admits this is not, you know, we didn’t go for a sampling of people.  We just went and we were just playing the dummies on the streets.  But here are some of the dummies on the streets in New York on, are you going to vote for Barack Obama.”

Some of the highlights from the dummies on the street?

INTERVIEWER:  Do you hope that he will eventually find and kill Bin Laden. 

VOICE:  He will eventually do it. 

OICE:  You think he will eventually find and kill him if he wins this election? 

And how about this one:

INTERVIEWER: What is it about Mitt Romney that you don’t like? Is it that he’s pro choice or ‑‑

VOICE: Yes, and it’s just because general ‑‑ it’s him in general. I just don’t like him.

INTERVIEWER: Because he’s a Muslim?

VOICE: It has nothing to do with religion nor what his views are. I just don’t like him.

And how about this Obama supporter who thinks the President has selected Paul Ryan to be his VP. This same supporter also thinks Ryan is African America, and that John McCain is also running:

VOICE: Do you think Obama made the right choice by choosing Paul Ryan as his vice president?


VOICE: Do you think he picked Paul Ryan because he’s African‑American or because he’s qualified?

VOICE: It could be a little bit of both.

VOICE: Do you think McCain has a shot this time out to beat Obama for this election?


“These are the times that try men’s souls.  These are the times when you think, we’re doomed.  We’re doomed.  If this is the people that are going to go out and vote,” Glenn said after listening to the mind numbing audio.

Stu was even more baffled by the fact that these statements were being made by people who lived in New York City, the very place Osama Bin Laden attacked. The fact that multiple people didn’t know he had already been killed left him speechless.

Watch video from the interview below: