The Republicans don’t care about women. They’re waging a war on them and on women’s health. Before we know it’s going to be like it was in the 1960s…right?


Stephanie Cutter, the president’s Deputy Campaign Manager, is apparently waging a war on women’s intelligence. Here is what she had to about the way women are making decisions on how to cast their ballot come November…

“That’s the other thing that you find most often with women. They’re not really concerned about what’s happened over the last four years. They really want to know what’s going to happen in the next four years.”

Yes, the very same Stephanie Cutter who was caught lying about the anti-Romney ad featuring Joe Soptic, in which he wrongly puts the GOP nominee on the blaming end of his wife’s death, thinks women aren’t smart enough or mindful enough to evaluate their past when making decisions about their future.

A wildly ironic claim coming from anyone associated with a campaign that ran on the phrase “Hope and Change” just four years prior.

“They really don’t care at all about the past.  That’s why hope and change works so well,” Glenn said sarcastically. “They were just in this vacuum. They’re like what’s the future? George Buch? What?”

Does Stephanie Cutter honestly believe that women around the country don’t care about the change that increased the price of gas 107% or their skyrocketing grocery bill? How about the price of electricity that is “necessarily skyrocketing”?

“When Barack Obama go in, your gas was $190 per month. Average gas now is $389 per month,” Glenn told listeners. “So you’ve spent $9,236 in the last four years. Is that better or worse?”

But women don’t care, according to Stephanie Cutter, because that’s all in the past.

“So women, if you want to just pay attention to the future, women are smart enough to know – according to Stephanie Cutter they’re not – but they’re smart enough to know that if I paid an extra $9,000 in gasoline over the last four years and the policies aren’t changing, what are the next four years going to be like?” Glenn said.

Gas could double again.

In the off-chance that Obama’s Deputy Campaign Director is wrong and women DO care about the past and why all of their bills are increasing astronomically, Glenn had a few of the answer this morning.

“He shut down the Gulf,” Glenn explained about the price of gas and electricity. ” Then he banned offshore drilling, then he shutdown the Keystone oil pipeline, and now he’s using the EPA to close down the coal plants.”

He went on to explain that about 43% of America’s energy comes from coal, and already 1/5th of the coal plants are shut down. And President Obama wants to shut down an additional 200 plants in the next two years.

“So how high is your gas price or your electricity bill going to be?” he asked listeners.

“By the way, do they know that fat lump on their couch is their husband who lost his job in the last four years?” Pat added. “Are they not worried about that?”

“How about instate tuition up 25% and private tuition up 20% in the last four years?” Glenn said.

President Obama has guaranteed everyone student loans. Everyone should be able to get a loan from the government under his plan.

“This is worse than the housing idea,” Glenn said. “Who can afford their loan?”

Stephanie Cutter doesn’t think moms are worried about how their children are going to get out of the giant hole of debt President Obama has helped and encourage kids to create for themselves in the name of “higher education” over the last four years. In the event that she’s wrong, and women do care about their past and use it to influence their future decisions, here is what Romney is saying about the rising costs of education:

“We have to find new ways to educate.  We have to dismantle what we’re creating.  Cheaper education and don’t allow students to enslave themselves to debt by giving away free money.  And you have to know you’re going to be responsible for paying that back.” 

Glenn obviously doesn’t believe women are stupid enough to not care about what has happened to the country over the last four years.

“If you don’t care about the last four years, how are you making any decision on what is coming in the next four years?” he said. “She really is talking down to women.”

President Obama has been damaging the economy for the past four years, shouldn’t that be behavior women should pay attention to?

“It’s really despicable,” Pat commented about the way the left is painting women with one narrative. Yet somehow, Romney’s comment about the 47% of Americans who don’t pay taxes is the worst thing the media has ever heard.

Glenn pointed out that there is very large percentage of mom’s with kids graduating from college that can’t ignore that past, even if Stephanie Cutter is right and they don’t care about it. That’s because their “children”, age 22 or older, are moving back in and getting put back on their health insurance plans because they can’t find jobs.

How many of these women are looking forward to four more years of that?