From The Project: Fighting radical Islam and the power of ideas

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One of the major themes of The Project is the challenges faced by anyone who tries to identify radical Islam and the danger it poses to America. Anyone who speaks out about the threat is condemned, despite the fact that they are looking to stop a radicalized group. In the clip above, Stephen Coughlin explains the challenges he faced when he was charged with becoming an expert on Islamic law in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. His findings led to political discord despite the fact that brigade commanders found his research to be invaluable because it links the War on Terror directly to Islam, something that went against the mainstream narrative that tried to distance the religion from the terrorists. But as Coughlin points out in The Project, his job was not to define true Islam, but rather to define the Islam that drives extremists to kill regardless of whether or not it follows the true teachings of the faith.

  • Anonymous

    There is no such thing as “radical Islam” – there is only Islam. you are blind if you think otherwise. surely there are those in Islamic states that abhor the death of their men and children – but they will all dance in the streets when America is attacked – especially when we are the loser – as we always are.

    • Anonymous

      You are absolutely correct. Why not only the media and liberal politicians, but even many conservatives, including the Beck organization, insist on referring to “radical Muslims” and “radical Islam” as the only problem is beyond me. It is the fundamental orthodox Islamic ideology that is the danger. The Islamic Trilogy (Qur’an, Hadith, and Sunnah) that are the “little books” that inform and motivate Muslims with the hate and immorality and supremacism and intolerance and terror tactics. Islam is the problem, the motivator, and the threat. It is not “radical Islam.” It is “Islam is radical.” Radical compared to what? Compared to every other faith group on the face of the earth. Radical in what way? Its doctrine of taqiyya (deceit), treatment of women, use of violence, intolerance, justice: all run in the face of every other major moral and legal system on the planet.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Radical Islam exists – I bear the marks of it. Understand people, the radicals are more dangerous than anyone can imagine unless you have seen their work and heard their words first hand.
    Ideology of hate is what bands these extremists together; they blindly merge faith, hate, and the desires of death delivered and received, to bring about changes in the world. In Christianity we must match ideology with faith in God and in firm reliance of His will and way to be achieved.
    That in the base core is what it is all about – ideas and ideology.

    • Anonymous

      “Radical Islam” is orthodox, fundamental Islam as practiced and promoted by Muhammad and his followers. Many so-called “moderates” are too often your “radicals” in sheep’s clothing. Others are “cultural Muslims” or “in name only” Muslims who will most likely identify and side with the radicals when the SHTF. Why would anyone insist on identifying themselves as Muslim seeing what the predominant practice of Islam has become in the world if they didn’t also believe in it – also because the so-called “radical” resurgence is what historic Islam promoted all along. It is Islam.

  • Anonymous

    My wife worked with a young girl married to a Muslim. She was a non Muslim. She was VERY shunned by his family and treated very harsh by the whole family. She seemed to live in a state of fear and anxiety. A sweet girl. I never quite understood why she would stay with someone like this. These men and their families are emotionally if not physically abusive and I have NO respect for anyone who treats a woman in this way. These are weak little men who have NO true manhood.

  • Anonymous

    I MY OPINION…I would call it the “Little Man Syndrome” religion. Men who are weak and have no real manhood love this religion. They need this religion to “prove” their manhood. They can not love because they are so bankrupt of manhood. Not too sure their prophet did not suffer from this state of mind also. A weak little man who felt overlooked and powerless…had a vision. A vision that gave him and his weak little followers power. This vision would show the world how important he was. ! He sat out there in the desert and got a vision from Allah (his subconscious). This vision from Allah will show the world just how big and important I am and how important WE are. This vision will prove that I am important. (This is what happened.) And God told him how to be a big shot. He would show all those infidels who did not give him the respect he deserved! He would show those Jews! HATE and bitterness founded this religion. This is what drives this religion. Weak men drive this religion. And really weak men are the force behind the hate and deception. This is more about EGO than God. These are the weak overlooked and those who have fallen behind civilization. Their hate for the infidels flows from a feeling of weakness. They are going to set the world straight and show just how IMPORTANT they are. This is a group of people who have been left behind by the civilized world. They are going to show the world just how important they are! They justify lying and deceit to achieve their ends. They justify crime and sin against innocent people; not for their God, but for their own personal gain. This is a religion of blind hate. Their words of love are empty. Their hate is at the core of their being. These are those who have fallen from grace and are filled with darkness and hate.

    A few years ago a Muslim professor came on TV and said that this is NOT ABOUT Allah. He said these extremists do not serve Allah but their own EGO!

    I totally agree. This is their blindness. “Know thy self”…they do not. These fundamentalist live in a darkness of self-delusion. They do not see or understand themselves. The peace and love in this religion is a lie. Look at the men. Christ told us to love our enemies. THAT is Love. Mohamed told us to kill our enemies. THAT is a religion of hate. This religion will NOT save the world it is and will destroy it!
    We had better wake up and get over the political correctness. Look at the world where this religion dominates? Look at the bloodshed. We must take our blinders off. Look at the hate between factions of this religion. Look at the hate. The words are empty the hate is real.

    • Elizabeth Stephens

      GLENN, did you write this!!!?

  • Anonymous

    Who did young Barry Soetoro meet in Pakistan in 1981 before returning home and changing his life? He changed his name and began attending a large Christian church; Jeremiah Wright’s Black Liberation Theology & anti-American, anti-Colonialism church.

    If I was to write a screenplay for a spy thriller, what a great story it would be to take a Marxist sympathizing America hater, a college student with a Communist anti-Colonialist past, and have him recruited by a radical Islamic organization because of his beliefs and articulate and ‘clean’ persona. Then have him take steps to build a life of Christianity with a political drive that would land him eventually in the White House. Then after in the White House, he would work to help that radial Islamic effort to seize control of the world.

    Where is the hero who steps into the story to expose and bring down this monster before he and his allies succeed?

  • Shane

    Yes, we need to educate all Americans about the threat that Islamic Jihad poses to our country. Obama is keeping our military ignorant about the true Islamic threat.

    • Bill

      No – he is not. People in the military are FULLY AWARE of the very real, current, and serious threat that Islam poses to American and world peace. They are also very aware of how much of an Islam sympathiser/supporter agenda-driven anti-american f#ckwad Obama is, too. They just can’t openly speak out against him because he is technically their “commander in chief”. FACT.

      • PhoneDoctor_1

        YES they are … IN FACT recently a very decorated West Point instructor that taught classes about Islam for many years was disciplined and removed because he taught the truth about what the islamists want to achieve ! By NOT teaching these West Point Students that are the future leaders of our military the truth about islam, they ARE putting the soldiers they they will one day command iN HARMS WAY ! MAKE NO MISTAQKE ABOUT THAT !

    • Elizabeth Stephens

      They know…but they are under orders from their Commander-in-Chief.

  • Walter Moser

    Lying neocon scumbags.

    • Don Roberts

      Really? So what does that make you? Denial of the limpest!

  • diyer

    We still have freedom of speech (for now). Every day that passes and we do nothing, they grow in power. We all need to speak up. Very Public. Very Fast. Very Loud. By the masses. Flood the media. Demand they release those 80 Project boxes and we do not give up our freedom of speech. Large protests. Signs. No one wants a war here in America, but do we want the alternative? What will our and our children’s very near future be? There is power in numbers and we all must take a stand united. There is a new Hitler. And this is just how he started. This right taken, then the next and the next. All seemed so small. Time Magazine put him on the cover as ‘MAN OF THE YEAR’. People loved him. Remind you of anyone?
    We are LITERALLY DAYS away from the election. And we are probably DAYS away from having our freedom of speech stolen from us. If that happens, we are doomed. It’s all over and there will be no turning back.
    We can fight for our freedom or just hand it to them. If we choose to fight for our country and freedom, the longer we wait, the harder it will be, until it becomes impossible.
    Why couldn’t the documentary be shown again, and again? Perhaps free or for a small one time payment so as many people can see it as possible? Wasn’t that the purpose of releasing it? So as many people as possible could view it? Isn’t time of the essence? Right now we still have our freedom of speech. We need to use that freedom now!

  • Anonymous

    For Glenn to get a least on the movie of 2016 and if finish playing at movie theaters before election have a premier on his Dish Channel and the Blaze internet site to reach more people inform them what’s going on ,before election ,plus get on his pal O’Reilly show to put a plug in for his new specials and books,maybe air your special Global Caliphate too before election !!!

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