Glenn: President Obama’s U.N. speech “disturbing on many levels”

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“I want to make this very clear to you that I have felt that the President was a danger to our country for a while because he was taking us off of our principles and he was subverting the constitution of the United States and everything else,” Glenn told listeners this morning.

President Obama addressed the U.N. yesterday in a speech that Glenn described as “disturbing on many levels.”

“He is not telling the world what he has told you,” he added.

Watch a clip of the President’s speech here:


“Here in the United States, countless publications provoke offense. Like me, the majority of Americans are Christian, and yet we do not ban blasphemy against our most sacred beliefs. As president of our country, and commander in chief of our military, I accept that people are going to call me awful things every day, and I will always defend their right to do so.

Americans have fought and died around the globe to protect the right of all people to express their views — even views that we profoundly disagree with. We do so not because we support hateful speech, but because our founders understood that without such protections, the capacity of each individual to express their own views and practice their own faith may be threatened.

We do so because in a diverse society, efforts to restrict speech can quickly become a tool to silence critics and oppress minorities. We do so because, given the power of faith in our lives, and the passion that religious differences can inflame, the strongest weapon against hateful speech is not repression, it is more speech — the voices of tolerance that rally against bigotry and blasphemy, and lift up the values of understanding and mutual respect.”

So, apparently after his administration has come out and admitted that they were wrong to blame the anti-Muslim YouTube for the Arab upturn, the president decided to jump back to that narrative. Why? (Tune into The Project tonight at 8pm ET on TheBlaze TV for the answer to that question.)

President Obama also said his this speech that we need to reject any slander against Muhammad, which Glenn points out goes against our First Amendment rights.

The president goes on to say that,

“Those who condemn of the prophet of Islam but also condemn the hate we see in the images of Jesus Christ that are desecrated or churches that are destroy, or the Holocaust that is denied.”

Glenn quickly pointed out that, yes, someone should probably speak out about the attacks taking place against Christians – but he isn’t.

“They’re burning them right now. The Coptic Christians are being killed. There are now reports out of the Middle East that some of them are being crucified, and we know that their churches have been bombed and burned to the ground. Christians are fleeing Egypt. I haven’t heard you talk about it,” Glenn said addressing the president. “We begged you to talk about it. You won’t. Christians are the ones under attack in the world.”

A false equivalency has been drawn between the slaughter of innocent Americans to the fault of this YouTube video that supposedly started the violence – it didn’t. Regardless of his knowledge of that, President Obama blamed the video on the international stage.

“Yesterday, Obama blames it on the video, and said it led to the burning of embassies and property, to to rioting outside of dozens of embassies around the world. And the killing of American citizens,” Glenn said.

“Every time Islamic extremism is spot lighted in this country suddenly Christianity comes under attack. Every time.”

Glenn pointed to an absurd statement that Rosie O’Donnell said recently:

“Radical Christianity is just as threatening radical as Islam in a country like America.”

Really? Glenn pointed out that on one hand there are videos of innocent humans being beheaded, blown up, stoned to death, sodomized, and murdered, all at the hands of Islamic extremists. These videos are so graphic that his security detail, former U.S. Military that have been in wars, can’t even watch it.

“On the other hand, what is it exactly that Christians have done?” Glenn asked. “I know it was Christians that led the way to freedom and liberty. It was Christians that freed the world. It was Christians, under the tutelage of George Whitfield, that actually set the world free in the first Great War of Independence. The first time in world history that man had it — it was because of Christians. What stopped the Salem witch trials? Christians. What stopped slavery in the United States and all over the world, except for places like Africa still today? Christians. What stopped the Nazis? Christians.”

“What will stop the current nightmare in the world?” Glenn asked.

Glenn reminded listeners again that we are 40 days away from the most important election America has seen in a hundred years. People of faith all across nation are starting Glenn’s “40 Day 40 Night Challenge.”

“I bed you, begin it today,” Glenn said. “It was Christians that stood up by the side of the Lincoln. It was Christians – Martin Luther King, he was a preacher.”

Glenn, aware of the critics just waiting to pounce, noted the violence that has occurred at the hand of “Christians.”

“Let’s look into the facts,” he started, “but first of all, let me be clear, if it happens once, that’s one time too many. Real Christians deplore violence in the name of God.”

A stark difference between what you see in violent, extremist Islam.

The first confirmed fatal bombing of an abortion clinic in the United States occurred in 1998. Since then eight people have been killed in abortion attacks in the United States – the lefts go-to reason that Christians are just as bad as any other extremist.

In addition, there have been fourteen cases of property damage due to bombing or arsons – .5 per year. And, despite popular belief, Timothy McVey, the Oklahoma City bomber who killed 167 people, was not a Christian.

“He was at best agnostic,” Glenn said. “He never claimed to do anything in the name of Christianity.”

Glenn also noted that Adolf Hilter replaced the crucifixes, the pictures of Jesus, everything that had to do with Christianity, yet somehow or another the western world has been led to believe he was Christian.

“I don’t know how that works exactly,” Glenn said.

“In 40 days we have the best thing I like to call the best term limit there is: an election,” he added. “After all that you can do, God will make up for the rest for he is not neutral. But hear me carefully, not to vote is to vote. Vote.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    I shall summarize Obama in one phrase – he is a narcissist and insane; the actions at the UN show that in clear and concise terms across the board.

    Obama is dancing upon a high wire without any netting below to catch him when he falls; and has become a true cult of personality leader. He is being used by those of the Islamic extremists, and in turn is using them – as he does with Occupy – to achieve his own goals within the world and our own land.

    All of these groups seek the final reduction or transformation of the Republic into an new form of government – communist, anarchist, mob ruled or a Caliphate; and will work together for as long as they can to achieve this goal.

    Obama’s very deeds speak volumes in and of themselves; judge his actions according to the good book, and understand clearly where the man stands before the world and before Gods Commandments. Obama will answer in time, as all of us shall, to Him in the heavens for all we say and do – for good or bad.

    • Draxx

      snowleopard, you are flashing me back to the reference in the Bible about the Dark Man Rising From the East (the beginning of the end). Obummer may not be that exact person but in my eyes he is EVIL!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Simple summary of Obama – he is a narcissist, working with radicals around the world and at home, and is completely insane. He is mad, mad, mad to the core of his mind.

    • Hawk31

      This coming from the guy who draws cats in human clothes and calls himself snowleopard. C’mon man.

  • Anonymous

    This is starting to feel like the same crap liberals used to fling at Bush, just grasping at anyway to see something negative in anything he does or says.
    There’s nothing wrong with the speech Obama gave.
    The King of Jordan gave a really good interview on the daily show last night in which he dealt with a lot of the stuff with the arab spring etc. Very insightful from a western minded guy in the middle of it all.

  • Ståle Fagerland

    Obama came very close here to formally declaring the US a muslim state, of the kind that navigates reality by shariah law. It is in fact possible that he has already done so, if you take all his previous acrobatics into account.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      If he gets a second term, end game for the United States.

      • greywolfrs

        Not really, that is a bit extreme, but you can count on the second civil war. Then again, even electing Romney will not stop that.

        • Lioness

          And I’m dramatic? You want a civil war, and I’m the dramatic one. I don’t want health care to be rationed and that‘s what you consider dramatic? You have lost all credibility to me. Enjoy your war, hope your loved ones (if you know what that is) don’t get caught in the cross fire.

          • greywolfrs

            I find it funny that you say this. I am a “matter-of-fact” type of person. It has nothing to do what I want and everything to do with reality. Unsustaoinable debt and deficits WILL collapse the system. What do you think is going to happen at that point?

          • Lioness

            Darn straight I’m emotional. I have people I care about in my life.

          • greywolfrs

            So, what you are saying is you are not voting for what is right for the entire country, only your own self interests.

          • Lioness

            Your not getting it. If Obama is reelected, my own self interests won’t matter. I’m certain your desire for a civil war in not in the interest of most Americans. And I’m not as convinced as you are that Romney is like Obama, I think I made that perfectly clear. Nor do I believe Gary Johnson is capable of doing any thing that he says. Your arguments have no weight, I rebutted every thing you said. And like most with out any real argument you are attempting to change the point I had already made.

          • greywolfrs

            I have changed no point, I simply pointed out that there has been no difference between the last four presidents. You can refuse to see that, if you choose, but it is what it is. I am not hoping for anything, I simply stating a fact. Unsustainable debt and deficits WILl collapse the system, that is inevitable. It’s not a question of “if,” but a question of “when.” The point you made was a simplistic attempt to get to vote for Romney, but that isn’t going to happen. As I told you before, whether it’s the Democrap or Republican establishment lackey, we are screwed. The time to stand is NOW. Sorry if you can not understand that.

          • Lioness

            I like Ron Paul, but he can’t do it either. It takes generations of changing a mindset of the people. What you fail to understand in the point that I’m making is that Obama is a dictator. I can’t function in a country with a dictator. Either your naive enough to believe Obama is just another politician or you know his real intent, and you just can‘t wait for the crap to hit the fan. I do understand exactly what you are saying, I already made your point. You are hoping that if he is reelected, you will have your grand revolution. My point is that, THAT IS BARBARIC, I would like to move beyond old tired wars, and take the path of education and sharing the mantra of personal responsibility. SO ONCE AGAIN I’LL ASK YOU, DO YOU HAVE ANYONE IN YOUR LIFE THAT YOU CARE ABOUT, OR ARE YOU SELFISH AND BITTER, JUST LOOKING FOR A LITTLE EXCITEMENT. If you won’t answer this than the answer is obvious, a lot of young 30 something’s are like you, looking for a purpose, having really no understanding of love, just adrenaline and entertainment. Young males are why we had wars in the first place, some are becoming enlightened, but your still a Neanderthal.

          • greywolfrs

            First, I am not a young 30 something, that is an assumption and assumption is the mother of ALL fuck-ups.
            Second, I have a very large (ethnically Italian) family and we are more than capable of taking care of ourselves.
            Third, I am excited/hoping for nothing. My comment is “matter-of-fact.” Whether you like it or not, Romney is another establishment lackey, PERIOD.

            Fourth, Ron Paul could easily do it, if there were enough Americans who did not have their heads firmly planted in their ass.

            Fifth, do not preach to me about wars. I have four nephews that have served in Iraq and Afghnanistan. One of them served FOUR tours. Do not think I have no concept about war.

            Last but certainly not least, why is it that you care what I do? I am not telling anyone to vote for my guy. I am simply stating what I will do. I am not going to vote the way YOU see fit. You are not going to convince me to go against what I know is right, for any reason. You may be willing to compromise, but I will not.

            P.S. Your attacks mean nothing to me. Besides, I have no credibility, since I do not agree with you.

          • Lioness

            Well I have people I love who are seniors, do you think they should fight a war? Why is that? You said you have a large family, but still mention nothing about your love for them. I have a big family too, but many of them I do not care for because they are not good people. The ones I love, can’t fight, and worked hard doing all the right things, paying bills, perfect credit, taking care of their own, never relying on the frigging government. All for what? A civil war in their golden years? You’re the BIGGEST OF ALL F-UPS, assuming you can read the mind of someone else. ASSuming just because others did something before, that the next INDIVIDUAL will do the same thing. Which makes me certain you do not understand conservatives, we do not lump people into groups. You are stereotyping Romney, and that’s just like a liberal, always expecting the same results out of everyone because of a label. You’re a boring cliché to me. And why do I care who a supposed conservative votes for? Because you are one of the votes that could have took that dictator out of office. I only hope that enough people on the left vote their stupid and write in one of those third party socialists to balance out your stupid. O yea, I didn’t say you had no concept of war, I said you want one. And I’m absolutely convinced of that, I’m sure your pretty jealous of those nephews of yours, they got some and you didn’t.

          • greywolfrs

            Your petty insults mean nothing to me. Don’t let up, you are simply proving that you have no objective view. That’s on you not me. I am not jealous of my nephres, in fact, I would have preferred they never had to go through that. In the end, continue to prove that the only thing you are is emotional. I am just stating a fact, nothing more. You do not have to like it and I really do not care if you do. By the way, Romney is pandering to the exact same people that past presidents have pandered to, see no difference. That has nothing to do with reading anyone’s mind or an assumption, it just is what it is.

          • Lioness

            You have made my point. I figured you really don’t know love yet. It’s an emotion maybe, but it’s also something more, it can define your actions and can define your moral character. Love and logic are very much intertwined in us, because we are spiritual beings. Logic through love is choosing the least destructive path. Like in chess, you don’t purposely put yourself in checkmate just because you know the inevitable, if there is a chance, however slight it may be, you strategically make that move. That’s what Romney is, a last ditch effort, perhaps just staving off the inevitable, but regardless it‘s all we have. It’s all logic and strategy, unless you don’t believe that Obama want’s to fundamentally transform this country, or that he wishes to redistribute our wealth (even though he admits this openly). No sane loving person ever purposely chooses war. What makes you think we would win? Why would you purposely put your loved ones in harms way? These are the things a true logical strategist would consider. Now I think anyone can see who is truly making decisions based on emotion.

          • greywolfrs

            You actually think you got something, imagine that. Carry on, drone.

          • Lioness

            If I voted for who was right for this country, I’d vote for Judge Judy. Get the point?

          • greywolfrs

            Not really and that is a stupid point.

      • Anne Caluwaert

        I agree. If Oshithead is re-elected, he will eventually ban Christians from saying anything at all concerning their faith which may disagree with Political correctness. Churches will be desecrated or burned down. Most real Christians will be forced to go underground. And God help those of us who are older. If we are considered aburden to society, ie. not working, we could be terminated.

    • Hawk31

      You have got to be kidding. I’m assuming you are just trying to be dramatic. Please pull out the lines from his speech where he is declaring the United States a muslim state? Please tell me why you think a self described Christian would declare his country a muslim state?

      • ValueSet

        “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” You criticize snowleopard for the name, and the whimsy of a cat in a T-shirt, yet you call yourself “Hawk31″. Unless your last name truly is “Hawk”, your choice of name makes it appear as though you are”super bad”. Are you 31, or a dyslexic 13 year old ?

        • Hawk31

          My last name is Hawk and I was born on the 31st. It was a simple name to come up with I though. What part of the world are the “ValueSet’s” from?

          • ValueSet

            Disqus would not allow me to reply to your post here, for some reason. (Probably data entry errors) Please see my response above. Maybe they need a correct ValueSet . (Puns intended)

      • ValueSet

        Re your Q. to me “what part of the world are “ValueSet’s” drawn ? Value sets are defined as a list of possible values for a specific purpose. These are assigned to flexfields. These are the only possible values to be chosen from. This eliminates data entry errors.
        (The world o’ the computer ) ,

  • Anonymous

    Once again glenn shows that he is out of his league. Although it is cute to see that the blind faith he receives gives him the courage to make an ass out of himself whenever he speaks.

    • SoThere

      And here you are, scared to death because Obama’s on the way out.
      Folks, strtlk is a hatemonger and lying idiot who regularly spams this site whit his ignorant posts.
      Romney/Ryan 2012 Save America, vote Conservative.

    • Anonymous

      These people are friggin nuts .

    • greywolfrs

      Pot meet kettle. You are really stupid, sticky chin the coward.

  • Shane

    America needs a President who will stop apologizing to the Muslim world and strongly defend our first amendment right to free speech. Obama’s response to the murders of our ambassador to Libya and three other Americans, and the rioting around the world by angry Muslims has been an embarrassment. He was too busy campaigning in Las Vegas, and partying with Beyonce and Jay-Z to attend his intelligence briefings, and to appropriately respond to these Muslim protests. He continues to try to appease Islamic militants around the world, although this policy has now been proven to be a failure.

  • Anonymous

    It seems that BHO has read up on the early American History and the Constitution. Too bad he doesn’t belie any of it.

  • outlawed

    There was a time where you USA fought communism all over the world
    because they knew of it’s evil. It’s sad that the rest of the world
    sees the Muslim Brotherhood becoming the present day evil except for us
    in the far west due to MSM. A storm is arising in the East and we need
    to take action before it becomes to powerful.

  • Rab

    See the complete speech. This extremist id10t is a liar. Obama actually defended free speech.

  • Rab

    Also, scientists like Darwin and Galileo had to fight Christianity. Also, don’t forget war on women. Glen Beck’s points of views are no different then Osama Bin Laden

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