The connections between radical progressives and Islamists grow stronger

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On radio this morning, Glenn said this election will be a turning point for the country. It will either be a time of ultimate loss, or the beginning of turning the page. Either way the road will be tough because it is being paved by evil. To illustrate his point, Glenn brought up three entities that are all vying to shape the country and the globe: Frances Fox Piven, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Occupy Wall Street. All three are radicals, and all three are connected by a hatred for the very fabric of America.

TheBlaze reported that Frances Fox Piven, a vocal supporter of Occupy Wall Streetstated in an interview:

Well, yeah, but it’s—yes, we make demands, and inevitably it’s going to be electoral politics that is going to sort of channel the response to those demands. But the point isn’t a dialogue between the movement and guys—mainly guys—running for election, because while they’re running for election, they’re going to promise the sky. There’s no question about that. They’ve done—they do that all the time. Look at all the broken promises in—that follow every election.

So, this doesn’t mean I don’t think electoral politics is important; I think it’s very important. I think the election is very important. I think that we need to re-elect Barack Obama, not because he’s going to respond just because we have a dialogue with him, but we need to re-elect him because he is vulnerable to the kind of momentum pressure leverage that a movement like Strike Debt can exert. He will have to respond, and he won’t be able to respond by calling out the National Guard. We don’t want to elect—we don’t want Romney, a Republican Senate, a Republican House, because they might well respond with repression. 

“She’s saying there’s going to be riots on the street,” Glenn explained, “and you don’t want a President that will suppress it.”

Glenn said she is absolutely right and that Obama will be vulnerable to Occupy and similar radical, progressive movements because he agrees with many of their socialist viewpoints.

Glenn reminded that President Obama, in regards to Occupy Wall Street, said, “I think it expresses the frustrations that the American people feel that we had the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression, huge collateral damage all throughout the country, all across Main Street, and yet you’re still seeing some of the same folks who acted irresponsibly trying to fight efforts to crack down on abusive practices that got us into this problem in the first place. So yes, I think people are frustrated and the protesters are giving voice to a more broad-based frustration about how our financial system works.”

But Obama is not only sympathetic to the Occupy movement, he has also said he would meet with radical leaders like Ahmadinejad who have threatened America and stood against Israel.

“The notion that somehow not talking to countries is punishment to them ,which has been the guiding diplomatic principle of this administration, is ridiculous,” Obama said while running for office in reference to Iran.

What’s really ridiculous, Glenn said, is the idea that anyone would meet with and legitimize radicals like Ahmadinejad.

Glenn warned that radicals on all fronts – progressives, Islamists, and more – are all working towards the destruction of the United States as we know it. And while a fundamental change is needed, it is not one where America is neutered on the world stage and stripped of all that makes it great, but rather a return to the founding principles and values that have made America great.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Radicals untied – Islamist, Communist, Anarchists, and groups of Hate across the board; look back to the history of the 1910s and 1920s for some actions that have occurred along the same lines.

    We have seen the enemies of freedom, of the Republic itself, uniting to confront us and with Obama they knew a free hand world wide would be given to them. They are taking advantage of the window while it remains open; to extend their spheres of control, power and influence around the world.

    The old paradigms passed into the night back in 2008, and are resetting into a new set yet to be fully comprehended or established. In these new sets, Obama is determined to reduce us to a regional or minor power at best; a broken nation torn asunder at most.

    This election is the culmination of the chance God has given unto us; and we must use it wisely and well as He will have us to do. We will not be held unaccountable for our actions in this time; so choose well and wisely as God will have YOU do in His plans for this time.

    • new2la

      Snow, are you having difficulty posting? Something’s up with Disqus. It allowed me to post here, but not in other areas. Very strange. Can’t even get notifications or access messages. I know it isn’t just me, others have complained as well.

      • Anonymous

        I haven’t been able to post an original message in days, and quite often, my responses aren’t getting posted either.
        As far as this NWH garbage, I will continue to do my homework, talk to folks and vote what I feel is best for this country and the Constitution. The rest I’m leaving up to God. It just feels too big and scary to me. I’ll fight if He asks me too, but only of He shows me it’s the only way to help save us all.

        • new2la

          Our voices are being suppressed by Disqus….that’s what I have concluded. This only started happening since they changed. I hope I am wrong.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, you are being surpressed by the system. Clearly your words of wisdom over the past week or so have been striking fear into the heart of the internet and it has elected to shut you down. But! Do not let them seize victory! Continue scribbling your notes but hide them in the attic and yourself in the cellar. My pigeon will contact you when it is safe to come out.

          • new2la

            Your sarcasm is not lost on me and all we get from you are empty platitudes. I realize why you think how you do, It’s called job security; There will come a time when you are proven wrong. Laugh away my little fool, as you slither back under the rock from which you came.

    • Omegaomni

      You sound exactly like a roman or a british citizen who is watching their empires born from conquest and exploitation come to an end. And now you are thrashing about trying to blame anyone. Around every corner is a ” thousand years of darkness” or the antichrist or some divine revelation. You say things that sound good like ” enemies of freedom” aren’t we the one who lock people up with no trial for life? are we the one who are willing to blow up a house full of children just to kill one terrorist?

      The religious are the enemies of freedom, you are the one who made it literally illegal to be homosexual, you are the ones who want freedoms to be stamped out, remember you’re the one who burned people for witchcraft or massacred most of south france because they worshiped god a little different.

      • Tabitha Taylor

        So uninformed. The constitution of the United States that is the document to allow the freedoms & liberties that allow people to decide their own fates was designed by men of various denominations that were all creationists, nearly 1/2 of which were seminary graduates who based it on Mosaic law. It is Sharia Law that supresses freedom, women & homosexuals. You will never find any out & proud gay person in an islamic country. You are obviously a libotard or Muslim that hates America & freedom & loves tyranny & death or just too ignorant to know history. Enjoy living under Sharia law wherein pedophelia, woman abuse, amputation & death for things such as homosexuality is standard you freedom hating moron.

    • Anonymous

      silly girl

      • new2la

        A fool is a fool no matter how well disguised, no artiste?

    • Bonnie Somer

      correct it is up 2 us now or fignt once again for this great republic to c obama again and again b on the wrong side and apologize for the USA is sickening. He is a disaster a man w/communist dictatorial agenda and a threat to freedom around the world. he is the inside man allowing the muslim brotherhoo and o/destructors of freedom inside we must rid ourselves of this cancer and his admin and his czars. The danger to us is the WH itself obama is ignoring the constitution an impeachable offense and our congress stands and does nothing that is frightening. Radicals are cing an opening w/obama we must close that door. GOD is saying this test u must pass and romney is the ans.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Glenn, you had your chance to support Ron Paul. So while this country collapses you can look in the mirror to see whom to blame.

    Its over now Glenn, never in the history of mankind has an Empire reversed the natural evolution of society.

    In order to turn it around you would need a Ron Paul type President and literally 75% of all federal departments would have to be abolished along with War spending reduced to about 25 percent of what it is now today, and the federal reserve would have to be done away with. Its not going to happen Glenn, there are too many special interests at work here sucking off of government largess, there are too many people dependent on the status quo. The 16th amendment would also have to be abolished or amended and the so would the 17th.

    Stagnation has now set in, growth is an illusion so we fight wars overseas to steal wealth and growth because it is no longer produced here in the heart of Empire. We build bombs instead of cars, fighters instead of toasters, and Guns instead of butter, and although the producers of these get rich it does not enrich the society as a whole, never has never will. And in order too do this we have to borrow money which only compounds the problems that caused this chain of events to begin with.

    You can’t fight it Glenn, its a Force of Nature.

  • Anonymous

    ridiculous to meet with Iran?
    What is accomplished by not meeting with Iran? nothing.
    What is accomplished by meeting with Iran? Maybe nothing but also maybe a resolution and the beginning of a dialogue that prevents the death of more innocent lives.

  • Anonymous

    Keep going glenn.
    Please, keep going.
    Every idiotic glenn beck lie and/or comparison makes it that much easier for the President to win the election in a landslide.
    Romney’s idiotic blunders, a novice campaign, Ryan distancing himself and the crazy lies from rush, glenn and/or hannity have turned the election well out of Romney’s reach.

    • SoThere

      And here you are, scared to death because Obama’s on the way out.

      Folks, strtlk is a hatemonger and lying idiot who regularly spams this site whit his ignorant posts.

      Romney/Ryan 2012

      • XenaWP80

        sticky chin is really getting desperate, is he not? LOL! He sees us as naughty useful idiots that should’nt be putting the pieces together on our own! How dare we!?! LOL!! Like the useful idiot he is, hes mad were not playing along and doing what were told like good lil’ radicals are trained to do.

      • Jaamoose

        How is he either a hate monger or idiot for pointing out the blatantly obvious?

        • SoThere

          Because he post hate and he’s an idiot.

  • ersatzear

    The obama socialists and their Muslim friends are frothing at the mouth! Tell it, Glenn!

  • Omegaomni

    lol islamists and liberals? ahahahahahaahahahahaahahahahah The only difference between fundamentalist christians and the taliban is that the taliban have the balls to back up their faith while relatively rich western christians have stopped the crusades and witch burnings in favor of some abortion bombings and assassinations.
    Same tactics doesn’t mean same ideology

    Both american and nazi troops march, does that mean they are the same? both use suppressive fire too.

    Obama is exactly like Bush. infact more predator drone strikes and invading other countries. This has to be the most tenuous, and weakest attempt to smear progressive by putting it int he same sentence as islamists.

    You so called value voters are the mirrors of the taliban you want a theocracy

    • Tabitha Taylor

      The only ones wanting a theocracy are the Muslim brotherhood. Why don’t you try looking up their documents outlining how they plan to make America just like Afghanistan you liberal twit? Obama is owned by Islamists which is exactly why he put American hating dictators in power across the middle east & continues to give them money & arms even as they say they will destroy America. His appeasment is why the middle east is burning & his place as a dhimmi allowing the Islamists to call the shots is why we lost more soldiers under his leadership in 3.5 years than under Bush’s leadership for 8. I am no fan of Bush but do not understand how you people can think that communism is liberating. Obama is a communist. Raised & mentored by communists to make America succumb to communism. He is using the Clower Piven strategy to destroy our dollar & is hell bent on making America a 3rd world country. Bush maybe an idiot but at least he didn’t have an agenda to transform the country into a communist-Sharia governmental system. And at least Bush didn’t have a “boss” (aka The Shadow President) who is a real life unrepentant Nazi hell bent on America’s destruction. Get your facts straight before spouting such nonsense. Yes, every sh*tty policy of Bush’s are ones Obama continued, but no they are nothing alike beyond that. The world hates us MUCH more now that we’re under Obama. That includes our enemies as well as our past allies!

  • Shane

    Yes, the traitorous Left is working with Islamic radicals in Europe and North America. It’s happening people! You can always count on liberals to betray their country.

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