Farrakhan: America on the wrong side of history

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During a townhall meeting Wednesday night, Nation of Islam leader and all-around crazy person Louis Farrakhan spoke on a number of topics. During the interview he discussed his friendship with several enemies of America (including fellow looney bin resident Iranian President Ahmadinejad), as well as how America must be on the wrong side of history.


Crazy town.

But that wasn’t all that Farrakhan had to say. He also claimed that all those Middle East dictators weren’t so bad and that Ambassador Stevens would still be alive if Gadaffi wasn’t deposed and killed.

TheBlaze explains:

In a statement at a townhall meeting Wednesday night, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan argued that the late U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens would still be alive and unharmed if Muammar Gaddafi were still alive.Farrakhan said “Gaddafi had an ordered society. Ambassador Stevenson [sic] could go anywhere in Libya and he wouldn’t be harmed when Gaddafi was in power.” Farrakhan continued, “but when the enemy came then we became divided more-so than ever.”


  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Mr Farrakhan – America’s PEOPLE are on the right side of history; not the radicals such as you and Obama. If you feel the nation is so bad, pick another and emigrate to there to live out the rest of your lives.


    Understand something from history though Mr Farrakhan; learn the lesson Yamamoto told his people after Pearl Harbor – “Gentlemen we have awoken a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.”

    So it is with the PEOPLE of AMERICA – challenge us at your own risk.

  • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

    The only one on the wrong side of history is Farrakhan and his followers. Their racist hate is real and powerful. They only care about furthering one race and killing the rest instead coming up to together as one. Groups like Farrakhan’s group are dying and he knows it there will be a day when no racist walk the earth I just hope to see that day. God created all men and woman equal. We all look alike on the same and with very little differences in genetics and those differences are skin color and nothing else. No race is better than the other none can claim to be prefect. Fight racism no matter where it is or which side it is on.

    • new2la

      The devil is in the details Sam. Our Mr. Farrakhan once again spouting trash.

      • Anonymous

        yep,the Left,Communists,Libs,Progressives Are Doing Lucifer’s Work! as why we are called to be God’s Hands! This Isn’t just any war it is the Ultimate War! Founders had George Washington We Need St Michael!
        We Must Do As Glenn Says Work To Get All People Back To God! HE Will Be The Only One To Save US!!

  • Anonymous

    Farrakhan: One really sick puppy.

  • Soulphoenix

    Farrakhan is on the wrong side of both sanity and humanity. His mind and heart have been completely overthrown. Someday he’ll wake up on the other side of this life and say, “Oh, crap …”

    • Anonymous

      He is for the poor and downtrodden, yet he wont part with any of his fortune to help them, what a dirtbag.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it funny how those who hate and despise all that is good in this country, who talk about nothing more than separation of the races, refuse to live anywhere else? Their sedition knows no bounds but the borders of the United States. Why? Because their speech is not tolerated anywhere but the United States and those that he calls “friends” would not hesitate to silence them.

    Farrakhan has no idea what he is dealing with, though. He loves to cuddle with the internationally criminally insane while openly planning the murder of white babies. Yet he knows nothing of the heart of the people of America. They may often choose foolishly, but the “melting pot” does not, on the whole, share any of his hatred.

    Unfortunately, we keep hearing from those who share many of his sentiments and openly plan to decay America from within. There is only one thing they all have in common…radical Islam. Unfortunately, mainstream Islam constantly refuses to condemn radicals. Instead, they express understanding for hatred of America, they reveal the rotting underbelly of a religion that lusts for the total eradication of any who do not share their beliefs.

    Previously, Islamists were quiet about their complicity. Now, with Obama openly inviting terrorists and state sponsors of terror into the white house, they feel emboldened enough to hold parades in the heart of New York City in which they give speeches advocating the murder of the infidels within this country. They openly celebrate the new martyrs developing within the wombs of Muslim mothers. Reproduction in their world is for the sole purpose of breeding a new generation of homicidal assassins, completely devoid of conscience.

    They murder our ambassador with the full knowledge that the white house will cover up, lie and excuse the actions of the terrorists who planned the ambush and executed him and three of his staff. Of course, with Obama at the helm, what do they have to worry about? The MSM will continue to worship his every move, even if it means covering up his treason as he attempts to serve up Israel to the murderous dictators of Iran.

    Louis Farrakhan should take his message to the Islamic world. I’m sure they’ll consider him a hero…right up to the time that it’s time for him to play martyr. Too bad that will never happen.

    • new2la

      Oh so true. Let them try pulling off their garbage in Tehran or Caracas!

      • Anonymous

        Maybe they can fit him with a vest.

    • Anonymous

      People die trying to get into the usa, no one dies to get out.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, from his comments, Louie doesn’t seem to be much of a ”friend ” of Obama’s.
    And no one has urged him to ”tone down” his rhetoric, yet? When will that middle-of-the-night knock on his door come?

    • Anonymous

      Don’t let ’em fool ya bjv, its a clever ploy to make it seem as if Obama isn’t part of the overall Muslim plan to take over of the Western world – watch what he does – his actions tell a much different story.

  • Anonymous

    Mr Farrakhan as usual – is stirring up the hornets nest. Desperately and always actively twisting his warped perception of the world. A view held by millions of his fellow Muslims – for instance, another such individual is the current “Resident Alien” now sitting in Americas White House – none other than the – bastard child – who’s true colors and life-long loyalties are more than evident – Barack Husein Obama

    The trouble is, the Muslims do not realize, they are the only people on earth that think Allah is anything more than a false entity, thought up in the minds of men seeking to control billions around the world and these nut-jobs are at it again pushing evil as if it were good.

    They have manipulated the democratic process here in the States and have made giant inroads over the past four years.

    These people who’s goal it is – the destruction of the Free World – got their biggest break when an unknown Senator from Illinois demonstrated that all a politician had to do is vote – Present – on anything set before him. Blatantly thumbing his nose in the faces of those who put him in office. He offered no other alternative but yet, was elected the President of the United States, by powerful men behind the scene.

    As President, it has now been discovered recently, that almost 60% of his National Security Briefings – he was not -Present. But yet, he spins a story in a weak attempt to trick the world into looking the other way, while the truth of what really went down in Americas Mid-East outposts was covered up. Think about it, why attend these security briefings If “you already know well in advance, what is going to happen?”

    This liar who now sits in the Oval Office, is not Americas friend. He has made it perfectly clear he prefers the Middle East over the Western world and his true loyalties and passion lie with the Muslim radicals, as he has done more to build them up in every way and has sought to destroy America from within.

    Wake up America…or its over…Obama is not your ally!

  • landofaahs

    Fairy-con needs to be declared an enemy of America and droned from the mother – ship.. Dodge this one while we see how many fairy-cons can dance on the head of a pin.

  • Anonymous

    Of course glenn beck picks on the black guy

  • Anonymous

    Something is very very wrong here !!! Our President is creating his own private police ,one branch of his secret police is the IRS ,they are investigating Christian Churches because they voice a political stance in opposition to obama policy on abortions and definition of a marriage under God Law !!,That they voice political opinion they will no longer be tax exempt !!!! But a branch of Federal Government suppose to enforce the law equally and in a non-discriminatory matter !!! But they look the other way when come to Rev.Wright and Louis Farrakhan voice their political opinion or stance , even on video inciting violence to over throw our county by force ,But the IRS do not harass them in making a political statement because they are in lockstep with obama !! Question did obama give the order to IRS to discriminate against any group that not in lockstep with his policies and to harass them with a threat of losing their tax-exempt status to silence their freedom of speech???. Question to enforce a law in discriminatory matter is unconstitutional ,and our IRS dept heads and agents should know right from wrong ,just as a soldiers from any country have right to say no to order to commit genocide to a race !!! We must vote out obama he trying make our country a Communist dictatorship Police state with branches of secret police ,no warrants,no trail,pick you up off the street don’t to have a reason,hold you indefinitely ,and for more control he help bring about Shari Law ! Question with this special treatment by government of Rev Wright and Farrakhan church or religion being exempt from the law obama is making their church or religion a prefer religion by U.S government and any other church or religion will be 2nd class ,this blatantly unconstitutional where is our congress and supreme court ?????

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