From the Project: Will it become illegal to talk about radical Islam?

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One of the biggest themes of the documentary series The Project is the idea that anyone trying to question the ties between the religion of Islam and acts of terrorism carried out by groups like Hamas and Al Queda. In the film, multiple interviewees discuss the challenges they faced at both the local and national levels when they questioned whether terrorists were motivated by radical Islamic beliefs. The people trying to raise the connections were quickly labeled Islamaphobic, and many found themselves ostracized both personally and professionally. As the film reveals, these attacks are all part of the radicals’ strategy  to infiltrate the United States by shutting down any conversation about Muslim extremists, making it impossible to distinguish between peaceful Muslims and the radicals who want to destroy America.

In the clip below, Patrick Poole describes how he was labelled an Islamaphobe when he investigated an Dr. Salah Sultan, an Islamic man with connections to a radical organization in Ohio. The local religious community and even the local paper attacked him. But it wasn’t long after Poole investigated him that he was condemning the United States and defending Al-Queda members.


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Poole wrote at the time:

When I wrote my first article about Salah Sultan in April 2006, noting his close association to Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yousef Al-Qaradawi and his many public statements promoting anti-Jewish blood libels, I was attacked by my own hometown newspaper, the Columbus Dispatch, as a racist, bigot and Islamophobe in an article written by religion reporter Felix Hoover.

Several prominent Islamic organizations and the Interfaith Association of Central Ohio launched a smear campaign attacking me, including the Islamic school in Hilliard that had employed Sultan as their religious director, enlisting theDispatch to defend the school and portraying Sultan as a peaceful moderate, not the racist, terror-supporting Muslim Brotherhood cleric that I claimed he was.

Two weeks after the Columbus Dispatch article was published defending Sultan, he appeared on Saudi Al-Risala TV, where he defended designated Al-Qaeda terrorist and Osama bin Laden mentor Abdul Majid al-Zindani, and claimed that the U.S. was behind the 9/11 attacks in order to launch a war against Muslims. Even though I forwarded the information to the Dispatch editors, they never made mention of the “peaceful moderate” cleric’s statements.

Even scarier, political correctness is stopping federal organizations from being able to properly research and understand the connections between radical Islam and terrorists. Leaders like Attorney General Eric Holder refuse to acknowledge the ties between Islam and terror, again labeling those who want to discuss Muslim extremism as bigots and Islamaphobes. Law enforcement training manuals have  been purged of any reference to radical Islam, and those who would try and teach about it are professionally blacklisted.

Perhaps most shocking, there is a movement led by groups linked to the Muslim Brotherhood to make it illegal to defame or deride Islam. The so-called “blasphemy laws” are even gaining traction among the United States government. Get the details in the clip below:

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  • Lisa Renee’ Jones

    That is it, I am NOT keeping quiet about radical islam any longer. Period. This Hilliard is not far from me. Can’t believe all of these cells throughout the United States of Muslim Brotherhood, the Mexican Drug Cartels! Be prepared to defend your first amendment rights with your second amendment rights. Tired of it? I will NOT comply. GIve us the damn records, they are OURS!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Will it be illegal to speak against Islam in any form? Yes, and all too soon if Obama has his way, all he needs is for one event – real or fabricated by the admin – to make it happen by executive order.
    Understand clearly – I and my House will serve only the Lord; I will not bow down before any man; nor will I keep silent; I will not comply.

    • MediaBlackoutExposedClickHere

      Freedom of speech is under assault. Time to vote out Obama and put an end to his commie-unity organizing agenda…
      New World Order leaders have been exposed
      Obama Osama
      Biden BI nla DEN
      Americans are waking up to the truth and the media cover up

      • Michael Ariale

        Actually Obama stands up for your right to call him a “commie”, as well as compare him to the man responsible for the 9/11 attacks over a decade ago. check out the article after the jump.

        I don’t agree with all his policies but I think he has the free speech thing under control.

        • Corrine


    • chris leon

      absolutely right…eternity is too long for me to pay the price for bowing to Obama or Soros, whichever roles each one may be filling

  • SAB

    It’s beginning to look like to me that the operations in Afghanistan and Iraq are a distraction to keep our military busy. “Art of War”

  • Anonymous
  • landofaahs

    We need to go on offense. The more people ignore crappy laws like that the more that govt. control crumbles and erodes.

    • Anonymous

      Big problem with that, land. If ”the law” has any teeth, more people will get tossed in jail. Of course, that could be used as a tactic to fill the jails and when the local gov’ts holler, then, other measures will have to come. That doesn’t mean there will not be cases heard in court and fines given out. Remember, B.O. & company LIKE big gov’t—there will be more ”boots on the ground” to follow through with those laws. (See, ”we” just ”created” more jobs!)

      • landofaahs

        I understand that to a point. And sorry I’ve been away, kids are here and I can’t get any peace. I’m usually on my other computer(s) doing research and on the other trading. It’s a madhouse. But then I have been told I am old fashioned and too conservative…
        I love them all..even the liberal ones. I have taught them but some of them are…”misbeguided”.
        I am sick of PC and tell them so. I don’t know how I can allow an obama supporter under my roof…..but I hope that my loving right-wing ideas will take hold some day. Sorry for emoting. How’s hubby? I hope fine. I have been praying for him. I have so many on my list that I feel like I am going through the local phone book when I pray.—-God Bless you and yours. You don’t know what your encouragements mean to me.

        • Anonymous

          Bless you, land, and many thanks for your prayers. Hubby has health issues—recently hospitalized with pain in his gut—diagnosed as ”inflammation in his lower bowel.” Home now, but having a hard time getting around—weak. And is sleeping A LOT! I tell the kids that he is getting ready for the ”Big Sleep”—(see Bogart’s film by the same title if you need to know what that means.) Have a feeling he’s probably a bit depressed too. Hey, darling! Enjoy the family, libs and all! Know how it feels. One son votes Dem., the other, a registered Libertarian, but usually votes as Independent. Both are STRONG in their political beliefs! (We usually avoid discussions on the subject—keeps the blood pressure down.) And right back at you—God bless you and yours. P.S. I let God sort out the ones who need prayers. I’m old and can’t remember all of them, so I say: ‘Please remember those for whom I should pray.’ He knows. And if there are those who are struggling, I say: ‘Please help those who are most in need.’ Again, He knows.

  • landofaahs

    Why does anyone listen to liberal media? NBC gets $500 MILLION in tarp money which went to pay the fatcats like Chris Matthews to continue their Joseph Goebbels training. These people are bought cowards who lick and shine the boots of the muslim obama. DAS BOOTY lickers.

  • Sam Fisher

    We must stand up to political correctness and stand up for the truth. Not all Muslims are like this but some are and those few must be stopped before they take our freedom away. Radical Muslims are a cancer in this country and our government bows down to them I will not. To bow is to give in and I will not bow down they will have to behead me because I will never give up.

    • Anonymous

      More than some Muslims. If they were in control in our country you would see them all for what they are. They would all be radical and no other faith would be allowed.

      • Anonymous

        like in Turkey…and Indonesia…and Kosovo…
        Actually no that statement does not apply to either of those countries, in fact it doesn’t even apply to Iran where a fairly large Jewish population coexists peacefully with the government (radical as Iran is).

        • new2la

          I would re-think that statement if I were you. A Jewish doctor friend of ours fled Iran with his entire family not too long ago. There are no Jews there, living free or otherwise. There may be some Christians, but Jews? None.

          • Anonymous

            Iran has the second largest Jewish population in the middle east, only Israel has more. Just from a few searches estimates vary from 10,000 to 50,000 Iranian jews, who are able to freely travel from Iran to Israel and vice versa so long as they switch passports in Turkey neither country really seems to care.

  • Anonymous

    While Islam and the extreme elements within, are protected vehemently by the freedom of religion – meanwhile, it is growing more and more apparent by the day, that the government has gone out of its way to intervene in the fundamental belief of mainstream Christianity.

    America is a nation having separation of church and state – Islam has infiltrated and has connected itself, along with its destructive ideology, to our many branches of government. There is one way only to beat this threat – we must “outlaw Islam” from within the borders of the continental United States. It is not, nor ever has been, a religion – it is an ideology created to control the masses by thugs and liars – it has gained ground here in the States and Obama has helped to silence those who oppose it.

    We must outlaw all places of gathering – including the White House – THIS IS WAR.

    We must rid ourselves of this evil influence on our society – including those who now hold power in DC – or we are toast.

    Let the calls for freedom be heard throughout America, lift up our voice as one – do not be afraid to expose the evil for what it is.

    Our forefathers shed blood to create America as we know it – will we quietly stand by and be conquered by the wicked Muslim sword.

    Our children and grandchildren deserve better than this. THIS IS WAR.

    • Anonymous

      now this is what they’re talking about with Islamophobia.
      The anarchists in the early 20th century were far more dangerous to this country than the violent transnationalist islamic groups, and they were never outlawed just the ones who committed violence to conspired to do so were convicted.
      In America, a free country, individuals are punished for their actions not for just being something or believing something.
      What you want is tyranny

      • Anonymous

        Having a healthy respect for something that can destroy and kill you – could be considered a “phobia” – I would prefer to call it common sense. Its a survivalist way of thinking, that particular thought has saved many a life. Our nation is being destroyed from within – without even a single shot being fired – its time this nation wakes up and realizes the situation has become dangerous and consequential. If we do not quickly face up to the realization that a deadly cancer has eaten away at our founding principles then we’re through. These Muslims have one thought only – and that is to outlaw every other form of religion and government from off the face of the earth. Its time we lift our voices and rid this extreme evil from within our borders. No tolerance – none!!!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          They use “phobia” to describe anyone they want to silence. Look what homophobia did for sodomites. Shut alot of people up. I am afraid of Islam and all it would do to our country if it gained control. What happened after 9/11 that suddenly made America make a pact with the Muslims that we would defend them at all costs and to the detriment of other faiths? Islam is not compatible with a free country and they must not gain control. We must fight them wherever they are. Islam is evil. They do not serve the same God as Christians and Jews. It’s phony and has lied to billions of people most of whom do not even know what their religion stands for. Most can’t even read their Koran. Mohammed perverted the Bible with his Koran that he wrote entirely himself changing names and places to suit what he wanted others to believe.

          • Anonymous

            You bring up a valid point – so ‘what did happen after 9/11′ – what has changed the way our government dealt/deals with the danger of terrorism.

            We must remember that no government controlled by men is perfect, our founders knew from the beginning, that America must be a nation that has certain checks and balances in order to keep the individuals who have been freely elected into government positions honest.

            They warned (almost prophetically) that if the lofty standard of ethics and morals, that was written in our code of conduct (the constitution and the bill of rights) were to decline when/if a majority who ruled over us, sought to rule us using their own standard (such as the supreme court does so often these days) then our nation would be no more. These men were full of wisdom and understood the basic principles found in the word of God the holy bible. And, they lived their lives according to these moralistic values.

            Not today. Today ‘principle’ has been set aside for ‘pleasure and entertainment’.

            That leads me to the reason, for my reply to you, because your question hit a nerve and more of us need to think about what our leaders are doing behind closed doors – especially in the middle of the night.

            America, from our humble beginning, has been blessed by God above. Our people have never witnessed the foreign sword on our soil. For that reason, our current crop of leaders (in both parties) have grown arrogant in their thinking and seem to have replaced a healthy dose of respect for On High, for a reliance on self and a trust in their own might – lets face it, Americas arsenal is the most impressive the world has ever witnessed.

            Our faith in our power then, has become our biggest weakness and the freedoms we have grown so accustom to, have added to that weakness.

            Let me explain. In post WWII, when the cold war was at its height America thought it wise to allow the Germans to rearm (for defensive purposes only). The thinking was, that if there were ever a heated exchange between Russia and the United States, the ugly mess would be contained on European soil and far away from the peaceful tranquility of America.

            This dangerous and deadly thinking has prevailed ever since and for the very same reason – let someone else deal with the ugly mess of war.

            You gotta hand it to George Bush though, who had a strong quality of leadership and who realized after 9/11, that America had to seek out and destroy all those who dared attack us – no matter where they might be and asserting that, any nation who would harbor and protect them would soon meet the same American might.

            But the liberal mindset quickly tired of the dirty job. Seeking out terrorists no longer was fashionable. Their new war – was to fight the Bush administration at every turn, to de-fund and derail and then used the precious needed funds for war, on themselves and their own personal pet projects, all this, to get themselves re-elected.

            That brings us up to date. Now anyone who comes along and publicly speaks his/her mind – that America must not reduce its military budget but increase it – they are termed – neo-nazi – and war monger.

            Again, this is born out of the wrong thinking of the individuals now leading over us today – they trust in themselves more than they ever have God – they trust in American power and the military might our nation has always relied, even though at the same time, these fools are reducing it to near record levels. And the dangerous and pathetic policy of Political Correctness has landed on us like a ton of lead. Other nations see it – why can’t we?

          • Anonymous

            Good for you, Z! One hardly ever hears a word of praise for any of the policies of GW anymore. Harder to find than hen’s teeth. Must be that old PC at work—one does not have favorable words for a Rep., especially, if The One can do all of that for us—without being called out.

          • Anonymous

            Sure miss ol’George ….hey I read above that your better half is not feeling so hot these days – hang in there bjv, God understands and comforts those who love him and he hasn’t forgotten you…God Bless you and your family ZEROGON

          • Anonymous

            Thank you, Z, for your words of comfort—may you and yours receive the blessings of God, too. P.S. I must confess that I miss good, ol’ George too. He had many detractors, but he also had class.

        • Anonymous

          saying Islam should be outlawed is a lot further than healthy respect.of the dangers and problems the transnationalist groups present.

          • Anonymous

            come again – please clarify what you mean….

          • Anonymous

            I don’t care what the religion is based on it’s protected under the constitution. Islam is just as legitimate as protestantism or Catholicism or anything else.
            I suggest you read up on Islam and protestantism and Catholicism’s histories.
            Islam may not be peaceful, but it is only because people are not peaceful not that there is anything uniquely violent about Islam.

            The simple fact that you speak of a religion with over 1.5 billion followers as one cohesive entity shows your lack of understanding and willful bigotry on the subject.

          • XenaWP80

            You are right when you say that islam is protected by our constitution, and can never be banned or outlawed. BUT you are also wrong to call zerogon a bigot. When someone (radical islam) says to your face that they hate you and everything you and your country stand for, and you say “SCREW YOU” back, that does not make you a bigot. It makes you a realist.

          • Anonymous

            he’s not saying that we should just be concerned with violent transnationlist islam, he’s talking about outlawing all of Islam.
            That’s misinformed generalization on a wide scale, so bigotry.

          • Anonymous

            So the God of the Christian Bible is a bigot to….would you mind if I stand by when you’re trying to explain that to him…because, you haven’t sold me on your ideas yet and I certainly don’t think he’ll be in the mood for listening to your point of view either.

          • Anonymous

            the God of the Christian Bible?
            To speak of Christianity as one cohesive unit is as ludicrous as speaking of Islam as one cohesive unit. The many different denominations all have vastly different philosophies. Episcopal, evangelical (which itself is a bit of a generalization), and mormons have very little in common.

            The God of the “christian” bible is the same as the God of the Qur’an. It’s all the same origin from Abraham back when God as he is in the bible was seen as one of many gods but was the one the Hebrews followed and eventually carried on as they adopted monotheism.
            The bible never says anything about Islam (b/c it wasn’t around yet).

            But yeah if God sees things the way you do then he is 100% a bigot. But if God sees things the way you do then he wouldn’t really be God, b/c if he were God he wouldn’t generalize 1.5 billion people based on the actions of a violent minority, he would judge individuals as individuals, he would understand the context of the violent passages in the Qur’an as centering around battles with the pagan inhabitants of Mecca who wanted to kill Muhammad, he would understand the kill the jews part was referring to a specific tribe that betrayed the constitution of medina, and he would know that Muhammad showed incredible mercy toward his foes given the standards of the time, he wouldn’t hold Muhammad up to the standard of Jesus b/c Jesus is the son of God and Muhammad is just a man like Joshua or David.
            But mostly, if God is real, it is far more likely that Muhammad was one of his prophets (like Jesus in the Qur’an) than Jesus was ever the Son of God.

          • Anonymous

            When I speak about the Christian bible, I’m talking about the few humans who truly understand God and his word. In the book of books, there is a passage that emphatically states – “the whole world is deceived” – that statement is in agreement with your insight as you rightly suggest all the variants found both in Christianity and in the Muslim world.

            This world is divided beyond repair – except for the healing of a Divine Being, who will soon save us from ourselves.

            You have failed miserably in your studies. The Koran is nothing more than a cheap counterfeit and it demonstrates mans miserable attempt, to replace the very words and thoughts of God.

            The bible is a mystery written and constructed by the very hand of God himself – and until one repents and comes to know and understand the riddle hid within its pages – the “keys” that unlock that mystery, are not made available to that person, or to anyone for that matter. For that reason only, is why and how, the whole world has been deceived.

            Someday edwardohare – you’ll understand what has been hidden from your mind – not because the information has not been made available…but because you are to stubborn to look and see, and believe what your eyes perceive, that your heart may be healed.

          • Anonymous

            Wow, that was incredibly pretentious and self righteous.

            The Qur’an is a mystery written and constructed by the very hand of God
            himself – and until one repents and comes to know and understand the
            riddle hid within its pages – the “keys” that unlock that mystery, are
            not made available to that person, or to anyone for that matter. For
            that reason only, is why and how, the whole world has been deceived.
            Insert any religious text it works, it is merely a device people use to justify the irrational and the unexplainable.
            The Qur’an is as legitimate a religious text as there is, it was oral tradition during Muhammad’s life and was written down shortly after his death, better than any religious book can say (The old and New testaments, Bahhgavad Gita (sp?) etc).

          • Anonymous

            You see the problem with your insinuation that Mohamed was sent from God is – its flat out wrong. He is from the evil one and knew nothing of the true nature of the Eternal One.

            By the way, plagiarism is a form of flattery – although used in this particular instance the effects are deadly – believing a lie, instead of the life saving truth of God.

            Death to Islam.

          • Anonymous

            We will find out soon it seems – that Islam is not a religion – it is a violent form of government hiding behind the thin vial of religion.and it will be eradicated from the face of the earth – so says the Christian Bible and the one who wrote it – God Almighty.

          • Sandie

            In my mind, Islam with their prophet Mohammed is no less a bizarre cult than Jim Jones or David Koresh

          • Anonymous

            With blood dripping off the lower lip and tongue slashing to and fro – savoring every last drop – these wolves would have us believe “Allah is a loving entity” and “Islam a peaceful religion”, as they devour Israel piece by piece.

        • Anonymous

          How right you are!!!! Congratulations ….. you got it.

        • MediaBlackoutExposedClickHere

          Insert propaganda above and below. This is what our government is doing now that the truth has leaked out about the White House and the cover up..

  • Anonymous

    I WILL curse and speak AGAINST Islam as long as I can draw breath , no law can stop me . As for politically correct speech , how do you think the progressives have gotten so far ? The same as the muslims , by lying , by making rules to favor themselves , like political correctness , and even as Obamass is doing by rewriting history in their favor . ALL Muslims are scum , if they weren’t they would get out of that theocratic prison .

    • new2la

      As believers in Yeshua, we must pray for our brothers and sisters in the Middle East. Notice I didn’t say just Israel. Our brothers and sisters throughout the Middle East are being persecuted –Jews, Palestinians and Arabs alike. This is not a fight for a piece of land, but people’s hearts – their very souls. Pray like the early church prayed, “Lord, consider their threats and enable Your servants to speak Your word with great boldness. Stretch out Your hand to heal and perform miraculous signs and wonders through the name of Your holy servant Yeshua.”

      May this be every believer’s prayer, “Lord use us in the battle with the real enemy of mankind, the one who drives the world to love to hate Israel and the Jewish people. Use us to knock down the gates of hell and reap a harvest in Your fields.”
      Nothing short of a miracle; faith is what we need and the ability to cast a vote on November 6. No matter what the polls say.

      • chris leon

        Indeed in Egypt, the Christian Coptic Christians have had their churches burnt. This indeed is Ob using our tax money to do this? Yes, we have to be praying for persecuted Christians living in Egypt after the so called successful “Arab spring”

  • Anonymous

    Since the days when ”Political Correctness” entered, there have been more and more restrictions on what one can say publicly. Will there be ”blasphemy laws?” If B.O. is reelected, there will probably be a push for them in Congress. If that doesn’t work, he will, no doubt, issue an Executive Order that would demand a fine and/or jail time for anyone found guilty of breaking that ”law.”

  • Rafael Torres

    Getting sick of the political correctness about radical Islam from the MSM? Getting sick of CBS, NBC, ABC, and other MSM networks not reporting the stories? The time has come for a boycott!! Click on this link to join in.!/events/426980227359776/429325510458581/?comment_id=429340900457042&notif_t=event_mall_reply

  • Ajean72

    When do we start fighting back against this kind of garbage? These people work for us! We don’t work for them!

    • MaLoDiAbLo

      The main problem for a peoples revolution to a corrupt government and Obama administration is the physical size of the USA. Secondly, the people willing to die for the freedoms enjoyed in the USA are about half of our military. In the early days of America to the end of WWII, most people would fight to death in a heart beat for the survival. Today, most “big family tree” Americans are too fat and happy with status quo, and lazy.

      For the size problem, a peoples revolution would need to take place in 50 state capitals and Washington, DC at the same time with the same intensity. Some examples of recent attention getters are riots in Greece which is slightly smaller than Alabama and Egypt which is three times the size of New Mexico. Americans have the right to bears arms, so buy a 12 gauge, organize thousands of people in every state willing to march on each capital and fight the government agencies who don’t respond to emails, letters and phone calls. Since asking politely about fixing a number of serious issues isn’t getting positive results, maybe the people who have a GOVERNMENT FOR THE PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE should amass in large numbers to demand action from our elected employees.

      It will never happen until lots more people lose their homes, have to sleep under trees, beg or steal food.

  • Anonymous

    Everybody reading this message should buy the books written by Oriana Fallaci. This woman spent all her life unmasking islam and fighting them. Twice she was shot by them but they did not kill her. She recently died of an unattended cancer which she called “the wolf”, sometimes she said that fighting these s.o.b.’s was more important than her own life You shall be surprised when you read her books. ..and compare them with what we are experiencing today with these monsters..

  • Anonymous

    The so called “Political Correctness” was one of the first tools this so called “government” used to start to take our rights away. I will only do a write-in vote for Jill Reed of the TVP. The Dems or Repubs will never change what is going on as they love the way it is for them now, their pockets keep getting filled by us.

  • Anonymous

    Islamophobia is the incapacity and refusal of Moslems to read and digest the Koran and the history of its founder – not one in a thousand has done so. Islam flowers where there is illiteracy, poverty and despotism. The mullahs exhort and berate illiterate children into submission, and often to their death. These waifs are offered a paradise of ease and license if they will subjugate women and kill for the cause. Those with above-average intellect are given organizational and infiltration duties, with the same end. The leaders of this nightmare aggregate power by action of undiluted evil.

    Our president spent four years from the age of six to nine in Wahabite madrasah (in Indonesia). Because of other factors in his childhood, these four years probably had much more impact than you might imagine. Regardless, this one factor makes him unfit for any office in Our public service in America. Those 57 states he mentioned visiting? Guess how many Islamic states (countries) there are.

    If you still believe Islam is the religion of peace, you have not read or understood the Koran. I recommend reading Prophet of Doom first – a very insightful analysis.

    • Anonymous

      And Christianity flowers under the same conditions, all religions do it gives people something to believe in and hope for. And you forget Qatar, and the UAE, and Turkey all countries that are doing reasonably well that are overwhelmingly muslim. Muslim also flourishes in several democratic countries, Turkey (where religion is suppressed but Islam is the main focus, you can’t wear a hijab in a public building), Indonesia, even the Iranian constitution borrows a lot from our constitution (mostly their 1906 constitution but that one borrowed a lot from ours) (not to say they are a democracy but they do abide by their constitution).

      Islam is not a religion of peace, but neither is Judaism (crap ton more violence and genocide in the Old Testament than in the Qur’an which are only references to battles against the aggressor pagans of Mecca or the jewish tribe (not all jews just one tribe) that betrayed the constitution of medina), Christianity doesn’t have a great history of peace either. Even Buddhism, which is as peaceful as religion can be, has a history of violence.
      Just as slave owners in the south used religion to justify slavery, and Kings used it to justify serfdom, and the Pope used it to start crusades to maintain his influence and authority over europe, and Zionists used it to justify the forced relocation of thousands of innocent Palestinians, there are bad Muslims now using their religion to justify violent acts.
      Literacy, while always good, is a major reason for violence in Islam in the ways we see it today, none of the terrorists or heads of transnaitionalist groups are high up muslim scholars, the read the Qur’an on their own and came to their own conclusions (kind of like the Westboro Baptist Church and the bible).

      As for Craig Winn, the guy is a bit of a hack

  • konservative1

    Pat Robertson threatens to endorse Obama!??????

    Once again, Pat Robertson has said something ridiculous.

    This time, the televangelist focused his ire on wives who fail to properly obey their husbands.

    On Monday’s broadcast of Robertson’s television show “The 700 Club,”
    he answered a question from a viewer named Michael about how to repair
    his marriage to a woman who “has no respect for me as the head of the

    Robertson’s response: “Well, you could become a Muslim and you could beat her.”

    Bizarrely, this comment elicited laughter from Robertson’s co-host, Terry Meeuwsen.

    Unfortunately, Robertson didn’t stop there.

    “I don’t think we condone wife-beating these days but something has got to be done to make her.”

    He also called the woman a “rebellious child” who doesn’t want to
    “submit to any authority.” However, since the Scripture doesn’t allow
    for divorce, Robertson urged the husband to “move to Saudi Arabia,”
    where, ostensibly, beating the woman would be permissible.//

  • chris leon

    I still don’t believe the Obamas like the Clintons. I think it is all show. I have too good a memory of what went on in 08 and how the Clintons were called racist and indeed some little girl in Mississipi spat on Bill during the primaries, and I can’t believe Ob would put someone his campaign criticized in 08 for having “tea sipping” foreign policy as head of foreign policy were it not to do two things: 1) get her out of the Senate so she can’t run against him 2) tire her out and ruin her – I think the Obs deep down respect people who know they are not sincere. I think they think their voters are fools and laugh themselves to sleep about it.

  • Corrine

    hillery is nothing but a traitor, hore , blood on her hands !

  • Corrine

    hillery is nothing but a traitor, hore , blood on her hands !

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