From The Project: Will the files from The Holy Land Foundation Trial be released?

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  • Anonymous

    I tried to watch Part II On Demand with my Roku. The editing is terrible. Jumps back and forth between comercials and the video. The video stops in the middle of one segment then jumps to another video. Some one on the Blaze Staff should recheck the video before Sunday’s encore

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Will they be declassified? Not right now, even with an act of Congress and the Courts, Obama and the others will do nothing.

  • Eric

    Isn’t the USA at war and shouldn’t this be considered an act of treason from Obama?
    Shouldn’t he be impeached for this?

  • Silence Nobody

    Did you see the “Hate” signs at that Muslim rally in Dearborn, Michigan yesterday? That had the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda as seen on the Project written all over it. We can not allow them or the Obama administration to chip away at our 1st Amendment right to Free Speech.

  • windtalker700

    As matter of discovery the files can legally be released to the public. There is not much in them that would warrant a security classification being put on it . If anything at all! One large part of the case was trafficking in stolen or non taxed cigarettes and how the money was laundered to Hamas. When you look at the network: from store venders, to organizations, to Hamas, it really starts to look bad.
    That’s what they don’t want us to know ! All these Islamic business men who donated to these organizations through their local Mosques. Who but only a handful were indicted. It gets really bad folks.

  • Anonymous

    The fact is that Obama couldn’t care less about how publicly he does things that are ridiculous and treasonous. The MSM will explain it away, obfuscate the issue, ignore the facts and cover up for him.

    He announced his run for president in 2008 from the home of a convicted domestic terrorist responsible for multiple deaths from his group, The Weather Underground through direct terrorist activity and riots, yet nobody but Fox News said anything about it because they were determined to help him with all the free advertising he wants with no fear that they will ever turn on him.

    This was a test. He was testing the MSM’s willingness to cover up for him and help him. Obviously they passed the test with flying colors and have been his BFF’s since.

    He has used more bizarre and unconstitutional tactics designed to create himself in a new role as chief dictator, yet he is lauded for his destruction and contempt for the rule of law in order to “get the job done.

    Why would Obama care whether he is subpoenaed by Congress? Whatever they ask for will be covered with executive privilege that extends to anyone in his administration or someone he likes who shows the proper signs of obeisance to communist ideology.

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