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“We are now within the 40 days and 40 nights period of the most important election of our lifetime,” Glenn told listeners this morning. “This is why we have encouraged, and many churches have encouraged, people to fast and pray”

Glenn mentioned that very few elections have compared to this one, but one that did come to mind was the election of Abraham Lincoln. The nation was at a critical point and that election set the stage for everything that followed.

“It would take an amazing leader to bring all of the factions together in a cohesive united country. The election of Abraham Lincoln, slavery and the union itself were hanging in the balance.”

This election the country needs someone who has the character of George Washington to be able to pull us back together.

“We need somebody that the American people can look at and say you’re an adult, you’re trustworthy and you actually care,” Glenn said. “You have compassion. And you understand the Constitution of the United States of America. But we have an unbelievable convergence of problems that are coming.”

The Middle East is on fire, Israel is facing annihilation from an Iran getting closer and closer to nuclear capabilities, Europe is facing chaos, China is on the verge of revolution and, as a result, turning nationalist and threatening war with Japan to divert attention away from the 1.4 billion Chinese they’re ruling over, there is a resurgent threat from Russia, and we’re facing a food and energy crisis. All of that excludes the jobs crisis within our own borders.

Whoever our next president is gets all of that handed to them, along with the “financial cliff.”

Glenn pointed out that despite all of that, the media is doing everything they can to get President Obama re-elected. They don’t want to you see the rising unemployment, the increasing number taking disability because they no long qualify for unemployment, the staggering number of people who are overeducated for their jobs right now.

“These numbers are all be erased by the media right now. But believe me, when Mitt Romney gets in, all of a sudden we’ll be talking about an economic depression,” he said. “All of a sudden the entire media, they will set the world on fire.”

Domestically, our national debt is over $16 trillion, the Fed has announced QE3 (aka QE-infinity), the price of gallon has more than doubled, food and energy prices are through the roof, and instead of focusing on those issues the current administration is ratcheting up racial tensions, and restricting our religious and civil liberties. And, after riots and attacks on our embassies in the Middle East, the president of the United States stands in front of the United Nations this week chastising us and freedom of speech instead of condemning the people attacking us.

Despite that the media still does everything they can to put a positive light on President Obama. That’s how far down the road America has gone, the American media is protecting a president who attacks free speech.

It’s clear that the nation is at a turning point. The Obama Administration and Mitt Romney offer a clear choice and will set two very distinct paths for the country.