What is really going on with the poll numbers?

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Stu explains more on bias in the polls with his latest Stu Blog HERE

The mainstream media wants you to think the the Romney campaign is collapsing and the polls show little hope for a Romney/Ryan victory in November. Are they right? Glenn explained on radio this morning.

“I want to talk a little bit about the poll numbers here first for Mitt Romney. Do not believe the poll numbers. I’m telling you everything, everything else, everything else makes sense to me. You know, they say in the press that, you know, people aren’t that excited about Romney and they’re very excited about Barack Obama,” Glenn said.

Glenn explained that because Romney doesn’t have the most electric personality, it’s hard to claim your “excited” to vote for him. But Glenn said that they need to be asking the question: “Are you voting for personality or are you voting for principles?”

“I’m not voting against Barack Obama. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I am. Not to vote is to vote. But I’m not just doing that; I’m voting for principles. And I’m certainly not voting for Mitt Romney. I’m voting for the Constitution. I’m voting for a change in direction. If Mitt Romney is the guy who can help us get there, great. But I got news for ya. In four years from now if he sucks, we throw his ass out, too.”

“I think that the only way to solve this is to reverse the engines and to start moving back in the other direction. Otherwise you have revolution. I don’t want revolution. Mitt Romney is the best guy we have out there; I’m for Mitt Romney right now. But I’m for the Constitution.”

“The press, the press doesn’t understand that the Republicans have changed. And I’m not saying the GOP. I’m saying that a vast majority of people who have voted Republican have changed. We have become what the press says they are. We have become people who say, ‘I don’t care about the parties. I don’t care about the politics of it. I just want the right answer. I want the true answer. I don’t want anything about race. I don’t want all this bashing back and forth. I don’t want it. I want an answer, I want it clear, I want you to state it and I want you to do it. And if you don’t do it, I’m going to throw you out. And I am not beholden to anybody or any party.’ That’s who we’ve become. And they don’t recognize it.”

“So how can you believe anything that they are polling because they’re polling on old style. They’re polling, they’re looking for things that they can compare to 2008 or 2004. We’re not those people anymore.”

Glenn also said that the polls are being built around the idea that people will be as excited about voting for Obama as they were in 2008.

Stu explained, ” CNN, New York Times, Quinnipiac poll came out and it was largely touted by the media without any qualifiers at all and they said ‑‑the two states that were highlighted, Florida and Pennsylvania: Florida in 2008 had a democratic voting advantage of 3%. So 3% more Democrats came out than Republicans. In this poll that they released yesterday, in Florida they’re saying it went from 3 to 7. So they’re saying more than double the advantage for Democrats than in the 2008 election in Florida.”

“It’s obviously an unreliable sample. There’s no way that people are more intense voting for Obama this time than they were in 2008,” Stu continued. He added, “Remember 2008, okay, big Democratic wave, you’ve got Obama and everything else, he carries it, all these huge voting numbers. In 2010 that completely reversed.”

“Stop listening to them,” Glenn said. “I think all they’re trying to do is depress you.”

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Glenn its more than trying to depress and surpress the Republican votes; this is also being done to try (desperately) and “boost” the illusion of Obamas success and of his popularity.
    Illusions and propaganda and willing bias and bigotry; that is what is going on. Obama will be going down in November if Benghazi-gate does not do so even sooner.

  • Anonymous

    at least its only suppress through persuasion instead of filing frivolous lawsuits like the republicans are against the libertarians to keep them off the ballot or at the very least force them to waste precious funds.

    • Ben

      Libertarians will never be elected in the US.

      • Anonymous

        so they should face lawsuits to keep them off the ballot?
        cause that is the only point i’m making
        and they have been before and will be again.

    • ersatzear

      Libertarians will never get anywhere. They are a little like communists in that they don’t take into account human nature. They think nothing bad will happen if everything is legalized. They think Iran is a rational country we can negotiate with. Their hearts are in the right place, but they’re way off.

      • Anonymous

        so they should face lawsuits to keep them off the ballot?
        cause that is the only point i’m making

      • http://www.facebook.com/joann.graham2 JoAnn Graham

        Every totalitarian ‘ism’ that ever was is based upon expecting people to behave contrary to their own best interests. And when they prove unwilling or reluctant to do so (as they always do), then force them to do so at the point of a gun. It is how the Soviet Union and all other Communist countries operate, and the end result is always misery, poverty and starvation for all but an elite few at the top of the food chain, and even they live in constant fear of being eliminated or deposed by their fellow tyrants,

        Why ANYBODY would want to replace our free republic with Communism or Islam, for that matter, is just beyond me. The “useful idiots” who cooperate in this nuttiness–like those fools in the media–must be a SPECIAL kind of STUPID to work hand in hand with those who, if they DO prevail, will only enslave and/or destroy them.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1656559559 Andrew Ritter

      Libertarians shouldn’t be trying to cyphon off votes. All they’re going to do is help Obama. Even they should understand how much worse it would be to re-elect Obama than to elect Romney. Eveyone should be concentrating on how to defeat Obama and put this country back on the right track.

      • Anonymous

        it’s still a dick move in a free country.

      • http://www.facebook.com/joann.graham2 JoAnn Graham

        I absolutely agree! The one thing everybody had better focus on is making sure our Communist Liar-and-Traitor-In-Chief does NOT get another four years to finish the job of destroying this country. Even if he loses, it is scary enough to contemplate all the stuff he will do under the radar and behind our backs in those last few months before he is sent packing. If, indeed, he does not declare martial law and himself our “Dear Leader for Life”. And winning the election is just the beginning–we STILL have to undo all the sneaky sh*t he has done, like all the totalitarian crap that is hidden in the thousands of pages of legalese of Obamacare. We must pray the pols do not try to keep the “good” parts of Obamacare. Because NOBODY seems to know exactly what all is hidden in that thing, the safest course is to repeal the entire thing and throw it on the trash-heap of history where it belongs, along with the presidency of its Communist creator. I wish we could just wipe his Presidency OUT of the history books, but on second thought, it needs to be there, because we must NEVER FORGET what he tried to do, and the sneaky tactics the Progressives used to help him do it. And do NOT forget that even if they lose, the damned Progressives will STILL be working day and night to destroy our freedoms and turn us into a Socialist country. They’ve been working away like little beavers for at least 50 years to do just that–they are not going to let one little setback like losing this election slow them down. They’ll just find another “Obama” and start all over again.

        Above all, nobody should EVER vote for a Democrat for ANYTHING, ever again! The Democratic party has been co-opted by the Communists and the Muslim Brotherhood, and NO Democrat can be trusted to be loyal to this country and its founding principles. Moreover, you should look real hard at ANYBODY you vote for, no matter WHAT party label he/she/it wears. We are surrounded by enemies working to destroy us from within.

        I don’t recall who said it, but it is STILL true that “the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” We were not vigilant, and you see the result. We must NEVER let that happen, ever again!

      • Lioness

        I think some of them want some sort of civil war, which is just creepy to me. I’m pretty libertarian, but I know we need to be realistic, we need BO out of office or the libertarian movement will cease to exist.

  • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

    You can’t trust polls so I say just look around and see what is going on with your own eyes.

  • Anonymous

    I had already posted quotes from James Carville.

    His keyword, “Physcology”.

    The party and the media have become masters in it’s implementation.

    • new2la

      He can call it anything he /they want; it’s called lying to achieve their goals, plain and simple. These people should be exposed at all cost otherwise we will go through this forever.

  • Anonymous

    I have a few questions concerning polls and votes. Why do you think Chavez in Venezuela always wins all elections since he became “el presidente”? I know….he cheats! How is this done? I have an idea: Fidel Castro has sent thousands of Cubans to Venezuela and they were nationalized and they vote and that’s that. Probably he is doing the same trick with Brazil that now has a “presidenta” that belonged to the communist guerrillla there and spent a few years in jail before becoming “la presidenta” of Brazil. Do you remember that our presidente gave 30 billion dollars of our money to Brazil for petro excavation? Do you know how many Brazilians this crazy woman maybe has sent to America to be nationalized and to vote. We have here the Cubans that still adore Castro and thousands of Venezuelans from the Chavez regime that are American citizens already.
    Who do you think these parasites are going to vote for, Romney?

  • http://www.facebook.com/joann.graham2 JoAnn Graham

    If you think back to Reagan vs. Carter–right up until the votes were counted and it was apparent Reagan had won by a landslide, the lying media and their “polls” were assuring us that Reagan had absolutely NO CHANCE of winning. One of the tactics the lying liberals in the press use to discourage Conservatives from voting is to tell them repeatedly that their candidate has NO CHANCE to win, and therefore, by implication, they might as well stay home and not bother voting A lot of people fell for that in 2008. I hope we’re smarter this time around. Ignore the lying media and VOTE these leftwing radical liars OUT of our government! Do NOT let the polls discourage you from using your vote to rid our country of this scourge! I am convinced our survival as a free nation depends upon it!

    • new2la

      I am not certain we lost because conservatives stayed home. As conservatives, we are smarter than that! Obama won in two ways: they got out the vote ( paid off ) and probably voter fraud combined. A liberal friend admitted voting for Minnie Mouse and there were dead people as well.
      The people we need to encourage to come out of the woods is the Christian vote. The people that might stay home are the democrats thinking their man is winning; and if the weather is bad, Forget about it! Here in California, people freak out when it rains, New Yorkers do the same when it snows. In Florida, flash rain storms are scary twilight zone events. There are many reasons for someone not voting, with laziness at the top.

      • Anonymous

        The christian vote should pick romney unanimously. If they watched the dem. convention they voted against GOD.(3 times). There is no more to be said to christians.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t be too certain of your conclusion. i know too many so called conservatives who stayed home rather than vote for “Amnesty McCain.” Personally, I took a big dose of Syrup of Ipecac and forced myself to go to the polls to vote against our current Community Organizer in Chief. Let’s hope this is not a repeat performance even though there were several republican candidates who would have energized the voters. Marco Rubio and Allen West,as two examples.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-Johnson/100000190455903 Rick Johnson

    The deal is they know that Obama supporters are NOT energized and the conservative base is. They want to convince the conservative base that we have no chance of winning so we will not turn out. Remember 2000 when the media called Florida an hour BEFORE the polls closed in the heavily GOP panhandle. Look for something to happen with in the next three weeks that will energize the left.

    • Anonymous

      @facebook-100000190455903:disqus, Dems (a certain large segment) are noted for voting their emotions. So, I imagine, if they go a personal route, all they have to do is say Mrs. O. is pregnant and many will go ”Aww.” Then, if he gets in again, she can always, unfortunately, ”lose” the baby through miscarriage. If its a personnel change—at this point it’s a mystery. I expect some policy to come out that will excite and, possibly, elicit more votes.

  • Anonymous

    To answer the question re: the polls—in 4 words—Of course they’re skewed. If one goes to a liberal college campus and asks the question for whom are you going to vote,
    it’s reasonable to assume the answer will be Obama. If one goes to a retirement home in the Dakotas and asks the question, the answer could be Romney. Regardless of the results of the poll, the media will just about ALWAYS give the nod to B.O. Dick Morris was on O’Reilly’s a couple of nights ago and explained very clearly how polling is done. And the way it seems to favor ”their” candidate.

  • landofaahs

    Despite Glenn’s moron trivia, I don’t think 51% of the people are stupid enough to vote for obama. The polls are weighted towards democrats and designed to depress conservative turnout. Get mad, get others(who don’t like obama) then get to the polls and vote. We need to get out the young Bubba vote. They are usually not interested in anything but hunting which I can understand, but our way of life is at stake and we need to convince the Bubba’s of it.

  • Peter

    Read this if you have any interest in an explanation of how party demographics are determined in polling. Or continue to believe in vast left wing conspiracy.


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=601753488 Jeff Cox

    I’m pretty sure the polls are all wrong because a magic rabbit told me so in a dream.

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