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The American Revolution occurred in which country? How many years in a decade? These question seem simple enough – but can the average American answer them? Glenn finds out and in the process likely depresses the nations outlook based on the results. The latest installment of More-On Trivia – check it out in the clip above!

  • Sam Fisher

    So WHAT is a Libgbl and who is shocked that and illegal alien can vote? Gee maybe that is why States are passing voter ID laws. .

    • new2la

      The really sad part about all of this is these people have absolutely no idea they are being used. I actually think they are being bused into the US by this administration with the stipulation that they vote for Obama with the promise of citizenship. They take backward and ignorant people from other Latin American countries for the sole purpose of votes; The same party that used the slaves for their own purpose back when. The democrat party’s way of doing what they do best.

  • Sandie

    Stu is wrong, America DID exist back then. It was the United States that didn’t exist.

    • Anonymous

      You are correct, and that’s exactly what Glenn and Pat were trying to get through Stuie’s thick head!(lol) That boy needs to go back and study up on his history!

  • Anonymous

    1. glenn beck challenges the intelligence of others when his lazy and addicted ass couldn’t even earn a bachelor’s degree (which one could respect if he had left to become an entrepreneur instead of a dead beat dad!).
    2. Luckily for glenn, being able to spell words with over one syllable before he earns the right to question the intelligence of others?

    • SoThere

      1. Glenn Beck doesn’t need a bachelor’s degree and he did become a success, he makes 80 million dollars ayear , ownes his own radio and TV network.

      2. He could never earn the the gight to question your intellegence because you don’t have any. You’re a moron and a hate filled bigoted idiot.

    • Jewels

      So what causes your fear and hatred? How do you come to the conclusion that Glenn Beck is lazy? Or that his ass is in fact addicted to … something? Why should Glenn Beck spend his money on more schooling when he is making ample income without it? How do you come to the conclusion that Glenn Beck is a deadbeat dad? As for your 2nd question, what is your actual question? Tedious…

      • Anonymous

        Nice try on twisting the facts about glenn’s betrayal of his first family and flunking out of school.
        You are a true, diehard beckling!!!

        • SoThere

          Why don’t you answer Jewels questions, spammer? Everyone knows that Obama’s father was a “deadbeat dad” and philanderer. Obama is an admitted drug abuser and boozer! Once a boozer and drug abuser, always a boozer and drug abuser, right strtlk?

          Put up or shut up!

          • TheMaskedMarauder

            He can’t answer them because he has nothing to say when the truth is irrefutable. He only says things when he can lie about Glenn Beck. His jealousy and hate for the man is only exceeded by that of his mentor, Victor.

            The sound coming from strtlk’s direction – crickets…

        • tecjK


          STRTLK is the kind of idiot that got Barack elected!!!!!!!!!!!!

          The TRUTH doesn’t matter to these Radical Leftists. They cling to, and LOVE their lies. Lies got Barack elected.

          They are deep-down inherently evil. Accept it. There are evil people, and STRTLK is one of them.

          STRTLK will make a good slave to the State once Obama makes us a Communist Nation. He’s bought it hook, line and sinker. It won’t be long.


    • Anonymous

      Soooo…., to you the only people that have “knowledge” are those who have a bachelor’s degree? No person can obtain knowledge on their own? I am around plenty of people with degrees to know that a piece of paper doesn’t make you more knowledgeable, intelligent, and certainly not wise. A piece of paper doesn’t give you knowledge. It’s those who seek it, degree or not, that obtain it.

      And you have a very weird concept of what an entrepreneur is considering that the person you describe is making more money in a month than you and I probably make in a decade, has his own studios, his own radio show, publishing company, TV network, events, books, news website, etc, etc, etc. If that is not an entrepreneur then we have come a long way in destroying the meaning of what a productive individual does.

      On a different note, your grammar in the second point makes no sense. Maybe you would like to acquire the knowledge on how to put a sentence together before criticizing others on that same topic?

      • Anonymous

        Well done.
        You are a true beckling.
        You took a factual statement about glenn flunking out of college and twist it into some anti-elitist rant.
        Well done!

        • SoThere

          Many people do not finish college and go on to be very successful in life. It’s too bad that you’re not a successful person and are jealous of glenn Beck. Glenn made 80 million dollars last year and that eats you up from the inside, toilet cleaner.

          You have a sickness and an obsession with another man, not to mention the little children.

          • TheMaskedMarauder

            He’s completely absorbed in his obsessions!

  • Jeremiah Nierras

    Am I the only person who finds joy in people hanging up the phone to hide their stupidity? But then again, hearing people trying to define ‘socialism’, unsuccessfully, for the nth time is a moment as sweet as deep fried butter.

  • Kathy

    You said the gal only got one right. She got two right. America and decade. Decade is 10 years… Century is 100… Generation is 20 and Millennium is 1000. I think I heard someone way on your show that a decade was 100. You guys need to get your facts
    straight before you start grilling others.

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