Glenn’s Vegas Vacation

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Glenn apparently didn’t get the memo that, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” as he continued to give descriptive details of the questionable fashion choices he saw on some of the women on this trip this morning on radio. Plus, what did he think of Penn and Teller’s show?

  • Sam Fisher

    And that is why I will never go to Vegas. Too many weird people.

    • new2la

      Sin city personified.

  • hippen53

    There’s a lot of good people here in Las Vegas and most of us never go the strip for just the reasons Glenn was describing. Give us locals some love and come do a show here Glenn! May I suggest an off strip venue like Red Rock!!

  • Anonymous

    There are definitely a LOT of weird people in Vegas but to be honest I’ve never felt threatened walking on the strip, daytime or night time.

  • Anonymous

    Bozeman, Montana.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Martina McBride! How lucky for you. I’ve only seen her TV appearances and her music videos—you’re right—she is quite the singer.
    As to the way the women dressed—how many of them were tourists(perhaps the majority) and how many of them were employees of the clubs/lounges etc. Nonetheless, that may be a reason some call it Hollywood East. Though, I’ve not been in H/wood for some years, do they dress like that too? Or is that at other locales in the city?

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