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On radio this morning, Glenn read the disturbing statistics today coming from the Department of Justice that claim the number of people whose telephones were the subject of pen register and trap and trace surveillance more than tripled between 2009 and 2011. The trend is only getting worse – so where are those on the left who called out President George W. Bush for ‘warrant-less wiretaps’?

The Daily Caller reported:

Documents obtained by the ACLU through a Freedom of Information Act request revealed that under President Obama between 2009 and 2011, warrantless electronic surveillance requests by the Justice Department to spy on phone communications increased 60 percent from 23,535 to 37,616.

The number of people whose phone calls were subject to such surveillance during that same time period tripled.

Phone numbers called and received, emails sent and received, and other Internet communications were all monitored by the federal government via “pen register” and “trap and trace devices” — systems that measure the data, not the content, about the communication.

“Where are all the people, ‘Warrantless wiretaps!  The Bush administration, warrantless wiretaps, where’s our freedoms!?’,” Pat wondered after Glenn read the story.

The guys played the famous clip of Keith Olbermann who said: “Mr. Bush, you’re a fascist.  Get them to print you a T‑shirt with fascist on it.”

Glenn didn’t seem to be surprised by the news, noting that people on his team had reached out to the White House about whether or not they monitored members of the media.

“I have been told in no uncertain terms, and everybody in the media should know this: We have contacted the White House. No denial of this. They just won’t say specifically who. But they are monitoring media people,” he explained.

Pat and Glenn were both skeptical of the claim that the government was not monitoring any content in the communications.