What is the Secretary of State Project?

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On Tuesday night’s TV show, Glenn spent the opening minutes of the show discussing the media’s coverage of the election. While the polls show Obama and Romney in a statistical dead heat, the media is already claiming that the Romney camp should be preparing for a loss in November. Why would they be stacking the deck so high against Romney before the first debate? Glenn said it all ties to the Soros-funded Secretary of State Project, an organization whose goal is to secure the Secretary of State position for Democrats in key swing states.

Glenn explained that the Secretary of State position has quite a bit of influence over the outcomes of elections, specifically noting the roles played by Katherine Harris in Florida during the 2000 election and Kenneth Blackwell in 2004.

“Since the Secretary of State is required to certify election results, they have tremendous influence in close races, so the left wanted to make sure they controlled that influence after ’04,” Glenn said.

One beneficiary of the project’s support was Secretary of State Mark Ritchie of Minnesota. Ritchie ended up handing Senator Al Franken a victory in a hotly contested race with Republican incumbent Norm Coleman.

The organization’s Facebook page reads, “The Secretary of State Project was created by concerned citizens to provide an easy-to-use, low-cost vehicle for online donations to reform minded progressive Secretary of State candidates and incumbents in key battleground states. We also work on election related and voter protection issues.”

TheBlaze noted that the organization appears to be inactive despite still existing on paper:

In 2010, five out of the seven candidates put forth by the Secretary of State project were defeated. While still existing on paper, the organization has since been relatively inactive. The Secretary of State website also appears to have been disabled, but the organization’s Facebook page remains.

Could the biased polls and coverage be setting up a situation where Romney could be accused of stealing the election in a close race? Glenn said such an outcome would only fuel the unrest that has already dominated America for the past year and led to groups like Occupy Wall Street popping up across the country.


  • Anonymous

    No glenn, you dipshit.
    The reason the Democrats are rightfully predicting a win is because of the electoral votes the President will obtain by winning key states. The electoral college was created by the Founding Fathers glenn claims to know “so well”!
    Stop lying glenn!!!

    • SoThere

      You keep thinking that strtlk. No need for you leftists to vote, Obama has it in the bag.

    • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

      Do you kiss your mom with that mouth.

    • Anonymous

      you leftist are so angry and filled with hate is what is destroying this country..if you leftist hate this country so much leave it and US alone!!Glenn Is not a dipshit you are. for not knowing the TRUTH…you must be an atheist…for The Truth,GOD, will set you free….your god,hussein-obama will ‘send you’all back in chains’ of slavery. so wake up
      before its too late!!

  • Anonymous

    polls aren’t perfect that’s why they have a margin of error. Conservative, non-partisan, and liberal polls show Obama winning at this point.
    I hope Obama loses, but this theory is nuts.

    • Anonymous

      im sure hussein-obama did not win again,it is george schwartz Soros at work again, Soros The AntiSemetic Jew That worked for the Nazi’s! That want his dream of killing islams great satan and little satan all his life, his lifelong goal.using his Celebrity-in-Chief Hussein-Obama just like Lord Sidious used Anakin Skywalker,Vader…not to bring balance to the force(truth) but to destroy it!

  • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

    They tried to do the same thing with Bush with these so called hanging chads. Liberals are just sore losers and will never be anything more. It is a tie if you account for the error in these polls it is about between 5% to 3% and I can see where Glenn is getting at because it is just smart for them to try to cover their tracks so they can scream bloody murder if it was close. It has progs written all over it.

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