Beck, Spitzer discuss the issues at DISH’s “War of the Words”

On Tuesday night, Glenn flew to Denver, CO to take part in DISH Network’s “War of the Words”, which saw him face off against prominent progressive and Current TV’s Eliot Spitzer. For over an hour, the two spoke out on the issues important to them and the country, covering everything from the economy, the role of government, the media, and healthcare.

Broadcast on DISH and Facebook, the event took place at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver and was moderated by Ed Sardella.

In his opening statements, Glenn took time to thank DISH CEO Joe Clayton for bringing him to Denver before addressing the theme of the night’s event – “The War of the Words”. While that theme implied and even celebrated the inherent conflict between the two opposing political viewpoints, Glenn said it was important for people to stop arguing and start working together.

“I don’t believe in a war of the words,” Glenn said. “We listen to people argue with each other and it tears up apart. If I knew what I knew now ten years ago, I wouldn’t have said the things in the past the way I said them.”

“It’s important for us to listen to each other,” he argued.

Glenn also thanked DISH for putting TheBlaze in millions of homes across the country, noting that they took a chance on a network with a new attitude and outlook that was unlike anything in the mainstream media. He also touted his network’s autonomy, as it is funded by viewers and subscribers leaving him beholden to no one at the end of the day other than God.

In his opening comments, Governor Spitzer of Current TV claimed that America was in good shape and that President Obama was steering the country in an improved direction.

“I believe that we as a nation are stronger than ever,” Spitzer told the audience.

As the event got underway, Spitzer took a page from Glenn’s playbook by using several charts and visual aids to help demonstrate his point. Having left his chalkboard back in Dallas, Glenn at one point used a sharpie to draw a chart on his hand to illustrate his argument against Obamacare. Using the chart, Glenn explained the “Complete Lives System” and rationed care which would emerge as a result of socialized healthcare, and pointed out several recent examples in the news where medicine and treatment was being rationed as a result of government interference.

The philosophical divide between the two became clear when Sardella asked the hosts about their views on the role of government. Spitzer defended Obama’s “you didn’t build that” comments and called for a government that “enforces the rules”. He blamed the Bush administration for the recession that has plagued America since 2008, and said the burden was on big government to police businesses in orde to prevent another recession.

“That was nuts,” Glenn said after hearing Spitzer’s comments.

“Capitalism is great unless you unhook from morals and principles,” Glenn countered.

Glenn put the blame for the economic woes where they belonged – on the people in Washington and on Main Street who unplugged and made the bad choices that led to the collapse in the housing market. He said people have to take responsibility for bad loans, and the government has to take responsibility for enabling those choices.

“We unhooked from reality,” Glenn said.

Glenn said that America needs to redefine the word success and that success needs to tethered to principles. He also said that Americans need to be allowed to fail, and that it was only through his failure over a decade ago was he able to get the strength he needed to build a successful company and launch his own network.

“That happened through hard work and principles,” he said.

To close out the discussion, Spitzer once again reiterated a point that he had made through out the event: America was better off than it was four years ago because of Barack Obama’s leadership. Spitzer said he expected Obama to have a “huge victory” in the weeks ahead.

For his closing remarks, Glenn said that he simply was hoping that someone, either candidate, would speak the plain truth about what is going on in the world. He noted in particular that America’s leaders needed to acknowledge the true chaotic state of the Middle East and the failure of the Arab Spring.

But rather than say a politician would be the one to lead America over the coming years, Glenn said Americans needed to wake up and take responsibility for their own destinies.

“Stand up for what you believe in, you might end up being wrong. I might end up being one of those most incorrect men ever. Whatever. I stand up for what I believe in.”

“The engine of America is you,” Glenn concluded.

  • John Scurich

    Spitzer was embarrassing! While Glenn answered questions directly, intelligently and sincerely, Spitzer was there ONLY to serve as an “Obama tool.” Did anyone else notice how Spitzer worked into every one of his answers a plug for Obama and a knock against Romney? Yet, did anyone notice how Glenn never mentioned Obama or Romney? That’s because Glenn understood the answers were supposed to be what the participants thought – “not” what they they thought Obama or Romney would say. Then, Spitzer liked to talk about what he called “facts.” Yeah, too bad his so called “facts” were all incorrect! Spitzer came across terrible – and I was thinking “this guy was the Attorney General of NY at one time???” He read from hand cards while Glenn spoke off the cuff – but wrote a chart on his hand (laugh). Oh, and Spitzer’s supposedly impressive charts??? The one about GDP growth was wrong – he forgot to mention whatever growth we’ve had in GDP is equal to the debt Obama and the Democrats created from the Quantitative Easing by the Fed – thus, it’s all “phony” growth because “we’re paying for it” – it was NOT created out of the private sector. That’s what Spitzer and all other liberals FAIL to grasp – that for growth to be “real” it must come from “out of nothing” in the private sector – NOT from the government printing more money!!! Morons all!!!

    • Anonymous

      Glenn was debating. Spitzer was campaigning for Obama.

  • John Scurich

    Spizer’s new program is on Current TV, which is founded and owned by Al Gore. Gee, can you say “another worthless, uselss liberal tool network?” Yeah, I thought you could!

    • John Scurich

      Oh, I thought it was hilarious when Spitzer replied to Glenn saying “yeah, I’m with a new network (Current TV) where I can say whatever I want, answering to no one”…Laughable!!! Like we REALLY believe Spitzer can say “anything” he wants like to criticize Obama or the Democrats when HIS BOSS is Al Gore. Yeah, I believe that like I believe in the Easter Bunny.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Current TV will probably become known as “Another Obama-fund bailout.”

    • Anonymous

      Pretty well sums it up doesn’t it?

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Congratulations Glenn – you showed the true difference between the progressives own madness and the true spirit of America, which is a free market system with morale’s, scruples and principles from God to guide them.

    Under the Progressives, we have become unattached from reality; especially in the last four years. Now its up to us this November to take back the nation and set our ship of state on the proper course to restoration and the future.

  • windtalker700

    If the audience had to vote I think G/B would have won by a landslide. That being said I refuse to believe people such as Governor Spitzer are so blind they don’t see the reality of the situation. There is no doubt in my mind the folks on the left simply want to control us. Governor Spitzer, thank you sir but no thanks. I think most Americans realize Government is in the way of posterity and we just want them stand as guardians of liberty and in the mean time “ leave us alone”.

  • MarsBarsTru7

    The typed summary here really doesn’t do this debate justice. I was very skeptical at the beginning because of the summary here… I wish the folks were inclined to edit their work, because it would definitely serve them to rewrite this.

    Glenn’s best answer was his answer to “Why do we have political parties?”.

    The closing commentary – not great.

    Spitzer – A lawyer spinning spinning spinning… Replace his face with any other “moderate” Democrat, no difference. He’s not an individual when it comes to political positions. He’s a talking head. And whoa, does he ever reveal his nature at the end. Scum.

    • John Scurich

      Mars, I’m not sure what you were looking for in Glenn’s answers? Greatness? As in “his closing commentary – not great.” Speaking for myself, I wasn’t looking for some profound “great” comment from Glenn…I was looking for “honestly” in his comments – and that’s exactly what he delivered. I didn’t realize Glenn was supposed to “woo us” with his answers. And I think that’s the point he was trying to make: why can’t our leaders simply give us honest answers to our questions and problems? The answers don’t have to be “impressive,” but simply honest ones.

      • MarsBarsTru7

        I didn’t think his closing closing commentary was good. It’s my opinion. You have your own.

        I’m not sure what you’re looking for here. I didn’t criticize anything specific. Your “woo us” comment is projection, not related to anything I said. Also, we’re on the same team, but that doesn’t exempt Beck, you, or me from criticism. Your defensive response is pointless. Lay off the caffeine.

  • Loren Tell

    OMG – If these librals keep saying Romney doesn’t pay his taxes, I’m gonna lose my frickin mind!! They can’t help but lie. Glenn didn’t personally attack Obama once… and yet Spitzer couldn’t lay off Romney. I pray to God above that the Presidential debate goes well for Romney – I can’t take much more of this libral agenda!

    • jimof ct

      It is sad thyat we even allow Elliot Spitzer to be a major political spokesperso for anyone or anything other than the disgraceful example of an arrogant immoral person who abuses the power given to him by election to disgrace his office. Obama should be embarrassed to have him represent his candidacy. However, Obama will use whatever he can to continue his Radical, liberal “TRANSFORMATION OF AMERICA” agenda which doesn’t much concern itself with moral behavior anyway.

    • Anonymous

      i’m waiting for glenn to correct spitzer on our country being a constitutinal republic,not a democracy.

  • Sam Fisher

    I wish I was their I would be the guy laughing in the back ground every time Spitzer what an zombie.

  • texasgrandmom

    I’m glad this was not a drinking game for every l i e or Dem operative talking point (same thing) that came out of Spitzer’s mouth. It’s funny to hear a guy who illegally participated in a prostitute ring, talk about the law and integrity, as if he knows what it is. He has absolutely no credibility.

  • Tony Fredrick Hunt

    Dems do like to say how better off we are than 4 years ago. Spitzer, or Obama, either one, come to my house and tell that to my family. I’m sure you’ll smile, and say “Don’t worry, we’re getting there”, and get back on your jet. 4 years ago, we still had something we havn’t in awhile now: A little extra spending money. You know, after all the bills and crap. I know this isn’t Christian of me, but Obama can go to hell. All-powerful being my a$$.

  • Anonymous

    I gagged on my coffee when Spitzer say be were better off. What planet is he living on? I remember the 4.5 unemployment rate during the Bush Administration. That seems never to be brought up in the conversation.

  • Anonymous

    Alexander Hamilton might have believe in a Federal Bank, but not one that prints money like crazy.

  • Anonymous

    I have read the United States Constitution and I have found nothing that mentions health care. In fact, there is nothing that mentions Social Security or Medicare.

  • Anonymous

    STOP! I want to drink my coffee not gag on it. Wilson was a racist from the word Go.

  • Anonymous

    I think the party of the 60’s brought us the Vietnam War.

  • Anonymous

    Again,there is nothing in the Constitution about the Federal Government providing Education. It is to be done at the State level not the Federal Level.

  • johntmoor

    The great Glenn did not prepare or take this seriously as he admitted. Either do a good job or don’t do it. He has the facts but did not refute the many erroneous points by Spitzer. Glenn gave nebulous talk about doing right. Did not sway anyone. Glenn, have you lost focus or are you just tired.

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