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Bill O’Reilly has a new book out “Killing Kennedy” which was a follow up to his hit success “Killing Lincoln” and prompted Glenn to question Bill’s fascination with ‘killing’ books. The pair also previewed the debate tonight – how should Mitt Romney handle the tough questions? O’Reilly explains on radio today.

Rough transcript of interview below:

GLENN: Bill O’Reilly continues his fascination with presidential assassinations. I don’t know what it is. First it was Lincoln. Now it’s Kennedy. And I don’t know. McKinley is next. I’m not sure what he’s working on. Number one best-selling author. The number one book in America. Been on the best-selling list for 53 weeks, I don’t know.

STU: 53,000 weeks.

GLENN: His epic book, “Killing Lincoln”. Now being followed by “Killing Kennedy”, and it is just as good. We have we have Bill O’Reilly on the phone. Hello Bill.

STU: He’ll be here in a few minute.

GLENN: What do you mean?

STU: He’s apparently decided there’s a breakfast emergency. Maybe there’s a delicious hash brown he’s finishing off.

PAT: He might be finish up the research on killing McKinley.

GLENN: I may not talk about his book now. Here’s the truth. I haven’t Reddit. I don’t like it.

STU: How would you know.

STU: I think he’s on now.

GLENN: Bill now that you’re late.

CALLER: Wait. Wait. I’ve been calling you guys.

GLENN: Don’t even.


GLENN: What is the weird thing with your fascination with the deaths of former presidents. Are you working on killing McKinley now.

CALLER: Did you read the book.

GLENN: I have to apologize to you. I haven’t.

CALLER: You haven’t read it.

GLENN: I know you sent it to me early.

CALLER: Most of this book is when he was alive. The worthiness we knock out all of the myths. All of the garbage, all of the rumor. All of the innuendo.

GLENN: No you don’t. You don’t knock it out. There was one part of the story I was interested in.

CALLER: Which was?

GLENN: If I would have read the book I would have known. This is the one guy that you couldn’t nail down because were you on his track and he committed suicide.

CALLER: Fascinating story. 1976 I’m working at a WFAA in Dallas, Texas. A friend of mine. He calls he’s got a call he’s a Russian emigre. He was teaching at a college. This guy knows a lot about Oswald. I immediately try to track shield. He runs. He dodges. He knows I’m after him. So I go to his house. A number of times. Finally and this was against the law, I actually broke into his house and nobody knows that. I’m telling the Glenn Beck program.

GLENN: Just hold on a second. Eric Holder let’s get him on the phone.

CALLER: I was dressed like a Black Panthers so he’s not going to do anything. So.

CALLER: So the back door the backsliding door was open and I opened it, and I stepped into his living room I guess it was. And there was nobody there. I pounded on the door, and so I had a cameraman with me. There’s blood on the rug. So I thought this was really strange. Told my assignment editor. Don’t ever do that again, and don’t tell anybody. We got word that he was visiting his daughter in south palm beach Florida. Where did the blood come from.

CALLER: I don’t know.

GLENN: You didn’t do anything about that.

CALLER: Because you broke in we don’t you want to do anything. I head out to palm beach Florida.

GLENN: I’d like to apologize to the parents of the missing girl in the 1970s who’s body was never found. Bill O’Reilly let it happen.

CALLER: My friend is trying to get shield to serve him a subpoena. So we both of us are heading out to the house. I get to the house. And shield blew his brains out second floor of his daughter Alexandra’s house.

PAT: While you’re there.

CALLER: I’m there. And then the palm beach police drove there. I have not been able to define shield was hanging around Lee Harvey Oswald which was the lowest rung. Now, a sleuthed it. I’ve done anything. We knew that shield had ties to the C.I.A.. he had ties to the older Bush. That is one of the few things we have not been able to nail down in “Killing Kennedy”.

GLENN: So Oswald was a loan shooter.

CALLER: He shot him by himself.


GLENN: Was he a Russian agent?

CALLER: There is no evidence of that.

GLENN: Was why did he go over to the Soviet Union.

CALLER: He went over to the Soviet Union because he was a loser and Communist. He thought he was going to have a great life over there. That’s where he met his wife in Minsk. The F.B.I. shadowed him. He was a Socialist Communist kook. If he was a Russian agent he wouldn’t have had so much trouble getting into Cuba. He went down to Cuba. We traced every bit of him. You learn all of this fascinating.

GLENN: If you’re offering to have somebody read it to me I’ll take that. I’m trying to create jobs.

CALLER: I’ll have somebody come to see you.

GLENN: We’re going to the election in a few minute.

CALLER: You’re going to love this book. This is right up your alley. Because.

GLENN: Bill.

CALLER: It unmasks the whole government and the C.I.A. what they did the bay of pigs. Kennedy ordering the assassination of DM. This is right where you live.

GLENN: I love Lincoln. I love, and I hate myself for saying it. But I loved your book about Lincoln.

CALLER: All right.

GLENN: I’ll read another one.

CALLER: Good. You’re the man for it.

GLENN: Let me ask you the one other question. You say there was a turning point in Kennedy’s life, and it was the death of his son.

CALLER: Almost like your story. It’s almost like the Glenn Beck story. Here’s Kennedy.

GLENN: He started the network.

CALLER: Whatever Kennedy wants to do, whatever babe he wants to go after, whatever.

GLENN: If it moves he’s interested.

CALLER: So Kennedy is one of the most popular men in the world. He’s doing whatever he wants to do. It doesn’t matter if it hurts his wife his children whatever, he does it.

GLENN: Tell me when it gets to the story like me.

CALLER: Remember your days your in Connecticut.

CALLER: Something happens to JFK. What happens is his baby dies Patrick. And we spend a lot of time in the book on that.

GLENN: Did you think about naming the book killing Patrick.

CALLER: No. Because with this there are a lot the other things. Thank you for the suggestion. So the poor baby.

GLENN: You know —

CALLER: Dies, and JFK is profoundly, and I mean profoundly affected. He changes. He changes — he doesn’t become a saint overnight like you did. But his whole outlook changes and his presidency changes.

GLENN: So did he become a Republican.

CALLER: Almost. He wanted to cut taxes. He wanted to limit government. But you’ll see in the book how what happens there.

GLENN: So Bill, we’re going to talk about the election in a second. The name of the book is “Killing Kennedy”, and killing McKinley is coming up, and shooting but missing Truman. I’m sure will be the follow up.

PAT: Stabbing Caesar is down the roads.

GLENN: We’ll get to the election.

CALLER: . You done making fun of me.

GLENN: You’re a machine.

CALLER: “Killing Kennedy” is number one. “Killing Lincoln” is still number 4.


GLENN: Bill O’Reilly, you play Mitt Romney here for a second.

CALLER: All right.

GLENN: Mr. Romney you were recorded as saying 47% of the people are basically lazy and you don’t care about them. How do you explain that?

CALLER: What I was saying to a group of my supporters was that there is a certain mindset among people who support my opponent President Obama of entitlement. They want free stuff. Now, 47% probably too high. I was just speaking off-the-cuff. But there is no question that many Americans right now want a nanny state, and there is the poster boy for — you can’t say the poster guy for the nanny state President Obama. And these people would never vote for me because I am someone who believes in competition, who believes in capitalism and self-reliance. Those are the things that I stand on, and that’s what has made America great, and that’s why President Obama’s administration has weakened the economy, and take away from that.

GLENN: What you just said appeals to me. We used to be self-reliance. But 47%, and that is probably too high. 47% are on the government Dole in some way or another. And they’re not paying taxes, and that number is growing every single day, and I’d say I’ll bet that there is at least 10% maybe as high as 20% who’re just like I don’t want to pay taxes. I don’t want to do any work. I’m totally cool with this system.

CALLER: I think one out of five think they are owed something. I want to do my Internet stuff. I want to flounce around. I’m not going to study in school. I’m not going to work hard. I’m not going to learn a trade, and so give me my house. Give me my food, and give me, give me, give me, and that’s growing. That’s a growing part of our population.

GLENN: You have been doing television since 1884. And.

CALLER: Since Rutherford B. Hayes.

GLENN: You’ve seen these elections over and over again. The spin of the polls is remarkable. I happen to believe that the model is wrong. All of the polls in the last three or four years have been six points wrong minimum. Six points.

CALLER: Well. In a month we’ll know whether you’re correct or not.

GLENN: Hold on hold on.

CALLER: All right.

GLENN: Mr. O’Reilly this is the no twirling around zone. What I want to know from you is take the polls as they are. They’re all within the margin of error. They’re 47-45. 45-45. Whatever. So it’s a dead-heat. A. Have you ever seen an election this close for this long where it is just locked pretty much locked-in a dead-heat, and B, why isn’t the media saying this is the closest election that they’ve seen. It’s never this close. Why are they saying it is Obama.

CALLER: That’s not anything new. So the national media and the urban newspapers are rooting for the President. So I think that’s established beyond a reasonable doubt. And dimmest Americans know that. The problem is that you have if you are not a fan of the President’s is that Mitt Romney has not taken the fight to him. And that’s what everybody is hoping to see tonight in the debates. They’re hoping to see Mitt Romney on fire coming out say look I don’t want to be disrespectful but the President is ruining the country not just in the short-term but in the long-term, and the culture of entitlement that he embraces the attitude of where’s mine. I don’t care about the country. I want my stuff and I want it now, and I want other people to give it to me, is taking root. And we have to confront the fact that our President is exploiting people who don’t want or can’t provide for themselves. If Mitt Romney would do that tonight and bring it right to his doorstep, and back it up with facts. Look at the expenditures, look at the spending, look at the waste. Look what’s coming down the road.

GLENN: He wins if he does it. This weekend George Washington O’Reilly and Stewart the debate. “Killing Kennedy” the book is on sale now.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Thanks for telling us the book is out now; I will see about ordering it on Amazon. If it is half as good as the Lincoln book (I borrowed that one from my local library) then there is much to look forward to.

    On the matter of tonight’s first debate between Romney and Obama; look for the polls and the MSM to declare Obama the winner no matter how good Romney does. That is the reason they have been ‘downplaying’ Obama’s abilities for some time, to set up the stage for a ‘decisive and smashing win’ by Obama.

    • Draxx

      It’s Scary Too, to Think that people are going believe whatever NBC and/or Jon Stewart says about their polls…

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Now I will admit up front – I was shocked that even the MSM called the win for Romney; I do see Team Obama going hyper-war, including Pelosi and Reid, after him on the race, class, economic matters, and use as much of anti-mormon material that they can fabricate.

        Amazingly, many of the Obama-trolls are silent this morning; may not last for long yet it is nice, all glory to God for showing the truth of Obama in the debate.

        • new2la

          Lots of “flag as inappropriate”. After Snowleopard’s post. Does any see what I see?

          • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

            Okay, I’m in the dark on your post, what exactly is in the ‘flag as inappropriate’ after my post. I don’t see it

          • new2la

            It’s the strangest thing. Right after your post, it says:
            Scroll down and then there’s gibberish, includes many posts, which are followed by “flag as inappropriate”. There are about 20 lines of different post, by different people. I’ll investigate further.

          • new2la

            I was using my iPad, I went on my PC so I can copy and paste to post, so you could see what I saw, but it’s gone! Went back to my iPad, and it too is gone. It freaked me out! Sorry if I alarmed you, but we are all seeing strange things happening on Glenn’s site, or at least I am.

          • SoThere

            It’s happened before new2la. It’s a glitch in the website that usually happens when they are changing things in the program.

          • new2la

            Thank you SoThere….I freak out easily these days!

          • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

            Okay now it makes sense – trying to paste from one part to another has been a problem lately. Disqus had problems this morning, and several sites I deal with were affected when I tried to cut/paste as you mention.
            Its a glitch in their system; call it a ‘echo’ from when the system has problems. It should be taken care of by the end of the day. I will send an e-mail to alert Disqus.

          • new2la

            No, what I wanted to do was copy what I was seeing and post it…the only way I could do that was to copy & paste. I can’t or don’t know how to do it on my iPad so I went on my PC. But when I went to find what I first saw, it was gone.

      • new2la

        @Draxx:disqus Jon Steward has questioned the Lybia debacle and the WH reponse..or lack of……. in their words denying it was a terrorist attack. Stewart is a smart guy; he must see the inconsistencies by the WH.

        • Draxx

          I believe he is playing the popularity card, whoever wins he wants to be on that side for his own personal gain…

          • new2la

            People like that sicken me….opportunists are sickening. They do nothing unless it benefits them.

  • Sam Fisher

    I did not get a chance to read his last book was it any good?

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Yes. Very good, and I say that about few books.

      • Sam Fisher

        Good I saw it on sale and was wonder if I should get it. Now I think I might just do that.

        • Anonymous

          I’ll wait until it is available at a garage sale.

    • ‘etsyBay Aka-Betsy

      It was EXCELLENT! I got it on tape and have listened to it three times & every time it makes me shudder. It’s a masterpiece.

  • ‘etsyBay Aka-Betsy

    Where is the link to the video/recording of Beck & O’Reilly??

  • Tony Fredrick Hunt

    Odd, the video that played for me was about the polls, and Soros, not O’riley. Havn’t read Killing Lincoln yet, sounds like I should.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Check it out from your local library if you have any doubts about purchasing it first.

    • new2la

      I experienced the same Thing! Great video and insightful, but not about Oreilly….which was Ok and certainly much more interesting. I liked when Glenn compared Romney to a mechanic, He fixes things as opposed to a salesman, Who leaves after the sale. Glenn also spoke about the spooky dud, (yes dud) Soros and how he manipulated the states in races; ie…the snake Al Franken. When you think things can’t be more evil, satan rears it’s ugly head!

  • Anonymous

    At this hour, the debate is over. As expected, the left thought (for the most part) that B.O. did a good job. Except for Bill Maher. He tweeted that B.O. really could have used a teleprompter. And a couple of other snarky comments. The other side (for the most part) thought Romney did a great job. It will be interesting to know how most of the LSM sees it, but I guess it shouldn’t surprise us what they say. As for the O’Reilly-Stewart match up this weekend, that should be a hoot. Wished I lived close enough to
    see it and, no, I won’t pay to ”stream” it or however it comes into the home.
    Oh. Did Bill write another book? Seems the one he did on Lincoln is selling very well.
    If this book sells like hotcakes, too, it may put him into a higher tax bracket. But since he gives a lot to charity, that’s OK.

    • Anonymous

      BHO was nervous and looking down all the time and on defense. Romney was the strong one he knows business and can rebuild America like he built companies! its the Left that Kills..all the time. i even believe Johnson had his hand in killing kennedy to become president! not even waiting taking oath on the plane! the Left,took what worked in every dem and put in in the halfblack BHO! and used the race card to win. but glenn is right Soros does it All with his experience working for the Nazi’s! the left even killed Christ. the criminal on the Left denied Christ The Right Believed. That explains the Left and Right in Politics!! and the Lefts bible playbook is RulesForRadicals dedicated to Lucifer–the is where The Left comes from!!!and is going…

  • Anonymous

    BECK—please STOP giving O’Rielly air time.

    • Anonymous

      oreilly always cuts off Beck when he appears on his show,fair play

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