Solis confronted by CNBC over suspicious jobs report

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In theory it’s good news for everyone when the unemployment rate drops, but the number itself doesn’t tell the whole story. In fact, there’s growing skepticism about the 7.8% figure because all of the key vital stats were about what experts predicted – but they thought those vitals would add up to at least 8.1% or higher. CNBC even went as far to confront Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis.

“A lot of people out there do not believe the 7.8 number,” the reporter asked. “They believe that somehow the BLS fixed this to coincide with the election cycle.”

“You know, I’m insulted when I hear that because we have a very professional Civil Service organization where you have top, top economists that work at the BLS. They have been doing these calculations. These are our best trained and best skilled individuals that have been working in the BLS and it’s really ludicrous to hear that kind of statement. And I say that because just look at the – you know, we have to look at what happens across the board, not just in one month,” Solis responded.

“You should look at what happens across the board, which is a disaster for four years,” Stu said.

“It’s so funny because here we are talking about a guy who’s going to run across the country and tell people that 7.8% in America is good. That is something that before this president took office almost was never thought of as a good thing. You could say maybe in the Great Depression they would have been happy with that. But even as of 2007 2008, that’s still a terrible number. Remember the president took office with the unemployment rate at 7.8%. So four years, multiple trillions of dollars gets us back to where we were in the middle of the worst economic crisis of all time since the Great Depression. I mean, that is – it’s not something you’d think anyone would be bragging about. We spent all these trillions of dollars and we got nowhere. But you they will tout that, of course, as a huge success,” Stu said.

“We were supposed to improve things from where it was when you (Obama) took office and that was kind of the plan and it was your own plan,” Stu added.


  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    A professional civil service in the government? For the leadership that means its the kind called ‘the oldest professional service in the world,’ which is no surprise at all given the absolute corruption of Team Obama from top to bottom.

    This is one more matter that will continue to grow and turn in full upon Obama, crushing him completely – judgement has come to the House of Obama, and may Obama resign while he still has a portion of his shattered mind left.

  • MarsBarsTru7

    @ Beck crew –

    You guys have been messing up a bit lately. This is another video segment that doesn’t reflect the article content. This is the third one this week. You guys only upload half a dozen or so articles/segments per day so three pretty big mistakes in one week isn’t great. Plus, you guys never fixed the previous couple flubs.

    Time to get on the ball guys.

    • Sam Fisher

      I find it annoying for peat sake who do they have setting up these web pages Mr.Magoo?

      • MarsBarsTru7

        *Laughing*… I have no idea why, but my comment was downrated. Downrated by three to be exact. Three down, hmmm.

        1) Glenn, 2) Pat, and 3) Stu. 😉

        • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

          I think its more than that, my own downswings have been occurring quite often due to someone from blasting almost all of my postings with negative, hate filled commentary and then flagging mine as ‘inappropriate material within.’

          I finally left dealing with thehill due to the sheer magnitude of hate on the place from a handful of posters.

          What you may be seeing Mars is one or more trolls of the Obama supporters deliberately disliking our posts to try and score some kind of reaction from us.

          I have the same happen on too many sites with me for it to be just coincidence over the last two years.

          In the last two days since the disaster Obama suffered in the debate, any comment I make in regards to that has been pulled instantly from the site.

          Plus a correspondence from the moderator of thehill stated clearly I was banned from the site for ‘inaccurate and slanderous remarks of Obama.’

          • MarsBarsTru7

            Lol. Don’t you know dissent is not allowed?

            It was uncovered back in ’09 that the Daily Kos and MoveOn were both employing people to be propagandists on the Internet. I’ve never seen anything that said they had stopped. Of course, now there are so many indoctrinated zombies they have hordes of mentally undead followers that they don’t have to pay doing the very same things.

            Have you ever checked the comments in response to FOX News articles? Or the NYTimes? It’s insanity.

            Keep fighting the good fight.

          • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

            LOL indeed, I know ‘dissident is forboten!’

            And to be honest, I DO NOT CARE, I will not comply.

            I guess the progressives finally got tired of ranting and raving that had no effect on me; their lies met with truth, often right from the very sources of government that have public records available.

            On thehill, I noticed a roughly twelve hour pause at the end of the debate; and I figured the counter attack would soon begin. I stated such, and sure enough, within the hour, each post of mine was having an average of thirty or more rants attacking it.

            Keep up the good fight as well.

            God is vindicating His people, calling them ever onward to fight the darkness, and bringing judgement to the House of Obama as it appears one more scandal in concern to donation fraud or such is about to break.

          • J.w. Appling

            I’ve noticed that the trolls tend to wait till the thread dies out to start rebutting post. They don’t like being confronted and try to make things seem as one sided as they can. I’ve seen them take down post on other sites by flooding conservative post with thumbs down, dislikes and flagging and I know its a small handful of people using multiple accounts you can tell by reading their post its the same two or three people doing it but I guess when you get paid to do that bull its not a waste of time to manage 20 or 30 accounts.

          • new2la

            If it’s one single thing we know about trolls, it is cowardice. Confront a liberal physically, and watch the squirming begin.

          • Anonymous

            Really? I told new2la that I too have been noticing down votes on stupid things that wouldn’t or shouldn’t get a downgrade vote. For example, new2la got a thumbs down vote for posting about system problems on this site. Also some posts never get posted or just disappear.

          • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

            Part of the ones that vanish or are never posted are due to system glitches. As for the vote downs, again, I feel (my own opinion) that the progressive trolls are seeking to stir trouble up on the site.

            You should have seen the original first few months for the Blaze when the site was mostly an open forum; and the battles could be intense, and occasionally obnoxious to the extreme.

            Thankfully they have developed rules to handle the matters; but we once had a copycat who impersonated some five or six of us by changing their screen name (at the time this could be done), often and got many of us blocked, banned or so fed up that until many of us noticed the pattern and reported it, the site was in chaos.

            Considering how far it has come from those early, wild west days to the network it is now shows how Providence has been working with Glenn and all of us who want to restore the nation.

          • Anonymous


          • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)


          • Lioness

            I’d just give Disqus a big thumbs down right now. I E mailed them for assistance and they sent me a preset message directing me to look at the self help page. It’s just the GB website I can’t post on, once in a while I can slip in a reply, yet I have no problems on Greta. I respond to you on the dashboard but haven’t been able to post directly on GB for weeks. I enjoy reading your posts, I’m thankful I can at least post to those I’m following.

          • MarsBarsTru7

            That sucks Lioness. Not cool at all.

            Now I feel like I have to look up the ownership of Disqus. :-/

          • Lioness

            After complaining a second time, someone from Disqus sent me a personal e mail to assist me, it seems there may be someone who cares. I hope it works.

          • Anonymous


          • new2la

            You do that… got a thumbs down for that remark. Interesting.

          • MarsBarsTru7

            We all did. Someone just went right down the list of comments and downrated every one.

          • new2la

            It’s actually very funny!
            Hail to the trolls, listen up: The one to give the most “thumbs down, Will receive a prize. Please forward your name and address to claim it. No purchase necessary, no rules apply.

          • Anonymous

            I tested posting on Greta too, and I had no problem there either. I enjoy reading your posts too. Thanks.

          • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

            Lioness, if you use IE on the site here it is junking up; I have Firefox as a secondary internet access and it works fine. It seems there is a problem with IE and Glenn’s site.

          • Anonymous

            I cannot post anything unless I reply to someone.Put in tons of complaints about this and direct them to Glen Beck.

          • ValueSet

            I cannot post anything unless I reply to someone.( Thank you jobeycool foe letting me use this space.) What is going on ?

          • new2la

            Yup! Censor has begun, folks. And we are made fun of as conspiracy theorists!

          • Sam Fisher

            I heard a rumor that Gorge Soros controls Disqus. Now with all these “hick ups” going on I am starting to wonder.

          • Anonymous

            snow, A word of warning—if you are going to post elsewhere under the name you use here, be prepared to be ”followed.” I only have one other place where I post (and a rather friendly one, at that) but I do so under another name.

    • Rocca Rottweilerpitbull

      The proper way to address the Beck crew is “Yuuuse guys.”

      • MarsBarsTru7

        How about “Heeeey youuse guyyys!” in the vein of Sloth?

  • Chris Byers

    “where you have top, top economists” Okay, I have to ask; has she just been watching Raiders of the Lost Ark, too much. I mean really, at the end when asked where the ark was, the line was the same! Just how old and stupid is this line any way??? Just as in the movie, they did not use names, just vague referrences! All I can see is a long deep warehouse, with all manner of items secreted away! :) If they had truly top economist, they would have top economist names too then, wouldn’t they?

  • Sam Fisher

    She is lying I can tell just watching the video. She is hiding something.

    • Anonymous

      If BLS has VVorld Class economists then vvhy did they need to revise July upvvard by 30% and August by 50% and Sept net jobs at 114k vs. 860k ‘Household Suvey jobs? Am I the only one vvho finds this strange (in addition to the timing of the .3% decrease) and totally NON vvorld class? A 50% revision for one month?? If Hilda is gonna defend 50% revisions as VVorld Class – then good luck to her managing a 7-11. Makes no sense.

    • Anonymous

      Hey Mr. Beck or whoever runs this website are you aware that your gonna lose people and support from people because tons of people cannot post from the box.There is obviously a bad glitch.

      • new2la

        Jobeycool, It may be that the problems stem from someone or somewhere else. I can not imagine the people at the Blaze trying to stop us from posting. The Solis video is not visible on my device…..perhaps Apple or Disqus is the culprit.

        • new2la

          Notice the thumb down! How obvious can it be?

  • Rocca Rottweilerpitbull

    “We have top men working on it…right now.”

    • Canadianlady

      LOL! Good one.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Fine, let Solis have her day before the nation; have her explain the reasons the numbers are not being abused and twisted by the administration as the elections are closing fast upon us, and due to the absolute disaster of the first debate.

  • greywolfrs

    I am sure she is offended. How dare anyone call her on her lies. The nerve of some people.

  • Stephen Johnson

    YES! They are fake numbers! But, it will NOT save this “man-child” that sits in We The People’s House!!

    • Anonymous

      The unemployment number was fake before they made it fake anyways.

      • new2la

        Hilda chica, Pare el embuste… Los numeros son mentirosos! Eres una embustera!

        Thank you jobeycool for the space I took in the event Ms. Solis knows how to read and decides to come one here.

  • outlawed

    I would like to see charts from the past in US history when a 4% increase of jobs has ever taken place in a months recording. If they’re are high end people suggest that the numbers are bogus makes the average american suspicious.

    • Anonymous

      The way I heard it, the numbers reflected PART TIME jobs. And the expected increase of hiring for the Christmas season was added for good measure. Anyway you slice it, there are still a large number of people who are unemployed or who have given up looking for work after months (years?) of lack of success in finding a job.

  • Anonymous

    If the report would have been higher glenn would be attacking the President once again.
    Instead, this weak little shit is trying to stir up conspiracies instead of accepting the truth!!!

    • Guest

      Funny, it seems that more pundits and government officials that just Beck are saying much the same. Why would you only single out Beck as though he were the only one saying as much?

    • SoThere

      Strtlk’s an Obama cultist making excuses for his miserable showing in the debate.
      Strtlk is jealous of Beck and has an unhealthy fixation on him, he also has a sickness for little children.
      Go clean some toilets strtlk and remember, those white and blue things in the urinals are not mints!

  • mdkrause

    How can they even see if the numbers are right? How are they even going to get a proper election result. If they are so easily changing numbers in the job reports why wouldn’t they change numbers in an election. Does America need UN observers at the polling stations to count? Is this how bad it’s is going to be?
    Sickening – disgusting

  • MarsBarsTru7

    I’m sure you all did, but I have to ask – Did anyone else notice how the commie in charge of the DOL (Solis, from Drudge Report to WND to you – ) renounced any notion of political bias in the Labor Department then turned around and made several statements singling out Obama as the sole voice of reason in creating new jobs and improving the economy?

    Nope, no bias here. Just vote for Obama.

  • Lawrence Perkins

    Check the jump in the new self employed…. dwarfs history.

  • Cuthbert J Twillie

    That 7.8% number is as phony as Obama’s Social Security Card (now there’s a real Federal Crime he’s committed). It immediately reminded me of ‘1984’ and the ‘Chocolate Ration *increase* to 25 grams a week.’ Or the line, ‘We’ve always been at war with Eastasia.’ [someone needs to remind Obama and his Admin that ‘1984’ was supposed to be fiction, not a ‘How To’ guide.].

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