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The artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg who now goes by Snoop Lion made a list of powerful reasons why he supports Barack Obama and is against Mitt Romney. The list demonstrates the depth of thought that results after decades of ingesting illegal substances and includes salient points such as ‘bi*** got a dancing horse’ among the 10 reasons.

What are the ten reasons? Check out the list below:

TheBlaze explains that the list was created by Twitter user @DragonflyJonez, and Snoop reposted it on his Instagram account later on Thursday.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Snoop Lion? That is an insult to the nobility of the Lions and all cats everywhere.

    • graham

      Should be called Snoop Parrot. He reapeats himself all the time and makes silly screeching noises!

      • VindicatorX

        Actually, I’ve been calling him Poop Dog for years. Never found his excrement entertaining or enlightening, just more stuff headed for the bottom of the latrine.

        It’s not about race, it’s about his ignorance and blatant racism. Calvin Broadus is an anti-white racist, straight up. I would wager he’s never been around an honorable person. He certainly does not know how to behave like one if this stunt is any indication.

        • Anonymous

          Didn’t know Calvin was his slave name. Thanks for the info.

          • Anonymous

            There’s no such thing as “slave names” in this day and age schmack. This is just a bogus title used to inflame racism and bigotry among the likes of you and calvin broadus because neither of you has the intellect to discuss anything of substance.

          • VindicatorX

            Let’s clarify this right now; you are making that distinction, not me.

  • Sam Fisher

    Top ten reasons why Snoop Dogg is an idiot just by looking at his list.

    1.On both sides of his list sounds racist.

    2.Is racist for people who have small names and at the same time talking about Obama as some angry black man?

    3.Obama can’t fight idiot did you watch the debates moron and who gives a damn aboutMitt’s horse when the country is on fire

    4. Obama is the ho of China and Iran Mitt never sold himself to terrorist. Also I never saw Obama in a durag but what does that have to do with fixing the economy.

    5.Your clearly race baiting when you say he says a racist name. You are sexist for
    looking at Obama’s wife rear ask the left.

    6. Your number six sounds like you wrote it whale high running out of ideas. How he being friends with JZ going to get poor people working again.

    7. I sorry your god Obama lost but when he does not speak up it is not Mitt’s fault. What does hugging Beyoncé have to do with protecting us from terrorist?

    8.Hos is sexist term and really makes you look like a pig. The reason Mitt has one wife is because he has something called morals. Who gives a crap if you and Obama have the same hair dresser how does that help me get back to work?

    9. I order to have a boss you had to work for a living and again how does Obama smoking help- the poor find work.

    10. What is your obsession of making fun of Mitt’s
    name? It odd coming from a guy who sings crapy music and calls himself Snoop Dogg.

    • cjmomma

      This needs to be turned into a parody song. Have a crooner or folk group sing it, clean it up for family listening: change “n-” and “m-f-” to “man,” “b-” to “woman,” “a-” to “rear” or “derriere.” You’ve got the chorus: This man’s name is Mitt. And can’t you just hear someone yodeling “he a ho, he a ho, he a ho” in the background?

    • rescue dvr

      This just proves who the real race haters are. Snoop and his buddy Sammy

  • americanathlete

    He’s white? His name’s Mitt?… Wow, every reason to not vote for somebody. I’ve just been highly enlightened.

  • Ron Tyler

    This only proves tat “snoop Dog is an A..! Unintelligent illiterate jacka..!

    • Colleen I. Place

      Wow, every reason to not vote for somebody. I’ve just been highly enlightened.
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      • J.w. Appling

        Will you please go away copy and paste spammer.

  • Kelly Kafir

    WOW – what a great idea to take voting advice from a chronic addict!!! This is proof that chronic kills brain cells!!

  • Sheena

    this is just sad!

  • Anonymous

    Screw Snoop the dog poop.

  • Dannynkc

    Just another Hollywood
    ass clown!

  • Soulphoenix

    I haven’t seen anything dumber – ever. Romney has to be laughing because this will actually help him, while Obama is grumbling something like, “Who needs enemies when I’ve got a friend like Snoop?”

    We should have Snoop proxy for Obama at the next debate. Snoop’s ideas on foreign policy couldn’t be much worse, could they?

  • J.w. Appling

    He’s not voting for Mitt because he “looks” like he says Ni**** all the time but voting for Obozo Because He a Black Ni****. I think Snoop has smoked himself retarded.

  • greywolfrs

    Snoop needs to put the pipe down…

    • Susan Mathews

      Toooooooo late.

      • VindicatorX

        By thirty years, apparently.

  • 11BRAVO3V

    Thems some serious prose he laid down. I mean that is some deep philosophical sh*t….Dude is a literary genius. Obviously a product of a very successful public school curriculum. And he’s right in the real world, men don’t have “ho’s”. We have wives, whom we should love, cherish, respect and support. All of which are not likely to be in the Snoop vocabulary when it comes to women. Yeah, he’s rich, but I bet he has a white accountant and most of his money is managed by white dudes. Just sayin’ I’d rather work a real job all my life for pennies and look back with pride from the other side of the veil, than sell my soul to the devil for fame on this earthly home and spend eternity where Mr Calvin Broadus is going.

    • Layna Palmer

      Except he spelled it as “hoes” so I take it he’s referring to a farming implement…Which I do think Mitt actually does have…a hoe I mean.

  • T Mag

    No wonder he’s a star, poor thing it’s all he has the intellect to do!

  • Jim

    Thanks for posting this article. It only proves what kind of mental giants are voting for Obama. Between Snoop Dog and the freefone lady their IQ doesn’t reach 10.

    • Susan Mathews

      I doubt the two of them can even spell IQ…

      • Anonymous

        Now that’s funny!

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget the free birth control college hooker that outed herself in front the nation.

  • sparducks

    Fabulous advice from Stoop- dog- e- dog. You know folks its a dog-e-dog world out there, as told to us by the intellectual wordsmith stoop- dogg. his use of two columns to illustrate his disdain from romney and his apparent affection for obama is a stunning display of intellegence.
    I know what your thinking the last time you used the two vertical column method was third grade and you were showing your friends why you liked captain crunch more than raisin bran. But considering that Stoop is just barely evolved from an ape the columnular method is quite a leap in progress for such an inferior species. Next he’ll show us how he can arrange all his hoe’s into “sets” by hair color. Good job stoop dogg how about a nice 40 of malt liquor and some weed. Good boy. Good monkey.

  • Tony Fredrick Hunt

    It does say this was written by somebody else, Snoop just posted it on his page. Believe me, he didn’t write this. If it turns out he did, do you really think it was supposed to be serious? He can have a sense of humor, too.

    • Anonymous

      Satire always has an indication of some sort that it is satire. Poop Doggie was serious as a heart attack with this racist rubbish. It’s not far removed from the New Black Panther guy screaming how he hates all crackers and their babies should be killed; no satire there, either. If some conservative said these sorts of things about the prez, he’d have to hide out the rest of his life.

  • Anonymous

    Dog..Just Showed All The white People Reading This.. He’s A Nigga’! What An A–hole..! Stupid Is What Stupid Does!

  • Bess Servdkold

    Video comment: The ‘N’ word? PC pressures at the Blaze? ‘N’? Necrophiliac, Nerd, Nazi? NUDIST? Either report the item accurately, in it’s entirety, edit free or don’t bother. ALL quotes, even from low-life Obozo supporters, deserve accurate reporting. I wonder if Snoop’s message was approved by the Obozo his-self?

  • Joan Thivierge Charron

    I cannot believe people actually pay to listen to him. This guy’s brain is so fried. He makes no sense. He should go on The View and the hags can gush all over him. He could be their new “eye candy”.

    • Anonymous

      Joan: When he does go on TheView, perhaps there should be bets sold to the public as to who will do the most fawning over snoop the poopdog–Whoopie or Barbara!!!

  • Anonymous

    It is always impressive to look at the stories glenn beck wants to focus on.
    The only entertaining part of this is that glenn bashes snoop’s use of drugs when he, himself, is an addict.
    Once again glenn shows his hypocritical side.

    • Guest

      It’s called social pressure – something you are trying to exert as you make accusations. It’s not a very thoughtful, or clever, attempt to convince anyone of anything, is it?

    • VindicatorX

      Your inanity grows larger with each passing moment, doesn’t it?

      Let’s consider the possibilities, shall we? If Romney has a dancing horse, does that make you the dancing jackass?

      I believe it does!

      • Anonymous

        Well put beckling!!!

        • Sam Fisher

          At least he is not seeing and hearing someone that is not even there you must be on crack.

        • SoThere

          Why yes, strtlk is a dancing moron programmed by the leftists that are destroying this country.

    • Sam Fisher

      Hay dumb ass how can Glenn bash his drug use when he was not even in the room moron? You don’t watch these videos before saying something stupid do you?

    • SoThere

      Obama’s also an addict according to you strtlk. Once a druggie always a druggie.

      Once again, strtlk spews his hatred for the President and Glenn Beck.

      The only hypocrite here is you strtlk. Those round things in the urinals are not mints strtlk and stop drinking the blue water.

    • VindicatorX

      It would be more impressive if you would shine that same light of introspection on your own hypocrite behind.
      You have more than enough hypocrisy of your own to address to keep you busy with self improvement projects for the next thirty years. You should get started right away, and not deviate from that task until you finish.

  • Anonymous

    Just another misinformed person who is only voting based on color!

  • Goobama

    Hahahaa this is hilarious!…. “He’s a mormon but he ain’t got no hos”……almost peed my pants, genius.

    • RomneyWillWin

      And your the guy paid by Soros cronies to go around posting idiotic comments on the good side of the fence.

    • Anonymous

      goobama: Almost? Gosh, then maybe you did something else instead? Sure smells like a pack of lib/dem/progs have been snoopdogging you..

    • Anonymous

      Hey guys–anyone watch the debate?
      Obama ain’t got no game. Get it?

    • obamapacksfudge

      you’re a f ucking retarded libtard

  • Anthony Arezzo

    all whites should stop buying his talentless products…then he can back to the ghetto were he belongs & drop it like its not!

    • Anonymous

      I think your comment underscores the reason why Beck continues to post stories like this on his site. Snoop Dog may be a successful marketer and self image maker (hmmn, a lot like Beck), but I do not recall him being described as an intellectual or deep thinker on politics. He is a stoner rapper– Why does anyone of any political persuasion care what snoop dog thinks on the election? Snoop Dog is selling Snoop Dog–just like Beck is selling Beck. Beck’s mantle is the founding fathers and reborn Christian like fervor; Snoop uses weed. Beck has a need to keep posting stories about African Americans acting selfish, stupid, racist or whatever in order to continue to feed the racisim that many of Beck’s acolytes (those on the fringe, not all) harbor. Snoop Dog is a non-story in this election. Link him to Obama and voila, Beck’s fringe faithful can feel further vindication of their feelings about Obama.
      Anyone who suggests that “all whites” do anything and any black should “go back to the ghetto” kind of displays an intellect of the level that Beck is ridiculing here –don’t you think?

  • Tony Fredrick Hunt

    I just don’t understand how people acually think he was trying to be serious when he posted this. Has no body heard of “satire”? I swear, people have become so polarized by politics, they’ve lost all sense of humor.

    • Anonymous

      It’s hardly satire, Tony–it is what an illiterate, untalented biggot would write. His records reflect his racism, bigotry, and lack of talent–he is unschooled, unprincipled, and an untreated drug addict. Eventually, he will go the way his previous partners have gone–either to prison for a violent crime or an untimely death due to drug overdose.

      • Anonymous

        How do you overdose on weed? Pot smokers for Romney!

        • Anonymous

          He is on more than weed, schmack and has been for a long time….like years of it. He has mush for brains and his ‘intellect’ shows evidence of it.

        • ValueSet

          If he smokes only weed, how can he be so thin ? I mean, really, one of the biggest side-effects of weed is the “munchies” !!! Snoop looks ill, and malnourished.

    • ginger

      SnipeDog wouldn’t know satire if it slapped him in his brain dead head.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like an over-grown juvenile delinquent who uses cuss words to ‘shock’ or ‘impress’ others, especially adults. As far as talent is concerned, whoever told this ragtag nothin’ he has talent? Truth is: he has none…and is a boorish nincompoop who’s utterings never seem to escape the gutter.

  • Anonymous

    DAMN!!! Old SD can actually print/write. I figured that maybe his brain was mush by now, but I could be wrong. Remember what one of our fav movie/TV characters said about opinions, “Opinions are like a** h***s, everybody has one”, Dirty Harry Callahan (aka Clint Eastwood)

    • Diane Carol Grimaud

      Opinions are like a** holes, eveybody has one (and most of them stink)

  • NotSoFancyPants

    Someone named Snoop Dog or Snoop Lion or Snoop Shi* or whatever is making fun of someone else’s name? That’s just precious. This list proves he’s a moron and, even worse, he posted it and is proud of it. Holy crap…. Thanks for the laugh, Poop, er, Snoop.

  • Brian Rood

    Not going to waste much time on ignorance. I have better things to do, like pick my nose. Why do we care what a simpleton thinks?

  • Robert Foye

    you forgot he probly suffers from that age old priblem that has followed him his whole life. it is s.d.s.!!!!1. i can tell you what it is

  • JohnnyAngel Advocacy

    What would you expect from the libtard intellectuals?

  • Steve- Construction Contractor

    You know it’s bad when he doesn’t even name a single real issue to vote for Obama. He could have at least said that he killed Osama.

    • Anonymous

      No he could not – because as we know now  –  the attack on the compound in Pakistan  where OBL was hiding was not told to the president until it was already ongoing due to the fact that the Jarrett b…. had already told obumma baby not to attack uncle OBL 2 times before that. Thanks god they did not tell him  – OBL would still be alive!  The only thing i hope to see is BHO and his hole  admin being impeached for what they have been cooking up to hurt the U.S.A.. Treasanous swines.
      Oh and SNOOP what ever – A person with half a brain can’t follow that crap anyway and btw – that goes for all this rap-crap. Think back the most beautiful music was made by
      black singers and musicians – where did they all go look what is left? Haters of women, whites, police (their own race) because how could it be that Rev.Wright is building his Mil.$ Mansion in a predomenantly white, GATED COMMUNITY???? Is it to keep the bros and hos away from his wealth???  You answer that one yourself!!

  • Anonymous

    And the real pitiful fact here, is that this low brow cretin appeals to so many brain dead youngsters who lack the benefit of a decent education to help them identify when they are being exploited.

  • Anonymous

    And the real pitiful fact here, is that this low brow cretin appeals to so many brain dead youngsters who lack the benefit of a decent education to help them identify when they are being exploited.

    • obamapacksfudge


  • Anonymous

     And the real pitiful fact here, is that this low brow cretin appeals to so many brain dead youngsters who lack the benefit of a decent education to help them identify when they are being exploited. 

  • Anonymous

    And the real pitiful fact here, is that this low brow cretin appeals to so many brain dead youngsters who lack the benefit of a decent education to help them identify when they are being exploited.

  • Jill Pearson

    I feel pity for all the young black boys and girls, who do not have the intelligence to realise that they are being exploited by this cretin.

  • Lauren

    I have met TOO MANY black people who falsely accuse white people (myself and others) of being secret racists, like “I bet you say ni***r when we’re not around”. Seriously??? Chip on your should much?

  • obamapacksfudge

    and this is why our country is in the hole, never ever put a black person in our white house,when he gets voted out we are going to have to knock down a wall to remove his double wide fat ( . ) wife. what a disgrace to true americans, can’t wait to vote these freaking theifs
    out of my white house,then put a fresh coat of  white paint on it

  • obamapacksfudge

    pathetic that this so called president probably smokes crack with this burn out pos and obama
    pimps out his fat ugly wife out for crack

  • Anonymous

    If  you tell me your a Democrat, I’m going to say “Oh, Your in that racist party”

  • Anonymous

    This guy must have only gone up to Kindergarten.  It amazes me because he can rap (not sing) he earns so much money, yet can’t spell, put in a sentence correctly, has faulty reasoning, no common sense and is a racist.  He has so many fans it boggles my mind.  When people can’t talk intelligently they resort to cursing and name calling.  I think it’s time people find hero’s to look up too….  not these actors whose job it is to play pretend.  How shallow can you get.  Voting for a person because he is the same color, wears a certain style of clothes, likes your favorite color…..  It’s ridiculous.  I’d like to see a law passed.  No one can vote until you take a government class and see how the government runs.  A class on our Constitution. 

  • Rebecah Cumming

    Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion now eh…?  Sounds like he is just as conflicted figuring out who he is…makes sense why he relates to Obama.

  • Nick Dolan

    Snoop Dogg (Lion) has an IQ of 147.

  • Byron Injeeli

    dogs and lions all over the world must be 10 times smarter than snoop dogg/lion/complete idiot.

  • HelloMyNameIsASecret .

    The dumbest comment section in history. Congrats to all of you.

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