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Given the way Hollywood touts itself as the bastion for tolerance, you’d think someone willing to speak a minority opinion would be praised as brave. Considering the only actors who have had the courage to come out as conservatives are untouchable legends in the entertainment industry, like Clint Eastwood and Jon Voight.

CSI Actress Stacey Dash was the victim of such “tolerance” this weekend when she sent out a tweet supporting Mitt Romney for President of the United States.

“Not long after, obvious Obama supporters began insulting her for her opinion saying she isn’t black enough,” Stu said. “Several even asking if the actress would just kill herself.  One man wrote, ‘this hurts you, being a Romney‑lover, and you slutting yourself to the white man only proves why no black man married you’.”

Twitchy has more of the vile response HERE.

“It’s very tender, it’s very loving, it’s very inclusive.  It’s quite diverse, and it’s incredibly tolerant,” Pat said.

Stacey stood by her comments after the response began to roll in tweeting this:

Sadly, the response she received isn’t shocking. It tends to be the pattern for those who come out in support of conservative candidates that you would seemingly think were Democrats.

“And, you know, for, you know, for the left, you know, ideology, a group of people who continually blame the right for racism.  The second an African‑American steps out of line and expresses their own opinion that happens to disagree with them, they attack with the same exact strategy every time, which is to vilify them, which is to call them awful names, which is to say they betrayed their own people, and make racist comments that you never hear from the right,” Stu pointed out.

“It’s always much more visceral from the left when an African‑American leaves the ranks.”

Given the amount of anti-bullying campaigns that network television is involved in, you would think Stacey Dash’s Hollywood colleagues would be rallying around her in support of freedom of speech and courage to be different — but that’s not happening.

Has Stacey Dash received a phone call from the president for being called derogatory names publicly? No.

Maybe the next time NBC puts together one of those anti-bullying commercials thats reads “It gets better…” a disclaimer needs to run across the bottom that says: “unless your a conservative.” Because apparently it’s perfectly fine to talk to treat people like they’re less than human when they don’t vote Democrat.

The more you know.