Will Mitt Romney fire Big Bird? Another liberal lie debunked

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It says a lot about the time we live in when liberals vigorously defend spendingu half a billion taxpayer dollars on a yellow alphabet teaching bird. After Mitt Romney’s PBS comment in the debate, the left has unleashed a ‘Romney wants to fire Big Bird’ attack – but like many other liberal talking points – it’s not even remotely true. Stu explained why during the radio show, watch the video above to find the answer!

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The sales rights alone from Sesame Street are a $1 Billion plus yearly average; more than enough to fund the PBS education programs on their own. Time to pull the cord on PBS and let it sink or swim on its own efforts.

    • Huss Family

      Yup love how in lieberal logic nothing can succeed without government subsidy. You didn’t build that! You COULDN’T build that!! Talk about addiction….

  • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

    But Pat and Stu don’t you know that we right wingers are racist to big yellow birds. Sorry left PBS can stand on its own grow up.

  • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

    Stu you lost your mind put the toy down and get some sleep. I agree with you about defunding PBS but come on man.

    • http://twitter.com/theskybluebird r2d2

      I was wondering if he would play the song so I could hear them to know what’s about so I think it was just in the point, almost reading my mind. That is a toy is not important, the information is important… even if that information comes from a toy… understand?

      • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

        Let me tell you something I have a 2 year old nephew and babysit him I know what the thing said. Try listening to the thing 24/7 and try to escape it and their it is again on the radio.

      • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

        By the way you look like Fox off of x files.

  • americanathlete

    Elmo should go on tour. They could use that money to fund Sesame Street for a long time.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_G75RVM5S3L2G2BHBHGAXG6X5PI Jim

    Big Bird, Bert and Ernie and Kermit and all the other characters make over a Billion dollars for the CTW every year. So why are we giving them 500 million dollars a year?

    They have ruined education in this country by making it so teachers cannot keep the attention of their students for longer than a 10 second sound bite. Why do you think there is an epidemic of ADD here? You have to keep their attention by giving them rapid fire information. If the teacher stops to take a breath, they are gone to another dimension.

    • http://twitter.com/DoreenDJenkins Doreen D. Jenkins

      Sesame Street makes so much money in selling their products to children, they don’t need the money...Ace16.com

    • new2la

      They should be paying us to watch them! Get rid of Moyers and I will gladly watch.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=674910566 Joan Thivierge Charron

    One of the head honchos of PBS said they would not suffer if funding is cut because they have fund raisers all year long and do very well, thank you. The Libs are so desperate they’d attack Mother Teresa if she were still here and agreed with Romney.

  • Anonymous

    Sesame Street and many other educational and rewarding programs are shown on PBS.
    Mitt Romney wants to defund PBS.
    Once again, glenn and his bitches are lying through their teeth because they cult will believe them.

    • Guest

      But, if they are making $125 million a year, why aren’t they paying for the programming themselves? Seems like a commercial venture and not just another altruistic government program, doesn’t it? I mean at some point you have made enough money haven’t you? Isn’t it time to give some back at some point?

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shane-Williams-Sr/100000856236865 Shane Williams Sr.

        You would hope so. I would think ALL of the programs on PBS could kick back a % of their profit to fund the stations so we dont have to. Just another version of corporate welfare.

    • Anonymous

      PBS does not need the funding. They have said so themselves, and I heard it on the news, not on Glenn Beck. Sesame Street makes so much money in selling their products to children, they don’t need the money.

    • SoThere

      PBS is a liberally bias anti-Christian network. Tax dollars should never go to fund such a network!

      Sesame Street has a billion dollars in assets, makes 50 million dollars a year and is not part of PBS. They buy airtime on PBS and will survive without Government funding. strtlk is a stupid ignorant boob who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He spews his leftist talking points here like the ignorant leftist that he is.

      Taxpayers shouldn’t fund leftist organizations, ever!


    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shane-Williams-Sr/100000856236865 Shane Williams Sr.

      You do realize that they get tax subsidies from being located on college campuses? You also realize that tax subsidies are only 12% of their budget? You do realize that All of the programming will be picked upp by other stations if they do go under? You do realize you’re a koolaid drinking moron right?

    • obamapacksfudge

      you need to be stuffed first before big bird

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm, do the liberals really care for the poor and homeless or are they just giving it
    lip service? Why not put their money where their mouth is? Thanksgiving is coming soon and Big Bird is pretty darn big and the people are hungry and—

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shane-Williams-Sr/100000856236865 Shane Williams Sr.

    #1 Children’s Television workshop(and every other show on PBS except their news shows) makes plenty of money from merchandizing etc
    #2 Only 12% of PBS’s budget is federal subsidy and can be easily made up by adding a couple more fundraisers selling us the stuff we can buy from a store for 1/10 the price they ask for it.
    #3 The vast majority of PBS stations are on college campuses which already receive tax subsidies.
    #4 If PBS dies, the stations that show related programming will be in a bid war for the popular shows and we’ll still get to see them.
    #5 If 4 doesn’t happen, we can always buy, rent or borrow the programs so we can show them at any time
    #6 Parent will actually have to start paying attention to their kids instead of sitting them in front of the magic babysitter box.
    #7 Maybe, just maybe, the democrats will realize the difference between need and want. PBS, while a wonderful idea and a worthwhile endeavor, isn’t a requirement.
    Hat’s off to Mitt for having the guts to say you dont spend money on non-essentials when you have to borrow money to pay for it.

  • obamapacksfudge

    i want romney to stuff BIG BIRD so i can have something to eat this thanksgiving :)

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