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On radio this morning, Glenn introduced David Gelernter, a futurist who people go to for consulting on upcoming trends in technology and other key institutions and elements of life. Where are we going to be in five years? Ten? Those are the things people need to know when crafting big plans.

“David explain just a little bit first the damage that you see that is being done by our educational system,” Glenn said after introducing him.

“Well the damage is enormous. It’s damage in the sense what’s omitted and damage in the sense of what’s taught. And that’s why part of America-Lite I have to admit is a prophecy of doom. Although we can escape this doom using the Internet.”

“Colleges they’re failing to teach children and students how to be Americans. Who they are. They’re failing to teach who they are. Who this nation is. What your duties are to this nation. What it is to be a citizen. What’s your responsibility to the community and to the world and what it means to be an American. Why it’s a historically unique thing to be an American,” Gelernter said

Gelernter also said that teachers today are not only forgetting to teach how America can be a force for good, but they teach that America is possibly a danger to the rest of the world.

“It’s not the patriotism means nothing to them. It’s not they don’t know any history. What they do know is wrong. They see United States as part of a danger,” he explained.

“Students and children learn as much as they can at the right level, and under the supervision of their own parents more than teachers and schools. So it seems to me first we need local Internet schools. We need to combine the global reach of the Internet which allows me to choose courses for my children or allow my children to look for courses themselves from all over the country wherever smart people have something to say.”

“But we can’t merely globalize things. Because neighborhoods and communities are tremendously important,” he explained.

He explained it was important to focus on the local community bonds, and to do so the children need to be sitting together while engaged in class – even if those teachers are coming mainly through computers and the internet.

He also explained that there need to be a new profession of people who also directly mentor students to make sure they are learning the material and staying on track, but not necessarily Harvard, or Yale or these big progressive institutions.