PHOTOS: Glenn’s rental car did not survive his daughter’s wedding weekend

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This weekend, Glenn was in upstate New York for his daughters wedding. It was a rainy day – good luck for the bride and groom, but it turns out it wasn’t so lucky for Glenn and his rental car.

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“Imagine having one of these days where the stress is just going,” Glenn described, “This is like the end of the Father of Bride. Everything you’ve done. It’s in God’s hands now.”

After a long day spent with friends and family, and all the joy and stress that comes with a wedding, Glenn was happy to get back to the cottage he had rented for his family up in the Finger Lakes. As soon as he got to the front door of the house and put the keys in the lock, he turned around and saw his wife in her gorgeous, long evening gown standing in the mud trying to hold onto the SUV they rented.

As she shouted for someone to help her get control of the car, one of the member’s of Glenn’s security detail, Mark, jumped into the vehicle to try and get control. He was in the vehicle as it started to roll down the hill towards the lake, jumping out only as it started to roll and flip.

When he went back up to see if everyone in the Beck family was OK, Glenn told him he didn’t need to risk his life for “stuff”.

“Mark, don’t ever do that for material things,” Glenn told him.

“Sir, I thought Raphe was in the back of the car,” he told him.

Mark hadn’t seen Glenn’s young son as he had been wearing a black tuxedo and there was little light out in the woods at night.

“His looked like he had been in a war zone, his tux was all covered in mud and he still had rocks in his hands,” Glenn described.

The car ended up landing near the edge of the lake.

“I said to the kids I honestly said to the kids, ‘Well let’s go say our prayers, and go to bed.’ It was just one of those days. I watched my car roll down the hill, literally roll. Just like a movie. I just stood there. And I’m like ‘All right let’s go to bed.'”

The next morning he went down to inspect the vehicle: broken windows, busted axel, dents all over the car.

“I do believe I said to my wife before we went to bed did we get the rental insurance? She said yeah. I said let’s say our prayers and go to bed.”

  • Anonymous

    Thank God everyone is ok…that’s all that matters!

    • ginger

      And thank you Mark for you devotion to Glenn’s family.

  • Cynthia Heffelfinger Steyer

    pfffft! hahaha . Glad everyone was out… lesson: always buy the insurance.

  • Dan

    So glad you all were out of the SUV before it went down the hill! I believe God kept you and your family in His hands.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t believe the stupidity of this story, unless some kind of sabotage was involved.
      Was it sabotage?

      • Amber Charles

        Excuse me!!! But Glenn Beck is NOT a politician!!! He’s a Truthsayer…back off Mr Smith. Get your facts BEFORE you shoot off your mouth. Im just saying

      • Jessa Cornwell

        MikeSmith8828–Fact #1–Beck is not a politician. Fact #2 Beck does not need publicity. He owns his own radio and news network. Fact #3 you don’t have your facts straight

      • Doug

        What stupidity? I suppose you have never had a car accident and anyone that has is “stupid” right? I can tell you who 99% of the people that read this website think is stupid . . . and it isn’t Glenn.

      • Scott Johnson

        I can tell you that a similar event happened to me when I thought I had put the van in park, but it hadn’t clicked fully into park. Van ended up knocking me down as I chased it and tried to stop it. Crazy things happen.

    • Anonymous

      imagine if he was driving a volt,what would’ve happened…there wouldn’t even be a dent..the whole car would’ve exploded..thank God you’re All safe and had a Happy Day..God Bless You Glenn and You’re Family and friends, hope you’re daughters well in NY as you live in Texas..God Bless You And May God Bless AMerica!!

      • Anonymous

        I’m not so sure the Volt would have exploded. It may still be back at the car-rental office and Glenn would have missed the wedding, as the Volt may not have started to begin with.

  • Anonymous

    This is just like Obama’s campaign, going downhill fast. Sure hope you had the rental insurance.

  • Anonymous

    Puts meaning to the oft used phrase “Don’t worry. It’s a ‘rental'”.

  • Tim

    A Clark Griswold moment… National Lampoon Wedding???

  • PAG

    I was hoping we would get to see a family wedding picture…drat!

  • Anonymous

    Hilarious! Glad you weren’t in it during that unfortunate event.

  • Jan Ullrich

    I was hoping for some tumbling action shots – I guess my imagination will have to do.

    27 more days – keep your fingers crossed

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Indeed, thank God Glenn and his family were not in it.

    • LuAnn Herkstroeter

      please God for a good 27 days until the election!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Thankfully no one was in the vehicle when it happened; by the way the SUV is not a total disaster, its just now a ‘fixer-upper’ and probably qualifies for the next Obama ‘cash-for-cars.’

    I would love to hear what the rental company said.

    • Mary Theresa Del Buono

      Like that…yes…without windows…up in the north…fun ride at -32 degrees in the sun…
      me too to be a small fly in the office when they were told what happened to the SUV that is air conditioned…

  • Web design vizag

    When going on a trip, always leave a seat for Murphy. He’s coming anyway and should be comfortable…

    • Anonymous

      Boy Howdy! …and every time too. :)

    • Mary Theresa Del Buono

      You mean Murphy’s law…he always finds me too…poor Glenn what an ending to a day of joy…

  • Aimee Hagglund

    Praise OUR GOD that everyone is safe & sound!

  • nukwar

    Was the SUV left in neutral?

    • Brent Guthrie

      Good question. I’m wondering, “If not that, was it tampered with somehow?”

  • nukwar

    Glad you and your family are all safe.

  • Quinientos

    Ouch…Hey, it could have been worse! At least it didn’t roll and flip into a house, over a person or anything like that.

  • Leilani Speck

    Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding. I’m sorry about your rental car…but what else could you do, but to “say your prayers and go to bed”!!

  • chris duffy

    That’s the Glenn I know and love! Our best wishes to your daughter and husband. Come visit us in Maine someday. We still miss you guys.

    Chris Duffy the girl

  • Jim Casazza

    If you had a Volt, this wouldn’t have happened!

    • Derek J Witt

      that’s because it would have been dead as a door nail!

    • VindicatorX

      That’s because it wouldn’t have made it up the hill in the first place…

  • NickandJess

    Glenn, glad to hear you are back! I hope all in attendance enjoyed the wedding as well as time spent together. God Bless your Daughter and Son in Law and certainly glad no one was severely injured in the mishap.

  • Anonymous

    Now THAT is funny! I would pay to see that.
    Note to self… always park uphill from Glenn.

    • LuAnn Herkstroeter

      Love your attitude. And I am looking for an Obozo bumper sticker…

  • Eddie Sweet

    That’s what you get for having the wedding in the belly of the beast, socialista New York.

    • Susan Kay Remington

      So happy you and your family were protected and we know who did that…our Father in Heaven. We sure enjoy your are a remarkable man I just miss you on Television.

  • Darryl Vanderklein

    Well Glenn, at least you know you have a good security detail. Mark risked his life because he perceived your son was in danger. That’s a prime example of how we all should be.

  • Anonymous

    Luckily none of the innocent members of glenn beck’s family were hurt in another one of beck’s drunk driving incidents.
    Thank God the only ones present were beck’s gestapo and family so they could sweep another incident under the rug!!!

    • SoThere

      Beck wasn’t drunk, he wasn’t even in the car. You’re a libelous leftist liar and your post here proves it. No one was drunk! You really have a problem with the truth like all you leftist morons.

      Get help strtlk, you’re sick! You need to stop drinking the blue toilet water, really!

      • VindicatorX

        He’s drunk on Ty-D-Bol again…

    • Sam Fisher

      You are one Godless fool and lying yet again because Glenn was not driving but you told us you didn’t lie you full of it and this is the proof. Flag this bigot.

      • SoThere

        Sam, everyone else are liars, never idiots like strtlk. He keeps yelling that he’s the only one telling the truth.

        He’s a delusional idiot like most angry leftist idiots.

        I’ve never met a liberal who was happy.

        • Sam Fisher

          He is just mad because Obama said Mitt trying to fire his only friend big bird.

          • SoThere

            Obama’s more worried about Big Bird then he is about the Nations economy and his failing foreign policy. The leftist Obama cultists follow him blindly into oblivion.

            Strtlk is just another hate filled bigot like most Liberal Progressives.

      • Euna Rugg

        Sam since you like to call people liars and bigots, have you ever looked in the mirror?

        • Sam Fisher

          I am not the one accusing Glenn of getting drunk behind the wheel.

          • Anonymous

            I’ve never been “drunk behind the wheel!” Nooo not me, even my youth was one of piety and integrity…

            “Let he who is without sin…”


            I have NO idea what the subject matter is/was, but as you know I enjoy commenting out of context?


        • SoThere

          Euna, if you would care to read strtlks comments this past year you would see that he is truly a liar, a racist, a bigot, a hatemonger, a vulgar little man and a libelous leftist idiot. You do have to do your research girl. Really you do.

          No mirrors.

          • Anonymous

            How do you know STRLKS is “little?” You are assuming in a very PC manner that “racist(s), bigot(s), hate monger(s), vulgar…” are typically men of small stature? [vertically challenged]

            I am 5’9 on a good day and I am looking for a petty issue for which to sue someone, buddy!


          • SoThere

            Little, as in small minded. I guess that qualifies him as being handicapped, OOOPS!

          • Lioness

            Ops, your probably not going to like my greedy lawyer comments. Well, don’t take it personal, I’m a cold hearted landlord after all:) 5’9 is tall in my family!

          • Anonymous

            I hope you know that was a humorous, inside joke with So There? Poor old “Rumplestiltskin,” he was little and mean! And there was no public assistance back then?

            I have a legal education, but don’t practice. I despise the legal profession as they have sold their souls, all of them!

          • Lioness

            Don’t worry I can tell when your joking:) Rumplestiltskin, that reminds me of a couple of my tenants, but the public assistance only makes them meaner.

          • VindicatorX

            Well, he often starts off with small mindedness, and devolves into profane utterances when he loses arguments here. I think that defines him as little. Psychologically speaking, he looks mighty small.

          • Anonymous

            Point well made, and taken! LOL

    • JD

      Sweep under the rug?? how is he sweeping ANYTHING under the rug here? He was open and honest about what happened here. The only people who accuse others of sweeping things under the rug are the ones who do it routinely…kind of like the entire obamanation!!

      • Sam Fisher

        Hi JD I see you found the village idiot of

      • Anonymous

        It is always adorable to see another brain washed beckling ignore the facts about glenn’s alcoholism.

        • SoThere

          It’s adorable to see strtlk admit that Obama’s a drug addict and alcoholic.

          Folks, this is the vulgar face of the Liberal Progressives in this country.
          Note his hatred for women,
          All he has is his leftist rhetoric and vulgarity.
          Hey strtlk, stop drinking out of the toilets and those round things in the urinals aren’t mints!

    • Anonymous

      And you think he was drunk because of what? Nowhere in the article does it say Glenn was even driving. Putting the story online isn’t exactly sweeping it under the rug. I’ve watched and listened to Glenn for years and attended his Restoring Love program in Arlington, TX. He is as honest and sincere as any “celebrity” I’ve ever seen. Go peddle your hate somewhere else

      • Anonymous

        I’m sorry, but why would glenn even print the article unless he was trying to draw sympathy for himself and/or rewrite the truth before anyone finds out about the real facts.
        Also, glenn beck is an alcoholic drug addict. Why wouldn’t anyone question his sobriety when the car was wrecked?

        • SoThere

          Obama’ your hero is an alcoholic and drug addict. He admits to it in his book.

          Folks, this is the vulgar face of the Liberal Progressives in this country.
          Note his hatred for women,
          All he has is his leftist rhetoric and vulgarity.
          Hey strtlk, stop drinking out of the toilets and those round things in the urinals aren’t mints!

    • Anonymous

      And your proof is what?

    • new2la

      I can’t believe you said this. No one here would ever wish you ill in spite of who you are and the things you post. You should be ashamed of yourself; could have just stayed silent in your hateful thoughts. You have truly surprised me.

      • Anonymous

        I stated I was happy that the innocent members of the family were safe.
        That isn’t mean or horrible.
        Sorry, but I have nothing to be ashamed of with my comment.

        • VindicatorX

          You have plenty to be ashamed of, and that comment, like all of your comments here, was out of line – that’s why you made it.

        • SoThere

          You then claimed that Glenn Beck was drunk. You’re a liar and an idiot.

          Folks, this is the vulgar face of the Liberal Progressives in this country.
          Note his hatred for women,
          All he has is his leftist rhetoric and vulgarity.
          Hey strtlk, stop drinking out of the toilets and those round things in the urinals aren’t mints!

      • Anonymous

        You have obviously ignored the vile comments from st/guest or one of the other 15 becklings who follow every one of my posts to attack me.

        • SoThere

          You post the most vile things every day here strtlk. 

          If you stopped posting your vile and vulgar attacks here then you wouldn’t have to cry and whine all the time.

          You’re a sick little cockroach who gets what he dishes out.

          Whaaaaaaaa Whaaaaaaa  Trying to play victim won’t work when people read what you have a habit of posting here on your spamming rants.

        • new2la

          They respond to your outrageous posts! None would truly wish you ill. Truth is, You’d have more fun speaking with like minded people. No one wants or is interested in your attacks on Glenn and you certainly won’t change any minds. For what it’s worth, Your life is worth something to He who created you.

    • VindicatorX

      Well, well, well, look who is here with a 58 to zero approval rating… why it’s the internet’s biggest lying twit. You have no personal integrity and are no one to make accusations regarding anyone’s character. You are lower than whale excrement. Now, go back to the sewage lagoon you live in, lying piece of scum.

      • Anonymous

        That would hurt if I gave a shit about the opinion of a little bigoted bitch like you. Why don’t you spend your time on stroking sldtsr’s ego? he and his whore wife would greatly appreciate it!!!

        • VindicatorX

          You giving a shit is all you do. Same with your opinions. No one here cares about you or your profane crap on any subject.

          You are a lying sack and we all know it. Why don’t you take the hint? Your credibility is 58 less than zero.

          You could go back to polishing Victor’s bald head.

          As far as your attributions regarding others – can it.

          I offered to meet you and you couldn’t run away fast enough. If I ever do, we will see who the bigot bitch is, (for the learning impaired – namely YOU – that would be you.).

          You want to have it out? I am ready, willing, and able, you weak punk. Name the time and place where you will be there and we can take care of your problems. If not, then shut your ignorant face.

        • SoThere

          Folks, this is the vulgar face of the Liberal Progressives in this country.

          Note his hatred for women,

          All he has is his leftist rhetoric and vulgarity.

          Hey strtlk, stop drinking out of the toilets and those round things in the urinals aren’t mints!

  • Happy Harriet

    If you were a Radical, like Obama, it would be Bush’s fault.
    Glad you guys are all OK.
    I’m from that area of the world and know about those mud/shale hills near the lakes.

    • LuAnn Herkstroeter

      Fuhhnnnhyyyy! Bush did it.

  • Nelson

    I still don’t understand HOW it happened. The article doesn’t say. It only says he turned around and saw the car was out of control. So, did his wife fail to set the emergency brake, just lose control, or what? It might be instructive to know.

    • Lisa Renee’ Jones

      it was the mud.

  • Dan Kelly

    As an old Insurance investigator, I have to laugh!! I thought I’d heard them all!!! :)

    • Ron Tyler

      Me too Dan! Me Too!

    • Anonymous

      I can tell you that you DEFINITELY have NOT heard it all — until now:

      I was actually MARRIED to a man who had the audacity to threaten an insurance investigator who was advising us on water damage to our home.

      Angry that the insurance company would not pay for a new roof, damage that was CLEARLY not caused by this storm, he said (and I am NOT kidding!):

      “So, you will pay for the water damage but NOT for the WIND damage to the roof. I suppose that if I BURNED THE HOUSE DOWN you would pay for the contents of the home, but not the home because it burned due to “structural defects.”

      This young insurance investigator very calmly looked at my ex-husband and said, “Well, sir; we WOULD have paid for the entire structure, BUT since you have now told me that you are not above committing arson to get your way, I am going to make note of your comments for future claims. You are aware that arson is against the law, right?”

      It was great. My ex was actually speechless and didn’t know how to act once someone stood up to him.

      • Diane Taylor

        kind of like Obama when challenged by Romney

        • Harry Teressia Barber

          speechless AND AN EX! YES!!

      • LuAnn Herkstroeter

        Thumbs up! And I had an ex like that once. Get this. After being married more than 8 unhappy years, my highly GIA rated solitaire lost a big chunk, no reason. He shouted “We got cheated, it’s a fake!” (a recurring theme with him) and then he slid it across out 10 foot picture window. Yes, it cut it in two. I didn’t dare say anything then (or I would have gone through it,) but soon after, the dissolving diamond came true. Happily ever after with Hank now!

      • Neil

        The insurance investigator was completely out of line by including those remarks in your ex’s file for future reference.
        Your ex used the word “if” which makes the whole comment supposition, not antecedent.
        It was not a threat. Sounds like you still have an axe to grind with the Ex.

    • Anonymous

      Too right. The insurance should not pay without a thorough investigation.

  • Mary L Nelson

    That will buff out. I’m glad everyone was safe, and congrats on the wedding.

  • Sam Fisher

    Glenn a little paint some duct tape and the rental place will never know. I am thankful to know no one was hurt.

    • Anonymous

      Shoe polish :)

    • Chris

      That oughta buff out!

    • T Diggs

      gee… your suggestion would be DECEITFUL..and God deplores those who are deceitful.

      • Sam Fisher

        It is a joke you moron.

  • Anonymous

    Mark, thank you and God bless you for your heroism.

  • Anonymous

    Hoping Mark is o.k. too!

  • NJ

    God has a sense of humor. I am very happy for your daughter. I hope you enjoyed our lovely upstate in spite of the rental car ordeal. Thank God all of you are well, safe and sound.

  • Sue Mathews

    Praise the Lord for Angels protecting us. Mark certainly had an Angel beside him.

  • Rebecca Pick

    Thank God that you are all safe!

  • Anonymous

    Great, Another runaway SUV! More ammo to get us all in a Volt! Glad you and your family are OK Glenn. Sounds a little too suspicious though? were there any oBUMa supporters nearby? Just saying!

  • James Smith

    What strikes me is how normal you are Glenn. A rented SUV for the family, bottled water, a seemingly modest cabin location. Wow, you’re real. Just kidding about being surprised, I’ve been a fan going on 10 years. The evolution of Glenn has been incredible. Glad to be a part of it! Yes, very happy everyone is OK, and thanks Mark!

    • Margery Ripley

      my thoughts exactly. this 10 +/- years has been an amazing awakening for all of us and we are so grateful to God that you are all safe.

    • Anonymous

      “The evolution of Glenn has been incredible.”

      It is pretty unbelievable that he has become the guy he used to hate:

      • Lynn Miller

        That oughta buff out!..NDOQESB.Tk

  • Craig Alan Loewen

    Your security man has proven his mettle. Give him a raise. A big one.

    (And I’m very glad you and your family are OK.)

  • Brian Compton

    Drive it like ya stole it!
    Glad you are ok bud…that’s what insurance is for 😉

  • William

    Uh, did anyone think to put it in park and set the brake before vacating the drivers seat? 😉 Watch it Glenn, America really needs you!!!!!!! And we all know you really need your family!!!! Glad you’re all safe and kudos to Mark for hsi efforts!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, that was my thought, too: the real moral of the story. You can’t forget those little details, or you put people in danger and cause losses. We all screw up up though. Not like I’ve never run after a rolling car :-)

  • Misses Jan Kern

    Sorry for your stress. I feel when someone such as you do so much for truth, it fires up the hatters to do hateful things. Our God is an awesome God and He has us in His protection. Keep on keepin on; my man and God Bless and keep all of you. Enjoy the peace that passes all understanding a free gift from Father God.

  • Janice Schindler

    Mark needs a Medal of Honor. He risked his life for your son. Quite the day for you huh? All that crying and sobbing. I hope your baby girl is happy for the rest of her life. She deserves it and so do you.

    • Brendan Moellmann

      with Glenn it might be a George Washington badge of merit. i think that would be more Glenn’s style.

  • Chris

    The old saying “People are worth more than things” rings true. Hope it was a wonderful week end.

  • Anonymous

    They make bandaids for times like those.

  • Philip Beck

    SUV’s have been reported to have killed people! Thankful that all are unscathed.

  • Anonymous


    • new2la

      The best you have said in a long time……here’s to good friends, the time is kinda special!

      • new2la

        I think it’s “the night is kind of special”………nevertheless, an old, old tv commercial.

  • EgbertThrockmorton1

    Let’s see,fly American Airlines….nope! When renting any vehicle, I’m a “Glenn Beck supporter”….nope, those daily insurance rates “will necessarily skyrocket!” all in jest of course, glad everyone was AOK.

  • Ron Tyler

    Just glad that you and the family and yes, Mark are safe. God bless you all!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen worse. You ought to visit my county. That’s a new car in comparison. :-)

    I agree with Sam F. when he says all it needs is a little paint and some duct tape. That’s going to be the, “a funny thing happened on the way to the wedding” story that can be passed down to their grandchildren.

    • Andrew Luesse

      Im sure that will buff out ! Glad everyone is ok !

  • Gerry L

    MSM: “Glenn Beck totals car, empty bottles litter the scene!!!” Glad everyone is safe.


    I hope the wedding went well Glenn – hope we get to see a picture soon. So happy
    that everyone is well, God Blesses and protects you, we all pray for you and yours and
    the security people also.

  • Luan Chew

    God Blessed you and your Family. I’m sure Mark is included in the “family” thoughts and prayers. You are a beacon to the world, and so happy for your TV program. Such a divine decision you made to not be reframed from telling the truth, no matter where the truth lies. I’m certain it was scary when it happened, yet you remained calm. That says alot about you, the man.

  • Tony Le Cara

    Way to stick it to big insurance 😉

  • Brian Skrocki

    Hope you pay your security guys well. Glad no one was hurt. Just think Glenn, it could’ve been worse, your wedding party could’ve been in Philly…

  • Joe Higgins

    I can see it now… ObamaCAR… for all those who need rental car insurance but can’t afford it…

  • Michele

    Wax on; Wax off. Praise Mark; Praise God for his provided protection. We still miss you on Fox! Prayers as always to you and yours!

  • wendy kilheffer

    WHEN THINGS HAPPEN LIKE A HOUSE FIRE OR AUTO ACCIDENT YOUY REALIZE stuff doesn’t matter. House and the contents are gone but everyone ( and the cat ) are alright. Thank you God. Life is Good.

  • Judy Bozarth

    Thank God all of you are alright – including your family and ALL your security people. I worry about them and you all the time. Bless your heart Glenn – your honesty and sincerity have made you such a target that many worry about you. You’re all in our prayers.

  • Judy Pratt

    God bless that man! Wow! That is true dedication. Congrats to Glen for having such a great crew.

  • Jane Dough

    I think this incident underscored the power of the day.. That material things don’t matter. Cheers to Mark for doing his job! Thank God no one was hurt!

  • Angel

    Thank you God that no one was hurt.
    Prayers for you and your family.

  • Joy Daniels Brower

    I guess this is one wedding you’ll never forget! God just thought you hadn’t had enough excitement for one weekend, that’s all… You were ALWAYS in His hands – for which, of course, we’re all very grateful!

  • Anonymous

    Good thing you weren’t driving it to make it look like that!

  • Mike Babb

    Thank the LORD everyone is safe, sound and OK. Good security detail. Someone had the smarts to by the CDW coverage offered by the rental co. I hope it was and
    ” Independent Insurance Agent”? I am one for 35+ yrs and like they say the SUV is a material thing, but by purchasing the CDW coverage, you should have little or no expense on this totalled veh. short of a small deductible at worse?
    If you want to REALLY understand the insurance industry and case/claim studies, i suggest go to www,iiabaof america and visit their “Virtual University”. These are professionals, researching insurance case studies and giving advise from all over North America! i depend on them every day, if I cannot research and determine a definitive answer for my clients from the policy forms/wording/exclusions and coverage parts…In many cases they have helped PROVE my point and clients were paid for their losses and that is what I am paid to do by them, if coverage applies..

  • Norine

    Glenn, Tonya- bless you. I am so glad you are OK. Mark, you are a hero to have jumped in to protect Raphe. To your daughter who was married, congratulations. The young man she has chosen is blessed to have become a member of the Beck family. God be with you.

  • RudeRudy

    You broke the ship! You broke the bloody ship!!!
    Good on ya, Mark.

  • Ricky Ford

    Thank God you or anyone in your family and your security detail were not hurt.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad to hear that everyone is okay – and that Glenn has such a great security detail. He’s right of course, I always tell people its a thing, that’s it, people count not things.

  • Anonymous

    Reminds of the the Jackass episode where they rent the car and take out the insurance, then beat the crap out of it and then return it on a flat bed truck..LMAO

  • Jack Burnette

    Glad you and your family are OK Glenn!! God knows we need you to continue putting out the TRUTH!!

  • Bob Williams

    No big deal. A little Bondo and it will be good as new. Trust me – I’m a Democrat!

  • Ellen Brown

    God is always with the ones who stands for him.Thank you Mark for being so brave ! God Bless you all!

  • Anonymous

    Whoa!! Glenn, thank God everyone is okay – including Mark, your security detail.

  • Anonymous

    As Columbo would say “just a slight blemish”

  • Jerry Hodgson

    Wow Glenn! I’ve got Blue Collar Comedy Tour on dvd (thanks to my Pennsylvania mother in law) , i cant count the number of times i’ve gotten stomach cramps from laughing about his “rental car that’s about to have more airtime than a 12yo boy’s skateboard”, but YOU aren’t satisfied with stories, YOU get the inside feel! You live out the story!

    Oh, and…. Mr President and Co should take lessons from your staff about how to pla and react to real world emergencies! Words mean nothing if, when the bullets fly, the protectors flee! Excellence is not bestowed, its proven!

  • Stanley Steven Kaliski

    Nothing parties like a rental :-) Glad all OK.

  • Don Boudreaux

    Glenn: Thank God all is well now, may your daughter and husband have a long happy
    life together. On another subject, the country NEEDS a patriotic song to boost our
    morale, I recommend you get Alex Boye to sing O’ America, made popular by the Celtic
    Woman group. See and hear it on YouTube. It would be another God Bless America.

  • Stuckiniraq81

    Mark is a man of action and what I see when I think of America.

  • Anonymous

    Glad to hear everyone is safe. We miss hearing your show in Corning. If you ever want to come visit the Finger Lake region again, we’d be more than happy to put you and yours up at our cottage. And I promise no mudslides there!

  • Anonymous

    Should of had a Texas Wedding!

  • Mary Theresa Del Buono

    I am so glad all of your family is ok…wow…Angel’s watching for sure…don’t want to think what could have happened…the car slid sideways??? I have to read article again…so sorry…hope all is well…God Bless…

    • Mary Theresa Del Buono

      I am replying to my comment…thank you Mark…your actions speak loudly…God Bless…

  • Milkweed

    When God’s angels are guarding you, guiding you and protecting you, it’s a blessing to say, “Let’s say our prayers and go to bed.”

  • philip maurice hayes

    Good things in the end Mr. Beck. Just two days ago, while I am away on business, my truck’s brakes failed with my wife and daughter inside. No harm done. He is with them, I know that now.

  • Debbi Williams

    Blessings come in the most unexpected ways. The wedding, the family safety, the devotion of staff . . . . . you deserve all the blessings God’s sends you.

  • Cheryl Griffin

    Thank G-d you and your family and Mark did not get injured thank you for all you do and Congradulations on your daughter’s wedding.

  • Lisa Lee Gonzales

    I think Mark needs a raise. lol Thank God you and your family are all ok.

  • Brendan Moellmann

    how says something how close Glenn is to his security detail. mark remind me of Liam Neeson who trained Batman, Obi-wan kenobi…. dont mess with mark cause he must have been trained by Liam Neeson.

  • Mimi H.

    First of all, congratulations on your daughter’s wedding. I hope she and her husband will have a long, happy, healthy and wonderful life together.
    And I thank G-d with all my heart that He protected you and your wonderful family. And last but not least Mark who risked his life for you, may G-d always watch over him.
    Lastly, I hate to bring this up but are you sure no one tampered with your car?

  • Melanie McRoberts

    I just went through and read a whole bunch of the comments that people made about this event. Wow!! You sure have a great bunch of friends! To contrast these comments with those that I have read about Mitt and Ann Romney it was very refreshing. More of this kind of people need to comment on their sites too.
    So grateful that you we’re all ok! I love the fact that you simply said, “Let’s say our prayer’s and go to sleep”. Prayers of gratitude no doubt.

  • Dorothy Brown

    Just remember Glen, the Lord is always watching over you and your family. Our prayers are always with you. We all love you.

  • Jim Davies

    I can hardly wait for the leftist comments about “Glenn Beck drinking and driving–involved in near fatal accident.” (Note the water bottles scattered around the vehicle).

  • Chris Myers

    Dear Glenn, when I first read the headline, I thought somehow a liberal had gotten invited to your daughter’s wedding. ;-D My mind went racing to the hatred that some have and I couldn’t understand how someone could do such a thingand so on (I think faster than my computer loads screens sometimes- lol). Then the story came into focus and once again, there’re lessons in what you have to share. 1st; don’t judge a story by its headline, therefore becoming somewhat like those who are quick to judge. 2nd; Thank you for reminding me not to worry about things we have no control over- to just say my prayers. Lastly; to be gracious and grateful for those God chose to surround us with. It sounds like you are quite a “lucky” man. Congratulations on the wedding and may God continue to bless you and yours!

  • Doris Carman

    Thank God you were all ok.Who left the brake off and didnt put it in park.Thank you Mark.

  • wattsupstupid

    I heard a saying a long time ago that goes something like this. When things are going smooth and you are not having problems then is the time to start worring as Satan figures he has you and has gone on to someone else. You are teaching truth and Satan will try you as much as he can. Lots of prayers go out for you and your families safety daily. So glad that God is watching over you and so glad that Mark is such a great and devoted body guard for you and your family. This is going to be one of those stories that for the rest of your lives you will look back at with awe and also with much laughter. God Bless you and yours.

  • Bill Conkis

    To bad it wasn’t a Chev Volt.

  • Mike Crabtree

    Glad to hear everyone is ok, Mark, you are the man.
    Insurance will cover the car but not the other kind of loss, fortune was on your side and god was watching over you that day.
    Did anyone ever find out what caused the car to roll like it did, not roll as in flipping but start to roll down the hill where Mark had to jump in in the first place.

  • Anonymous

    A good reminder that we don’t know what will happen even a second from now, but we all can know Who the One who will be watching over us during the next event is. Thank our God that everyone is fine. The best things in life aren’t things.

  • Rico Katt

    That’s why I tell my daughter to ALWAYS use the emergency brake.

    Some cars have been recalled due to transmission failures that allowed the cars too roll. Is this one?

  • Howard Failer

    I see a drink carrier too. Late night Mcdonalds stop. I hope you did not get more than a 16oz drink in New York. LOL!!!!

  • Gary Martin

    THIS was once the USA, the great experiment, the land of free speech, that place where immigrants came to be SAFE, ”NO MORE” hooligans, criminals AND YES Liberals now run things….HOW’S OBAMA LAND….LIKE IT. W

  • SavetheRepublic

    I am sorry that happened to you and your family Glenn…same thing happen to us in 1992…while on vacation in Tennessee,,My husband forgot and left the stick drive in N, down the hill it went…the truck that pulled our car out of the riven didn’t charge to much…the told us …your getting away with “Dirt Cheap” hahaha D

  • Anonymous

    Curses on you George Bush…It’s all your fault!!!

  • Sherryl deWit

    You had obviously already said your prayers and Thank Goodness those angels were working overtime!

  • Anonymous

    I hope you gave Mark a huge hug.

  • john newell

    Glenn im really glad that the family is all ok and may the heavenly father bless Mark but Glenn you really have to stop hanging out with the hulk in upstate NY.

  • Linda Kimmich Tipler

    Wow, I’ll make sure to get renters insurance next time. Things happen. Even the rear brake light cover is hanging in there! How did the car get attacked from all sides! This is incredible.

  • Linda Kimmich Tipler

    Hope your wife was OK. Did you all really get some sleep after you said “lets just go in and go to bed” ? What else can a person do.

  • Lucile M. Seborg

    We are happy that Glenn and family are okay. Sorry that Mark had such an horrific experience, but he was doing what he thought he had to do to save Glenn’s son.
    Your guardian angels are watching over your family. Blessings upon your entire family.

  • Anonymous

    I wished I could have watched, that’s something you might not see in a lifetime. That will be a good memory. Great near save by Mark. He might need a wind down, with his life flashing before his eyes every few minutes for a while…

  • Gary Martin

    THIS was once the most civilized country on planet earth…..and then came Barack and Michelle who chose to stick their respective fingers in GOD’S eye, ”diss” everything decent and moral, rack up over 16 TRILLION $ in debt plus over 100 TRILLION $ in unfunded goverment liabilities, appoint (NO CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL) innumerable CZARS and Obama sycophants, minions and surrogates and finally RUIN

  • H John Massey

    Thankful you are all safe. God is good!

  • Dawn Brayton

    Thank goodness everyone got out of the car before it decided to drive on its own. Regarding parking on a hill the thing to do is turn the wheel so the front tires are turned then put the parking brake on. That should help if it happens again, hills are really hard to park on, Not sure if that helps during mud slides, though.

  • Anonymous

    Thank God no one was hurt and thank God for Marks heroism. It is good to know Glenn and his family are surrounded with good men. Miracles happen every day! God bless.

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    : hi mr.glenn ,how you and your family doing? i wish no body hurt AMIN

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya


  • Desy Nurul Azkiya


  • Shane Williams Sr.

    Glenn, That guy needs to be on you *cool gifts* Christmas list! Mark, God bless you for thinking that some one else’s life is worth risking your own. YOU ARE A HERO!

  • Anonymous

    Glad everyone was is okay, especially Mark, way to go!

  • Anonymous

    God does grant you serenity. Bless you all.

  • David Potochniak


  • chinnubie

    This proves to me, what I’ve already known, that the people I entrust to bring me the information I crave, to be from a regular down-to-earth guy. I am more than glad to be apart of The Blaze network and I know my monthly payment goes to bring about what will be the best news & information network in the world.

  • Christopher Fischer

    Yahoo News reporting this as

    Glenn Beck wrecked a rental at his daughter’s wedding over the weekend.

    Here is the comment that I posted that almost immediately disappeared from the site. lol

    Here is the original report from Glenn from Mon or Tue. in the first min he (Glenn) says that “One of the guys on our protection detail he was driving the car.” If this is true the statement “Glenn Beck wrecked a rental at his daughter’s wedding over the weekend.” is false. and the headline Glenn Beck totals rental SUV after daughter’s wedding may be misleading.

  • Steve- Construction Contractor

    I hope you got the $30 insurance.

    Total a SUV for $30 – DONE!

    Glad all are OK though. That could have been worse.

  • samseidel


  • Gail Notestine

    Glad everyone is OK. See, we keep praying for you and HE listens.

  • Becky Bubbles

    Glenn I am so glad that you or none of your family or surrounding people were hurt. I just thank God for that. I will continue to pray for you and yours. God Bless and keep up the good work on keeping us informed and inspired.

  • Lisa Stone

    So glad no one was hurt. I don’t know what I’d do without you Glenn. It’s because of you that I’m awake and out of zombie-land! God Bless you all!

  • Janice Jones


    • Anonymous

      If god were protecting his people, wouldn’t he have had Beck step away from the sauce before driving? Or maybe cause his foot to set the brake? Oh, yea, God works in mysterious ways…

  • Mr. C

    Mr. Beck “PUT IT IN THE WASH IT’LL BE GRAND” Hahaha glad your okay

  • Anonymous

    ” Greater love than this hath no man, than he would lay down his life for his friends”.
    You have such a man in Marc. Keep him with you and treat him accordingly.

  • christine nelson

    glenn so glad all of you are okay. God was with all of you. mark was there at the right time. take care. christine

  • Anonymous

    God Bless You, and Your Family, Glen.  That would have been my thaughts, as well.     Gerald Bouchard

  • Faronshelley Brown

    Glenn, I am so thankful that no one was hurt!
    I have to tell you that I have missed you because you predicted- correctly-everything that is happening now with our country and, unfortunately, our current administration. O’Riely has  finally listened to what you had to say–better late than never! When Romney is elected  President, I will fall to my knees and thank God for delivering us from evil.

    • Anonymous

      So how’d that falling down on your knees thing work out?

  • Faith K

    the mud is slick there drove from fl to ny got in four a.m. got out step in mud flat on my face. if i had a video realatives would of paid good money. cant beat the fingerlakes for a tranquil stay.

  • Anonymous

    Beck The Megalomaniac, Drama Queen and whimpering Cry Baby!Security;for what Glenn,no human being with a brain cares,as a matter of fact we thought you were hiding in the Witless Protection Program,the only thing this guy needs protection from is his own ego!

  • Terri Lee Takacs

    I was so inspired by Glenn’s Christmas special and could not get the story of Longfellow out of my mind. The next day 20 minutes away, was the Newtown shooting. I prayed for God to give me words to write to comfort my state, friends involved. God pulled through ~ I believe I was just the vessel He used to write them. It was in the Newtown Patch and others in Ct ~ here’s the link ~ thanks Glenn for the inspiration ~
    Merry Christmas to all who are missing loved ones this Christmas.
    Terri Takacs

  • Anonymous

    urlnts,what a bad manners thing you are, to get on a man’s site (you noticed I said MAN) and say the things you did. go some place else and paddle your bad apples and leave Glenn to do his good works. By the way it takes a real man to shead tears.

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