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This weekend, Glenn was in upstate New York for his daughters wedding. It was a rainy day – good luck for the bride and groom, but it turns out it wasn’t so lucky for Glenn and his rental car.

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“Imagine having one of these days where the stress is just going,” Glenn described, “This is like the end of the Father of Bride. Everything you’ve done. It’s in God’s hands now.”

After a long day spent with friends and family, and all the joy and stress that comes with a wedding, Glenn was happy to get back to the cottage he had rented for his family up in the Finger Lakes. As soon as he got to the front door of the house and put the keys in the lock, he turned around and saw his wife in her gorgeous, long evening gown standing in the mud trying to hold onto the SUV they rented.

As she shouted for someone to help her get control of the car, one of the member’s of Glenn’s security detail, Mark, jumped into the vehicle to try and get control. He was in the vehicle as it started to roll down the hill towards the lake, jumping out only as it started to roll and flip.

When he went back up to see if everyone in the Beck family was OK, Glenn told him he didn’t need to risk his life for “stuff”.

“Mark, don’t ever do that for material things,” Glenn told him.

“Sir, I thought Raphe was in the back of the car,” he told him.

Mark hadn’t seen Glenn’s young son as he had been wearing a black tuxedo and there was little light out in the woods at night.

“His looked like he had been in a war zone, his tux was all covered in mud and he still had rocks in his hands,” Glenn described.

The car ended up landing near the edge of the lake.

“I said to the kids I honestly said to the kids, ‘Well let’s go say our prayers, and go to bed.’ It was just one of those days. I watched my car roll down the hill, literally roll. Just like a movie. I just stood there. And I’m like ‘All right let’s go to bed.'”

The next morning he went down to inspect the vehicle: broken windows, busted axel, dents all over the car.

“I do believe I said to my wife before we went to bed did we get the rental insurance? She said yeah. I said let’s say our prayers and go to bed.”