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Sometimes politicians and pundits try to make the federal debt and deficit sound a lot more complicated than they really are. You see, sometimes you just need to use some common sense to understand what needs to be done to fix things. How does it work with the national debt? Glenn explains in the clip above.

  • outlawed

    Glenn you got it best of both worlds, you can read and comprehend, understand complicated law and you also have common sense. Unfortunately for those who are printing and spending money do no have “common sense”. They are trying to configure a way to balance the budget through the middle class without giving up more of their money. Their the ones that are overspending and expect the middle class to fix it by tax hikes and inflation!

  • landofaahs

    Simple huh? Not when cutting PBS is turned in to you hate children. The math is simple, the cuts are not.

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    mr.glenn only can teach public :[ ,why not take back. america public : choice him. he can control belive me :[ [mr.glenn will work properly]

  • Sam Fisher

    Yah I think you might have to scale it down for the left some more single digits might work better.

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