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It’s pretty unbelievable how much can change in a week. As Glenn noted on radio this morning, it was only a few days ago that the media was painting Barack Obama as unbeatable and Romney as an unlikable corporate robot. But after the debate people started to see the real Mitt Romney, and the invincible aura that Barack Obama had crafted is starting to fall apart.

“Obama can’t stop his desperate attempt to erase his horrific debate performance,” Glenn said. “Any coach, any player, any sane person would say put it behind you. Focus on the next contest. Put it behind you. Instead Obama is trying to rewrite last Wednesday’s last debate by focusing on Mitt Romney’s vow to cut funding to PBS.”

Glenn said Barack Obama’s latest ads and attacks on Romney’s Big Bird joke show a desperation – it’s the only attack line they have at this point. Even MSNBC hosts are wondering what the President and his campaign are doing.

“The good thing is this: It was a week ago, one week ago it was all over. Barack Obama was going to have his second term. Landslide. They had swept away the white, rich, unrelateable outsource. This unfeeling, uncaring corporate crony. This Mormon. The polls proclaimed it. The media dutifully reinforced it. The Obama Administration reveled in it.”

“Then America met the real Mitt Romney,” Glenn said. “And guess what? They liked him. He made sense. He was real. He genuinely seemed to care. His policies weren’t all that crazy.”

“One week later. We’re meeting the real Barack Obama, the thin-skinned narcissist,” Glenn continued. “He continues to believe, as he always has, that only government can make the world go around. He wants us to believe if the evil Mitt Romney actually did cut off funds to Sesame Street it would fold like John Travolta’s suit in Saturday night fever.”

“Generations of Americans and others around the planet grew up loving Sesame Street, and now our children love it, and our grandchildren love it. It ain’t going anywhere. It’s called capitalism.”

“As for Mitt Romney – two more nights like he had last Wednesday showing who he really is – a good, decent man who believes in the American people. Showing what he stands for, what his values are – and it won’t be Elmo, it will be Barack Obama that will be in the white bronco headed for the Illinois border. Going ‘What the hell just happened? Didn’t I tell them about Sesame Street? Didn’t I tell them how cool I was? Didn’t they see that Jay-Z was hanging out with me? What’s wrong with them?'”

“He’ll go home never understanding the American people. What a wasted opportunity.”