Rick Santelli goes off on unemployment numbers

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People often refer to Glenn as the “father of the Tea Party,” but if you ask Glenn, he’ll be quick to tell you he’s really more of a “distant uncle.”

“I’m not the founding father of the Tea Party, I believe that’s Rick Santelli.”

Like Glenn, Rick Santelli, isn’t always the most popular guy in the media — but he is honest.

“I’ve had an executive in the networks tell me, and I quote, “Glenn, we all know what’s coming, we all know. But we have a responsibility to not tell the American people the truth.” That’s a direct quote,” Glenn told listeners this morning.

For some reason, the big leaders in the media, the government and the finance world, seem to think the truth calls more panic than an ill-informed public being surprised by disaster. Like Glenn explained, information on how to survive a crisis is what prevents panic — but the first step is knowing there might be a crisis.

“I believe, as journalists: to tell you the truth no matter how ugly it is,” Glenn said.

Rick Santelli is among the small number of people in the media that are will to tell the American people the hard truths when it comes to the economy. Recently on CNBC, Rick got into a shouting match with Steve Leisman over recent comments regarding possible election-year manipulation of the Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report.

Here is the prediction Santelli made about what was going to happen with the jobs numbers weeks ago:

“I want to make a prediction for the Friday before the election for the unemployment number right now — right now! 7.9%.”


Yesterday, when it came up again, this is what happened:

Joe Kernen: “Rick, let me ask: What are you saying today? The BLS, where do they — they get numbers from somewhere, right?”

Steve Leisman: “Why would you ask Rick that question?

“Listen to that,” Glenn interjected. “‘Why would you even ask him about that?’ Discredit. Discredit and isolate.”

RICK SANTELLI: Well we could argue about the process. We could look at how the BLS outsources to the census bureau. We could look at how the census bureau operates. Where their jurisdiction is, where it shifted in ’09. But we don’t need to go there — everybody’s protesting too much. Here’s what I will say, we have a stock market at all-time year highs, we don’t have an economy at all-time year highs. You can put any jobs level 100, 125,000 —whatever you want — and put it forward if you want to say it’s going to be the new benchmark, because that’s under the guise of this shrinking labor force. So that number isn’t really viable either.

All I can tell you is, there was no doubt in my mind a month ago unemployment would be under 8%. There was no doubt in my mind 5 minutes before the number that it would be under 8% — take it anyway you want!

LIESMAN: We can’t take it anyway you want Rick, because you’re implying with your comment —

RICK SANTELLI: I’m not implying anything! I’m telling ya and it turned out that way! I’m a market whisperer!

LIESMAN: Why say it?

RICK SANTELLI: Because it’s true!
LIESMAN: It was the same point Jack Welch made.

RICK SANTELLI: I like people to get the benefit of my 32 years in the market. There was no doubt it would be under 8 percent!

LIESMAN: Why did you have no doubt, Rick?


“Listen to the guy’s belligerence,” Pat reacted. “Why would you have no doubt.  It came to pass so he must have had something.”

Glenn noted that Joe Kernen, the anchor, interjected with “oh, [expletive]” because he knew the ramifications of the road Santelli was about to go down.

“The guy who’s the anchor knows this is going to kill Rick.  Rick is going to say things now that are going make him into a conspiracy theorist, and they’re going to destroy him,” Glenn said. “Rick knows it too.” 

“Please America, please recognize that people are putting themselves.  They’re falling on their sword so you can have the information. They’re falling of their swords. They’re risking their livelihoods, their families — they are doing the things that we have begged people to do,” he told listeners. “They are doing it.”

Glenn use to say, “one day you’re going to wake up and you’re not going to recognize your country.” Has that day come?

“You have Rick Santelli: He’s afraid to put out his point of view,” Glenn pointed out. “How many Americans right now are afraid of putting Romney bumper sticker on their car, are afraid of putting a Romney sign in front of their house because they become a target?  How many people in this country are now afraid that they’re going to become a target?”

A few years ago on Glenn’s cable TV show, he told the American people of the four coordinated attacks — coordinated by the White House — to get him off the air or silence his speech.

“It’s never happened before in American history, and no one said a word,” he said, no one.” That leads to more silence. That leads to people like Rick Santelli sending up a flare.”

Glenn noted again that he believes Rick Santelli is one of bravest guys in the media right now. And, should the opportunity arise, he wouldn’t mind having him join the team at TheBlaze…

“We would be honored to have you at the Blaze. I think he’s one of the bravest guys out there.  I think he continues to show his bravery every day, and America show yours.”

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Glenn, remember that the progressives of the media, the admin and fiscal world regard us as little better than sheep – easily induced into panic, stupid and uneducated, and in desperate need of the enlightened shepherds (them) to guide us, and feed us what they hold as ‘truth.’

    When a ram shows up determined to make a stand, they know it has to be put down or culled out of the herd for the ‘benefit of all the others,’ for they know that when a true leader arises, their days are ended – the American people are wolves within the cloths of sheep, when aroused we become implacable enemies.

    They know their days are short, and as more and more people stand up for the truth, willing to put it all on the line, they will grow ever more desperate to hide their deeds.

    May God keep all of His people, and those dedicated to the truth, safe and let all come out for all to see – God will not be denied.

    • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

      I only have one shepherd and he is not progressive.

    • ginger

      I am almost 74 and have NEVER before contributed to any political campaign until this year and Ihave made donations to several conservative candidates…and I have never Prayed as hard for our country as I have this yr. nor have I slept as poorly..

      • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        I understand, just have faith, judgement has come to the House of Obama.

        • ginger

          I am clinging to faith with both hands…and wish I were in a position to do more for those people of high moral character and integrity who are running for office…I pray that what little I have been able to do will help…and I praise The Lord for what means I have that He has made it possible.

        • Mark Urbo

          One has to believe that udgement is coming to Obama.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Arthur-Anderson/100001818060647 Arthur Anderson

        Know that you are not alone….

        • ginger

          I think there are many of us who sincerely want our country to return to the Constitution…it is just that the opposition is so loud and viscious and vile and it is wearing. At some point WE must make a stand and I feel this is the time.

        • Anonymous

          9/12 nine values 12 principles, Glenn’s idea for We The People To Stick Together….because We Are Not Alone..stay and pray together..
          40 days challenge…because We Were wandering 40 years in the Desert ..of Liberalism…

    • europa3962

      Glenn has a few things wrong in his summary
      First, this is an ongoing schtick between Steve Liesman and Rick Santelli. Santelli is a free market capitalist more in line with the Austrian school. Liesman is a Keynesian. They argue on a regular basis and each gets heated.
      Joe Kernan is one of the hosts and he is aligned with the capitalist camp. He eggs on the debates between Santelli and Liesman as he does this with alot of people.
      He is is the one that uttered Oh S*&^ becausehe knew Liesman was a little pissed already and Santelli was going to go off
      People who watch CNBC alot will see this happening quite a bit. This is nothing knew but Glenn is right about Rick. He doesn’t drink the kool aid and will question the FED and Obama sychophants like Austin Goolsbee or Mark Zandy (an obama shill) or Howard Dean
      I have been watching sqwawk box for alomost 15 years and was watching the day when Santelli had his rant about Obama’s loan forgiveness program and said that maybe we should start a tea party in the Chicago River. Weeks later I was at a tea party rally in Houston. Santelli is the father of the tea party

  • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

    Don’t believe them their so called fairness is a lie. Socialism is a lie. Don’t buy the bull it is time to stand for something. Pray for Rick Santelli and other who have the courage to stand up. Put up the signs stand up a scream it out loud. Don’t give a damn about what people think. Stand up and stand firm.

    • ginger

      Amen to that

      • http://twitter.com/paoligarcy Paolina

        Also pray for your enemies to find it in themselves to be honest. Because in Democracy, it is only natural to lie to an electorate, so honesty is hard to come by.

        I don’t find it a coincidence the guy constantly on CNBC praising the Federal Reserve ponzi scheme inflating our currency, giving free money to banks which then charge us interest on it, happens to be named “Liesman”.

        He certainly makes his money spouting “Lies”.

        • ginger

          truly appropiate.

      • new2la

        Ginger, forgive me for using you to post. As you probably already know, Some of us are being prevented from making original posts.
        Every time I see an Obama sticker, I want to puke. Perhaps if I were a different sort of person, I would do to their car what they would not hesitate to do to ours!
        After all is said and done, That lever will secretly be pulled for our next president and it won’t be the communist, Marxist socialist and vile person we have there now.
        I do not want to hate this person as that is an awful word to use, But what he has done and wants to continue to do on our shores, is nothing short of treasonous. God Bless America, The greatest country to live in.
        Instead of us retreating to the gulch, Let’s send those that want to transform our country to their preferred destination.
        This is a marriage made in heaven, Why change that which is good? And as in every good marriage, let’s make it work better; Let’s save our nation!

        • ginger

          I feel the same..cannot stand the sight or sound of obuma..why are you not allowed to post??

          • new2la

            Disqus changed format and there are glitches to be worked out and for that reason, people are prevented from posting. We are giving them the benefit of the doubt.
            Personally, I feel Something else is going on….I could be wrong.

          • ginger

            thanks..sometimes I cannot get on the log in..sometimes yes.

          • Anonymous

            Hey, guys. That happened with me, too. I use Mac and Safari is blocked from doing original postings. I started using Firefox for this site and it works great. Don’t know if it will help you, but it might be worth a try.

    • Anonymous

      I have two Romney signs on my lawn, I have Romney decals on my car, I did get my car keyed, it is an older model car so I don’t give a shix, my Romney signs are intact.

      • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

        The left needs to grow up.

    • landofaahs


  • Timesailor

    Rick, you are my hero. You are a Ranger:
    We are Rangers.

    We walk in the dark places no others will enter.

    We stand on the bridge, and no one may pass.

    • http://twitter.com/paoligarcy Paolina

      Everyone should know that Rick is right, and the numbers are cooked. To see the REAL unemployment rate using the OLD way the government measured unemployment (or inflation), all you have to do is visit shadowstats.com

      The old methods of measurement show about 24% unemployment and if you ask the average person if only 8% of their friends are unemployed or 24% most people know it’s closer to the latter number. And for inflation it’s closer to 5% not the bogus 1.8% they are saying and was 7% last year.

      The only reason it doesn’t FEEL like a “Great Depression” is the fact that agriculture has made food prices vastly cheaper. A single farmer feeds on average a hundred and fifty people, it used to be only about twenty back in the 1930’s. So basically technological advances have made it possible for half the populace to be unemployed and still get fed whereas previously that was not the case.

      HECK, the Bureau of Labor Statistics itself has a “broad” measure of unemployment that the media NEVER mentions which is about double the 8% number at 15% right now. The media always mention the U.3 measurement which counts part-time jobs even from people who desperately want a full-time job, even if the job is only an hour or two a week! Whereas the U.6 number is never reported.

      • Anonymous

        the difference between the Great Depression than is the people had morals price compassion and willingness to work hard. this year they just want entitlements with no compassion with one another no pride in workin hard well (cuz gov’t take everything we make)cuz we are run by hippie radicals from the sixties that refuse to grow up! plus their bible is RulesForRadicals which was dedicated to Lucifer…Satan Runs the world now and the only we can do is Vote Them Out Now And Get Back To God And Church To Save US!!

    • Anonymous

      Rick has always said the truth, he is one great guy, Larry Kudlow is another good guy, he worked for R. Reagan as an economist, he is polite but pulls no punches, I believe Kudlow and Rick are about the only conservates on CNBC.

    • Sargonarhes

      I see a Babylon 5 quote up there. Marcus as he fought against Neroon.

      • Anonymous

        speaking of babylon,look what happened to Babylon In The Bible?!
        The Truth Will Set You Free! terrorist bill Ayers is Still bombing Our Country With O-bomb-a!

  • Anonymous

    Our founding parents ran up against the same thing. They lost so much to give us a chance at freedom. Now, the “monarchy” has come to this country blatantly surrounded by “czars.” If you look at history, you know where this is going.

  • Anonymous

    Concerned about Rick. The last time someone had similar shouting match with Steve, that someone, Charles Gasparino got kicked out of CNBC …

  • Anonymous

    Glenn when the time comes take Rick to the Gulch like in Atlas Shrugged. I will meet you guys there. Keep up the good work.

  • Ann 72845

    Thanks to Rick Santelli for saying what many of us are thinking. From” I don’t want to pay for losers” to predicting the unemployment number would be under 8% just before the election. I also felt the numbers would favor “Nobama”

  • greywolfrs

    I find it hilarious that every economist you talk to says there is no way that unemployment is 7.8%. There is no way that the number went down that far in one month. We have not seen that number drop by that much since Obamao was elected. All the sudden there is an election coming up and we see a significant drop? Please, that is a line of bullshit. Anyone who does not have their head firmly planted in their ass knows it’s bullshit. I guess that leaves out matt “the moron” driscoll, sticky chin, vicki tiffany and finestupidity.

    • Anonymous

      the Left don’t stand for anything..they are oxyMORONs!!

      • greywolfrs

        I have to disagree, they do stand for something, free handouts.


        Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  • Anonymous

    Rick Santelli needs to do a John Stossel and head over to Fox. My son has a Romney bumper sticker taped to his rear window so when he’s in certain neighborhoods he can remove it. To many Tweets about people keying cars etc.

  • TeaBaby

    We need more – countless more, of guys like Glenn and Rick.

  • Destroy All Morons!

    where did steve leisman come from, and why does that mouthpiece get the last word? he’s the reincarnation of a nuremburg defendant to be sure. i can’t believe how many jews will just open up the oven doors and walk in all by themselves.

  • Anonymous

    Ya gotta love Rick. He doesn’t compromise himself. We could use him in the senate!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003764948125 Coret OtheCountry

    Demonizers! Its the new ostracization- if we don’t like your political lean, we will just demonize you and try to destroy your credibility.. Aren’t they evil and unloving of their neighbor! Jesus is watching, demonizers! And though we may at times forget, HE will never forget.

  • Anonymous

    Something for Stu & Pat to check out ????? I heard on radio today the tale end of a call from a caller said that a large state did not turn in it’s employment numbers to the Federal Government ?????? Could this be possibly true and was not reported ??????? Would this greatly affect the Federal government total numbers ???????????????? Maybe I got it out of context coming in on the tale end of the call ???????

  • landofaahs

    When dear ol’ Biden said it’s all about the three letter word “Jobs”, did he actually mean jobs or JO-BS? I think the latter.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Skip-Sanders/1555201535 Skip Sanders

    I love Rick Santelli, but both he and Mr. Beck know who the Father of the Tea Party is and it’s not Mr. Santelli. This is just one more example of why Glenn has credibility issues in some circles on the right. We know, he knows better..and are sadly dissapointed.

  • Anonymous

    It DOES take enormous courage to be conservative. If you say you are Democrat, then there are no expectations. Since you’re already right just by joining with the liberals, you never have to worry about a challenge from other leftists, the press or anyone else.

    If you are a conservative, it’s exactly the opposite. Even if you have cold, hard, impartial, no nonsense facts in your arguments, even if you avoid calling liberals names, you are an enemy to all and they will call you names, key your cars, physically attack you, threaten you, your family, your church and your friends. After all, liberalism is the way of TOLERANCE.

    Either they are all monumentally stupid or malignantly evil. I’m betting on the first choice. There are absolutely no facts that coincide with their claims. Because liberalism is the progeny of communism/socialism, they are also rabid proponents of “The end justifies the means.”

    What does that mean? Simple. Look at the methodologies of liberalism as it applies to several liberal sacred cows. Take for example the following:

    1. Compare the Tea Party rallies, the Restoring rallies, and other conservative events to the Occupy Wall Street rallies and the Wisconsin Scott Walker governor recall election. Occupy planned attacks on the police, incited violence, attacked and raped women, assaulted and murdered, destroyed property, peddled illegal drugs, looted, and defecated anywhere they chose. At the Tea Party rallies, and the Restoring events, the only arrests made were the liberals who were attacking those on the fringe of the crowd. Waste was picked up by the crowd and disposed of. Nobody defecated on property, no one was attacked, no drugs were sold, no media were assaulted, not one single woman (or man) was raped, no murders were committed. So…since liberals consider themselves TOLERANT, perhaps one of their members just couldn’t read the actual definition of that word, instead, personifying the meaning of the word HATE.
    2. The gay movement. No longer are conservatives or moderates or liberals allowed to have a difference of opinion regarding homosexuality and special rights based on who a person chooses to have sex with. In fact, now, if you are a conservative, traditional Christian, you are guilty of a hate crime and worthy of death. After all, they are very tolerant people…so long as you agree 100% with them. Since the end justifies the means, blowing up churches, threatening individuals, ruthlessly attacking anyone who even professes faith in Jesus Christ (think Chick-fil-A’s Dan Kathy), are all courageous acts, not criminal behavior. Circumventing parents has now become one of their most effective weapons. According to the gay movement, because parents often do not agree with their quest for special privileges, now teachers and administrators routinely plot how to circumvent and marginalize parents and brainwash their children through the implementation of mandatory reeducation courses in which the gay lifestyle is celebrated, painted as desirable, and mocking the stupidity of their foolishly religious parents. Many of these programs emphasize to children that their parents’ morals are wrong because the very act of faith in God is discriminatory to atheists and gays. Because the parents are obviously wrong, it justifies turning classrooms into reeducation camps through mandatory attendance and ideological regurgitation WITHOUT allowing differing opinions or parental involvement.
    3. Rick Santelli is right. Since historical and result based analyses sit in abject inversion to liberal dogma, it becomes necessary to do several things in order to swing things their way in elections
    a. Attack any facts that show actual results of the implementation of liberal policy or historical communism/socialism. Results are irrelevant, ideology is paramount and sacred. Should someone present cold, hard fact (-ie- Mitt Romney pointing out that 47% of the population pays no taxes and in fact lives off the largess of the government through entitlement programs), attack, attack attack in order to try to obfuscate WHAT the person said in favor of HOW it was said. Again, it is paramount to always avoid being trapped into discussing issues in the light of indisputable fact. Should the attack fail, gather a mob and go on a rampage to garner support for your cause through the threat of violence. It’s more than okay….it’s for the “cause”.
    b. Malign the character of anyone who does not believe as liberals do, whether it is true or not. If lies are necessary, then the bolder the lie, the more courageous the individual stating the lie. For example, Barack Obama’s statement that he had reduced the deficit by over 1 trillion dollars. Hey, he’s not lying. After all, he could have spent that trillion bucks, but instead, he decided to pay our soldiers to murder people, therefore, he has CUT the deficit, not added to it spectacularly.
    c. If statistics do not agree with you, refer to 3b for creative methodologies. If that doesn’t work, then remove any portions of the statistical formula that reduces or removes the numbers that could unfavorably affect the outcome. For example, labor statistics. All presidents prior to Obama, when reporting job numbers and unemployment, included the variable of those who had become so discouraged that they had given up, recent college graduates, minors and differentiated between full time jobs vs. part time jobs. In the Obama presidency, those guys don’t count, newly frocked college graduates don’t count, minors don’t count, and there is no difference between part time and full time jobs. If the numbers were reported according to the traditional methodologies, we would have unemployment of around 18% and college grads would have unemployment of 50%, while minors would have unemployment upwards of 75%.
    4. Liberals can’t be racist or held responsible for racist comments. It is literally impossible. If you are liberal, then you can say anything you want and it is completely acceptable. For example, Harry Reid stating that Obama wasn’t a dark enough Negro, even culturally. Even the Rev. Al Sharpton came rushing to his side to claim that he wasn’t racist. Mayor Ray Nagen of New Orleans, following Katrina, made the announcement that white property owners were no longer welcome in the devastated neighborhoods. He declared New Orleans a “black” city that would no longer tolerate whites, so they might as well just cut their losses and stay out. Joe Biden speaks before an all black audience and claims that Mitt Romney “wants ta’ put y’all back in chains.” Virtually nothing has been said about that by the MSM since. Meanwhile, the same day, Mitt Romney was attacked for being a racist. What did he say that set them off? Nothing…he’s a racist because he’s a white male. But hey, he’s got to be a racist because he once put a doggy car carrier on the roof of the car, thus proving he is evil, racist, anti-animal and discriminatory against females. Whoopi Goldberg, in interviewing Ann Colter about her new book, (NONE of the hosts on The View bothered to read the book prior to attacking Ann), told her that she was arrogant and stupid because, “Do YOU know what it’s like to be black?!!” See, if you’re black, you have to be a liberal and somehow, the color of your skin gives you a clairvoyant quality in which you know all of the individual experiences of every black person everywhere. Also, if you are white, you can’t talk about any issues that are important to blacks because you’re white…it’s a black thing. Also, being black means that you can talk about all issues pertaining to every race everywhere because your skin color qualifies you as an expert on all people everywhere, through all time. You’re white…you wouldn’t understand…it’s a black thing. That “crazy fun” Louis Farrakhan guy can’t be a racist…he’s black-racism is not possible because he’s black. All black people are oppressed as evidenced by Whoopi Goldberg because they are kept out of jobs where big money or power are offered. Just because she’s a millionaire many times over and Barack Obama is the most powerful man on earth is completely beside the point. You wouldn’t understand…it’s a black thing. Of course, because I am speaking about what a black woman said….I’m a racist. I wouldn’t understand…It’s a black thing. Refer back to the first sentence after Whoopi’s name is mentioned above for refresher clarification. Mitt Romney is a total racist again, because he wants to kill black people, especially black women and children because he doesn’t want to increase welfare. According to Whoopi, black people are incapable of success because of the racism of white people who aren’t giving them enough money. So what if we now have some families in the black community that are 12th generation lifelong welfare recipients with destroyed families. That’s not because welfare dependence rewards drug use, unwillingness to work, broken family structures, disease and crime, it’s because white people are racists and made them that way. After all, it is impossible for someone with black skin to succeed. The fact that those with the darkest skin, Haitians and Dominicans, have become as successful in this country as Asians (who happen to comprise a far smaller minority than blacks OR hispanics) is completely beside the point and proves that blacks can’t make it on their own because of white racism.
    5. There is no such thing as hypocrisy when you’re a liberal. Most of #4 applies here, but when the end justifies the means, lying is not lying, it’s courageous. If you lie over and over and over again about what happened in Libya and you’re Obama, who is desperately trying to cover up his failure to do what his own security experts were begging him to do and in fact, took away security in an effort to show the Libyan forces that we have complete faith in their abilities and their loyalty, then you aren’t lying. It’s not hypocrisy, it’s courageous. I love it when a liberal writes something stupid and racist. It’s hilarious to watch the venom and hatred spew like actress Linda Blair in “The Exorcist” when her head was doing 360’s when I wait a few days, then quote them exactly – except I substitute out the colors and the political affiliations. See, it’s racist when I say it, but perfectly okay when THEY say it. Why? Because when you’re liberal, you absolutely, 100%, can NEVER, NEVER, NEVER be held responsible for anything you say.
    6. If you’re conservative, then anything goes with the press, while any screwups by liberals result in one of several courses of action.
    a. Attack the character of the person who is making the accusation
    b. If the facts don’t agree with your thinking, ignore the whole thing and don’t mention it. If someone breaks down and doesn’t play along, resort to tactic a.
    c. Edit, edit, edit. How many times has NBC been caught altering recordings in a way to make it look like whoever they are hating that day is a racist, hater pig who doesn’t deserve to live? Oh, I’m sorry NBC. Just because you get people killed because of your lies, you aren’t actually lying….you’re courageous. The MSM in this country hang their hats on the right to a free press, but they do everything in their power to mock the trust that’s given by becoming liberal cheerleaders and activists. I wonder how the press in Venezuela feels about the great hero of liberalism, Hugo Chavez. After all, he is the epitomy of what they are looking for. Nationalize everything, steal money to redistribute, etc. The fact that he has to ruthlessly suppress free speech and freedom of the press wouldn’t happen here, right? Of course not. THEY are in charge and the lying is only temporary until we arrive at the great future utopia in which the end and the means merge. Sigh….

    I realize this is long-winded, but I’m tired of the lies, the attacks, the abject, profound and irredeemable lack of character on the left. To them, the constitution is to be despised except where it allows them to get their way. Religion is the enemy and good is evil and evil good.

  • Anonymous

    The dishonesty in our leaders and in the country in general is appalling. We must continue to support the few bastions of truth that are still left such as Glenn and Rick!

  • Michael Womack

    I am calling fr a new American revolution. One that the voters vote the O and the Congress out of office . America !!!! wake UP!!!!

  • greywolfrs

    OK, now the truth comes out. My state, CA, did not get their numbers in on time. That jobs report is for 49 states. Since CA has HIGH unemployment, that would explain the numbers. Hell, the county I live in has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation, well over 10%, even with cooking the books on unemployment numbers.

  • http://twitter.com/Lawrencetscott Lawrencetscott

    I’ve created a .PDF educational fact sheet http://bitly.com/R4P4ee about the Democrats’ mission that needs to get out and forwarded to as many as possible right away

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