What is the President’s batting average?

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“What is the President’s batting average overseas? Is it pretty good? Is it kind of not so good? Is it abysmal? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a President with this bad of a batting average. Have you? Have you ever seen this? Can anyone name one foreign policy that has been good for the United States of America? One thing that he has done – besides Osama bin Laden – can you name one thing that he has done that has ended up being good for us?” Glenn said.

“Let’s start with Osama bin Laden. Osama bin Laden, if you remember the stories, it took him six months to make the decision whether or not to go in and get him, and then the night before he decided to get him he said I have to sleep on it. And then he positioned this as the toughest decision any President has ever made. This is the easiest decision that any President has ever made. This is simple. You’re going to get enemy number one? Yes!”

Glenn broke Obama’s record into two categories: the times he rushed into “help” with a gutsy call and the times he wanted to wait for all the facts to respond.

Look at the breakdown below:

Glenn started with the police who arrested a black Harvard professor after a caller saw him attempting to forcefully enter his own home (the door was jammed). Obama’s reaction? He said he didn’t have all the facts but the police acted stupidly.

When Trayvon Martin was killed, the President’s statements also were not favorable for the police.

“His instinct, his gut is the cops are bad,” Glenn explained.

Obama also supported the Arab Spring, not seeing the warning signs at all of the possible dangerous fallout. His administration has refused to condemn radical Islam, whether it be in the Middle East or in America in cases like the Fort Hood shooting.

Even in cases where he has said he has to wait for facts, he usually comes back wrong. Again going back to Fort Hood, his administration tried to say that was closer to a workplace shooting than a terrorist attack. Osama bin Laden took him months to make the call to go in, when really it should have been a no brainer.

“The BP oil spill. If you remember right, we have a huge oil spill and he does nothing. He doesn’t send anyone in. Why? How is that possible? He doesn’t help at all. It takes him forever to get there. It takes forever to help. Why? Who did that help? Did that help the United States of America? Or by letting that thing sit did it make the situation worse and allow him to close everything down and then give all of the equipment and all of those deep-sea leases and give money to Brazil. To have them do deep-sea research. And drilling,” Glenn continued.

“If it is just a series of mistakes, this guy doesn’t think he’s making any mistakes. He thinks he’s fine,” Glenn said.

“The guy is arrogant and mistake riddled when it comes to our foreign policy. But I don’t happen to believe that he’s making mistakes.”

Here’s the question Glenn wants you to pose to your friends: Even if this guy’s gut is so abysmal and all of the mistakes are just unintentional – why would you want to vote him back in with this track record?

  • landofaahs

    He does not need a batting average because the liberal refs (press) just let him walk and steal bases.

    • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Honestly I do not know which is more pathetic – the President, Biden or the MSM.

      • landofaahs

        They are in the same bowl…time to flush.

      • Anonymous

        They are all pathetic.

    • Anonymous

      good one land…no batting average just a Designated Hitter for george soros. hussein-obama gut is as a community agitator!

      • Anonymous

        its not a mistake,every time hussein-obama ALWAYS sides with the Muslim!! For He Is A Muslim,Hussein-Obama Proves with everything he does that he IS an Anti-American Islamist Terrorist!!! he should be impeached if congress wasn’t wimps

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Obama is arrogant, this comes from his narcissism and ever growing insanity; he cannot find fault in himself, always blames events or others for when anything unexpected has happened (such as continuing to blame the video for Benghazi-gate; or even now that it is Romney/Ryan being the reason Libya is still such an issue).

    His actions are deliberate and calculated across the board, even the take down of UBL was solely for political gains and we have seen how that backfired on him and the US as well.

    In my own opinion, as his ideal world/mindset founders on the rocks of reality, he is headed for a complete emotional meltdown. It appears that more and more he also is setting up a final ‘zero option’ for the foreign policies and domestic economic mess in which he will make the mess so massive for Romney to deal with on day one, it will take most of his term just to get a grip on it.

    Look for the media to make Obama a pariah soon as well, when more start to turn on him or speak of him in derogatory means and ways, then they are setting up the fall and rewriting of history to save their own ideologically driven tails.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    I will summarize it this way – Obama is a narcissist, sociopath, arrogant and vainglorious nutcase who is madder than a mad hatter. His mindset is to rule all or destroy all, there can be no middle ground.

  • Anonymous

    Have you seen him try and throw a baseball ?. It’s pretty obvious his native country probably accels at marathon running and spear chucking .

  • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

    Obama failed at almost everything. They only thing he did right is sending seals to shooting Binladen in the head.

    • SoThere

      It seems that Obama has moved on from talking about the problems this country is experiencing and is now on the leftist Comedy Tour and slander fest. He’s trying to win reelection with Big Bird and comedy one liners.

      Too much time on David Letterman and other comedy shows. It’s really time for him to go. It’s OK to vote an ineffective President out of office, even if he is black.

      • VindicatorX

        I completely concur with your opinion. It’s time for amateur hour to end and a return to normalcy.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KFVPZJEDRJ4AGTEVX2G3H7QLYM greyfox

        The truth about Big bird, as in all things, follow the money. How many millions
        have the producers of big bird made on PBS without giving a dime back to PBS. That’s why BB wants Obama to cease and desist using BB as a political ploy. They don’t want the truth known by the general public. Where does all the money from tickle me Elmo and big bird dolls go? their income is in the hundreds of millions and they don’t want that exposed, I hope Romney has an opportunity to expose this fact at the next debate. With the mone they make they could fund PBS, that’s why Romney want to defund PBS. I’m sure Obama doesn’t even know this is going on, he thinks he can gain support by saying Romney wants to do away with PBS. And this is the guy that’s against big business, what a clueless jerk.

    • Anonymous

      from the way i hear that is he had to be asked more then once if they shough shoot him.after all binladen was a brother muslum. he proublelycryed for days afterwards. if this is his only claim t famen then shooing one person isnt much.ther is alkda out there and this fool is letting them in.when the one dude sayed we have akta here he wasnt lieing. and maybe someone needs to take a look and see.

  • Anonymous

    I think Glenn is being too generous on this one. He is calling these incidents mistakes. They weren’t mistakes, they were the direct, predictable result of the failures of his ridiculous policies. He was given the opportunity to apply socialism on a large scale without a fight for two years, yet everything is always someone else’s fault, not his and certainly not a failure of socialism.

    This is what happens when elect a person who has NEVER worked for anyone but the government. He has little more than disdain for businesses because, in his world view, those who actually employ others are only doing so to exploit them so that they can steal what belongs to others.

    To work for the government, to a socialist/liberal is a noble act because it means that the money that funds him comes from the equitable redistribution of funds from those who have grown rich from ill gotten gains to those who nobly choose to either not work or work for the government…except the military…they’re evil. No problem…he’ll just take away their budget and all the bad men will go away.

    • Anonymous

      Is anyone else fed up with the lies from DC? And add the media bias and slant and who knows what the truth is. I believe Glenn when he said we would never see our life as it was several years ago. If Obama is allowed another term, we will have no democracy. Obama never did much in the Senate and has proven the same as President. Everyone I know IS worse off today than when he took office. He has failed and has not been a leader. Time for new.

      • Anonymous

        Exactly. When Obama was a senator, his voting record was the most liberal in United States history. However, one of the oddest votes of his past is in his record as an Illinois state senator. 129 times, his vote is listed as “present”, not “yea” or “nay”. This is not legal in many states, but can be used in Illinois to express displeasure with any measure without commitment that might offend one side or the other.
        This is a very lame choice, however, and more indicative of Bill Clinton’s methodology. After all, a Clinton will do just about anything to stay in power and often, the only way to do this is to attempt to straddle the middle by becoming a moderate instead of taking a polarizing stand to the left or the right.
        Obama has already very clearly articulated abject disdain for the constraints of the Constitution. His voting record as a state senator and a US senator speaks for itself. His record as president has been downright shameful. His actions as a president in his last term is FRIGHTENING.

        • http://lynn-miller.myopenid.com/ Lynn Miller

          TRY ZERO-MINUS. ..ZAp21.Com

  • Anonymous


  • Donnab

    One important thing Glenn missed about the BP oil spill. As a charter boat owner on the Gulf Coast we feel that this was unbelievable!

    “Crucial offers to help clean up BP’s oil spill “have come from Belgian,
    Dutch, and Norwegian firms that . . . possess some of the world’s most
    advanced oil skimming ships.” But the Obama administration wouldn’t accept the help,
    because doing so would require it to do something past presidents have
    routinely done: waive rules imposed by the Jones Act, a law backed by

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KFVPZJEDRJ4AGTEVX2G3H7QLYM greyfox

    If Mitt wins the election in spite of the MSM, Hollywood, the education system and the certain use of questionable voting fraud The black and hispanic vote, and I feel sure he will win, it will only got prove that the majority of Americans still are aware of what’s going on in the Obama administration. Vote Romney/Ryan to clean the Obama/Biden mess.

  • Anonymous

    To obama killing of Ben Laden was almost a complete ruse by him to give him self cover the war with radicals extremists Muslims is over !!! What obama did do was to kill a aging leader of waning terrorists movement base from Saudi Arabia under the Sunni fraction of Islam and to lull us to sleep on a far bigger threat of a Iran Shiti base terrorists movement and the Muslims Brotherhood with major global caliphate plans !! Under this ruse obama is aiding the Muslims Brotherhood for the good of Muslims people he is aiding Iran quest to rule the world !!! Let face facts obama putting our country completely to sleep on purpose to next terrorists Muslims movement of Iran which is far more dangerous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PE Shumway

    I’m a Latter-day Saint. We have a set of Scriptures called the Doctrine and Covenants in addition to the Bible and the Book of Mormon…all communications from our Heavenly Father. The Doctrine and Covenants states that America is a chosen place but if we turn away from God, America won’t survive. If we turn to Him, he’ll preserve the place. Makes sense. Why save something that’s gone amok? I think we have sufficiently turned back to Him, after a treacherous slide and are ready to roll. Goodbye, Obama and your lackeys. (Picture of a bright, hopeful future!)

  • Anonymous

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