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“What is the President’s batting average overseas? Is it pretty good? Is it kind of not so good? Is it abysmal? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a President with this bad of a batting average. Have you? Have you ever seen this? Can anyone name one foreign policy that has been good for the United States of America? One thing that he has done – besides Osama bin Laden – can you name one thing that he has done that has ended up being good for us?” Glenn said.

“Let’s start with Osama bin Laden. Osama bin Laden, if you remember the stories, it took him six months to make the decision whether or not to go in and get him, and then the night before he decided to get him he said I have to sleep on it. And then he positioned this as the toughest decision any President has ever made. This is the easiest decision that any President has ever made. This is simple. You’re going to get enemy number one? Yes!”

Glenn broke Obama’s record into two categories: the times he rushed into “help” with a gutsy call and the times he wanted to wait for all the facts to respond.

Look at the breakdown below:

Glenn started with the police who arrested a black Harvard professor after a caller saw him attempting to forcefully enter his own home (the door was jammed). Obama’s reaction? He said he didn’t have all the facts but the police acted stupidly.

When Trayvon Martin was killed, the President’s statements also were not favorable for the police.

“His instinct, his gut is the cops are bad,” Glenn explained.

Obama also supported the Arab Spring, not seeing the warning signs at all of the possible dangerous fallout. His administration has refused to condemn radical Islam, whether it be in the Middle East or in America in cases like the Fort Hood shooting.

Even in cases where he has said he has to wait for facts, he usually comes back wrong. Again going back to Fort Hood, his administration tried to say that was closer to a workplace shooting than a terrorist attack. Osama bin Laden took him months to make the call to go in, when really it should have been a no brainer.

“The BP oil spill. If you remember right, we have a huge oil spill and he does nothing. He doesn’t send anyone in. Why? How is that possible? He doesn’t help at all. It takes him forever to get there. It takes forever to help. Why? Who did that help? Did that help the United States of America? Or by letting that thing sit did it make the situation worse and allow him to close everything down and then give all of the equipment and all of those deep-sea leases and give money to Brazil. To have them do deep-sea research. And drilling,” Glenn continued.

“If it is just a series of mistakes, this guy doesn’t think he’s making any mistakes. He thinks he’s fine,” Glenn said.

“The guy is arrogant and mistake riddled when it comes to our foreign policy. But I don’t happen to believe that he’s making mistakes.”

Here’s the question Glenn wants you to pose to your friends: Even if this guy’s gut is so abysmal and all of the mistakes are just unintentional – why would you want to vote him back in with this track record?