Glenn and Stu have fun with numbers

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  • Diana at Nemi

    Glenn must must pay Stu alot.

  • Daniel Haifley

    I am one of those who can be counted as getting a new job this last month. However, it is a second job that pays me about $500 a month. I had to get this job to help pay for gas so that I could get my kids to and from their sports activities. I am not impressed with the numbers that the Administration is touting.

  • Anonymous

    Why is stu dressed as a cockroach?
    Look who he works for!!!

    • VindicatorX

      You have it wrong – he doesn’t work for you, cockroach.

    • Sam Fisher

      He was only dressing up as you.

      • Anonymous

        The Cockroach Costume Is The Obama Mask! Speaking Of Cockroach, This Is The First Administration Where The WhiteHouse Had To Be Fumigated,Where The Whitehouse Had Cockroaches,Flies,Rats, Bats,fleas etc.its like Pharoh’s seven plagues… you’re right Sam Strtik does not know facts he is an angry obama-zombie drinking the koolaide.

    • SoThere

      Stop drinking the blue water from the toilet strtlk, it’s not Kool Aid.
      You’re the cockroach here.

      • Sandie

        It’s bad enough he is eating those “mints”, but lately he is going for the “chocolate covered” ones ……
        Somebody.. please tell him..!

        • VindicatorX

          Ssshhh! He thinks they are Baby Ruth….

    • Guest

      It’s odd, but that whole bit was done really well. If you hadn’t asked the question I wouldn’t have seen the story and wouldn’t know all those details now. So, since you asked a question which was irrelevant to the point I got to see something that I wouldn’t have seen. Are you feeling a wee bit stupid yet?

  • Sam Fisher

    The only thing that is not right about that video is Stu dressed as a cockroach. He should of got an Obama mask on instead with or without the cockroach suit.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Its a cockaroach…good example to use about the manipulation of our systems! Hang on to your hats because this administration wants everything to collapse, as Paul Ryan said, Watch out Middle Class, they are coming for you next!

  • Anonymous

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