Ann Coulter reacts to vp debate: “Biden was a cackling old fool and really so rude”

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What did Ann Coulter think of last night’s vp debate? Was Biden over the top? Was Ryan too passive? The bestselling author joined Glenn this morning on radio to share her thoughts.

“It was quite an amazing evening last night, Glenn said. “I heard they were trying to appeal to women. I don’t know a single woman that was like, you know, I want to vote for just an old jerk.”

“Yeah, I don’t think the appealing to women strategy worked,” Ann responded. “It was very strange, Biden behavior, but wow, that’s what liberals have been pushing for. I mean, that laughing at everything and serious issues”

During last night’s debate Joe Biden seemingly did everything he could to keep Paul Ryan from being able to finish a sentence. He seemed to talk over Ryan at every opportunity, and despite what seem liked a very out-of-balance speaking time, it’s being reported that Joe Biden only spoke for about a minute and a half longer than Paul Ryan — which shocked Ann Coulter.

“The problem was when he was being interrupted, both clocks were running,” Glenn pointed out.

“I don’t think Romney would allow himself to be interrupted that much,” Ann commented.

“Ryan was too polite and I would like to remind everyone here that many people were pushing for Ryan as the presidential candidate just to reiterate that we should always hang on my every word,” she added.

Ann has a point. While Ryan had good, substantive answers, many of the independent and undecided voters noted that he was letting Biden talk over him too much, which gave Biden the appearance of being more confident. That said, Biden’s mannerisms seemed to backfire quite a bit.

Ann described Biden as, “a cackling old fool and really so rude, I completely agree with you on the woman’s reaction to that. I mean, it just reminds you of the most Jack ass male you have ever known or dated or had a conversation with the smearing and laughing through everything, utterly inappropriately, utterly dismissive of everything Ryan was sage and Biden was sage a lot of crazy stuff.”

On substance, many are calling the debate a draw, but at the very beginning of the debate Biden hit his low point when the subject of the attack in Benghazi were brought to the table.

Joe Biden, despite the hearings that occurred all day on the subject of “what our intelligence was at the time of the attack,” seemed to be under the impression that there was no warning that the attacks were coming or that the consulate had requested increased security.

“We just had hearings with state department officials saying yes, we were warned,” Ann said. “Biden is saying, I don’t know what’s going on.”

Despite his lack of “intelligence” on issues in Benghazi, the VP went on to say that the White House has good intelligence on Iran and their development of nuclear weapons.

“Right, right, and laughing as Ryan was talking about the danger of Iran getting a nuclear weapon,” Ann pointed out. “Biden was laughing. It was really peculiar. And it’s interesting that liberals seem to think that this was fantastic and as they say, ‘okay, it’s gotten Obama back on track’ — maybe they planned to say this no matter what the debate performance was.”

“I think that was their plan last night. I really think that was their plan last night,” Glenn said.

Glenn shifted the conversation to his fast — honestly, how long do you expect Glenn to go without talking about food with he can’t eat sweets — and gave Ann a perspective he hadn’t heard from anyone else…

“I think we saw who Mitt Romney truly was and I think we saw who Obama truly is. I think we saw the real Paul Ryan and the real Joe Biden. So I think there’s some divine Providence, and let me…I tweeted this morning.

God sent his tweet out a little while ago and it’s Proverbs,” Glenn said.

When a wise person debates with a fool, the fool rages and laughs and there is no peace and quiet.

“Wow,” Ann reacted.

Glenn added, “That’s exactly what happened last night.”

Glenn went on to ask Ann what she sees coming down the road the last few weeks of this election.

She noted that the reaction from the public to the media and other forces, like her book, seem to have changed the left’s “favorite campaign” talking points. She noted that a week before her book came out Al Sharpton described the integration of Ole Miss by James Maris (who was actually a Republican being blocked by a Democratic governor who was supported by Jimmy Carter) as “the Republicans versus the Democrats, as usual, reversing the parties and said we’re fighting the same forces today on things like, women’s reproductive choice.”

“He did the same story for no particular reason about the little rock high schools and this time, he said who the Republicans and the democrats actually were,” she said.

“People have had enough of it,” Glenn said. “I think the idea of just playing the high ground here, being firm, being clear, but playing the high ground and not engaging in that I think that’s what’s going to win.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Biden acts as a cackling old fool. The true depth of Biden’s loss is shown by how fast the MSM admitted (for the most part), his defeat, and then began to focus upon the next Presidential debate.

    Sean Hannity brought up a good point, Biden is emotionally out of control, nearly a full breakdown. I have to concur on that conclusion; how do others read it?

    • Anonymous

      What scary that Biden is second in line to put his finger on U.S nuclear trigger button !! This reflects on how bad obama judgement & reasoning is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam Fisher

    That is the left for you. Dumber than a bunch of rocks and think they are better than everyone else. Joe Biden is the typical liberal and this is how they acted. He lied though the whole thing.
    What is so funny Biden about Iran getting nukes and nuking all non-Muslim countries?

  • Michael Patterson

    Psalms 29:9 fits Joe Biden perfectly. It says,” There is no use arguing with a fool. He only rages and scoffs, and tempers flare”.

    • Andrea Toll

      I was trying to find that verse. Thanks!

  • JR Ewen

    Biden’s same old tired rhetoric behavior full of obnoxious arrogance demeaning to the American people. Surely the twit who has been getting away with this rubbish for 42 years could get new dentures for the debate as there wasn’t a glimmer of truth in his giggle show. If there was a gold medal for hypocrisy he would win it easy.

  • Anonymous

    joe is the poster boy for term limits .

  • Anonymous

    glenn beck pulls out all the stops to cry about the Vice President’s strong showing.
    Who does glenn use to help prove his point?
    ann coulter!
    Maybe glenn should call his other drinking buddies, rush, hannity, coughlin, hitler and stalin together to defend his idiotic fantasies.

    • Guest

      To much truth for you liberals? If you fools vote obama in for 4 more I’m afraid you will see the truth, when you’ve waken up one morning and think you’ve been levitated to the middle east.

    • Anonymous

      I suppose in your limited mental capacity, Ryan’s stance on abortion is all the proof needed, proving the liberal accusation, that “the republicans are waging a war against women”…. when in fact, it is nothing more than A DIVERSIONARY TACTIC to avoid the real truth of a liberal WAR AGAINST THE UNBORN!

      Fantasies? You’re the pathetic one strtlk…..

    • SoThere

      Biden was an old fool and he showed it during the debate.

      The only pathetic one here is you strtlk. Stop drinking the blue water in the toilet, it’s not Kool Aid.

      Obama’s a druggie and a drunk and so is Biden. How many drinks did Biden have before the debate? One..two…three or more. Once a drunk, always a drunk, right strtlk!


    • VindicatorX

      Biden was being his best at mimicking ape behavior – that so called grinning was a show of aggression, it is used by many species to threaten an opponent they fear by baring the teeth as if they were about to attack. Strong showing? He only proved that he is in fear of losing this election, and your standing up for him here only reinforces that point.

      Maybe you should stop coming here since you never EVER have anything to contribute or offer any reasonable point to refute anything or anyone here. You have no credibility, never speak the truth, don’t deal in facts, and always try to spread lies and rumors in place of reality.

      Adam Savage summed you up with this thought, “I reject your reality and substitute my own!”

      You do that very thing – every post, without fail.

    • Sharmane

      No one cares what you think when you endlessly post your inane drivel.

      • Anonymous

        Then ignore the truth and move on.

        • VindicatorX

          She’s right – you do post inane drivel without any cessation to the stupidity. As a matter of fact, you have never ever proven anything you have claimed here. You must enjoy lying, you do it with gusto and an incredible frequency.

      • SoThere

        Be careful Sharmane, strtlk’s a sick little puppy who gets off on mens genetals. He’s also fixated on little children! Right Victor?

        • VindicatorX

          Yes, the two of them definitely have some deep seated psychological problems – and they show up here regularly to put them on display.

  • Shane

    Biden was a jackass, but Ryan was too polite. I would have liked to have seen more passion from Ryan. Maybe in 4 years Ryan will do better.

  • Jayne Nielsen

    Thanks, Glenn. That scripture is the best ammunition to have to shut down any debate with a Democrat who tries to condone Biden’s behavior. Use this scripture whenever possible. I know I will.

  • Anonymous

    The Vice-President debate with Biden smirks and laughs was a blatant examples of obama progressive party old tactics to stop opposing views in being heard just another way to silence the freedom of speech!!! Beside interrupting Paul Ryan 82 times and moderator 11 times to stop Paul Ryan stating his opposing views. to be heard by U.S citizens !!! What Biden was doing with his smirks and laughs was indirectly labeling Paul Ryan as a Joke,fool,clown to smear Paul Ryan character so his statements will be automatically dismiss coming from a clown or citizens will receive them with a close mind coming from a fool his statements will not be heard !!! Biden blatantly misuse his Vice President office position to cast suspicion on person character by falsely labeling a renown senator !!! Our Vice President was not man enough to say it outright to Paul Ryan face in public that Paul Ryan your a fool,clown,a joke Biden would not have a leg to stand on !! Because the senator would nail Biden to the wall by stating his superb record in congress !!! But Biden is sly and devious he would not make a clear statement in public!! ,But he will hid behind his smirks and laughs with no ways to prove what reasons or what really brought on these smirks and laughs ,he leave himself a out or cover that cannot be proven as being not true!! To be able falsely say it was Paul Ryan silly or foolish statements and policies,or he was thinking of something personal that happen in the past etc that made him laugh or give a smirk !! ,Plus Paul Ryan cannot state that he is renown mind reader !! Ya we got freedom of speech and the microphone but what good is it if someone falsely label you so your words really not heard or ponder over it’s is like speaking to a audience with ear plugs in when opposing views are being spoken !!!!!!!!!! Why Biden did this was to rally his zombie base and sway people on the fence undecided who only catches 30 sec video bites of our Vice President falsely labeling someone with his smirks and laughs to smear him as not being a creditable candidate !!!!!!! P.S Vote these lower-life forms of obama and Biden out of office!! What I seen on TV of you two you with your goons ,thugs lower life form tactics you have earn this title!!!!!!!!

    • new2la

      And that is why he picked Biden! I zombie at best; A fool at worst and he proved our point on Thursday.

  • Anonymous

    Question would it be wise for Paul Ryan to call Biden out as man or challenge him to make clear of what type of statements in words to the public and to Paul Ryan face !! That he was making or trying to imply by his actions of smirks and laughs. 1.) Paul Ryan If were my statements or polices were so silly ,foolish or jokes then state it like a man and I will give my valid opposing arguments !!! 2.) If was a way to falsely smear my character ,I believe I have valid stance to make this out as being a bunch BS lies !! 3.) If your ‘re just laughing and smirking to yourself ,you shouldn’t be second inline with your hands on the nuclear trigger ????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Obama realized the beneficial implications of appointing a half-crazed-nut-job as his running mate – it was an ingenious decision and cleverly original, no one would dare assassinate the president knowing full well, that the next in line would be a Joe Biden. Leaving the door wide open for Obama and his fundamental change.

      • Anonymous

        You got a good point there !!!! Maybe this is why congress not moving on the ground of impeachment of obama ???????

  • TylerDurden

    Sounds like projection…

  • Anonymous

    A possible scenario that may turn out to be true in the Libya incident ???Question was there unspoken directive from the White House that they do not want to hear of any request of urgent need to increase of security force in Libya ???? Why so they can con U.S citizens for election purpose with a completely false talking point that everything is great in Libya now stated with fact that they,even cut down way down security force because so peaceful all because of obama great foreign policy to more votes on false terms!!! But they knowingly were putting U.S citizens lives at greater risk for a false talking point !!! They make sure they had a political out or cover if something went wrong they denied they heard of any request for more security ,then blame state dept or security etc not relaying the request ,but really cause in communication was their unspoken directive muzzling any request for more security in Libya !! If this scenario turn out to be true then lives of these four great U.S citizens were just expendable pawns for obama false political talking points to gain votes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    How do you know Biden beat Ryan? All the little whinny little repubs are crying foul, rudeness and lack of manners. Transparent fools.

  • Anonymous

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