More-On Trivia: Ol’ Benghazi’s down at Wal-Mart

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It’s Friday and that can only mean one thing – MORE-ON TRIVIA! It was a classic episode this week with many highlights, perhaps the best being when Glenn asked a contestant ‘Where is Benghazi?’ and the response was ‘Walmart’. Wow. Check it out in the clip above.

  • Anonymous

    sad thing is, these people reproduce! And vote :(

  • Sam Fisher

    I think I seen Ol’ Benghazi at Wal Mart the other day.

    • americanathlete

      @Sam Fisher: Me too, I escaped with an inch of my life. Glad to see you made it out alive as well.

  • Linda Giannelli Hering

    What a sad STUPID country we live in!

    • Judy Ziebell


  • Connie Newton Covey

    wait! isn’t that the guy from star wars?

  • Thomas Robert Jillings

    Must have been Biden

  • Dawn Brayton

    Wonder if there really IS anyone named Ben Ghazi in the world. Just like there might be an Al Queada. Wonder how they feel about their names meaning totally bad things these days.

  • Danny Williams

    Things like this should scare us all My question is how do we get people to pay attention ?????

  • Robert Downey

    ‘ol Benghazi….Didn’t he have a farm???

    • landofaahs

      He had a nut farm right next old McDonalds. EIEIO or was it EEOC?

  • Anonymous

    Please read my miss place post on the Libya incident thanks !!! It is located at Ann Coulter Reacts to VP debate ,Biden was a cackling old fool and was really rude !! Thanks again !!!

  • Weapon at Hand

    Who was it in the Obama administration who said never to let a crisis go to waste?? Obama has been supporting the UN restrictions on free speech against muslims. That may be why he invented the story about the video and blamed the crisis in Libya on American free speech. It is the only explanation that makes sense. He was trying to gin up support for his global UN law against “hateful” speech against muslims.

  • landofaahs

    These would be the cream of the crop brainwise compared to some of the cashiers I’ve encountered lately.

  • Anonymous

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