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Joe Biden mumbled a lot underneath his breath last night during his many attempts to disrespect Congressman Ryan, who to his credit did not get rattled by the antics one bit. But what was it Joe Biden was actually saying? Did he actually curse in front of tens of millions of Americans?

During the debate, there was an exchange between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan where Biden looked over to him and said something and there’s speculation on what exactly was said. Some have even speculated he told Ryan he was “so full of sh**”.

In the Dallas office, Glenn explained they have an employee, Adam, who can read lips (he was deaf before getting a Cochlear implant) and asked him to weigh in on the subject.

Glenn read Adam’s analysis on air: “My initial reaction to this when I first saw it, Biden said you are so funny. The more I watch it, the more I’m convinced that’s what he said.”

“You have to look at his jaw as he talks,” Adam continued. “He only makes four syllables, which fits with you’re so funny but not you’re so full of sh**, but in order to say full of sh**, his cheeks and lips would have been moving differently to make the SH sound.”

“The reason why this is important is Biden was playing not just for you, he was really trying to unsettle Paul Ryan. He leaned over and said quietly away from the microphones, you’re so funny. Belittling him,” Glenn explained.